Bliss Kiss Simply Satin Body Fluff Review

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Much to my eternal dismay, Bliss Kiss is no longer selling the body fluff. My heart is still crying. Lately, I’ve been using SeneGence Shea Butter Body Cream or Hand Lotion as an alternative. A tub of the shea butter body cream is $30. You can order it here.


As many of you already know, I’m a huge fan of Bliss Kiss products from It’s my number one go-to cuticle oil. On top of that, the owner is super nice and amazing. What many of you don’t know is that I’m also obsessed with her body fluff.  Bliss Kiss Simply Satin Body Fluff made its debut last winter, I believe. (Don’t quote me on that date…) I immediately fell in love. It smelled divine and moisturized like a bad ass. Unfortunately, Ana wasn’t happy with the formula. It had a very low melting point which meant it was nearly impossible to ship. She took the fluff off the market, much to my dismay. I nagged her as much as I could and she kept telling me they were reformulating. I used my jars sparingly. I didn’t want to run out! Then, on the evening of my 30th birthday party, my dogs ate my last jar!!! OH GOD NO!!! I WAS OUT OF FLUFF!!! This was seriously a disaster. I emailed Ana begging her to sell me more! I didn’t care about melting points mumbo-jumbo! I just needed my fix!!!!

Well…fast forward to now! Ana has finally released a fluff again!! When I found out, I flooded her with memes such as these:








 She gave me one jar of fluff but I also purchased two jars since I know I love it so much. SO what is this magical fluff? It’s a hand (and body) moisturizer that is excellent at its job. It has coconut oil in it which makes it smell super delicious. No wonder my dogs ate it!



It has a very soft and fluffy texture, hence its name. It looks like whipped cream! (Not recommended for use on top of cupcakes.)


On top of all these other magical qualities, it also absorbs super fast. This is essential for bloggers! You don’t want to look at shiny fingers, do you? But you also don’t want to see dry, cracked and acetone-eaten fingers!! Well Bliss Kiss fluff moisturizes really well and soaks in super fast. This photo, published earlier this week, was taken just a few moments after using this fluff. Do you see dry skin? No, you do not. Do you see overly shiny fingers. No, you do not! Isn’t that fabulous? In fact, I hope you don’t even notice my fingers at all because it’s supposed to be about the art on the nail!


I can’t recommend this fluff highly enough. If you get it and end up not liking it, then send it my way! LOL! I’ll use it for sure! Her site shows it currently as sold out, but she should be releasing some any minute now. So make sure to follow here on Facebook so that you find out when it’s back in stock! Then you can be addicted like me! You can get it at

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