Zoya Naturel Watermarble!

When I received a press sample of the Zoya Naturel collection, I knew right away that I wanted to do a watermarble with them. I’m still learning how to do this style of nail art, but I really love how my ring finger turned out! It was the first one a did. Should have stopped there! If only I could have photoshopped that one nail on to all the rest. Then you really would have been impressed. LOL Too bad I don’t use Photoshop and never will! I used Zoya Aubrey, Zoya Spencer, and Zoya Emilia. I did one coat of Spencer as a base coat.


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Zoya Naturel Deux (2) – 2014 Swatches

{{Press Sample}}

I was very excited when I found out Zoya was going to send me their new collection! Here’s how they describe it” Perfect as every day go-to colors, the Zoya NATUREL DEUX (2) collection bridges the transitional gap between late summer/early fall 2014 with three, rich brown family shades and three plum based beauties. All in the long-wearing, BIG5FREE formula Zoya is known for!

At first, I wasn’t sure how I would like these colors, but I have to say…I LOVE THEM. They are SO creamy and so rich in pigment, it’s really hard not to love each one! The purples are very deluxe feeling while the browns just make me want to each chocolate!!


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Watermarble Rainbow for Fingerfood’s Theme Buffet

Happy Sunday, everyone! This week, the FingerFood Theme Buffet Prompt is Rainbow! I wanted to do a different spin on this, so after some thought, I decided to do a watermarble!



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Press Release: Zoya Transitional Collection

Zoya Announces the Transitional Collection!


Inspired by the desire to expand the popular neutral palette of the Zoya NATUREL collection, six (6) NEW, full-coverage creams in deeper hues were born.


Perfect as every day go-to colors, the Zoya NATUREL DEUX (2) collection bridges the transitional gap between late summer/early fall 2014 with three, rich brown family shades and three plum based beauties. All in the long-wearing, BIG5FREE formula Zoya is known for!
Zoya NATUREL DEUX (2) – 2014

ZP742 – Spencer: Camel Cream, Full Coverage Formula.

ZP743 – Chanelle: Toasted Almond, Full Coverage Formula.

ZP744 – Emilia: Dark Chocolate, Full Coverage Formula.

ZP745 – Marnie: Deep Warm Plum, Full Coverage Formula.

ZP746 – Aubrey: Medium Mauve Cream, Full Coverage Formula.

ZP747 – Madeline: Muted Rose, Full Coverage Formula.


STARTS JULY 21, 2014

Zoya_Nail_Polish_TRIPLE SPILL_Naturel 2_RGB


Available on Zoya.com and at finer salons and spas.

*BIG5FREE: Formula contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, toluene or camphor.

Super Mario Bros. Nail Art

This mani is for the Challenge Your Nail Art challenge! Today’s prompt is video games! As someone who was born in the early 80’s, the first thing that comes to mind is Super Mario Bros, of course! Luckily for me, MoYou’s Rebel Collection Plate 02 has a Mario on it. That means I can bring you some Super Mario Bros. Nail Art! I started with two coats of Zoya Yummy which is my go-to sky blue. Then, I used Konad special red to stamp Mario on. I used Sally Hansen White On to paint the clouds. Zoya Tilda was used for the pipe. Finally, I used my Nailtini stencils as decals for the gold boxes.


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Watermarble Nail Art for Tri-Polish Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday again and this month’s tri-polish Tuesday combo is pink, purple, and green. Hip-hip-hooray! It’s been quite a while since I’ve attempted a watermarble, so I decided that is what I needed to do for this week’s challenge. I picked Zoya Rooney, Zoya Tilda, and Zoya Perrie and…………CHINA GLAZE FAIRY DUST!!!


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Zoya Tickled Water Marble

Yep! It’s me attempting water marbling again. I WILL get this technique down! I do feel like I’m getting better each time I try. I guess that’s to be expected, right? LOL! Today I did a marble with three polishes from the Zoya Tickled collection. I picked out Kirtridge, the light pink, Rooney, the light purple, and Ling the cheerful blue.



A few weeks ago, I got together with other nail artists, Gari from @margarita_onthe_rocks, Heather from @hottmama_of4, and Brandi from @rainydaymanis and they showed me some tips that really helped! If you’re not already, you should totally follow them. They are crazy talented and I hope to like them someday!!! :P






80’s Mani

I’m part of a group that does a round robin challenge every week. This week, my challenge was to do a mani inspired by this picture. There are a lot of options here! I thought about doing a skittle, but I really want a more uniform mani for the day.



My eyes really focused in on this box:



Of course it did, seeing as how I’m obsessed with pink and black as a combo! :P So I did a mani based off that box. But the original photo has almost a whole year’s worth of mani’s in it!






Zoya Pixie Dust – Summer 2014 Collection

I received the Zoya Pixie Dust – Summer 2014 Collection as a press sample from Zoya.com. I was super excited to get these because I only own one other pixie dust and I love it!!! There are three additions to this collection this summer. Bar – A Nude Topaz Color, Ginni – A Pink Tourmaline Color, and Arlo – A Violet Amethyst. Each of these is three coats and is a glitter BOMB packed in a jelly base. These have small glitters and large glitters. Just glitter, glitter, glitter!


First, we have Zoya Bar. This is a nude glitter which I’ve never really seen before. I think this color would look fantastic on someone who isn’t as pale as me but I think this could look really cool for some nail art.





Zoya Ginni is a light pink glitter which again, is quite unique to my collection. Most of the glitters I own need a base coat whereas these can stand on their own two legs.




Zoya Arlo is a purple packed with glitter and happiness. This one is totally my favorite of the collection. I find the color to be the richest and I’m a sucker for purple!Zoya-Arlo-Swatch



You can pick these up on Zoya’s website here.

Zoya Water Marble (Semi-Fail)

I just can’t seem to get the hang of water marbling!! Argh! The good news is that I think I get slightly better each time. So hopefully someday I’ll have a gorgeous water marble to show you. For this practice round, I used three Zoya polishes, all from the new Tickled collection which I swatched here. I grabbed the light pink one, Kirtridge, the blue one, Link, and the red/coral one Rocha. Here’s what happened:




Zoya Bubbly Collection

The Zoya Bubbly Collection was sent to me as a press sample. You can get a set at Zoya.com. The Zoya Bubbly collection consists of 6 polishes that are all jelly formulas with glitters and shimmers. Each one is shinier than the last! I did find that I needed three coats for each one and that even then, some still showed visible nail line. However, that is typical and expected for jelly style polishes. The other thing all of these 6 have in common is they almost have a duochrome effect due to the golden shimmers in them. I’ve never really heard of or seen a jelly with a duochrome effect, so to me, these polishes are quite unique! The great thing about these polishes is that even though they have glitter in them, they are not top coat eaters. I just did my one usual coat of HK Girl and the polishes was smooth, glittery, sparkly, and gorgeous!

From left to right:
Zoya Staasi
Zoya Binx
Zoya Jesy
Zoya Alma
Zoya Harper
Zoya Muse


Zoya Staasi is an emerald green color.


Zoya Binx is a lovely almost-royal purple.


Zoya Jesy is a cheerful tangerine.


Zoya Alma is a golden light orange and my husband’s favorite of the collection. :D


Zoya Harper is a joyful hot pink color and my personal favorite of the collection.


Zoya Muse is a sea-blue and is in a neck-for-neck race with Harper to be my favorite. :D


What do you think of this lovely Zoya Bubbly Collection? Do you have a favorite?

Zoya Tickled Collection

I received the Zoya Tickled Collection as a press sample from Zoya.com. It is part of the Tickled and Bubbly collection. The Tickled part consists of 6 creme shades that go very well together. In fact, they all went so well together that I decided to showcase all 6 in a skittle nail art mani!

Polishes used from left to right:
Zoya Tilda
Zoya Rooney
Zoya Rocha
Zoya Wendy
Zoya Kirtridge
Zoya Ling


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Press Release: Zoya Magical Pixie Summer 2014 Collection

Zoya’s doing it again! They are adding three new colors to their amazing pixie dust collection! Three new colors will be released next month so keep your eye on here for more information! The last collection of pixie dusts sold out very quickly!



The three new colors are:
Bar – A Nude Topaz Magical Pixie
Ginni – A Pink Tourmaline Magical Pixie
Arlo – A Violet Amethyst Magical Pixie

MoYou Artist Collection Plate 03

Today’s mani is part of the tri-polish challenge as presented by The Crumpet. Last week was the first time I participated. You can see that mani here. For this mani, I wanted to use my new MoYou Stamping Plate from the Artist Collection. I purchased plate three which has a lot of really pretty designs.

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MoYou Artist Collection Plate 03

MoYou Artist Collection Plate 03

For the challenge, I have to use pink, blue, and yellow. I picked Andrea’s Choice Circus Somesault for the yellow, Michael Marcus Barely There for the pink, and Zoya Yummy for the blue.

It’s amazing what the camera picks up that the eye does not…in other words, I now see that I could have cleaned up my edges a little better! I didn’t even see that in real life!

Zoya Yummy

Tri-Polish Challenge

MoYou Stamping Plates

Michael Marcus Barely There

Andrea's Choice Somersault

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GOT: Pastels

“GOT” stands for Golden Oldies Thursdays and it was a weekly challenge started by one of my favorite bloggers, The Crumpet. Every Thursday, you pick a polish that you haven’t used in over a year or at least one you’ve owned for more than a year. Then, you follow the week’s theme. This week’s theme is pastels. I decided to go with Essence That’s What I Mint, but I have to admit, I’ve only had if for 11 months. :D I also picked Zoya Megan which I got in a Birchbox ages and ages ago. At least two years ago! So I figured that if you average them out, it still counts.

Since I’m not feeling well at all :( , I decided to do something extremely simple. I started with two coats of Essence That’s What I Mint and then dotted Zoya Megan on the tips for a funky, easy french mani.

Essence That's What I Mint

GOT Pastels

Zoya Megan

#HePicksMyPolish Challenge: Beach Art

Today’s mani is a super fun one! The challenge is to have you man in your life pick 2-3 polishes. My “he” is my husband. I had to leave the room while he was picking them so that I wouldn’t accidentally influence him. :D


Here are the polishes he picked:

They are: Zoya Yummy, Sally Hansen White On, and China Glaze Metro-Pollen-Tin. He said that he even had a design idea which was to do a beach mani. That was super challenging for me because I’m not good at freehand and he didn’t pick a good stamping polish! LOL!
So here’s my attempt at a freehand beach scene using the polishes my darling husband selected from my collection.




China-Glaze -Metro-Pollen-Tin


Skyline Nails – Adventures in Stamping Sunday Challenge

For this week’s  Adventures in Stamping Sunday Challenge, the theme is skyline nails. I’ve always loved skyline nails but when I see them, it’s always a sunset. So for my mani, I wanted to do something a little different and do a daytime skyline!! I knew that Zoya Yummy would be the perfect daytime blue for this so I started with two coats of that. Then, I used Konad Special Black polish to stamp a design from Vivid Lacquer plate VL004. Then I used a dotting tool and Sally Hansen White On to hand draw the clouds. Lastly, I used a black nail art pen I purchased from BornPretty.com to draw the little birds. I hope you like it!







Zoya and Colors by Llarowe Unite!

I got Zoya Carter and Colors by Llarowe Pink Twinkle on the same day so I just had to do them in the same mani!!

I started off with two coats of Colors by Llarowe Pink Twinkle and then applied a coat of HK Girl Top Coat. Then, I put on striping tape in different patterns and applied one generous coat of Zoya Carter. And now it’s girly! Hooray!

Colors by Llarowe Pink Twinkle

CbL Pink Twinkle

Zoya Carter

Zoya Carter Swatch

Purple Gradient with Antique White Flowers

For this mani, I started off with two coats of Zoya Julie which I received in an Ipsy GlamBag many months ago. Then, I used the sponge method to do a gradient with Zoya Odette which I received in the most recent Ipsy Glam Bag.

Finally, I decided to apply some antique-y flower decals on top. I hope you like it! By the way, Julie is the light purple and Odette is the dark one. :D

Zoya Julie

Pueen Nail Art Decals

Pueen Nail Art Decals

The I’m Totally Ready for Spring Mani

It’s been pouring rain here and I’m totally ready for Spring! So I decided to do a wishful thinking manicure. :)

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I started with two coats of Zoya Odette which I got in the February 2013 Ipsy Glam Bag, 

Then, I put a couple flowers on from Shany Cosmetics. Hope you like it!

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Hearts and Dots Mani

For today’s mani, I used Revlon Parfumerie Spun Sugar (which smells amazing!) and Zoya Mason. For the heart stamp, I used Vivid Lacquer Plate VL009.

I started with two coats of Spun Sugar, then did the dots. After waiting for it to dry, I stamped the accent nail. I hope you like it!

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Revlon Parfumerie Spun Sugar

Zoya Mason