Blue and Brown Nail Art

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Today’s mani starts with two coats of Zoya Yummy which I’ve had for years and is still one of my favorite blues. I stamped using Mundo de Unas Caramel with a design from Pueen Plate 85.


That’s not smudging you see on my middle finger….I accidentally stamped that finger twice!!! Oopsies!!! Lol! Has that ever happened to you? I’m actually a little impressed with myself for how closely it lined up with itself. Apparently, I need to watch a little less Doctor Who when doing nail art and watch my nails a little more!!


Here is a plain swatch of Zoya Yummy so you can see what a pretty blue it is. I have used it a number of times for sky in different nail art designs. It’s the perfect shade of blue for any season, really. My mother in law gave it to me in March 2012 after I’d had major surgery. It was one of my first Zoyas!


Press Release! Zoya 2015 Naturel Satin Collection!


The next generation of Zoya Naturel is almost here! Introducing, Zoya Naturel Satins, a collection of six new, neutral nail polish colors in an ultra-wearable, low-sheen, chic satin finish. A hybrid between matte and glossy polishes, the new Zoya Satin* formula provides opaque coverage and is longer lasting than traditional matte shades. The flawlessly smooth finish hides imperfections and creates a luxurious, satin finish nail look.ZPSAMPLER1502_2015_sampler__400.2__

  • Leah: Lavender tinged taupe, exclusive Zoya Satin* finish.
  • Rowan: Creamy suede taupe, exclusive Zoya Satin* finish.
  • Sage: Mossy sage green, exclusive Zoya Satin* finish.
  • Tove: Misty slate grey, exclusive Zoya Satin* finish.
  • Brittany: Rose mauve cream, exclusive Zoya Satin* finish.
  • Ana: Light toasted almond, exclusive Zoya Satin* finish.


*Zoya Satin is not intended to be worn with a top coat. For best results: Prep nail with Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover, apply base coat and finish with 2 thin coats of any Zoya Satin Nail Polish.

AVAILABLE 01/15/15!

$9 (US), Available in top salons, spas and on



COMING SOON –  Zoya Satin Seal Topcoat!
Turn any color into an elegant Satin finish beauty with just one coat!


Easy Christmas Nail Art

I have some super easy Christmas nail art to share with you today. It doesn’t have to be for  Christmas, it can be for any holiday gatherings you’re attending this month! I started with two coats of Pistol Polish Red-y, Aim, Fire which I purchased myself. Then, I used a makeup sponge to dab on Zoya Bar which I originally received as a press sample. I was expecting more of the gold from Bar to come through, but my sponge soaked up all the jelly and just left me with beautiful silver glitters! Even though it’s not what I planned nor what I was expecting, I still like it!





Purple and Blue Stamping

For today’s nail art, I started with two coats of Zoya Prim which is a gorgeous metallic blue. Then, I used a design from this Cici&Sisi plate and used Zoya Haven to stamp. I love it when I find regular polishes that stamp well! I love the subtle look of this mani. It’s not noticeable from far away, but up close it is a cool design. I received both of these Zoya polishes originally as a press sample from Zoya.





I love that the polishes in this Zoya collection stamp so well! These are really adding some variety to my stamping polish collection!!

Zoya Glitter Tips

For today’s mani, I started with two coats of Zoya Haven. Then, I sponged Zoya Thea on the tips. I originally received both of these beauties as press samples from Zoya. I love the simplicity of this purple on purple look. The sponge soaks up some of Thea’s purple jelly base, leaving the silver glitters to shine through.



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Zoya Wishes Glitter Gradient

For this mani, I used all three of the Pixie Dust polishes from the new Zoya Wishes collection. These polishes were originally sent to me as a press sample. I started with two coats of Nori which is the blue polish. Then, I painted all three colors on a makeup sponge and sponged the gradient on to my nails. I love how this turned out. It looks way better in real life because the glitters catch the light like you wouldn’t believe!



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Zoya Geometric Nail Art

Today’s mani uses two polishes that I received as a press sample from Zoya. I started with two coats of Zoya Willa which is a raven creme. Then, I used a geometric design from this Cici&Sisi plate and used Zoya Prim as my stamping polish! I really love how this turned out. I like it a lot more than I thought I was going to. Sometimes I do designs that I don’t think I’ll really like just so I can keep the designs interesting for you. But this one turned out way better than expected! I’m so glad this is the design I did last so I can wear it to work tomorrow! (Sadly, some of my designs are worn for only 10 minutes!)



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Zoya Wishes Collection Swatches

{Press Sample}

Zoya sent me the 2014 Wishes Collection to swatch and show you! This collection consists of a creme, two metallics, and three pixie dusts! I’m very pleased with this collection as I think it’s a unique twist on a holiday collection. (Wha??? I holiday collection without red and green! You bet!) All swatches shown are two coats.



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80’s Horror Movie Mani!

Today’s mani is a double-duty one for two challenges. First, is Crumpet’s Nail Tarts. The Crumpet’s Challenge prompt is 80’s. I could have done a crazy, neon, colorful mani but I decided to go with an 80’s horror movie, Halloween! I loooooove 80’s horror slasher flicks. Just love them. I can’t get enough of them. I don’t think this mani does Michael Myers justice, but it’s the best I could do with my inept free hand skills.

Also, this mani is for Lacquer Legion After Dark prompt! You do not want to be caught after dark if Michael Myers is in the area!! Watch out!



Many polishes were used in the making of this mani:

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Halloween Pumpkin Nail Art

(Items used in this post were originally received as a press sample.)

For today’s mani, I really wanted to keep playing with the new Zoya Matte Velvet collection. I’m completely in love with Posh so that’s what I started with. It’s such a gorgeous red!! I tried using another one of the matte polishes to stamp, but they weren’t showing up right. They were stamping well, it was just the color combo that wasn’t working. So, I perused my Zoya polish drawer in my Ikea Alex and found Remy from the Entice and Ignite collection. Remy is another one of my all time favorite polishes! I did a test stamp and it looked great! I love how this turned out! The design is from the Cici&Sisi Halloween plate.




I just think these pumpkins are so fun!! I used my firm Messy Mansion stamper for this mani. I have been very happy with those stampers, even though they do need an acetone swipe between every nail.

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Zoya Matte Nail Art

Last weekend, I swatched the whole Zoya Matte collection for you here. (These polishes were originally received as a press sample.) I couldn’t wait to do nail art with these! They are so gorgeous! I know that a lot of matte polishes work well for stamping so I wanted to try these out….and spoiler alert!….they are awesome!!! For this mani, I started with two coats of Zoya Savita. I topped her with a glossy top coat. Then, using a design from Cici&Sisi, I used Zoya Posh to stamp. I love the results and I will be doing a lot more stamping with these babies!





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Zoya Matte Collection

{Press Sample}

Zoya sent me their matte collection to show you! This is a re-release and I’m sure glad they did! These polishes are super gorgeous. While they are meant to be worn in their natural, matte form without a top coat, I couldn’t help but also swatch them with a top coat. They do not disappoint!

Zoya Dovina is a gorgeous black matte. When worn with a glossy top coat, it has a ton of sparkles like the night sky!



Zoya Harlow is a shimmery purple. In both the glossy and the matte swatches, you can see lighter purple shimmers.


Zoya Loredana is a graphite color. When matte, it looks just like stone. When glossy, you can see all the shimmers!



Zoya Posh is my favorite of the collection. It’s a gorgeous red both glossy and matte. This will be a go-to red for the holiday season!


Zoya Savita is a royal purple. I can’t decide if I like this one better matte or glossy!!


Zoya Veruschka is an evergreen color. This is another one that will be sublime for holiday manicures.


I really love this collection. It’s a really nice treat when a matte color looks amazing both matte and glossy, which is the case for every single polish in this collection. Right now, Zoya is also having a promo where you can get a red matte lipstick with purchase! Details can be found on their website! Will you be picking up any of these gems??

Coffee Mani!

Today’s nail art is a coffee mani! I’m sorry, but the caffeine is not included. I started with two coats of Zoya Spencer which I originally received as a press sample. Once dry, I used my Cici&Sisi Plate to stamp coffee beans, the word coffee, and the swirls on my nails using Zoya Emilia (also a press sample). In case you haven’t noticed by now, I’m completely crazy for these Cici&Sisi plates. I seriously can’t get enough of them. It’s the only nail art I want to do anymore! LOL!!! The images are crisp and the cheap little gray stamper that comes with them is the best one I ever used in my whole life. I do have to use a little acetone on it every 3-4 stamps but then it picks the images up again right away. It’s awesome and amazing and I love it.


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Nude Ivy Nails Stamping

I’ve never really done a nude/negative space style nail art. So, I thought I would step outside of my comfort zone and try one out! I got Zoya June from Lisa at Insomniac Manicures. She is the biggest Zoya fan on the face of the planet! It was very nice of her to part with June, even though she already has one. :) This is two coats of June. As you can see, she is a very sheer nude. It’s kind of like “your natural nails, but better”. Then, I used Cici&Sisi plate 07 which came with the most wonderful squishy stamper. I stamped with Sally Hansen Mint Sprint to create the natural leaves effect.




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Zoya Pixie Dust Fall 2014 Collection

{{Press Sample}}

Zoya sent me their Fall 2014 Pixie Dust collection to show you! This collection is gorgeous. I am very pleased with the colors and application. You will definitely want to be a ‘texture’ person to wear these. They are very textured. I love it!! All three colors are quite similar in the purple/red family, but they really are different.  It’s the classic “They’re not the same…they’re similar” saying!

Zoya-Pixie-Dust-Fall-2014 Zoya-Pixie-Dust


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Press Release: Zoya Pixie Dust Fall 2014

Meet the next generation of our best-selling textured, matte and sparkling Zoya PixieDust formula ­ Zoya Ultra PixieDust! Three shades featuring both fine micro glitter and mega hex particles for tone on tone 3D effects. This easy glam nail is available in 3 shades in a gradient of red, wine and plum hues. No base or top coat required.



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Fairy Dust Saves the Day

I had a super brilliant idea of doing a watermarble and since it was also the theme for Fingerfood Theme Buffet, that worked out in my favor. They seem to have been working out for me recently, so I thought, “hey, why not try it again?” Well…the results are not so great. It looks more like dark blue mud than anything. I used Zoya Ryan, Nyssa, and Margo for this, all three of which I originally received as a press sample from Zoya. I think the colors are just too dark to have worked because you just can’t really see the marble effect. So I slapped on a coat of fairy dust and called it a day! Also, I actually had the one day of sunshine I get per year, so I went outside to take these photos! :)


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Zoya Ignite Striped Nail Art

Today’s Zoya Ignite Striped Nail Art was inspired by this mani at The Ignite collection was originally sent to me by Zoya as a press sample. For this mani, I simply started with one coat of black polish to set a dark base. Then, I painted 6 stripes on each nail – one using each of the colors in the Zoya Ignite collection. I did not freehand then, I used scotch tapes as a guide. I hope you enjoy it! Be sure to check out the original inspiration on Manicurator’s site!



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Zoya Entice and Ignite Two-Tone Mani

The day I did this mani, I had grand plans of doing some actual nail art. I was expecting a house-cleaner to arrive at 8am. I laid the base down and thought that I could do the art while the cleaners were cleaning. (Don’t think I’m too fancy. I was expecting houseguests and needed a DEEP clean. I don’t normally have people come clean my house!) They were supposed to arrive at 8am. 8:15 rolls around so I text one of them and asked where they were. When I received no reply by 8:30, I called her. She didn’t answer and her voicemail box was full. At 8:45, I called the boyfriend. Luckily, he picked up. They had broken up and she never told him about the appointment! He rushed straight over! But by that point, my parents were already on their way, so I dove in and helped him clean. (I wore gloves so no nails were damaged in the making of a clean house.) However, it does mean that I never got to do art on top of this. SO here you have it, dearest readers, the BASE for some nail art! LOL!

On my outer fingers, I have Zoya Veronica and the middle two have Zoya Teigan.






Julep Demi for Golden Oldies Thursday

Happy Thursday, Everyone! I hope your day is going awesomely. :) Today’s challenge for Golden Oldies Thursday is “red”. One of the first polishes I ever bought (once this obsession started) was Julep Demi. That was in December 2011! It’s been a long time since I’ve used this beauty. It’s an oxblood red that has many hints of brown in it. Therefore, I paired it with Zoya Nyssa (which I originally received as a press sample).


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Zoya Entice and Ignite Part 2 – Ignite

{Press Sample}

Zoya was lovely enough to send me the new Zoya Entice and Ignite collection. I swatched the first half, Entice, right here! Today I’m going to show you the ignite collection and I have to say…you might want to sit down for this! All swatches shown are two coats.

Zoya Autumn: Varnished Copper Liquid Metal

Autumn is the perfect shade for the fall and it is perfectly named. This is a gorgeous golden copper.


Zoya India: Deep Red Gold Liquid Metal

India is an amazing burgundy shimmer. This is one of those polishes that just makes your heart beat a little faster when you look at it.


Zoya Teigen: Violet Plum with Copper Liquid Metal

Teigen is a gorgeous purple with golden flakes. I’m wild about this one!


Zoya Sansa: Deepest Eggplant with Gold Liquid Metal

Sansa hardly looks purple in the bottle, but when you start applying it, the mysteriously dark purple starts to show itself.


Zoya Remy: Indigo with Copper & Gold Liquid Metal

Remy makes me freak out. Seriously. Like a pre-teen at a Justin Beiber concert. Or, for those of you more in my age bracket – A Backstreet Boys concert. Holy crapola, this is one gorgeous polish! The depth! The blueness! EEK!


Zoya Yuna: Grey with Copper & Gold Liquid Metal

Yuna is my least favorite of the bunch, much like Genevieve in the Entice half of this collection. Hey. Wait a minute. Maybe grays just aren’t my thing? I do love how the golden shimmers in this one actually look green.


The bottom line: This entire collection makes me swoon. The colors have SO much depth, rich pigments, and just the right amount of gold shimmer. I pretty much feel like I don’t need any more fall polish because Zoya has it covered. (Ah, who am I kidding??? I’ll purchase more polish!!!)

Zoya Ignite Gradient

{Press Sample}

I was sent the Zoya Entice and Ignite collection from Zoya so I could show you these gorgeous colors! You saw the Entice swatches earlier today and you’ll see the Ignite swatches tomorrow. However, I was too excited about this Ignite Gradient to wait! I used Zoya Teigen and Zoya Remy to do this. I started with two coats of Teigen, then painted each color on a sponge, and dabbed it on. I love how well these two blend together!! I’m very happy with this look and these polishes! They are just stunning.

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Zoya Entice and Ignite Part 1 – Entice

{Press Sample}

Zoya was kind enough to send me the new Zoya Entice and Ignite Collection to show you!  If this is what the standard for fall collections is going to be, other polish brands sure have their work cut out for them! I’m very excited about these colors!! They really speak to me! Today I’m going to show you the first half of the collection – Entice. This is a group of six deliciously creamy shades. All swatches shown are two coats.

Zoya Nyssa: Milk Chocolate Brown

Nyssa looks like it could fit right in with the Naturel Deux collection. It’s a milk chocolate that looks just like a candy bar!

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Press Release: Zoya Entice and Ignite Collection!


Inspired by the classic wools, textured brocades and metallic accents of the season, Zoya¹s new
ENTICE & IGNITE collections create a palette of lush, deep color including wines, browns, navies and greys.

Zoya Entice and Ignite Collection

Zoya ENTICE delivers six new, glossy, intensely pigmented, full-coverage cream colors.

Zoya_Nail_PoliZoya Entice and Ignite Collectionsh_ENTICE GROUP SHOT 1_RGB

ZP748 ­ Nyssa: Milk Chocolate Brown, Full-Coverage Formula.

ZP749 ­ Claire: Rich Burgundy, Full-Coverage Formula.

ZP750 ­ Veronica: Brilliant Wine, Full-Coverage Formula.

ZP751 ­ Margo: Red Plum, Full-Coverage Formula.

ZP752 ­ Ryan: Classic Indigo, Full-Coverage Formula.

ZP753 ­ Genevieve: Leather Grey, Full-Coverage Formula.


Zoya IGNITE offers a six shimmering red, gold, copper and purple liquid metal metallics.


ZP754 ­ Autumn: Varnished Copper Liquid Metal.

ZP755 ­ India: Deep Red Gold Liquid Metal.

ZP756 ­ Teigen: Violet Plum with Copper Liquid Metal.

ZP757 ­ Sansa: Deepest Eggplant with Gold Liquid Metal.

ZP758 ­ Remy: Indigo with Copper & Gold Liquid Metal.

ZP759­ Yuna: Grey with Copper & Gold Liquid Metal.



$9 (US) Available on and at finer salons and spas.


Zoya Naturel Collection Stamping Art

For today’s nail art, I wanted to see if the Zoya Naturel Deux collection would be good for stamping! I originally received these polishes as a press sample for this post. I started with two coats of Zoya Aubrey which is a nice, warm plum color. I used MoYou Suki Collection – 07 plate which has a lovely flower pattern on it. I picked Zoya Emilia to stamp first, but it was too dark. You an kinda see it on my ring finger. So,  switched plans and used Zoya Spencer which is a light camel color. This stamped quite well!


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