Weigh-In Wednesday 11-22-2017 plus Thoughts on Online Dating

Hello again! Since last week, I’ve lost 1 lbs. I think it would have been more….but I ate a bit too much for dinner last night. LOL. Oops! I’m starting to get my waist back which is nice. And the pants I’m wearing in today’s picture used to be skin tight but now they’re fitting comfortably. Yay!

I went up to Seattle last Saturday with my dad and got 13,000 steps. I think that really helped. LOL. Turns out, walking all over Seattle quickly makes your FitBit very happy. Today, if this sunny weather holds up, I’m going to take one of my dogs for a walk when I get home from work. It’s been pouring rain nearly nonstop for a week. I like walking my dogs….but not in the pouring rain. That’s a bit much even for a crazy dog person like me.

As you probably know by now, I’ve starting exploring the fascinating world of online dating. A friend of mine asked me for the download on what it’s like. Here was my response:

First, everyone is much more mature (for the most part…) When you find someone who is actually looking for a relationship and not a casual hook-up, their needs/desires are a lot more solidly formed than in their 20’s. Additionally, everyone has been in a very serious relationship already so they have learned a lot from their past. Everyone has either been married or suuuuuper close to getting married before. This means they are a lot more clear on who they are and who they want in a partner.

With online dating, you skip the first few months of a relationship. The “I like you, you like me” part is a lot more straight forward. You don’t have to go ask your friend to ask his friends if he likes you. You’re just talking straight to each other.

You also get to vet things out a lot faster by reading their profiles. I see a cute guy, read he loves hiking and kayaking, and then I move on. In the ‘real world’ it would take longer to move past that cute guy. There are some sites (OKCupid is my favorite right now) that tell you answers to some pretty hot button topics. For example, their stance on gay marriage, if they are super religious, if they are messy or neat, how often they shower, if they like kissing, if they like dogs, etc etc. In the real world, it would take months to get all that information out in the open.

For these reasons, online dating moves you through a lot more guys a lot faster.

Each different dating site has its own subculture, just like any social media. So, you have to find the one that feels right for you and has an interface that you like. I like the culture of Match but I hate the interface, for example. Luckily, there are 1,001 dating sites so you can keep looking until you find a site you like.

Additionally, my sister recommend a book to me that everyone has heard of….He’s Just Not That Into You. I would highly recommend giving this a read to anyone who is in the dating arena. At first, I thought it was full of shit. The basic premise is that if a guy truly likes you, there is no excuse or barrier that will prevent him from trying to see you. I thought that was a big extreme….people can genuinely be busy, after all. However, I then met a guy who really is into me. And everything I read in the book made total sense. I literally said to myself, “OOOOOOh. THIS is what the difference is. This is a huge difference.” How often he texts/calls, what he says in those calls, etc. A guy saying “I had fun, I’d like to see you again” is nice….but if he’s really into you, he’ll say, “I had fun, I’d like to see you again. What are you doing on Saturday?” See the difference? The guy that really likes you is going to make a solid plan to see you again…not just talk about it in the abstract. THAT’S what the book is talking about. Give if a read if you’re in the dating market! Or, if you’re in a relationship and you’re not totally happy…

Until next time…

Lazy Betty signing off.

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