SquareHue June 2013 SoBe Collection

SquareHue is the newest polish subscription that I’m aware of. This is my second month as a member. So far, I’m very happy!! This month’s collection is called the SoBe Collection.

Gray: Lincoln Road, Salmon: Collins Avenue, Mint: Ocean Drive

I wasn’t feeling the whole doing swatches routine so I thought I would create a look using all three colors so you could see what they look like and I get to do nail art. Win Win!

First, I did two coats of each, rotating the colors. They are all a creme polish. Collins Avenue (salmon) had a nice little surprise…teeny tiny golden shimmers! You can’t see them in the bottle and you can’t see them in the pictures…but they are there! Tiny, subtle shimmers. It’s beautiful!

 After my nails were dry, I taped them off and then changed the color rotation. I like it! I have a mint shirt that will match this mani perfectly tomorrow!

Galaxy Nails – First Attempt Ever!

So I thought I should finally try my hand (pun intended) at doing galaxy nails. When I swatched the Avon Eclipse polish, it really reminded me of the night sky, so I started with two coats of him.

I then stamped China Glaze Cosmic Dust, China Glaze Take a Trek, China Glaze Infra Red, and Julep Vanessa in that order. I think my design came out a little too purple to really remind people of space, but I like it anyway! I hope you do, too!

Julep Teresa with Black and White Flowers

Julep Teresa is a gorgeous light peachy pink with a subtle metallic finish. This is a great one to apply and leave on just as-is for a finished, put-together look without people going “oh hey! Look at your nails!”

I then put some black and white flowers over it with my dotting tool. I used Sally Hansen White On and Sally Hansen Black Out. I hope you like it!

Julep Clara and Julep Myrtle Nail Art

For this mani, I started with two coats of Julep Clara from the May 2013 It Girl Maven box. Clara is a light peach color. Then, I taped off half my nail and did one coat of Julep Myrtle from the May 2013 Classic with a Twist Maven box. Finally, I used my dotting tool to fill in some dots! I hope you like it!

First, a plain swatch of Clara so you can see what she looks like on her own.

Now for the fun part! Here’s what I ended up with:

Stars on the Hellmouth

I put on Daily Lacquer Welcome to the Hellmouth from the Slayer Collection today and I couldn’t help but be reminded of a stormy night sky! So, I decided to stamp stars on it! I used BM14 for the stars design. I used Orly Dazzle to stamp.

Here is a plain swatch of Welcome to the Hellmouth:

Hellmouth has a lot more purple in it than my camera was willing to pickup!

Here are more pics with the stamped stars. The irony is that my camera couldn’t see the stars in direct sunlight! LOL. So that’s why the pics are in shadows. :)

Stripes and Dots!

Today’s mani features Julep Alice and Julep Gabrielle from the May 2013 maven boxes Boho Glam and Bombshell, respectively.

I used a striper and a dotting tool that I bought at Sally’s for super cheap. I hope you like it!

First, a plain swatch of Julep Alice. It’s a light lilac with a pearlescent finish.

And now for the pizzazz! Julep Gabrielle is a dark purple cream.