Neon Brushstroke Nail Art

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Today’s mani is for the weekly Crumpet’s Nail Tarts challenge. This week, everyone will be doing different kinds of neon nail art! My assigned technique is brushstroke. I’ve never done brushstroke nail art before so I was excited to give it a try.

To help the neon pop, I used a base coat of Morgan Taylor All White Now. Some of my favorite neons are the Pipe Dream Polish A Night in Vegas collection, which, I’m sorry to say, is no longer being made. The yellow is Light of Day, the pink is On the List, and the teal is Happy Hour.

I put a drop of polish on an old credit card and lightly brushed a fan brush through it. I swiped on the card back and forth until there was very little polish on the fan brush, and then I put it on the tips of my nails.

I actually really like how this turned out!

drybrush-nail-art neon-brushstroke-nail-art neon-nail-art

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Mani Swap-a-roo

Today’s post is my first-ever mani swap with another blogger! Chelsea from smackerlacquer invited me to do one and I thought, “Why the hell not?” Now, I know other people have asked me casually to do one before. But Chelsea actually gave me a due date. LOL. So here it is!

I picked Chelsea’s 49ers Nail Art. She did a lovely skittlette mani with 49ers colors and wrote a great post about how rude fans of other teams have been to her. So first of all, I owe Chelsea and apology. I was probably one of those people who guffawed when she bravely admitted to being a 49ers fan smack dab in the middle of Seahawks Country. Obviously, anyone is allowed to like whatever team they want! (Except the Patriots. Barf. Just Kidding…Kind of.)


So in honor of her selected sports team, I chose this beautiful mani for the mani swap…under one condition…I got to use Seahawks colors. :P While I respect that she’s a 49ers fan, I’ve gotta have Seahawks nails!!



I started with a base color of Fairytale Finish White Mystery Crelly #1. (I’ll have a plain swatch of this for you next week. So stay tuned!!)



Then, I used Pipe Dream Polish All In and High Roller (both from the Night in Vegas collection which is no longer available.)

seahawks-nail-art-ideas seahawks-nail-art

Thanks for stopping by today and make sure to check out Chelsea’s blog to see which of my nail art creations she used!

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Seahawks Nail Art

{Purchased By Me}

Today’s post was an attempt at some Seahawks nail art but turned in to a bit of a fail. I started with Pipe Dream Polish Celebration on most nails and Pipe Dream Polish Tabanca on my accent nail.


The colors aren’t quite right for the Seahawks, but I liked this and would have worn it. I should have stopped there!


Earlier this year, I bought these Seahawks nail decals from AM Nails. I thought this would be the perfect mani to wear these with. However, these decals are just not good. I rarely give a terrible review (I try and be balanced with both pros and cons) but these are just unusable. The color bleeds, they wrinkle (even before topcoat!) and they do not adhere well to the nail. (I’m used to water decals having a bit of suction so they don’t slide all over while you’re reaching for topcoat). I can’t recommend these at all which makes me super sad because I also bought some Doctor Who decals from this same maker!


Pipe Dream Polish Smouldering

{Purchased By Me}

Today’s post is a quickie swatch of a limited edition Halloween polish from Pipe Dream Polish. This is Pipe Dream Polish Smouldering which is a dark gray holo.



40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Orange, Purple, and Green

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This is week four of the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts challenge. This week, you’ll see orange, purple, and green nail art! My assigned nail art type is ‘squares’. I immediately thought of the square decals in my drawer from Polished Vino. I used three polishes from the Pipe Dream Polish Street Carnival Collection for this mani: Tabanca (green), Harlequin (purple), and Rhythm (orange). The white underneath is Morgan Taylor All White Now.




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{Purchased By Me}

I used the watermarble decals method to create this mani. Today’s look is for this week’s Crumpet’s Nail Tarts challenge. This week’s prompts are red, aqua, and purple along with watermarble. I don’t have a red that watermarbles really well, so I decided just to do the ‘watermarble’ part of the challenge. I used my coveted Pipe Dream Polish A Night in Vegas collection. Polishes used were Happy Hour, VIP Pass, and On the List. Before I put the decals on my nails, I put one coat of Pretty Serious Presence which is a one-coat (yes!) white polish.

The top coat I used must have been super hungry because it ate the decals a bit. I didn’t even know that could happen! It was Pretty Serious Crystal Coat. I touched them up where I could, but it didn’t really help. :P


My camera was in a huge fight with these polishes. My camera wanted them to be pastel (WTF) when in real life, they’re neon. Weird, stupid camera!




If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw my amazing thumbnail. It really was the winner of this whole mani.

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The Rumors are True – Pipe Dream Polish Watermarble

{Purchased By Me}

The rumors are true! All over the internet are rumors that the Pipe Dream Polish A Night in Vegas watermarbles like a dream. Obviously, I had to do due diligence and test these out for myself. What kind of reliable blogger would I be if I didn’t? Right? Right? I picked three colors from the 7-piece collection: Light of Day (neon yellow), VIP Pass (neon purple), and Happy Hour (neon blue).

I used my usual watermarble decals method. Read about that right here. These were so easy to work with! It was amazing! If you can get your hands on these, you are going to be one lucky person! (They can be a little hard to come by due to their overwhelming popularity.)


I left the decals in the water for about 20 minutes when I started noticing they were pulling away from the edges of the cup. If that starts happening, it’s time to use them! You don’t want them to shrivel up so pull them out of the water if they start to shrink a little.


I think this is my best watermarble to date. I didn’t even feel the need to fairy dust it to cover up little blemishes! I did put a coat of white on before applying the decals so I could ensure that the neon would pop. These are much brighter in person. Neon is notoriously shy about photographing well.


Have you had the pleasure of doing a Pipe Dream Polish Watermarble?? What did you think? (Spoiler alert: I also heard that they can stamp well so I’m going to play around with that soon!)

Born Pretty Store Plate BP29 Review

{Press Sample}

Born Pretty Store sent me this awesome stamping plate to review for you! I think every polish addict needs this plate in her collection! For obvious reasons! This is Plate BP29. You can see all their available image plates here: BornPrettyStore Stamping Image Plates.

Nail Art Theme Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate BORN PRETTY BP29

Look at all the purty polish designs!!!!!!!! I started with two coats of China Glaze White on White, and then used four different Pipe Dream Polish A Night in Vegas collection colors to stamp: All In (blue), High Roller (green), On the List (pink), and 110 Degrees (orange).


I am very pleased with how the Pipe Dream Polish neons stamped! I am also quite happy with the etching in this plate. It’s deep enough to ensure that there is a fully filled design on the bigger images – like the paint drips.


I will be doing more manis with this plate because who doesn’t want a polish mani with images of polish?!?!?!



hanks again to BPS for sending me these to review! You can find these supplies and more in the nail art section of the Born Pretty Store. Use code FYL91 to receive 10% off all your supplies at