March 2018 Bubble Box

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Sky Organics sent me the March 2018 Bubble Box to review for you! The Luck of the Irish BubbleBox has everything to treat yourself this month.

The Eucalyptus Shower Steamer works with the steam in your shower to create soothing clouds infused with the scent of calming eucalyptus.

The Ginger Citrus Bath Bomb carries top notes of bergamot and citrus, surrounded by fresh ginger, cedar, and sandalwood.

The Funfetti Heart Bath Bomb brings the scent of warm steeping green tea and cream to your bath.

Last but not least, the Gummy Bear Bubble Scoop, which creates fun, foamy bubbles in your bath, all embodying the sweet scent of everyone’s favorite candy.


These actually have a bit of a menthol scent to them, also. So, I’m going to hoard them away until I have a cold! Doesn’t that sound divine?! I bath bomb to open up your senses! Or, it’s perfect if you have seasonal allergies and just want to breathe for

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