China Glaze Rebel Collection

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The China Glaze Rebel collection is here! China Glaze sent this to me to swatch and review for you. This collection is full of unique and beautiful polishes. Additionally, it has a really 90’s vibe that I’m loving. I’m totally a 90’s girl – Nintendo, Ninja Turtles, Scrunchies, Cupcake Dolls, All.Of.It.

This collection really spoke to me and I’m glad that I am now a proud owner of the China Glaze Rebel Collection.

China Glaze Dope Taupe is a one-coater mauve/nude creme.

china-glaze-dopo-taupe-swatch china-glaze-dopo-taupe

China Glaze Y’all Red-y For is a shimmery one-coater red. Ready for what? I’m not sure. But I am, indeed, ready for it.

China-glaze-y'all-red-y-for china-glaze-y'all-red-y-for-swatch

China Glaze Prince-ss is a super light, slightly shimmer pink. I freaking love this one. This was two coats.

china-glaze-fresh-prince-ss-swatch china-glaze-fresh-prince-ss

China Glaze Pearl Jammin’ is like the light blue twin brother of the recently released OPI Oh My Majesty. I am loving the pearlescent trend and I hope companies and makers continue to use this finish!

china-glaze-pearl-jammin' china-glaze-pearl-jammin'-swatch

China Glaze Jagged Little Teal is a dark teal cream. Further proof that I’m a 90’s girl…I was literally listening to this song (Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette) yesterday. Release date? June 1995.

china-glaze-jagged-little-teal-swatch china-glaze-jagged-little-teal

China Glaze Heroine Chic is one that is a must-buy. It looks quite bland in the bottle but once I got it on my nails…hot damn! It’s like this unique gray metallic with maroon microglitters.

china-glaze-heroine-chic-swatch china-glaze-heroine-chic

China Glaze Purple Fiction is another on of those one-coaters and is a beautiful metallic purple.

china-glaze-purple-fiction china-glaze-purple-fiction-swatch

China Glaze Blue-Ya has a tone of depth to it.

china-glaze-blue-ya china-glaze-blue-ya-swatch

China Glaze Holo at Ya Girl took three coats to get completely opaque but it’s worth it because it ends the age-old battle on how to pronounce “holo.” Some say “haw-low” while others say “hoe-low.” Obviously, “haw-low” is correct for two reasons: It’s the abbreviation of the word “holographic” so it should sound like the beginning of that word. Second, China Glaze’s awesome pun doesn’t work if you’re pronouncing it wrong. :P

china-glaze-holo-at-you-girl china-glaze-holo-at-ya-girl-swatch

China Glaze Teen Spirit. This polish is unscented (give me a shout out in the comments if you get this 90’s reference!), but it’s still a beautiful polish!

china-glaze-teen-spirit-swatch china-glaze-teen-spirit

China Glaze Combat Blue-ts was a surprise matte!!! I guess I wouldn’t have been surprised if I read any descriptions on the collection before trying it…but what’s the fun in that?!

china-glaze-combat-blues china-glaze-combat-blue

China Glaze Don’t Mesh With Me is a lovely purple microglitter. I have it shown here over Ciate Spinning Teacup.  I love the addition of this shade because it shows the girlier, Brittany Spears side of the 90’s. china-glaze-don't-mesh-with-me-swatch china-glaze-don't-mesh-with-me

I think China Glaze knocked this collection out of the park. They don’t even need to bill it as a 90’s collection because if you were in the 90’s, you are already confident when you say that’s the theme of the Rebel collection!

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