Various OPI Swatches

I bought a handful of OPI polishes from smackerlacquer when she was culling her collection.  Here are two of the ones I snagged!

OPI No More Mr. Night Sky is a very pretty dark gunmetal.

opi-no-more-mr-night-sky opi-no-more-mr-night-sky-swatch

OPI Is This Star Taken? is freaking hideous. Dear smackerlacquer, how dare you not warn me about the ugliness of this one? I will get you back. Some day. Some how. ;)


This has holo bar glitters (looks great in the bottle) but once dried, you can barely see the glitters and it looks all lumpy and gross.

WHY. WHY OPI? Why do you keep making this gross AF glitters????opi-is-this-star-taken-swatch

It Girl Majestic Osprey

{Purchased by Me}

I purchased It Girl Majestic Osprey a couple weeks ago and it was one of the better decisions I’ve made in my life. This is a dark blue jelly with neon green glitters. I did three coats.

Doesn’t this remind you of Seahawks colors?!?! This polish is going to be front and center in my collection come football season! (We just have to get through this pesky summer first…)

it-girl-majestic-osprey it-girl-majestic-osprey-swatch

Dermelect Spring Collection Selections and Nail Art

{Press Sample}

Dermelect sent me two of their polishes from their spring collection. Dermelect is a peptide infused, anti-aging nail polish. Both of these colors were opaque in two coats. Keep scrolling to see the nail art I did with the two of them together!

Dermelect Coat D’Amour is a gorgeous pink creme.

dermelect-coat-d'amour dermelect-coat-d'amour-swatch

Dermelect Mani-Festo is a dusty teal.dermelect-mani-festo dermelect-mani-festo-swatch

And here’s a little nail art I did with the two of them together. I used striping tape (which you can find wicked cheap on Amazon) to do this look. Make sure your base color is completely dry before attempting any striping tape nail art. :) dermelect-nail-art striping-tape-nail-art

Omega Nail Polish Swatches

{Press Sample}

Omega Labs USA sent me their spring polishes to swatch and review for you! You can find Omega Labs here on Instagram.

First up, I have Omega Pebbles. This is a light mauve cream. This is a one-coater! In fact, most of them are. If you make sure you’re following me on your favorite RSS feed, then you won’t miss any of the stamping nail art I did with any of these. :) :)

Pebbles dries a lot differently than it looks in the bottle. It looks like a nude in the bottle, but came out looking like a mauve on my fingers.

omega-pebbles-swatch omega-pebbles

Omega Pacific Blue is a super gorgeous medium blue. This one is really, really pretty and also just one coat!omega-pacific-blue omega-pacific-blue-swatch

Omega Peek-a-Boo is a light peach. I ended up doing two coats with this one, but you could actually just do one. In fact, I stamped with this one and it looked great!

omega-peek-a-boo omega-peek-a-boo-swatch

Omega Bella is, obviously, my favorite. This hot pink is so stunning!

omega-bella omega-bella-swatch

Omega Airy Fairy is somewhere in between a mint and a seafoam color. It’s a perfect shade for Spring!

omega-airy-fairy omega-airy-fairy-swatch

Omega Too Hot to Trot is the only one that’s not a one-coater. This orange-red has a bit of a jelly finish to it so I did two coats. (Which is really great considering most jelly polishes need at least three.)omega-too-hot-to-trot omega-too-hot-to-trot-swatch

I was highly impressed with this brand. I had never heard of them before until just recently when they contacted me for a review. They are definitely worth checking out. You can find out more information here.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Swatches + Giveaway!

{Press Sample}


Sally Hansen sent me four colors to show off to you! BUT they sent me 5 bottles! That means I have a duplicate and ergo, you get a giveaway!!

Sally Hansen Berry Smooth is a creamy, gorgeous pink.

 sally-hansen-berry-smooth-swatch sally-hansen-berry-smooth

Sally Hansen Red-y to Glow is a creamy red.

sally-hansen-red-y-to-glow sally-hansen-red-y-to-glow-swatch

Sally Hansen Rosy Glow is a beautiful pink with a blue flame shift.

sally-hansen-rosy-glow sally-hansen-rosy-glow-swatch

Sally Hansen Red-iance is an orange-red cream.

sally-hansen-red-iance sally-hansen-red-iance-swatch

AND….now for the part you’ve all been waiting for…I am giving away a brand-new bottle of Rosy Glow!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

OPI Infinite Shine Swatches

{Purchased by Me}

I recently obtained 8 shades of the OPI Infinite Shine collection polishes. OPI is one of my favorite mainstream brands so I had pretty high hopes with these. Unfortunately, my hopes were shattered pretty damn quickly.

First of all, the Infinite Shine topcoat dulls the polishes out. I’m used to the glassy finish of Seche Vite and the “shine” from the Infinite Shine collection looks dull and lifeless.

Second, this polish chipped within hours on me. A normal polish formula looks fresh on me for 1-2 days. These didn’t even last as long as regular, less expensive, polish!

While the colors are nice, I will not be buying any more. In my opinion, they are a waste of money and I’m much better off buying the original OPI formula in the same colors.

OPI You Don’t Know Jacques!

opi-you-don't-know-jacques-swatch opi-you-don't-know-jacques

OPI Bubble Bath

opi-bubble-bath opi-bubble-bath-swatch

OPI Lincoln Park After Darkopi-lincoln-park-after-dark-swatch opi-lincoln-park-after-dark

OPI I’m Not Really a Waitress

opi-i'm-not-really-a-waitress-swatch opi-i'm-not-really-a-waitress

OPI Black Onyx

opi-black-onyx OPI-Black-Onyx-swatch

Pepper Pot Polish Material Girl + Senegence Sunday Update

{Purchased by Me}{Referral Link}

Today’s mani is simple. I started with two coats of a Pretty Woman polish that I got from Ipsy. I don’t know the name of the color. I think it was on the box, but I threw the box away! Oops!! :\ Then, I topped it with Pepper Pot Polish Material Girl which has been sitting in my untried pile since November!! For shame! This is a gorgeous glitter topper with pink and black glitters.


The effect this gives reminds me of candy. :) Like those candy eggs that are in the grocery store during Easter time? The ones that are like Whoppers. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? I love those damn eggs. LOL.pepper-pot-polish-material-girl

Senegence Sunday Update

It’s Sunday which means you get to hear about how my Senegence journey is going!! :) Since my last writing, I have recruited one more person to me team. She’s actually been my best customer and I thought she was insane for paying me retail this whole time! :) With SeneGence, you get a wholesale discount regardless of the size of your order. (With Mary Kay, it had to be at least $200 or something like that to get a discount at all!!) With SeneGence, you could literally buy one gloss and still get a 20% discount.

The company has been going through a lot of growing pains recently. They weren’t ready for the literal explosion of popularity these last 6 months!!! I’m thrilled I jumped on this bandwagon!

It’s still all a little surreal that I’m basically getting paid to take selfies and hang out on social media all day. SO WEIRD. And SO FUN. If it seems like I’m always trying to recruit people to join me, it’s because I am! This is too fun to NOT share with people! It also means I get to spend MORE time with this cute-AF little troublemaker.

It’s a good thing he’s cute! #doctorpupper #dog #dogs #dogtraining #dogsofinstagram #goldenretriever #puppy #puppies

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Did you know that out of every 10 people who try LipSense, EIGHT of them will buy it?! That’s how cool this shit is. People tell me that they don’t want to sign up because they aren’t salespeople. Well, ladies, neither am I! I am genuinely excited about this stuff and showing it to people is no different than me showing them me new, cool phone or a telling them about a great deal on a pair of jeans.

So, if you read all the way to the bottom and you’re still reading, then maybe it’s time you joined my team. :) Head to and click on “Career Opportunities.” Then, send me a message and I’ll add you to all the top-secret groups! :)

If you’re not ready to dive in, at least come hang out with us in my VIP Facebook group, found here. See you there! KISSES!


PS I’m having a giveaway for some IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact products. Head here to enter.

Glam Polish Swatches + A Sad SeneGence Story

{Purchased by Me}

Today, I have a whole crapload of Glam Polishes to swatch for you. I bought these in a destash from smackerlacquer. Basically, I think she is crazy for getting rid of these but then again, I did sell her my Pipe Dream Polish Street Carnival Collection…so I’m not really sure who the crazy one is.

Glam Polish Experiment is now one of my favorite polishes of.all.time. I don’t know what the ‘experiment’ was, but it was a resounding success because this polish is one of the best things I’ve ever put on my nails ever. To quote Claire Fraser, “Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ.” I basically want this color on my nails at all times.

glam-polish-experiment glam-polish-experiment-swatch glam-polish-experiment-holo

Now, while I’m not gushing and freaking out about the rest of these polishes, they are ALL gorgeous and I’m thrilled to have them in my collection. The Glam Polish formula is a little bit thick but I don’t mind that at all. All of these are two coats.

Glam Polish Evil Genius

glam-polish-evil-genius-swatch glam-polish-evil-genius glam-polish-evil-genius-with-flash

Glam Polish Cutie Pox

glam-polish-cutie-pox glam-polish-cutie-pox-swatch glam-polish-cutie-pox-with-flash

Glam Polish How to Marry a Millionaireglam-polish-how-to-marry-a-millionaire glam-polish-how-to-marry-a-millionaire-swatch glam-polish-how-to-marry-a-millionaire-holo


Glam Polish Nobody Gets Left Behind or Forgotten

glam-polish-nobody-get-left-behind-or-forgotten glam-polish-nobody-gets-left-behind-or-forgotten

Glam Polish Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

glam-polish-gentlemen-prefer-blondes glam-polish-gentlemen-prefer-blondes-swatch

I don’t know how I went so long without obsessing over Glam Polish. These are freaking gorgeous. Must.wear.more.Glam.Polish.

In other news…it’s Sunday so it’s time for another Senegence Sunday update!

Senegence Uplines – And How to Pick One

Let’s get one thing straight. You should obviously pick me as your upline when you decide to join me and sell SeneGence. Not just because I’m a greedy little bitch (which is true), but also because I’m supportive and will actually help you and be there for you.

Let me tell you a little story… A customer (we’ll call her Sally) contacted me via my Facebook page to purchase some LipSense. She was looking for a red to wear to her wedding. (Congratulations, Sally!) We arranged a time to meet up and she ended up purchasing LipSense Blu-Red.


It looked gorgeous on her! Fast forward about two weeks. I shoot Sally a message to see how she’s liking it. Turns out, she decided to sell SeneGence and signed up under someone else. (My heart shed a little tear that she didn’t pick me, but I put on my big girl panties and got over it.)

Turns out, her upline has not helped her AT ALL. When Sally asks for help, her upline basically just says, “keep trying.” Well, gee. Thanks. That’s so freaking helpful.

not helpful

I was able to give Sally a couple tips that actually mean something. Real to-do items. I also helped guide her through the back office (what us Senesisters call our secret website) to find contact information for more girls that could help her. Her upline didn’t even help her figure out how to use the distributor website! I’m actually kinda mad about it. Why? Because uplines receive commissions on the purchases of their downlines. That means an upline has EVERY MOTIVE to help their downlines out. Not helping your downline is just sheer laziness.

Anyway….I’ll try and stop ranting now. Be careful when you pick an upline. And pick me. LOL. I will help you. I have a background in social media marketing, I am tech saavy, and I’m basically available 99% of the time to answer your questions.

Now that I’ve convinced you to sign up, head to and click the “Sell Senegence” tab. I will get an email when you sign up and then we’ll dive right in to help you succeed!! (Do NOT buy one of the demo kits when you sign up. Just do the $55. I’ll explain why once we get chatting.)

Holo Hookup

{Purchased By Me}

I have a mish-mash of polishes to show you today. All of these holos are from the Holo Hookup box. Some are from the December box and some are from the January box.

Cupcake Polish Grace

cupcake-polish-grace-swatch cupcake-polish-grace cupcake-polish-grace-holo

Colores de Carol The Extra Mile – This one is from the January box and the reason why I caved and got the box to begin with. It totally held up to my expectations in person. This is my first Colores de Carol polish, but it certainly won’t be my last!

colores-de-carol-the-extra-mile-swatch colores-de-carol-the-extra-mile colores-de-carol-the-extra-mile-with-flash

Cupcake Polish Happiness

cupcake-polish-happiness cupcake-polish-happiness-swatch

Different Dimensions Simplify

different-dimensions-simplify different-dimensions-simplify-swatch

Glisten and Glow Love

glisten-and-glow-love glisten-and-glow-love-swatch

All of the polishes were two coats and each one has a really nice, strong holo.

Zoya Pixie Dust Swatches + Senegence Sunday Update

{Press Sample}

I have four Zoya Pixie Dust polishes to show you today. These are from the holiday 2016 collection. At that time, I was so busy and hardly blogging at all so I had Zoya send the samples to my dear blogger friend, smackerlacquer. Well, she made the collection look so beautiful that I stole the polishes back, LOL. (Sharing is caring, right?)

As you may know by now, I’ve been having trouble with some nail breakages but they’re almost all fixed now. So, just bear with me a little longer on some of these wonky shapes.

All swatches are two coats and no topcoat. They are all dried to a matte, texture finish.

Zoya Waverly

zoya-waverly zoya-waverly-swatch

Zoya Elphie

zoya-elphie-swatch zoya-elphie

Zoya Lorna

zoya-lorna zoya-lorna-swatch

Zoya Alice

zoya-alice zoya-alice-swatch

I know not everybody likes texture polishes, but I’m a huge fan and I think all four of these are freaking gorgeous.

Senegence Sunday Update

Since it’s Sunday, it’s also time for a Sengence update! In the past week, I recruited one more person to join our amazing team. Welcome, Melinda H.! If you want to join our amazingly successful team, simply go to and click on “Sell Senegence.”

To buy the most incredible lip color in the world, visit

In the past week, I had my 3-month anniversary with Senegence. I am pleased to say that I hit all the fast start goals and received $1,200 in free products from Senegence. :D

In this past week, I sold another $500 in products making my total sales reach $5,500 in just 3 months. As side income, that’s not to freaking shabby. I’m excited to be able to buy my husband a Nintendo Switch when it comes out in March. That’s one thing I definitely want to do with my extra money. I’m also looking at getting a Windows Surface Tablet/Laptop with some of my new, extra money. Because I’m getting paid to play with makeup. WTF. Is this even real?

Fellow bloggers!!! Jump on this crazy train with me. I’ve had 0 in-person parties. These sales are all from the comfort of my own home and my LuLaRoe Leggings. (Damnit, Malisa for getting me hooked!)

#lazyaf #showmethemoney

Dark Blue Jelly – Pretty Serious Chiroptera

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}{Affiliate Links}

You might think that Pretty Serious Chiroptera (press sample) is black, but you’d be wrong. It’s really a dark, dark, dark blue/teal color. It’s also a jelly finish. :) Don’t believe me? Well, then you’ll just have to buy it and try it out for yourself. I used Konad White to stamp this swirly design from CiCi&SiSi Plate 02.

black-and-white-stamping white-stamping-nail-art

Here’s a plain swatch of Pretty Serious Chiroptera. If you look with a keen eye, you can see that this polish is not, in fact, black.pretty-serious-chiroptera pretty-serious-chiroptera-swatch

It Girl Jelly Polish

Nicole, from it Girl Nail Art, made this gorgeous teal It Girl Jelly Polish as a gift for me for Christmas. I’m not sure how she knew that I love teal polish. Maybe she’s just really perceptive like that???

I got a ton of compliments on this polish when I wore it. Nearly every woman I worked with wanted to know where I got it. Nice job, Nicole! :)

it-girl-jelly-polish it-girl-nail-polish

And now I’m going to completely diverge from anything nail polish or makeup related…

Did you know that women got the right to vote in 1920? It’s been 97 years since our foremothers fought for that right and won.

Even though it’s 97 years later, men are still taking away our rights and that has never been more clear than in the last 5 days. I urge you to call your representatives. You can find out who your reps are here:

If at all possible, call them rather than email. It’s a lot harder to ignore a constituent on the phone than it is to ignore an email. If your representatives aren’t representing what you want, you need to tell them. They (‘they’ being mostly white, upper-class, males) are making decisions about parts of our bodies that can not vote. Therefore, we need to make sure they know that our vote will be lost if they don’t listen to us.

Millions of women have marched across this country the last few days. I wish I could have been one of them. Don’t let our voices end there. Call your representatives and make sure they know who you are and what you want. Your voice matters.

Zoya Naturel Collection Part 3

{Press Sample}

Zoya has sent me the third iteration of their Naturel collection. The naturel collections are a series of nude-toned creme polishes. As usual, they have a great formula and are opaque in only one or two coats.

Zoya Debbie

zoya-debbie zoya-debbie-swatch

Zoya Cathyzoya-cathy zoya-cathy-swatch

Zoya Jill

zoya-jill-swatch zoya-jill

Zoya Ginazoya-gina zoya-gina-swatch

Zoya Tatum

zoya-tatum-swatch zoya-tatum

Zoya Maryzoya-mary zoya-mary-swatch

A lot of these colors are pretty similar but there are clearly three dark purpley-browns and three light nudes. This is a great collection for people to try and find their perfect nude because there will be at least one color in this collection that will look great on any skin tone.

Thanks for stopping by today!

OPI Breakfast at Tiffany’s Collection

{Purchased by Me}

Today I have the  OPI Breakfast at Tiffany’s Collection to show you. There are some great hits and some aweful misses in this collection. It certainly was an emotional roller coaster ride to swatch. LOL.

OPI Apartment for Two is a lovely bright pink. I love this color. However, if you have the pink from the Mustang Collection, the Gwen Stefani Collection, or the Sally Beauty Anniversary Collection, then you don’t need this one. Because they’re all the same. :) Gorgeous, but the same.

opi-apartment-for-two-swatch opi-apartment-for-two

OPI Black Dress Not Optional is a great black with a subtle metallic sheen.opi-black-dress-not-optional-swatch opi-black-dress-not-optional

OPI Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a matte white pearl. This one is gorgeous and I’m happy to say that I don’t already have something like this in my collection.

opi-breakfast-at-tiffanys-swatch opi-breakfast-at-tiffanys

OPI Can’t Read Without My Lipstick is an oxblood creme. This is a pretty color and a good formula, but nothing exceptional or new. (sorry, OPI. Lately, I’ve been feeling like you’re out of ideas.)

opi-cant-read-without-my-lipstick opi-cant-read-without-my-lipstick-swatch

OPI Champagne for Breakfast is a super gorgeous microglitter holo. I have it on my tips here over Apartment for Two.

opi-champagne-for-breakfast opi-champagne-for-breakfast-swatch

OPI Sunrise…Bedtime is  pink microglitter holo polish. Another beautiful one. I have it here over Black Dress Not Optional.

opi-sunrise-bedtime-swatch opi-sunrise-bedtime

OPI Fire Escape Rendezvous is one of the disasters of the collection. It is a metallic red (which is pretty) but it has these weird, chunky glitters. Why does OPI feel the need to have the ugliest glitters ever made. LOL.

opi-fire-escape-redezvouz opi-fire-escape-rendezvous-swatch

 OPI Five-and-Dime is a light metallic silver.

opi-five-and-dime-swatch opi-five-and-ten

OPI Meet My “Decorator” is an orange-red. This one had a fabulous formula.

opi-meet-my-decorator opi-meet-my-decorator-swatch

OPI I Believe in Manicures is a light blue and the formula was TERRIBLE. It was goopy but sheer at the same time. You can see in these atricious photos that I had nothing but problems trying to get this even. I do not recommend this one at all. I’d rather wear Fire Escape Rendezvous. LOLopi-i-believe-in-manicures-swatch opi-i-believe-in-manicures

OPI Rich and Brazilian is a dark purple with tiny multi-colored glitters.

opi-rich-and-brazilian-swatch opi-rich-and-brazilian

OPI Got the Mean Reds is a classic red. This one had a super smooth formula. However, OPI puts a classic red in *every* collection they do. So, not sure if you really need to get this one, either.opi-got-the-mean-reds opi-got-the-mean-reds-swatch

Despite my Criticism of the OPI Breakfast at Tiffany’s collection, OPI is still one of my favorite mainstream brands. The formula is usually fabulous even if their colors have been leaving originality and newness to the side.

Penguin Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

Happy first day of winter! To celebrate, I have a penguin nail art look for you. I used Pretty Serious Disc of the Heavens which was originally sent to me as a press sample. The stamping polish is MoYou Stamping Polish in Blue. I can’t remember when or where I got this polish! My memory is failing me in my old age. The adorable penguins are from It Girl Plate IG 113.

pretty-serious-disc-of-the-heavens-swatch pretty-serious-disc-of-the-heavens penguin-nail-art it-girl-plate-113

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Swatches

{Press Sample}{Affiliate Links}

Sally Hansen Color Therapy is a new formula of polish recently created by Sally Hansen. I published the press release for it when I got word back in November. You can read the details here. Sally Hansen sent me 6 colors from their new collection as well as the Color Therapy top coat.

Sally Hansen Ja-Cozy is a solid, blue creme.

sally-hansen-ja-cozy sally-hansen-color-therapy-swatch

Sally Hansen Bamboost is a creamy army green.sally-hansen-bamboost-swatch sally-hansen-bamboost

Sally Hansen Robes and Rose is a shimmery pink and is one of my favorites in the collection. This is totally my color!

sally-hansen-robes-and-rose-swatch sally-hansen-robes-and-rose

Sally Hansen Mauve Mantra is a light pink with gold iridescent shimmer. This is another one of my favorite colors! sally-hansen-mauve-mantra-swatch sally-hansen-mauve-mantra

Sally Hansen Unwine’d is an oxblood creme.

sally-hansen-unwine'd sally-hansen-unwine'd-swatch

Sally Hansen Therapewter is a green-tinted silver metallic polish.sally-hansen-therapewter-swatch sally-hansen-therapewter

The wear time on these is comparable to other Sally Hansen polishes. The top coat took a little longer than my usual to dry, but that is to be expected since my usual is Seche Vite.

You’re supposed to wear these without a basecoat, per the instructions on the back. I couldn’t bring myself to do that with the darker colors. I did go commando with the light colors. I did not notice a difference in wear time with or without topcoat.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy should be available in retail stores nationwide. You can also find it on Amazon, here.

Argyle Nail Art

{Purchased by Me}

Today’s mani starts with two coats of Different Dimensions Audrey which is from the most recent Holo Hookup box. This polish is what prompted me to buy the box, in fact. I bright pink holo? Yes, please! Keep scrolling down to see the argyle nail art I did on top of this.

different-dimensions-audrey different-dimensions-audrey-swatch different-dimensions-audrey-holo

I love argyle patterns and I thought it would look really nice on top of this bright pink. I grabbed It Girl Plate IG104 and Mundo de Unas White for this creation.


I’m going to have to toot my own horn here for a second. Even though this mani is not perfect, I’m pretty impressed that I got each nail’s image straight. And not just on my four ‘model’ fingers! All 10 fingers have a straight argyle design. With minimal to no smudging! Whaaaa????argyle-nail-art

Have I told you lately that I appreciate you? If you scrolled all the way down to the bottom of this post, then you’re awesome.

Pretty Serious Ghosts of Christmas Past

{Press Sample}

Today, I’m going to show you the Pretty Serious Ghosts of Christmas Past collection. This is a very diverse collection and I’m pleased to have it in my polish stash.

Pretty Serious Enchanting Evergreen is a deep green with tiny little shimmers.

pretty-serious-enchanting-evergreen pretty-serious-enchanting-evergreen-swatch

Pretty Serious Mojito is a topper that turns any polish into a shimmery green duochrome. I have it layered here on top of Enchanting Evergreen.

pretty-serious-mojito-swatch pretty-serious-mojito

Pretty Serious Fairy Lights is a super light purpley duochrome. This one might be my favorite in the collection!

pretty-serious-fairy-lights-swatch pretty-serious-fairy-lights

Pretty Serious Tarnished Tinsel is a golden glitter bomb with little bits of red glitter hidden throughout. pretty-serious-tarnished-tinsel pretty-serious-tarnished-tinsel-swatch

Pretty Serious Very Merry Berry is a deep maroon creme.

pretty-serious-verry-merry-berry-swatch pretty-serious-very-merry-berry

Pretty Serious Jack Frost is another topper. This one makes any polish a frosty blue flakey finish. I love this topper and can’t wait to try it on a bunch of different colors.pretty-serious-jack-frost-swatch pretty-serious-jack-frost

Pretty Serious Peace on Earth is a light mint green duochrome. This is a very lovely color. I had a couple issues with the formula being a bit patchy, but it’s a lot more noticeable in these photos than it was in real life.

pretty-serious-peace-on-earth-swatch pretty-serious-peace-on-earth

Pretty Serious Velvet Bow is a gorgeous metallic red one-coater.pretty-serious-velvet-bow pretty-serious-velvet-bow-swatch

This collection is very diverse. I’m a huge fan of Pretty Serious polish and I would encourage you to check some out!

White Winter Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}{Affiliate Link}

It is a cold day in the Pacific Northwest! Here is a cold mani to go along with it. :) I used Celestial Unicorn on the Rocks, Konad White, and a design from It Girl Nail Art IG201.

You can see that my ring finger has a sad nail break. I’m going to pretend like this is an ‘accent shape.’ We’ve all had accent nails, so why not an accent shape? This is going to be a new trend; I can feel it. Just don’t forget you heard it here first, folks!

winter-nail-art lace-nail-art

Here is a plain swatch of Unicorn on the Rocks. I wish it had a stronger holo effect.


For Cyber Monday today, I’m offering free shipping on all LipSense orders. LipSense starter kits make a wonderful gift or stocking stuffer. If you know anyone who likes cosmetics, get them one of these kits. Most people haven’t heard of LipSense yet so it will be something unique to add to their makeup arsenal.


China Glaze Seas and Greetings Collection

{Press Sample}

China Glaze sent me their holiday collection which is cleverly called Seas and Greetings. This is a fun twist on a holiday collection! It is full of ocean-themed colors, but also has a few classic holiday colors that are a must this time of year. The 12-piece collection also has a really nice variety of finishes, making it a really lovely collection for the holidays.

China Glaze Sand in my Mistletoes is a nice nude peachy creme.

china-glaze-sand-in-my-mistletoes china-glaze-sand-in-my-mistletoes-swatch

China Glaze Let’s Shell-ebrate is a golden glitter with larger purple glitters. (This reminds me of the UW colors so Husky fans should be on the lookout for this one!) This is just two coats. It could also be a cool topper color so play around with this one!

china-glaze-lets-shell-ebrate china-glaze-lets-shell-ebrate-swatch

China Glaze Eat, Pink, Be Merry is a gorgeous light pink.

china-glaze-eat-pink-be-merry china-glaze-eat-pink-be-merry-swatch

China Glaze Partridge in a Palm Tree is a matte mint green. I had some issues with this cracking as it dried. I tried to do thin coats and let it dry in between, but there are still some visible cracks, which is disappointing.

china-glaze-partridge-in-a-palm-tree-swatch china-glaze-partridge-in-a-palm-tree

China Glaze Tis the Sea-Sun is an orange-red creme.china-glaze-tis-the-sea-sun-swatch china-glaze-tis-the-sea-sun

China Glaze Seas and Greetings is a really cool purple with a slight golden shift to it.

china-glaze-seas-and-greetings-swatch china-glaze-seas-and-greetings-collection

China Glaze Warm Wishes is a nice coral creme.

china-glaze-warm-wishes-swatch china-glaze-warm-wishes

China Glaze Good Tide-ings is a periwinkle creme.

china-glaze-good-tide-ings-swatch china-glaze-good-tide-ings

China Glaze Snow Way! is a pearlescent white. If you liked Pearl Jammin’ from the Rebel Collection, then you’re also going to really like this. If you see it, buy it! Pearl Jammin’ was nearly impossible to find and quickly became a collector’s polish.

china-glaze-snow-way-swatch china-glaze-snow-way

China Glaze The More the Berrier is a classic holiday color. It’s a pink-toned red with a metallic finish.

china-glaze-the-more-the-berrier-swatch china-glaze-the-more-the-berrier

China Glaze Joy to the Waves is a beautiful duochrome blue. It has a green shift that is so stunning!

china-glaze-joy-to-the-waves china-glaze-joy-to-the-waves-swatch

China Glaze Twinkle Twinkle Little Starfish is a lovely golden green glitter topper. You can see how much it changes Joy to the Starfish, which is what I have it layered on top of.china-glaze-twinkle-twinkle-little-starfish cchina-glaze-twinkle-twinkle-little-starfish-swatch

This is a great collection and I really like how it’s an unpredictable holiday collection. I wish I could have gotten the matte one to work, but maybe I was just being an idiot.

Dermelect Fall Colors

{Press Sample}

Dermelect sent me to polishes from their fall collection to show you. I’m still recovering from my really bad nail break, so my nails aren’t looking quite as nice as they used to. I still don’t even have a free edge on two of them. (Insert sad violin music here.)

Dermelect Magmatized is a deep creamy red.

dermelect-magmatized dermelect-magmatized-swatch

Dermelect What a Gem is a very light, shimmery polish. This one is just not a good look for me. It looked very pink in the press photos and in the bottle, but it’s a lot more yellow once it’s on my nails. I needed three coats for this one since it’s so light and sheer.

dermelect-what-a-gem-swatch dermelect-what-a-gem

I decided to do a little nail art with these two polishes. I went for a dotticure, using What a Gem as the dots. I actually like this look because I think the red cuts out some of the yellow from What a Gem.dermelect-dotticure

As usual, the formula for these polishes was awesome. It’s very easy to apply and is quite smooth.

Zoya Urban Grunge

{Press Sample}

Zoya sent me their Urban Grunge collection to swatch and review for you! I do have some bad news, though. After wearing the very first polish in the collection, I had a terrible break on three of my nails – on my swatching hand! So I had to cut the fourth one down. :( :(

Zoya Finley is a gorgeous, shimmery purple. This is the only one I have swatched with my long nails that I miss so much!

zoya-finley zoya-finley-swatch

And here start the swatches with my short nails. I have to admit, I was pretty upset about the break. I didn’t paint my nails for about a week. (Hence why this swatch post is so delayed!) But, I have to move on and move up so here are my stubby nails sporting the rest of the Zoya Urban Grunge collection.

First, I’m going to show you the cremes. These were all one-coaters, as advertised by Zoya. Hooray! I love it when formulas actually live up to the advertising.

Zoya Noah


Zoya Mallory

zoya-mallory zoya-mallory-swatch

Zoya Courtney

zoya-courtney-swatch zoya-courtney

Zoya Wyatt

zoya-wyatt-swatch zoya-wyatt

Zoya August

zoya-august-swatch zoya-august

Zoya Tara

zoya-tara-swatch zoya-tara

Now, let’s take a look at the metallics. This is my favorite half of the collection. I’m a big fan of metallics. Perhaps it has something to do with me being a 90’s girl?

Zoya Troy

zoya-troy-swatch zoya-troy

Zoya Aliciazoya-alicia-swatch


Zoya Merida

zoya-merida-swatch zoya-merida

Zoya Ash

zoya-britta zoya-britta-swatch

Zoya Brittazoya-ash-swatch zoya-ash

I hope my shortie nails weren’t too unbearable to look at. I have to admit…I might keep them short for a while. I don’t have as much time to pamper my nails anymore. I’ve been focusing on getting my dog training business up and running. I’ve also been working on trying to get back in shape. I’ve gained a ton of weight since my peak fitness level in 2013 and I’d like to get back to walgging (that’s walk-jogging) my 5-6 miles per day. That doesn’t leave a ton of time for nails!

Essie Gel Couture Review

{Press Sample}{Affiliate Link}

Today, I have an Essie Gel Couture review for you. Essie sent me this new collection which is a 2-step system with no base coat, no lamp, and easy removal.

Whenever I see a “gel” polish line that doesn’t need a curing lamp, I’m a little skeptical. I’ve tried quite a few different lines and none of them lasted any long than normal polish.

Then, in steps Essie Gel Couture. This is a gel-like collection with a special topcoat. So far, this seems like all the rest…but wait until you see the pictures from my wear test.

Essie Haute to Trot is a beautiful bubble gum pink creme. I chose this one to wear first because I love pink and knew I needed to do a wear test with these.

With regular polish, I usually need to change after 48 hours or else I can’t be seen in public. I use my hands way too much and polish chips on me quite quickly. Good thing I like painting my nails because to keep them looking gorgeous, they really need to be done every day.essie-haute-to-trot-swatch

Here is a pic of my nails after 4 whole days of wear. I taught dog training classes (puppy teeth are brutal on nail polish), went to a Doctor Who convention, did the dishes, and cleaned. All while wearing this polish.

After 4 days, it looks THE SAME AS IT DID ON DAY ONE. essie-gel-couture-review


This formula skyrocketed Essie up to my favorite list. I will absolutely be adding more Essie Gel Couture colors to my collection. In the meantime….let’s take a look at the other colors Essie sent me.

Essie Rock the Runway is a classic red creme.

essie-rock-the-runway essie-rock-the-runway-swatch

The other fabulus thing about this line is it has my favorite kind of brush. I get the best application with a flat, tapered brush. When I use a brush like this, I have little to no cleanup to do! Hooray!essie-gel-couture-reviews

Essie On the List is a lovely coral creme.

essie-on-the-list essie-on-the-list-swatch

Essie Surrounded by Studs is a deep, deep blue. I thought it was a creme, but when I saw it in the sunlight, it almost has a metallic sheen to it.

essie-surrounded-by-studs-swatch essie-surrounded-by-studs

Essie Drop the Gown is a burgandy creme.

essie-drop-the-gown-swatch essie-drop-the-gown

Essie Zip Me Up is one of my favorites. Pearlescent finish seems to be really trendy right now because it is also in a recent OPI and China Glaze collection. This is the green version. :)

essie-zip-me-up essie-zip-me-up-swatch

Essie Gala-Vanting is a deep oxblood creme.

essie-gala-vanting essie-gala-vanting-swatch

Essie Spool Me Over is a light coral, almost nude color.

essie-spool-me-over essie-spool-me-over-swatch

Essie Pearls of Wisdom is a metallic finish that has some brown tones but is also red. It’s really quite a lovely and interesting color.

essie-pearls-of-wisdom-swatch essie-pearls-of-wisdom

Essie Touch Up is a light lilac creme.

essie-touch-up essie-touch-up-swatch

I’m so happy that Essie sent this collection my way. These are going to be polishes that I reach for all the time. Have you had a chance to try this formula yet?

Ipsy August 2016

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Today I have the August 2016 Ipsy bag to show you! This might be one of the cutest bags we’ve ever received from Ipsy! The 5 items I received are also pretty great this month, too.


This month, I received:
It Haircare 12 in 1 leave in conditioner
Nomad Eyeshadow in Spice Market
Beaute Basics 3 in 1 bronzer
Tarte Lash Paint
Ciate Spinning Teacup

ipsy-august-2016 august-ipsy-2016 ipsy-august-2016-reveal

Ciate Spinning Teacup is a nice creamy lilac. This is two coats.ciate-spinning-teacup

This month, I will use all these items! (Just like last month, actually!) I think this means that Ipsy has been doing a really great job lately!

China Glaze Rebel Collection

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The China Glaze Rebel collection is here! China Glaze sent this to me to swatch and review for you. This collection is full of unique and beautiful polishes. Additionally, it has a really 90’s vibe that I’m loving. I’m totally a 90’s girl – Nintendo, Ninja Turtles, Scrunchies, Cupcake Dolls, All.Of.It.

This collection really spoke to me and I’m glad that I am now a proud owner of the China Glaze Rebel Collection.

China Glaze Dope Taupe is a one-coater mauve/nude creme.

china-glaze-dopo-taupe-swatch china-glaze-dopo-taupe

China Glaze Y’all Red-y For is a shimmery one-coater red. Ready for what? I’m not sure. But I am, indeed, ready for it.

China-glaze-y'all-red-y-for china-glaze-y'all-red-y-for-swatch

China Glaze Prince-ss is a super light, slightly shimmer pink. I freaking love this one. This was two coats.

china-glaze-fresh-prince-ss-swatch china-glaze-fresh-prince-ss

China Glaze Pearl Jammin’ is like the light blue twin brother of the recently released OPI Oh My Majesty. I am loving the pearlescent trend and I hope companies and makers continue to use this finish!

china-glaze-pearl-jammin' china-glaze-pearl-jammin'-swatch

China Glaze Jagged Little Teal is a dark teal cream. Further proof that I’m a 90’s girl…I was literally listening to this song (Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette) yesterday. Release date? June 1995.

china-glaze-jagged-little-teal-swatch china-glaze-jagged-little-teal

China Glaze Heroine Chic is one that is a must-buy. It looks quite bland in the bottle but once I got it on my nails…hot damn! It’s like this unique gray metallic with maroon microglitters.

china-glaze-heroine-chic-swatch china-glaze-heroine-chic

China Glaze Purple Fiction is another on of those one-coaters and is a beautiful metallic purple.

china-glaze-purple-fiction china-glaze-purple-fiction-swatch

China Glaze Blue-Ya has a tone of depth to it.

china-glaze-blue-ya china-glaze-blue-ya-swatch

China Glaze Holo at Ya Girl took three coats to get completely opaque but it’s worth it because it ends the age-old battle on how to pronounce “holo.” Some say “haw-low” while others say “hoe-low.” Obviously, “haw-low” is correct for two reasons: It’s the abbreviation of the word “holographic” so it should sound like the beginning of that word. Second, China Glaze’s awesome pun doesn’t work if you’re pronouncing it wrong. :P

china-glaze-holo-at-you-girl china-glaze-holo-at-ya-girl-swatch

China Glaze Teen Spirit. This polish is unscented (give me a shout out in the comments if you get this 90’s reference!), but it’s still a beautiful polish!

china-glaze-teen-spirit-swatch china-glaze-teen-spirit

China Glaze Combat Blue-ts was a surprise matte!!! I guess I wouldn’t have been surprised if I read any descriptions on the collection before trying it…but what’s the fun in that?!

china-glaze-combat-blues china-glaze-combat-blue

China Glaze Don’t Mesh With Me is a lovely purple microglitter. I have it shown here over Ciate Spinning Teacup.  I love the addition of this shade because it shows the girlier, Brittany Spears side of the 90’s. china-glaze-don't-mesh-with-me-swatch china-glaze-don't-mesh-with-me

I think China Glaze knocked this collection out of the park. They don’t even need to bill it as a 90’s collection because if you were in the 90’s, you are already confident when you say that’s the theme of the Rebel collection!