Zoya Holiday Gift Sets

{Press Sample}

Zoya was kind enough to send me a bunch of their holiday gift sets to show you. These are perfect for any makeup and nail polish lover – especially from this highly wonderful brand!

First, I need to tell you that Zoya is releasing a wider brush. They sent me a whole box full to replace some of the other, thinner brushes if I chose. This is awesome because I prefer a wider brush. I find it gives me a better look line at the cuticle part of my nail.


One of this year’s gift sets is the naked manicure set. These are mini bottles and would be a great set for someone looking to try this line.zoya-naked-manicure

The “All Snuggled Up” set comes with (from L to R) is Shimmer, Mia, Madeline, and Joni.zoya-all-snuggled-up-gift-set

These are all polishes from previous Zoya collections. Here is an old swatch of Joni that I did.


Here is the “All Wrapped Up” collection with the following polishes:

Vanessa, Ash, Sam, and Jemzoya-all-wrapped-up-gift-set

Zoya Ash


Zoya Merry Bright has Ellie, Mandy, Marigold, and Carmen


Zoya Ellie


Zoya Mandy


Zoya Marigold


Zoya Happy Holo-Days has Dream, Ryan, Payton, and Lael


Now we get into the lip sets!

Zoya Kissmas is four of the Hot Lips glosses.

Zoya-kissmas-lip-gloss-set zoya-kissmas

These has pretty great color payoff, which was really nice to see.


Zoya Believe In Lip Setzoya-believe-in-lip-set

Zoya Holly Dayszoya-holly-days-gift-set

Zoya Taste of Winderzoya-taste-of-winter-lip-set

Zoya All that Glitterszoya-all-that-glitters-lip-set

Zoya Snow Kissedzoya-snow-kissed-lip-set

Zoya Fun and Frostyzoya-fun-and-frosty-lip-set

Thanks again to Zoya for sending these my way. It was really fun playing with the lippies and I’ll be sharing them with my besties this holiday season! You know who you are! ;)

Zoya Elements Collection

{Press Sample}

Zoya sent me their new Elements Collection to swatch for you! This would more accurately be called the purple collection because every single color is purple. :P

I have many mixed feelings about this collection. I like the darker, vampy purples and the shimmer/glitter ones. However, most of them lean mauve and just simply look like old lady colors. There’s nothing wrong with old lady colors,  but they aren’t on trend or flattering to the eye.

I also had a lot of chipping issues with this collection. I tried four different basecoats as I was wearing these in real life. Regardless of basecoat, these polishes were chipping within 12 hours. I usually get 24-72 hours out of a manicure before my dogs and lifestyle cause some chips. Therefore, I was pretty disappointed even when using different basecoats – including Zoya’s own!

Let’s take a deeper look….

Zoya Leighton is a deep – almost black- purple. This is one of the more wearable colors for me, although it felt strange wearing such a dark color on a 90 degree day. LOL. I’ll usually reserve these deep colors for fall and winter.

zoya-leighton zoya-leighton-swatch

Zoya Gardner is definitely one of the more interesting colors in the collection and may even qualify as my favorite.

zoya-gardner zoya-gardner-swatch

Zoya Rumor is where we start getting into the overwhelmingly old-lady like colors. And I’m talking old ladies from the 90’s. :P

zoya-rumor zoya-rumor-swatch

Zoya Rachael is another vampy purple, just slightly lighter than the last vampy purple. You probably don’t need to own both.

zoya-rachael-swatch zoya-rachael

Zoya Maryann is a little better and more wearable, but the frosty finish kept nagging me as something an older lady would wear. Or man. I don’t judge.

zoya-maryann zoya-maryann-swatch

Zoya Maeve is about as middle-of-the-road purple you can get. It’s not dark. It’s not light. It’s a plain creme. Nothing to write home about but nothing wrong with it either.

zoya-maeve zoya-maeve-swatch

Zoya Ruthie is another old lady color! WTF! Am I being too harsh? I’d love to know someone else’s thoughts on these colors. Maybe I just have a stick up my butt.Zoya-ruthie zoya-ruthie-swatch

Zoya Donnie is a reasonably modern color but again doesn’t strike much joy or interest for me.

zoya-donnie-swatch zoya-donnie

Zoya Alyssa…yas. Another vampy purple that leans into an oxblood color. Probably one of the more interesting colors in the collection, but as you have probably surmised, that’s not saying much.

zoya-alyssa-swatch zoya-alyssa

Zoya Jenna…a meh bubble gum pink.

zoya-jenna-swatch zoya-jenna

Zoya Kendra…a BRAVE old lady color.

zoya-kendra zoya-kendra-swatch

Zoya Devin…ah! Finally something interesting! This one is a slate-gray-purple with a very interesting glitter/shimmer finish.zoya-devin zoya-devin-swatch

The Zoya Elements collection isn’t BAD. But it also isn’t good. I have seen Zoya put together much more interesting collections. Purple is one of my favorite colors, only second to pink. So I should have been inclined to love this collection. However, I found it repetitive and lacking inspiration. I feel aweful saying these things about Zoya because their collections are usually wonderful!

Zoya Jelly Trio

{Press Sample}

Zoya sent me their new jelly polish trio to swatch and show you! Jelly polishes are typically sheer and looks a little “squishy” even when completely dry. The Zoya jellies are no exception and they are very gorgeous! The formula was nice and smooth.

Zoya Molly is a light raspberry. This is two coats. So, you can see that even though it’s a jelly, the color payoff is pretty darn good.

zoya-molly zoya-molly-swatch

Zoya Paris is a darker raspberry than Molly. These two are very similar and you probably don’t need both. I actually had to wear a different midi ring for Paris to ensure I didn’t mix up the pictures with those of Molly! This is also two coats.

zoya-paris-swatch zoya-paris

Zoya Alia needed three coats for me which was a little weird since it’s the darkest of the bunch. I prefer the other two colors, but Alia is gorgeous in its own right.

zoya-alia zoya-alia-swatch

Thanks again to Zoya for sending me their jelly trio! They are a lovely bunch of polishes!

Zoya Sunshine Swatches

{Press Sample}

This post is a long time coming! Last month, I got the Zoya Sunshine collection sent to me as a press sample from Zoya. This is a collection of lovely creams and two glitter toppers. The glitter toppers are totally my favorite. They can change up the look of any of the polishes!

Zoya Missy


Zoya Karen

zoya-karen zoya-karen-swatch

Zoya Ellie

zoya-ellie-swatch zoya-ellie

Zoya Saldana on top of Ellie

zoya-saldana zoya-soldana-swatch

Zoya Clementinezoya-clementine-swatch zoya-clementine

Zoya Marigold

zoya-marigold zoya-marigold-swatch

Zoya Minnie

zoya-minnie zoya-minnie-swatch

Zoya Nahla

zoya-nahla-swatch zoya-nahla

Zoya Sandy

zoya-sandy zoya-sandy-swatch

Zoya Deliazoya-delia zoya-delia-swatch

Zoya Jack

zoya-jack-swatch zoya_jack

Zoya Virginia

zoya-virginia zoya-virginia-swatch

Zoya Party Girl Collection

{Press Sample}

Oh man! This post has been a long time coming! The Zoya Party Girl Collection has been out for a while now and I finally finished swatching all of them! :O This is a great collection of really fun fall/winter colors.

Zoya Blake

zoya-blake zoya-blake-swatch

Zoya Kelsey

zoya-kelsey zoya-kelsey-swatch

Zoya Delaney

zoya-delaney zoya-delaney-swatch

Zoya Sheri

zoya-sheri zoya-sheri-swatch

Zoya Daniellezoya-danielle-swatch zoya-danielle

Zoya Nadia

zoya-nadia zoya-nadia-swatch

Zoya Solstice

zoya-solstice zoya-solstice-swatch

Zoya Fallon

zoya-fallon zoya-fallon-swatch

Zoya Landonzoya-landon zoya-landon-swatch

Zoya Tawny

zoya-tawny-swatch zoya-tawny

Zoya Mingzoya-ming-swatch zoya-ming

Zoya Sophisticates Collection

{Press Sample}

Zoya sent me their Sophisticates collection to show you! This is a set of cremes and metallics that will get you ready for fall. Hooray! FALL!!!

Zoya Joni

zoya-joni-swatch zoya-joni

Zoya Bethzoya-beth-swatch zoya-beth

Zoya Hadley

zoya-hadley zoya-hadley-swatch

Zoya Yvonne

zoya-yvonne zoya-yvonne-swatch

Zoya Gal

zoya-gal zoya-gal-swatch

Zoya Tabitha

zoya-tabitha-swatch zoya-tabitha

Zoya Padma

zoya-padma zoya-padma-swatch

Zoya McKennazoya-mckenna zoya-mckenna-swatch

Zoya Elaine

zoya-elaine zoya-elaine-swatch

Zoya Herazoya-hera-swatch zoya-hera

Zoya Presley

zoya-presley zoya-presley-swatch

Zoya Monazoya-mona-swatch zoya-mona

Mermaid Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

Who doesn’t love a mermaid-inspired look? I started with two coats of Zoya Winnie which was originally sent to me as a press sample. Then, I used It Girl Emerald and It Girl IG119 to make the mermaid fin design.

it-girl-plate-119 mermaid-nail-art

I hope you enjoyed today’s Mermaid Nail Art look!

I have resolved to start going live more often in my Facebook group (found HERE) and since I’m pretty shameless, who knows what sort of antics I’ll get up to! :) Additionally, I’ll probably try whatever people ask me to try (you know…short of breaking the law) so feel free to come on over, hang out, and watch me make a complete moron of myself!

Anchors Nail Art

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It’s getting warm so it’s the perfect weather for spending time on and around the water. But don’t get swept away by the currents! This anchor nail art will keep you nice a stable. :)Fun fact: When I was little, my parents always warned me about the “under toe.” (The current that goes the opposite direction and can suck you out to the ocean.) However, I thought they said “under TOAD” and I was petrified of these little toads grabbing my feet and kidnapping me.

Anyway…this mani starts with two coats of Zoya River from the Wanderlust Collection. The stamping polish is Konad White and the design is from the wonderful It Girl IG119

anchor-nail-art nautical-nail-art

Hawaiian Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

It’s a little-known fact that yellow and orange are my least favorite colors. And yet….and yet….I really love today’s Hawaiian nail art. I started with two coats of Zoya Sawyer (from the Wanderlust collection), I used It Girl Pomelo, and a design from an It Girl stamping plate.

Something about this mani is really working for me. I hope you like it, too!

hawaiian-nail-art tropical-nail-art


Zoya Wanderlust 2017

   {Press Sample}

Today I’m going to show you the Zoya Wanderlust collection. This is a collection of 12 polishes with creme and shimmer finishes. While the colors in this collection are pretty (except for the greens…) you really don’t need to buy all 12. There are a lot of very, very similar colors in this collection. It’s basically a collection of mostly pink with a couple greens thrown in. Sorry, Zoya! This isn’t your best work. L\

Zoya Journey



Zoya Scout (I seriously hate this color. The formula was nice, but I can’t get over how much I hate this green.)zoya-scout-swatch zoya-scout

Zoya Soniazoya-sonia-swatch zoya-sonia

Zoya Winnie

zoya-winnie zoya-winnie-swatch

Zoya River. This is probably the standout in the collection. It’s a gorgeous shimmery blue that isn’t like any of the other colors in the collection!

zoya-river zoya-river-swatch

Zoya Estyzoya-esty zoya-esty-swatch

Zoya Loiszoya-lois zoya-lois-swatch

Zoya Sawyer

zoya-sawyer zoya-sawyer-swatch

Zoya Arbor…not as bad as Scout but definitely not a cute look for me.zoya-arbor zoya-arbor-swatch

Zoya Mandy

zoya-mandy zoya-mandy-swatch

Zoya Corazoya-cora zoya-cora-swatch

Zoya Byrdie

zoya-byrdie zoya-byrdie-swatch

Byrdie is probably my favorite besides River, despite the stupid name. (Oh man. I’m being really hard on Zoya today!)

Fake Watermarble Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

Today’s nail art starts with two coats of Zoya Jordan which was sent to me as a press sample. I used It Girl Amethyst to stamp this faux watermarble nail art on my nails.


The is probably one of my favorite Bundle MonsterBundle Monster plates I own. It allows a lazy schlub like me to pretend to do watermarbles! Yay me!fake-water-marble-nail-art

Watermarble Stamping Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

Happy Friday Eve!! Today’s nail art starts with two coats of Zoya Tina which was originally sent to me as a press sample. Then, I used It Girl Marina stamping polish for this faux watermarble design from a Bundle Monster plate.


I’ve never been able to master real watermarbling, so I have to succumb to the cheater’s way. :) #lazybetty right?watermarble-stamp-nail-art

Zoya Charming Collection

{Press Sample}

Zoya sent me their Charming collection to swatch for you! I also have some nail art posts with some of these colors coming up…so make sure you’re following my on Facebook so you don’t miss it!

The Zoya Charming Collection consists of 6 spring shades with three cremes and 3 shimmers. All of my swatches are two coats.

Zoya Abby is a lavender creme

zoya-abby zoya-abby-swatch

Zoya Amira is a dusty blue shimmer

zoya-amira zoya-amiry-swatch

Zoya Jordan is a baby pink creme.

zoya-jordan zoya-jordan-swatch

Zoya Lacey is a light green shimmerzoya-lacey zoya-lacey-swatch

Zoya Millie is a hot purple shimmerzoya-millie zoya-millie-swatch

Zoya Tina is a dark purple cremezoya-tina zoya-tina-swatch

LOTS of purples in this collection. Half of them are purples, in fact! I think that’s a little overboard on one color for a single collection…but they didn’t ask me, now did they? ;)

Zoya Pixie Dust Swatches + Senegence Sunday Update

{Press Sample}

I have four Zoya Pixie Dust polishes to show you today. These are from the holiday 2016 collection. At that time, I was so busy and hardly blogging at all so I had Zoya send the samples to my dear blogger friend, smackerlacquer. Well, she made the collection look so beautiful that I stole the polishes back, LOL. (Sharing is caring, right?)

As you may know by now, I’ve been having trouble with some nail breakages but they’re almost all fixed now. So, just bear with me a little longer on some of these wonky shapes.

All swatches are two coats and no topcoat. They are all dried to a matte, texture finish.

Zoya Waverly

zoya-waverly zoya-waverly-swatch

Zoya Elphie

zoya-elphie-swatch zoya-elphie

Zoya Lorna

zoya-lorna zoya-lorna-swatch

Zoya Alice

zoya-alice zoya-alice-swatch

I know not everybody likes texture polishes, but I’m a huge fan and I think all four of these are freaking gorgeous.

Senegence Sunday Update

Since it’s Sunday, it’s also time for a Sengence update! In the past week, I recruited one more person to join our amazing team. Welcome, Melinda H.! If you want to join our amazingly successful team, simply go to Senegence.com/BettysBeauty and click on “Sell Senegence.”

To buy the most incredible lip color in the world, visit BettysBeautybettysbeautybazaar.com

In the past week, I had my 3-month anniversary with Senegence. I am pleased to say that I hit all the fast start goals and received $1,200 in free products from Senegence. :D

In this past week, I sold another $500 in products making my total sales reach $5,500 in just 3 months. As side income, that’s not to freaking shabby. I’m excited to be able to buy my husband a Nintendo Switch when it comes out in March. That’s one thing I definitely want to do with my extra money. I’m also looking at getting a Windows Surface Tablet/Laptop with some of my new, extra money. Because I’m getting paid to play with makeup. WTF. Is this even real?

Fellow bloggers!!! Jump on this crazy train with me. I’ve had 0 in-person parties. These sales are all from the comfort of my own home and my LuLaRoe Leggings. (Damnit, Malisa for getting me hooked!)

#lazyaf #showmethemoney

Zoya Naturel Collection Part 3

{Press Sample}

Zoya has sent me the third iteration of their Naturel collection. The naturel collections are a series of nude-toned creme polishes. As usual, they have a great formula and are opaque in only one or two coats.

Zoya Debbie

zoya-debbie zoya-debbie-swatch

Zoya Cathyzoya-cathy zoya-cathy-swatch

Zoya Jill

zoya-jill-swatch zoya-jill

Zoya Ginazoya-gina zoya-gina-swatch

Zoya Tatum

zoya-tatum-swatch zoya-tatum

Zoya Maryzoya-mary zoya-mary-swatch

A lot of these colors are pretty similar but there are clearly three dark purpley-browns and three light nudes. This is a great collection for people to try and find their perfect nude because there will be at least one color in this collection that will look great on any skin tone.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Zoya Lipstick Collection and Giveaway!

Zoya sent me their newest collection of lipsticks to show you. Zoya lipsticks are very creamy and have good color payoff.Zoya-lipstick-review

Zoya is offering quite the selection of colors these days! I remember when they just had a small handful of lip colors to offer.zoya-lipstick-swatches

Since I already own 5 of the colors sent me, I am giving them away!! :D This giveaway includes Maxwell, Cameron, Paisley, Mellie, and Candie.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Zoya Urban Grunge

{Press Sample}

Zoya sent me their Urban Grunge collection to swatch and review for you! I do have some bad news, though. After wearing the very first polish in the collection, I had a terrible break on three of my nails – on my swatching hand! So I had to cut the fourth one down. :( :(

Zoya Finley is a gorgeous, shimmery purple. This is the only one I have swatched with my long nails that I miss so much!

zoya-finley zoya-finley-swatch

And here start the swatches with my short nails. I have to admit, I was pretty upset about the break. I didn’t paint my nails for about a week. (Hence why this swatch post is so delayed!) But, I have to move on and move up so here are my stubby nails sporting the rest of the Zoya Urban Grunge collection.

First, I’m going to show you the cremes. These were all one-coaters, as advertised by Zoya. Hooray! I love it when formulas actually live up to the advertising.

Zoya Noah


Zoya Mallory

zoya-mallory zoya-mallory-swatch

Zoya Courtney

zoya-courtney-swatch zoya-courtney

Zoya Wyatt

zoya-wyatt-swatch zoya-wyatt

Zoya August

zoya-august-swatch zoya-august

Zoya Tara

zoya-tara-swatch zoya-tara

Now, let’s take a look at the metallics. This is my favorite half of the collection. I’m a big fan of metallics. Perhaps it has something to do with me being a 90’s girl?

Zoya Troy

zoya-troy-swatch zoya-troy

Zoya Aliciazoya-alicia-swatch


Zoya Merida

zoya-merida-swatch zoya-merida

Zoya Ash

zoya-britta zoya-britta-swatch

Zoya Brittazoya-ash-swatch zoya-ash

I hope my shortie nails weren’t too unbearable to look at. I have to admit…I might keep them short for a while. I don’t have as much time to pamper my nails anymore. I’ve been focusing on getting my dog training business up and running. I’ve also been working on trying to get back in shape. I’ve gained a ton of weight since my peak fitness level in 2013 and I’d like to get back to walgging (that’s walk-jogging) my 5-6 miles per day. That doesn’t leave a ton of time for nails!

Zoya Sunsets and Seashells Collection

{Press Sample}

The Zoya Sunsets and Seashells collection is the newest release from Zoya. The collection contains 12 polishes – 6 cremes and 6 pixie dusts.


Also this time, Zoya sent along two of their lipsticks! I hadn’t ever tried any Zoya lipsticks before so I was pretty excited to check these out.zoya-lipsticks-review

Zoya Mellie is a pink-red lipstick. I was very impressed with how creamy these are.


Zoya Candy is hot pink. It went on smoothly and stayed for quite a while!


On the left is Mellie and on the right is Candy.zoya-lipstick-review

Zoya Cam is a cheerful orange coral.

zoya-cam zoya-cam-swatch

Zoya Ness is a nice green creme.

zoya-ness zoya-ness-swatch

Zoya Brynn is my favorite of the cremes, it being a bright pink of course!

zoya-brynn zoya-brynn-swatch

Zoya Dixie is a lovely red toned creme.

zoya-dixie zoya-dixie-swatch

Zoya Dory is a sky blue creme.

zoya-dory zoya-dory-swatch

And I couldn’t help but think of this meme the whole time I was wearing Zoya Dory!dory-nail-polish-meme

Zoya Liv is a beautiful purple.

zoya-Liv zoya-liv-swatch

Zoya Tilly is a silver pixie dust with blue sparkles.

zoya-tilly zoya-tilly-swatch

Zoya Linds is a cherry red texture. This one reminds me a bit of the holidays.

zoya-linds zoya-linds-swatch

Zoya Zooey is my favorite of the pixie dusts. It has a lovely golden shimmer to it.

zoya-zooey zoya-zooey-swatch

Zoya Cece is a smashing and cheerful bright green.

zoya-cece zoya-cece-swatch

Zoya Levi is a nice nude texture.

zoya-levi zoya-levi-swatch

Zoya Bay is a beautiful light blue texture.

zoya-bay zoya-bay-swatch

I like the textures in this collection better than the cremes. I think they are more interesting to look at and wear.

Sexy Burlesque Nail Art

{Purchased by Me}{Press Samples}{Affiliate Links}

I’m totally in the mood for some burlesque nail art so I came up with this look! I started with two coats of Zoya Azalea. Once dry, I taped off the tips and used OPI Who Are You Calling Bossy? to create the black french tips. I let the tips dry a bit (although I did not use topcoat this time). Then, I used Konad Black to stamp a design from It Girl Fashion Plate IG108.


burlesque-nail-art sexy-nail-art I really like how this burlesque nail art turned out. What do you think? Is this a look you would try out?

Born Pretty Store Mermaid Nails

{Press Sample}{Affiliate Link}

Born Pretty Store sent me this scale nail vinyls to review for you. The last time I used stencils from this line, I used them as stencils. This time, I decided to leave the stencils on my nails and just top coat right on top!

12 Tips/Sheet Fish Scale Nail Vinyls Nail Art Manicure Stencil Stickers JV203

I started with two coats of Zoya Laurel which is from the Spring 2016 collection. Once dry, I put a mermaid nails stencil on each nail, clipping off the excess with cuticle clippers.


When you leave vinyls or striping tape on your nails like this, you always want to make sure that you use plenty of topcoat. You’ll always want to make sure that each and every edge of the vinyl gets sealed with topcoat. If any water gets under there at all, it will start pulling up off your nail. I will typically do the first coat with Seche Vite and then another, more detailed coat (after the SV dries) with a thinner topcoat that can really get into the grooves of the stencils.


Thanks again to BPS for sending me these to review! You can find these supplies and more in the nail art section of the Born Pretty Store. Use code FYL91 to receive 10% off all your supplies at BornPrettyStore.com


Zoya Petals – The Spring 2016 Collection

{Press Sample}

Zoya sent me their Spring 2016 collection to play with. When the press releases for this collection first came out, the initial internet reaction seemed to be of the ‘not impressed’ category.


I wasn’t sure what to make of the collection. I wanted to get them on my fingers before I made any judgements. Well…spoiler alert…I think they are rockin’ – for the most part. Keep reading to see what I’d change about the collection.


Zoya Laurel is the only real, true creme of the bunch. And even at that, she has a tiny touch of shimmer that you can spot in my macro picture below. Since she does have shimmer, I think we should invent a new finish name. How around sheam? Or creimmer? I think I’ll go with sheam since creimmer sounds rather sexual. ;)

zoya-laurel-swatch zoya-laurel zoya-laurel-macro

Zoya Azalea is a bright pink with lots of beautiful shimmer. This one is a real winner. So beautiful!

zoya-azalea-swatch zoya-azalea zoya-azalea-macro

Zoya Zahara is another shimmer in the collection that is really so pretty.




Zoya Aster is the purple shimmer. I should have done three coats like I did for the other two shimmers. You can see some patchiness in these pictures – especially the macro. With a third coat, this would have looked great. As it is, Aster is quite pretty and you couldn’t really see the patchiness in real life.



Zoya Tulip is like Laurel in the sense that it’s a creme..I mean sheam…

zoya-tulip-swatch zoya-tulip zoya-tulip-macro

Zoya Leia is pretty darn amazing. In these swatches, I layered her over black. This gorgeous polish has a ton of possibilities. Let your imagination run wild! I know I have a lot of plans for Leia!!


zoya-leia-swatch zoya-leia-macro

I think this collection is lovely. However, I do think there are too many of the same color family (pink/coral). I would have loved to see a mint green or a Tiffany Blue in one of those shimmer finishes. That would have made the collection more diverse. As it is, I would recommend picking up the few that catch your eye, but the entire collection isn’t necessary unless you’re an avid Zoya fan or an avid pink/coral fan!

Which one of the Zoya Petals polishes is your favorite?

Great Nail Art Ideas…Food Nail Art

{Press Samples}{Affiliate Links}

Today’s nail art is for the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts challenge. This week’s prompt is food nail art! I was going to put some ham on my nails and call it good, but I thought I should do some actual ‘art’. :P Polishes used for this mani are:
Zoya Daisy, Zoya Eden, Zoya Cala, Zoya Talia, Zoya Spencer, and Konad Black.

I made stamping decals using my super awesome Bliss Kiss Miracle Mat. You can read all about how I make water decals in this post here. The designs came from Cici&Sisi Plate 27.



Psssst….Wanna win some awesome polishes?? Check this out…Cupcake Collage

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas…Pastel nail art

{Press Samples}

Today’s nail art is for this week’s Crumpet’s Nail Tarts challenge. This week’s prompt is to do pastel nail art. My assigned technique is watercolor. I’ve never done a watercolor mani before so this was completely new territory! I used four Zoya polishes, all of which were originally sent to me as press samples: Daisy, Rayne, Eden, and Tiana. To help keep the colors as true as possible, I started with one coat of Morgan Taylor All White Now. I used a cosmetic sponge to dab the four Zoya colors in random spots on my nails. Here’s what I ended up getting:





I definitely should have used a lighter pink, but otherwise I’m kind of liking what happened here.

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas…Fashion Nail Art

{Purchased by Me}{Press Sample}

Today’s look is for this week’s Crumpet’s Nail Tarts challenge. This week’s prompt is ‘fashion’. I scoured the internet and today’s fashion nail art is inspired by the look on the left from this post.




photo credit: fashionwirepress.com


I used Zoya Yummy, Zoya Spencer (press sample), Zoya Nyssa (press sample), and Morgan Taylor All White Now. Things didn’t go entirely as planned… I was expecting crisp lines and the vinyls I used didn’t give them to me. Argh! So it would be super great if you would just pretend that they are straight lines instead of the crapfest that is today’s post. :P





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40 Great Nail Art Ideas…Love

This week’s Crumpet’s Nail Tarts challenge prompt is “love”. I really wanted to do something outside the box for this one. I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot of pink and red for this prompt and for other nail art throughout the weekend. When I think about love, the first thing I think about is my husband. Obviously I love him or I wouldn’t have married him, right? I think there are a lot of different kinds of love and that each couple feels and shows their love in different ways. My love for George is very calm. I wasn’t nervous at all before our wedding because I just knew that it was the right thing to do. He keeps me grounded, but also knows when to let me just be a total nutbag. He’s the only person in the whole world who can make me laugh when I’m feeling cranky, angry, and a little murdery. He knows exactly what to say to crack a smile from me, relieving the tension. It’s really quite wonderful.

I wanted to do some nail art the symbolized the calmness and peace I feel when he’s around. I used Morgan Taylor All White Now, Zoya Yummy, and Zoya Lillian to create this gradient.




As I was looking at my nail art, it reminded me of one of my favorite pictures from our wedding. The color scheme is pretty similar! I promise it was just a coincidence!



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