Green and Gold Egyptian Nail Art

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Today I have a swatch and nail art for you today! I used GlitterDaze I Need Kelp which is from the February 2016 subscription box. This beauty is a mint crelly with gold glitters in it. I think it’s very pretty.



To add a little nail art on top, I used Bundle Monster Gold and this Egyptian style design from It Girl Nail Art IG107.

gold-and-green-nail-art egyptian-nail-art

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Glitter Daze Raspberries & Rum

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Today I have the November 2015 Daze of the Month polish to show you! This is Glitter Daze Raspberries & Rum! This is a dark purple jelly with a wide variety of different types of glitters. My favorite are the shards, even if they are far and few between! I only needed two coats for full opacity. In this month’s box, we also received a chocolate treat…which I ate before taking pictures! Oops! :P



GlitterDaze June 2015

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I have been a subscriber of Glitter Daze for all of 2015 and this year’s theme is outer space. June’s polish is called Glitter Daze Cosmic Fireworks and it’s a very pretty red, white, and silver topper. I used a black cream as my base because if this is supposed to be in space, it should be black, right??


This has a very nice smattering of different glitter shapes. My favorites are, of course, the stars, but it has circles and shards and tiny little pieces.


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GlitterDaze Daze of the Month April 2015

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I got my April 2015 GlitterDaze Daze of the month box in the mail!! This month, we get a shimmery holo polish and a sampling of body scrub. This month’s polish is my favorite Daze of the Month all year! It’s shimmery and holo-ey, and gorgeous! This one is called GlitterDaze Loose Lips Sink Mother Ships.


Isn’t it gorgeous?! It has so much depth that I can’t stop staring at it! I was thisclose to cancelling this subscription last month, but I will stay on board if we’re going to get more beauties like this keeper!


GlitterDaze Daze of the Month Club

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I recently signed up for the GlitterDaze Daze of the Month Club. This was my first month. It’s $15/month and you get a full size limited edition polish and at least one extra goodie. This month, the goodies were a calendar magnet branded with the Glitter Daze logo and a small pack of star studs. The polish is Glitter Daze That’s So Last Light Year. When I first pulled it out of the box, I felt a little “Meh” but once I started putting it on, I quickly fell in love.


I did three coats of this one because it was still a little sheer with two. This reminds me of cookies and cream ice cream! Or those speckled eggs candies that come out in the spring! Aren’t those delightful???


I will continue on the Daze of the Month club because I super love nail polish (duh). I do wish that they sent shipping information. The money was taken out of my account on the 15th and then I never heard anything. On the 26th, I messaged her and she looked at the tracking from her and and told me it was actually being delivered that day, which was true. But part of the fun of online shopping is obsessively tracking packages, right?! At this point, that’s the only thing I wish I could change about the subscription.

Cici&Sisi Christmas Plate Nail Art (That’s not Christmasy)

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I won four polishes in a recent Digital Dozen giveaway. This is one of them! This is Glitter Daze Boo, You Whore from the Mean Girls inspired collection. This is a beautiful, shimmery hot pink. I used two thin coats for full coverage. I also got my new Cici&Sisi Christmas plate in the mail! But it’s too soon for holiday art! Luckily, there was this lovely bow and this lovely swirly design on it. These are both from the holiday plate, but this isn’t a holiday mani! Hooray! I used Bundle Monster black to stamp.

Here is a swatch of Glitter Daze Boo, You Whore before I started playing around with nail art.


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Snowy Sweater Nail Art

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It’s still freezing here so I’ve been wishing I had some nice warm sweaters I could wear. But I want ones that are super girly so that they fit my style! Since I don’t own anything like that, I can at least do girly sweater nail art, right?! The only problem is now¬† I really want a sweater that looks like this! Haha!!

I started with three coats of Glitter Daze That’s So Fetch from her Mean Girls collection. I won it in a giveaway from the Digital Dozen! This is a gorgeous light pink holo. I did three coats because I wanted to ensure my visible nail line was all covered up.

Once dry (I used Simply Swift top coat from to speed things along), I used Vivid Lacquer plate VL035 which has a lovely snowflake sweater design on it. I used Konad white to stamp. I love how it turned out!


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Glitter Daze Jetsetter Lifestyle

I won Glitter Daze Jetsetter Lifestyle in a giveaway from the Digital Dozen. Jetsetter Lifestyle is a light blue holo. I actually like it in the bottle much better than on my nails. I did three coats and I still feel like it’s a little too light for my taste. Oh well! It’s gorgeous in the bottle and let’s be honest…I spend more time looking at my polish in the bottles than I do on my nails :)





Glitter Daze Awesomeness Overdose

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I won four GlitterDaze polishes in the recent Digital Dozen anniversary giveaway. This is Glitter Daze Awesomeness Overdose which is a blue and purple duochrome. The application was super easy and this is two thin coats.



The shift in this one is gorgeous. You can see toward my cuticle how dark of a purple it gets and then toward the tip it becomes a gorgeous blue.

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