Toilies Review

{Press Sample}

Toilies sent me some of their toilies personal air fresheners to review for you!

Picture this: You wake up, brush your teeth, and have a cup of coffee. Since you drink your coffee black and strong, it does its job quickly. You quietly listen to see if your boyfriend, still asleep upstairs, is stirring. Determining it’s probably safe for a quick trip to the bathroom, you scoot on over there and begin making preparations.

You’re about to sit down, and you hear the telltale creak of the steps. Shit. He’s awake. And he’s coming downstairs. NOW. Unfortunately, your body was already told it was going to get to poop. Now what?

Enter Toilies! I ripped one of these bad boys open and threw it in the toilet and plunked down. This was very risky because I hadn’t tested them yet! Would it work? Would I scare my boyfriend away with an evil “last night’s Mexican food” stench? Would that weird little doily looking thing really help???




I am happy to report that Toilies worked amazingly well. I was able to take a dump incognito¬† literally right before my boyfriend entered the bathroom. Honestly, I’ve never felt more relieved in my life.

Also, I hope he doesn’t read this.


Thanks to Toilies for sending these my way and saving my morning! They are available at!

Author: Anne

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