40 Great Nail Art Ideas…Film Nail Art

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This week for the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts challenge, the prompt is ‘film’. I love Marilyn Monroe films so I decide do do film nail art in honor of her! I made a stamped decal using my Bliss Kiss Miracle Mat and Born Pretty Store Plate BP-L016.

Polishes used for this were:
Konad Black
Zoya Cala (originally sent to me as a press sample)
Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow (original formula)
OPI Coca-Cola Red
Morgan Taylor All White Now


I don’t know what it is about Marilyn Monroe that attracts me so much. I’ve read three or four different biographies on her and I’ve seen as many of her movies as I can get my hands on. I even have cd’s with the songs she sang.  There really is a beguiling allure about her. At least for me!



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Silver Stamping Nail Art

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Today’s nail art look is subtle, but I really like it. I started with two coats of Zoya Eastyn which was sent to me as a press sample. I used this filigree design from It Girl Nail Art Plate IG106 which was also sent as a press sample. I used my Bundle Monster silver stamping polish which I have seriously been neglecting. I usually reach for Konad or Mundo de Unas but I really wanted to stamp with silver. Turns out, my only silver stamping polish is Bundle Monster…and I forgot how good it is! It stamped just as well as the others so I don’t know why I’m always ignoring it.



Brown Filigree Nail Art

{Press Sample}

It Girl Nail Art sent me plate IG106 to play with! The plate consists of 10 different filigree style designs. I’m going to show you one of those designs today! I started with Zoya Cala (which was also sent to me as a press sample.) I used Mundo de Unas Caramel as my stamping polish to create the filigree nail art show today!



Zoya Whispers Collection

{Press Sample}

Zoya sent me their new Whispers collection to show you! This collection consists of six lightly colored creme polishes. These polishes are a little on thin side of application, but ended up being pretty easy to apply. These colors will have a lot of use as we transition from winter to spring. (Which will happen eventually, I’m told!!)

Zoya Cala is a peach-toned nude color. It very nearly matches my skin tone!



Zoya Eastyn is a dusty purple lilac.zoya-eastyn


Zoya Misty is a green-toned neutral color.



Zoya Lake is a pastel blue and is my favorite of the six. It’s very relaxing to look at!



Zoya April is a pink-toned nude that is another one that’s pretty similar to my skin tone.



Zoya Ireland is a lovely dusty light green. I did smudge a nail a tad before taking these pics so I hope you’ll overlook that!



This is a lovely collection and I would recommend picking up a couple of them if you don’t have these colors in your collection already.

Zoya Matte Velvet Collection for 2015

{Press Sample}

Zoya sent me their matte velvet collection to swatch for you! I love their matte polishes and these new six are no exception! All swatches are two coats and allowed to dry without a topcoat.

Zoya Amal is a gorgeous holiday red.



Zoya Yves is a deep cobalt blue.



Zoya Honor is a holiday green. This one is a bit of a stainer so watch out! I has to run to the bathroom and use my whitening paste to remove them right away.



Zoya Sue is a lovely cream.



Zoya Iris is a very pretty royal purple.



Zoya Aspen is a gorgeous white and it might even be my favorite of the collection!



What do you think of Zoya’s matte velvet collection this year?

Super Man-i

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Today’s nail art reminds me of Superman. Anything that is a rich blue and red color reminds me of Superman! :) I started with two coats of Zoya Sia. Once completely dry, I used a diamonds stencil from Polished Vino and painted Zoya Ember on top.



Heart in the Middle

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This nail art starts with Zoya Lidia which is a deep purple. I used MoYou Special Polish in blue to stamp a design from It Girl Fashion Plate 103. This is the first time I used MoYou Stamping polish so I didn’t know how well it would work. I was extremely pleased with its performance. I just bought this one color to test but I will certainly be buying more. (Especially now that I’m seriously considering phasing Mundo de Unas out of my life.)



Zoya Focus and Flair

{Press Sample}

Today I have the Zoya Focus and Flair collection to show you! Zoya sent me these and I was super excited when the package arrived at my door. The timing was perfect because I had been craving polish. Eh, who am I kidding? I’m always craving polish!!

First, let’s look at the Zoya Flair collection. In my opinion, this is the better half of the collection. It is so gorgeous!

Zoya Estelle is an amazing blue metallic polish.



Zoya Aggie is a green-gold shifting metallic color.



Zoya Ember is a metallic red and is aptly named. This ruby gem will be perfect for both fall and winter nail art looks!



Zoya Cinnamon is another perfectly named polish. This is a brown metallic.



Zoya Giada is a beautiful metallic purple. My camera shows it bluer than it is in real life. Darn those purples and their finicky nature!!



Zoya Tris is a metallic silver.



Now we’re going to look at the Zoya Focus collection. This is a set of six beautiful cremes.

Zoya Sia is a rich, cheerful blue.



Zoya Desiree is a deep chocolate brown.



Zoya Hannah is a classic red creme.



Zoya Lidia is a rich eggplant creme.



Zoya Charli is a creamy army green. It looked almost grey in the bottle so I was pretty surprised to see how much green was present!



Zoya Janel is another creamy red. There isn’t a whole lot of difference between this one and Hannah. I think that if you don’t want the whole collection, then you could get one or the other of these.



What do you think of these new releases from Zoya?

Sally Hansen Coral Reef Dupe?

A Facebook fan asked if I knew of any dupes for Sally Hansen Coral Reef. As you may know, Sally Hansen changed the formula on many of their most popular X-treme Wear colors (not a popular decision) and this exact color is no longer available. I pulled out the closest colors in my collection that I could find. Those happened to be Sally Hansen Peachy Breeze and Zoya Wendy.


Peachy Breeze is a shade darker while Wendy is a shade lighter. I think the closes would be Peachy Breeze, especially if you take formula in to account. Wendy was significantly thinner than the other two Sally Hansen polishes.dupe-for-sally-hansen-coral-reef

If you’re desperate for a dupe of Coral Reef, then I would recommend tracking down Sally Hansen Peachy Breeze. And you better do it quick! Who knows if they’ll change the formula on that one, too!!!

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Red and Black Stamped Nail Art

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Zoya Demetria was sent to me as a press sample. She is part of the new Island Fun collection. I love red and black together, so I used Mundo De Unas Black to stamp a design from Pueen Plate 02. Since I was in the mood for a tiny splash of pizazz, I also added some black rhinestones at the base.


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Green Swirls Nail Art

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For this mani, I used Zoya Selene (shimmery green) and Zoya Talia (blue) which were both sent to me as press samples from the Zoya Island Fun and Paradise Sun collections. The swirly vinyls are from Polished Vino. Selene did stain my nails so if you decide to use her, be sure to have a good nail whitening product on hand. I use a nail whitening paste and brush that I picked up at Sally’s. I’ve found that if you clean off the stain right away, it’s easier to get rid of. Whatever you do, don’t buff it out! That just removes layers of your nail, making them weaker and prone to breaking and peeling.




Fun with Nail Polish

I have something completely different for you today. I talk about my polish as though they are little people, so I thought, “Why not take it one step further?” I loved playing with dolls and Barbies when I was a kid…so here you have it. My very first Nail Polish Scene.

The Zoya family wanted to spend a fun day in the park. They brought some delicious Shiraz to drink and walked around until they found a nice quite corner of the part with a lovely bench where they could sit and enjoy each others company.


Zoya Island Fun Nail Art

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For today’s nail art, I used two coats of Zoya Jace, which was originally sent to me as a press sample. Then, I used Mundo de Unas Taupe and Pueen Plate 01 to stamp the design.



Zoya Island Fun and Paradise Sun Gradient

{Press Sample{{Purchased By Me}

For today’s gradient, I used three Zoya polishes that were all sent to me as press samples: Zoya Genesis (White), Zoya Talia (Blue), and Zoya Cecilia (Green). The chevron decals are from from Polished Vino.

This reminds me of ocean waves in a new-age modern art sort of way.




Metallic Purple Nail Art

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For this mani, I started with two coats of Zoya Serenity, which was originally sent to me as a press sample. Then, I used Mundo de Unas Metallic Purple and Pueen Plate 01 to stamp the design. You can see my nails are a touch too long for this image. To combat this in the future, I could make the bare gap be at the tips and then use french tips to cover it up. ;)



Blue and Purple Skittle Nail Art

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Are you in the mood for some more skittle nail art? I hope so because that’s what I have for you today!!! I picked a purple/blue theme for this one today. The polishes used are OPI Can’t Let Go, Zoya Yummy, and Enchanted Polish To Die For.


I really like how this one turned out! It was super sparkly in the sun – especially the EP glitter! Zoya Yummy is probably my all-time favorite blue creme. I’ve actually used about 1/3 of the bottle already! I use it pretty much anytime I want a light blue. My mother-in-law gave it to me as a gift when I had surgery in 2012.



I hope you enjoyed today’s skittle nail art! Let me know what you think in the comments! :D

Zoya Island Fun and Paradise Sun Swatches

{Press Sample}

Zoya sent me their Island Fun and Paradise Sun collections to show you! These are their summer collections. Overall, I like the colors. However, some of them have formula issues and a few are stainers. To combat the staining, I used a nail whitening paste immediately after removing the polish. I’ve found that if you can remove the stain right away, it won’t be as bad as if you just leave it.

The Island Fun collection is a set of six cremes while the Paradise Sun collection is a set of six shimmers. I’ll show you Island Fun first so be sure to keep scrolling to see the fun shimmer polishes!

Zoya Jace

Jace is a medium toned green. It almost had a hint of jelly-ness to it on the first coat.



Zoya Serenity

Serenity is a bluish purple. It’s a pretty classic color.



Zoya Talia

Talia is an ocean blue. This is a bit more aqua-green in real life.



Zoya Cecilia

Cecilia is an ocean green. It has a touch more blue in real life. I have some nail art coming up that uses Talia and Cecilia as a gradient and they work quite well together!



Zoya Nana

Nana is a purpley-pink cream.



Zoya Demetria

Demetria is a classic red.



And those are the six Zoya Island Fun polishes! All the cremes were a touch thicker than I prefer which made application a little difficult. But, they are workable. I think the winners are Talia and Cecilia. What do you think?

Now for the Paradise Sun part of the collection…

Zoya Genesis

I had so much hope for Genesis but experienced so much disappointment. Genesis is a shimmery white but the formula is nearly impossible to work with. It’s thick, but still leaves streaks and bald patches. It might be workable if layered first over a creamy white so it doesn’t have to build itself up.




Zoya Selene

Selene is downright gorgeous. However, she’s the biggest stainer of the bunch so make sure you have a good basecoat on and some nail whitening paste on hand!



Zoya Mae

Mae is stunning. She’s a hot pink with purpley shimmers. Very eye-catching and a great, cheerful color for summer.



Zoya Aphrodite

Aphrodite is a red polish (the same tone as Demetria) but has beautiful sparkles in it.



Zoya Oceane

Oceane is a beautiful ocean blue with shimmer. This is another stainer, so be sure to have your whitening paste ready when you take this beauty off.



Zoya Isa

Isa looks a little too blue in my pictures but in real life, she is much more purple.



What do you think of these two collections? Do you like Paradise Sun or Island Fun better?

Zoya Skittle Nail Art

{Press Sample}

A while back, Zoya sent me Bar and Nyssa, both of which I used in this mani. I also used Zoya June, which I got from a friend. June is a very nude, slightly shimmery polish. It’s almost exactly the same color as my natural nail! Nyssa is the milk chocolate color and Bar is the golden pixie dust glitter.


I had a fun time wearing this mani. I think my favorite nail is the one with Bar – it’s just so sparkly and fun! Which nail is your favorite?


PS Aren’t you proud of me for doing a skittle mani without a french tip? LOL. It was super hard for me to not do a french tip with bar! But I thought I should mix it up a little. :)

Pink and Blue Fake Watermarble using BP-L-005

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Zoya sent me Zoya Eden which I swatched for you here. It wasn’t on purpose, but I think this nail art ended up looking like a bit of a watermarble! The stamping polish is Mundo de Unas Pastel Blue and the stamping plate is Born Pretty Store Plate BP-L-005 You can see all their available image plates here: BornPrettyStore Stamping Image Plates.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m reading Nail Structure and Product Chemistry by Doug Schoon. Today, I learned that in general, men’s nails grow faster than women’s! That sounds a little backwards to me! LOL! And not fair at all!!


The stamping didn’t turn out quite as crisp as I would have liked, but the effect of a fake watermarble looks pretty cool!


You can find these supplies and more in the nail art section of the Born Pretty Store. Use code FYL91 to receive 10% off all your supplies at BornPrettyStore.com


Daisy Stars Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased By Me}

I’m stepping outside my comfort-zone with today’s mani! I rarely wear yellow! :P This is two coats of Zoya Daisy which is from the Spring 2015 Delight collection (originally sent to me as a press sample). I purchased a ton of Mundo de Unas stamping polishes so I grabbed the MDU Neon Pink to pair with it.  I was sent Born Pretty Store Plate BP-L-006 to review so I used the stars design from that plate for this look. You can see all their available image plates here: BornPrettyStore Stamping Image Plates.


My husband pointed out, and I agree, that this looks quite 80’s! Like something Gem would wear. I only vaguely remember Gem, but I know she’d rock this mani!


Thanks again to BPS for sending me these to review! You can find these supplies and more in the nail art section of the Born Pretty Store. Use code FYL91 to receive 10% off all your supplies at BornPrettyStore.com


Houndstooth and Gradient Nail Art

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Today’s mani is another one for the Crumpet’s 52-week pick and mix challenge! I combined both prompts this week because I’m crazy like that. The prompts are Houndstooth and Orange/Red/Yellow. I used Zoya Jesy from the Bubbly Collection, Zoya Daisy from the Delight Collection, and Mundo de Unas Reddish. The design is from Born Pretty Store Plate BP-L-006. The Zoya polishes and the stamping plate were originally sent to me as press samples by the respective companies.


I started with two coats of Zoya Daisy and once it was dry, I brush Jesy on the tips. I was going to do a sponge gradient, but the sponge was soaking all of Jesy up! Since I knew I was going to stamp on top of all this, I decided just to brush Jesy on the tips and not worry too much about doing a ‘real’ gradient. It actually worked out nicely! I let the first layer of Jesy dry and then I did a second layer, but started the brush further down on the nail. That made for a quick and easy gradient with no cleanup! (Note to self: try that again.)


To avoid having to do any cleanup with stamping, I used Bliss Kiss Simply Peel liquid latex. You can read my full review of that here.


My husband said this mani looks like ships from Asteroids flying over candy corn. What an imagination that man has!

Thanks again to BPS for sending me these to review! You can find these supplies and more in the nail art section of the Born Pretty Store. Use codeFYL91 to receive 10% off all your supplies at BornPrettyStore.com


Check out these other talented ladies and their nail art for this week’s prompts!

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Hawaiian Blue Flowers Nail Art

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Today’s nail art has a bit of a Hawaiian feel to it! I started with two coats of Zoya Leslie which was sent to me as a press sample for this post here. Then, I used Mundo de Unas Iris and a design from Born Pretty Store Plate BP-L-005 which was also sent to me as a sample.  You can see all their available image plates here: BornPrettyStore Stamping Image Plates. I didn’t mean for it to look tropical, but that’s how it turned out and I really enjoyed wearing it!


I’ve only been to Hawaii once (in 5th grade….a long, long time ago) but I do have fond memories of it! I haven’t been back because now that I’m a grownup with a house, husband, and dogs it’s much harder to get away! I can’t even imagine how people with kids manage to take any vacation! I guess the main difference is that you have the option of taking your kids with you…while my dogs? Not so much.


You can find these supplies and more in the nail art section of the Born Pretty Store. Use code FYL91 to receive 10% off all your supplies at BornPrettyStore.com


Zoya Delight Collection Spring 2015


{Press Sample}

Zoya sent me their Spring 2015 collection which they are calling the Zoya Delight collection! This collection contains six polishes, three cremes and three subtle shimmers. These colors totally scream Spring to me and I can see a lot of Easter manicures in their future!! Don’t they look like little ducks and bunnies should be stamped on top of them?

Zoya Lillian

Lillian is a gorgeous robin’s egg blue. This is two coats. On the first coat, it was patchy, thin, and streaky. However, on the second coat, everything worked out beautifully. As Russell Wilson says, “It’s not how you begin, it’s how you finish”.



I wouldn’t want you to get bored looking at plain swatches, so just for fun, I stamped on top!! This is Born Pretty Store Plate BP-L-005 stamped using Konad White.





Zoya Daisy

Daisy is a cheerful yellow with subtle green shimmers. I didn’t think I was going to like this, but I actually did! It’s too cheerful not to like!



Zoya Tiana

Tiana is a creamy pastel green. This is not my favorite from the collection, but I can appreciate what a perfect green this is for spring!



Zoya Rayne

Rayne is a shimmery light blue. I had some application issues  with this one as you can clearly see in the pictures.





Just for some more fun, I stamped over this using Mundo de Unas Metallic Purple and Born Pretty Store Plate BP-L-006


Zoya Leslie

Leslie is a shimmery light purple. This one might be my favorite from the collection! The shimmers are a subtle blue and it really is quite pretty!



Zoya Eden

Eden is a medium creamy pink. I thought that this was going to be my favorite, but there isn’t anything too unique about it. It’s a gorgeous pink, but there’s not much that makes me say “Wow! I must have THAT pink!”





Overall, I think this is a perfect collection for spring. It has all the basic colors you would expect  for a spring collection. What do you think of this new spring collection? Will you be seeking out any of these colors?

Purple Gradient Nail Art with Enchanted Polish Seven Nation Army

{Purchased By Me}{Press Sample}

I’m mixing it up again! What? No stamping today? That’s right! I’m trying really hard not to get stuck in a stamping rut so today you get a gradient topped with glitter! The gradient was done using a makeup sponge with Zoya Megan and Zoya Marnie. (Marnie was originally sent to me as a press sample.) Then, I topped it with one coat of Enchanted Polish Seven Nation Army. SNA is a glitter topper that has tiny black and white glitters and also teeny tiny holo shimmers. It’s really quite stunning in person. No wonder people go gaga over it!




Zoya Satin Collection

{Press Sample}


Zoya sent me their new Satins collection to show you! This is a set of six satin finish polishes that are perfect for transitioning from Winter to Spring. I didn’t use a top coat in any of these swatches and they are all two coats. I think this is a great transitional collection and these colors are appropriate for winter, but will absolutely be used in many Spring manicures!

Zoya Brittany

Brittany is a fast favorite in this collection. She’s a muted pink that is quite flattering on many skin tones.



Zoya Tove

Tove is a grey blue. Like the sky most days in the Seattle area. These one just needs some storm clouds on top and you’ll know what I see most days!



Zoya Ana

Ana is one of my favorites in this collection. It’s a light peachy pink. It’s the right shade for a nice, neutral mani. I see a lot of women asking on Facebook what a good job interview color would be. This one. Zoya Ana. It’s clean, sophisticated, and classy.





Zoya Sage

Sage is quite aptly named as it does, indeed resemble the color of the plant, sage! This dusty light green will be beautiful as we enter the springtime months!




Zoya Rowan

Rowan is a dusty brown. This reminds me of coffee with cream in it!





Zoya Leah

Leah is a very subtle, muted, dusty purple. This is neutral, yet feminine.






My favorites would have to be Brittany, Ana, and Leah. I can see myself wearing them a lot! What are your favorites?