Pretty Serious Pastel Pet Names Collection

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I am so pleased to be able to show you the Pretty Serious Pastel Pet Names collection today. This is a collection of 6 beautiful pastel polishes. They all have a wonderful formula and could easily be opaque in one coat.

Pretty Serious Fluffykins is a beautiful pastel pink. I wanted to show how well these marbled so I kept the accent nail throughout all the swatches. I used my watermarble decal method to create the accent nail. I noticed a very interesting thing about the decal as I was taking these pictures. The Fluffykins swatch was the last one I did and the decal looks pretty great. But as you scroll down, you’ll see that it looks messier and messier. It’s almost as if it calmed the F down as it dried. Very interesting discovery…

pretty-serious-fluffykins pretty-serious-fluffykins-swatch

Pretty Serious Bunny Foo Foo

pretty-serious-bunny-foo-foo pretty-serious-bunny-foo-foo-swatch

Pretty Serious Little Duckling

pretty-serious-little-duckling pretty-serious-little-duckling-swatch

Pretty Serious Peachie Poo

pretty-serious-peachie-poo pretty-serious-peachie-poo-swatch

Pretty Serious Cutie Patootie

pretty-serious-cutie-patootie pretty-serious-cutie-patootie-swatch

Pretty Serious Doodle Bug

pretty-serious-doodle-bug pretty-serious-doodle-bug-swatch

So I’m really not happy with how the decal looks on the last pictures. So now I know that I have to make sure it’s dry!

This collection is beautiful with a fabulous formula.

Author: Anne

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