Sinful Colors Prosecco

I picked up Sinfun Colors Prosecco….FINALLY. This polish was heavily trending about a year ago….or was it two years ago??? Or three??? I don’t remember, but it was a long, long time ago.

This polish is quite pretty and I can see why it was so popular. I’m glad to say I have it in my collection.sinful-colors-prosecco-swatch

Thanks for stopping by today for this short and sweet post! :)

Sinful Colors Pride Collection

{Press Sample}

Sinful Colors sent me their Pride collection to show off. This is a full rainbow of creme polishes and one glitter topper. It’s a great set of polishes that would be the perfect set to give someone who’s just starting to get addicted to polish. You can find the collection in drugstores nationwide. You may even be able to find it in this great packaged set!


Each swatch is two coats topped with Seche Vite.

Sinful Colors Resilient

sinful-colors-resilient sinful-colors-resilient-swatch

Sinful Colors Sugar Pumpkin

sinful-colors-sugar-pumpkin-swatch sinful-colors-sugar-pumpkin

Sinful Colors Bye Felicia

sinful-colors-bye-felicia sinful-colors-bye-felicia-swatch

Sinful Colors Envious

sinful-colors-envious sinful-colors-envious-swatch

Sinful Colors Gogo Boy

sinful-colors-good-boy sinful-colors-good-boy-swatch

Sinful Colors Love Thy Self

sinful-colors-love-thy-self-swatch sinful-colors-love-thy-self

Sinful Colors Call Me Violetta

sinful-colors-call-me-violetta sinful-colors-call-me-violetta-swatch

Sinful Colors Pride

sinful-colors-pride sinful-colors-pride-swatch

This is a great collection and the colors create a wonderful and happy rainbow.

Thanks for stopping by today to read this post. Go forth and love one another!

80’s Mani

I’m part of a group that does a round robin challenge every week. This week, my challenge was to do a mani inspired by this picture. There are a lot of options here! I thought about doing a skittle, but I really want a more uniform mani for the day.



My eyes really focused in on this box:



Of course it did, seeing as how I’m obsessed with pink and black as a combo! :P So I did a mani based off that box. But the original photo has almost a whole year’s worth of mani’s in it!






A Love Poem to Polish

Dear Nail Polish,

Whether chrome or holo or creme.
When I find the right one, it’s a dream.
I love the pinks, the reds, the nudes.
Something to suit all my moods.

Whether it’s stamping or taping or dots,
You are always in my thoughts.
You make me feel chic and pretty.
I hope someone finds this poem witty.

Whether you’re in my drawer or desk or rack,
I’ll never forget you–not even in back.
Sometimes it’s a simple mani and sometimes it’s art
But no matter what, you’re always in my heart!






I hope you liked my poem. Apparently, I’m inĀ  dorky mood. :P
Used for this mani: Mentality Bliss, Sinful Colors Black on Black, and Vivid Lacquer Stamping plate VL018