Zoya Megan and Vivid Lacquer the Test Subject’s Companion

For this mani, I started with two coats of Zoya Megan (which I like on its own) and then did two coats of Vivid Lacquer the Test Subject’s Companion (which I don’t care for at all). I don’t like this mani one bit! I think it’s pretty dang ugly. But there’s always tomorrow for something pretty!

I hope you enjoy it more than I do. :)

Frosty French

Here is a wintery mani for you today. I used Zoya Yummy, Vivid Lacquer Snowjob, and Julep Kate. You are going to see a lot of Vivid Lacquer since I got a lot of her colors during a cyber Monday sale. :)

I was originally just planning on doing the Snowjob over Yummy but I wasn’t really happy with it. One way to make a mani better without re-doing the whole thing is to throw some french tips in the mix. Once I did that, I loved it!

Here are the pics. :) (Two coats of everything except just one of Kate.)