Sally Hansen Color Foil Swatches

When I caught wind that Sally Hansen was doing a foils collection, I knew I wanted to get my hands on it! I was at Target this morning and they had all eight! Naturally, I picked up all of them, and I’m super glad I did! They are stunning and gorgeous. The instructions say to not use a base or a top coat. I second that! I tested with a base coat and it got all gross and messed up with weird bald spots. Many metallic polishes highlight ridges and imperfections in nails. These do that, but they’re actually not nearly as bad as other metallic polishes I’ve tried. The formula on all of them was fairly easy to work with. I did two coats of each polish for these swatches, but you could probably get away with one. You want to make sure you mix these very well so the chrome is mixed with the color.


Sally Hansen Sterling Silver¬† is very close to OPI Push and Shove. In fact, I think I like Sterling Silver better because I don’t think it shows the ridges as much! Also, this one is cheaper. :P





Sally Hansen Liquid Gold is a yellow gold color. This one isn’t the most flattering on my skin but I don’t have anything remotely like it in my collection.



Sally Hansen Leaden Lilac is a light purple color.



Sally Hansen Titanium Rush is one of my favorites of the collection. It’s a hot pink color and is absolutely gorgeous.



Sally Hansen Rose Copper is a light rose with golden tones.



Sally Hansen Purple Alloy is another of the big winners in this collection. It’s extremely vibrant!



Sally Hansen Minted Metal sounds like it should be the green of the collection, especially considering the color of the bottle. However, it looks a lot more blue on the nail than it does green! It’s still very pretty, but it would have been really cool to have a mint chrome in my collection.



Sally Hansen Cobalt Chrome is probably my favorite, although it’s a close tie with Titanum Rush. This one is so stunning!



So what do you think? Will you be scouring your local drugstores for any of these from the Color Foils collection?

Author: Anne

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