Wantable Intimates Collection September 2016

{Purchased by Me}

I decided to treat myself and subscribe to the Wantable Intimates collection. This is a monthly subscription where you get a handful of items ranging from bras and underwear to pajamas and loungewear. The first month is $50 and then $46 going forward. If you’re interested in trying it out also, please use my referral link by clicking here.

This month, I received 4 items, all of which are in the pajama/loungewear category. This first set is my favorite. It’s a long pant with pink and white stripes. It is so freaking soft. I loved wearing it to sleep in last night. It has a tank that coordinates and matches the drawstring exactly – they’re both a lovely mint color! The tank is also very soft and comfortable.

wantable-intimates-september-2016 wantable-intimates

The second loungewear set I got is a little sexier. :) It’s gray with pink polka dots and pink lace trim. This is also soft, but has a more silky touch rather than cotton.


I’m definitely going to stay subscribed to Wantable Intimates for now. New pajamas and underwear are some of my favorite things. And getting new ones in the mail each month sounds like heaven! You can sign up here.

Stitch Fix Outfit of the day!

I am thrilled with Stitch Fix! You can read a more detailed review here.

If you’re interested in joining Stitch Fix, please use my referral code by clicking here.

The maroon sweater and dark skinny jeans are both from Stitch Fix.

The necklace and the cuff are from Wantable.com

I get a ton of compliments every time I wear this outfit. It’s flattering and modern but also has a classic flair that is exactly my style. This is the best outfit Stitch Fix has ever put together for me!

Stitch Fix

This picture was after my husband started teasing me… This one is just for fun!

Stitch Fix

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Wantable Makeup Box November 2013

I got my Wantable Makeup Box for November 2013 today. This one wasn’t quite as great as in month’s past, but I still think this is a fabulous box! I got 3 full-sized items retailing for $67.

If you’re interested in joining Wantable, please use my referral link by clicking here.

And without further delay, here’s what I got this month!

Kikkerland Emery Boards (this was a free add on). It’s a cute day of the dead nail file! It’s actually quite large. Almost as big as my palm!

Michael Marcus Plump Lip Plumper. Retails for $20. This is the only product I’m not wild about. I don’t care for lip plumpers and this has no color at all. This is the first thing I’ve gotten from Wantable that I will for sure not use. I think that’s a pretty good track record!

Darla Makeup Peepers Eyeshadow in  Sterling. Retails for $18. A gorgeous white shade that will be perfect for highlighting the brow bone.

Lise Watier Taj Mahal Powder. Retails for $29. OMG. Can we talk about this packaging for a moment? It’s gorgeous! I don’t usually use bronzers, but I love this because the packaging is so cool! It looks like a vintage perfume bottle! This is awesome!!! And the color swatch is good, too. :)

Wantable Jewelry Box October 2013

My Wantable Jewelry Box October 2013 arrived today! I had to skip a couple months due to finances so I was extra excited for this month. ;)

If you’re interested in joining Wantable, please use my referral link by clicking here.

This month, I received 3 items totaling $78 in retail.

Heather Bracelet- retails for $20. This is my least favorite item I’ve ever gotten from Wantable. I need to go on my profile and tell them not to send me cuffs. I think they make my arm look fat. :

Belisma Ring- retails for $22. LOVE THIS RING. OMG. This ring is super cute! It’s girly and dainty and I know I’ll be wearing it all the time!

Allison Necklace- Retails for $36. This necklace is very cute. It’s not the sort of thing that I would probably pick out for myself, but I just know I’ll reach for it a lot! It will go with so many different outfits!

I love Wantable.com and it’s my favorite subscription box because of the intense customization the customer can do.

Wantable Makeup Box October 2013

As usual, my Wantable Makeup Box October 2013 was amazing. I had to skip the last two months due to finances. I’m thrilled that I was able to get one again this month! I received four exciting full-sized products and one sample packet.

If you’re interested in joining Wantable, please use my referral link by clicking here.

Lise Watier Hydra Shine Lip Stain in Fuschia. The color on this is great and the application was easy. It was a little drying, though. I swiped a little chapstick over it and that problem was solved.

This second photo was after I vigorously rubbed my hand. The lipstain barely moved!

Michael Marcus Eyeliner in Midnight.

 Manna Kadar Extreme Curl Mascara.

Cailyn Cosmetics Deluxe Mineral Blush in Peach Pink

Skiin Soothing and Smoothing Eye Cream Sample. This is perfect timing because I’m going out of town this weekend and I like to bring sample packets for easy, light traveling!

Another win from Wantable!

Wantable August 2013 Jewelry Box

This is my second Wantable Jewelry box. I have liked, if not loved, all the pieces I have received so far. If you’re interested in joining, please use my referral link by clicking here.

Keep in mind that even if you don’t like the pieces I’ve received, that Wantable’s Jewelry box could still be a great subscription for you. They have an extensive style quiz that is not “personality” based and it doesn’t ask lame questions like “Which movie star most dresses like you?” They ask you real questions like “Do you prefer light or chunky jewelry?” So if you’re on the fence, I really think you should try it for a month and see what you get!

I got four pieces this month.

 The Goldi Ring. This is a gold-toned ring that will go with a lot of outfits. I love chunky jewelry so this suits me well. (Retail $14)

The Talia Ring is a large (fake!) diamond in the center with turquoise enamel on the sides. I don’t usually like turquoise jewelry but something about this piece speaks to me. (Retail $18)

The Jaqueline bracelet has stones in shades of emerald, onyx, and ivory. The clasp does feel a little cheap. I think it’s beautiful, but I would not have paid retail for this. (Retail $32)

The Gretchen Necklace is  a great one that will look good with even just a plain tshirt. This chain is super long. It goes all the way to my belly button! (Retail $24)

 Thanks for stopping by! The total retail value of my box is $88. I am very curious to know what others think of these pieces. Do you like them?

Wantable Makeup Box August 2013

The Wantable August 2013 box is already at my door! This is my third one and I’m still extremely happy with this company. If you’re interested in joining, please use my referral link by clicking here. 

This month, I received 5 makeup products, 4 of which are full sized.

This is the sample size product. It is Echo Vie Body Oil. I have never heard of this brand, but it’s organic and natural. It can be used on skin, hair, and nails.

Japonesque Angled Face Brush (Retail $25)

FACE Stockhold Lipstick in Future. This color is great. It’s a metallic purple and that may sound strange, but it looks great on me! (Retail $22)

FACE Stockhold Fel Eyeliner in Port. Obviously FACE Stockhold and Wantable have a pretty strong contract together! Hahaha. This is a dark purple. (Retail $24)

FACE Stockholm Nail Polish #168. Yep. No name. Just a number. :( How hard is it to name things? I’m going to call it….Blue Brigade. There done. Took me 2 seconds. Oh, by the way, I Loooove nail polish!! (Retail $12)

The total retail value of my box is $83. Plus, I’m going to use every single product. It is rare that you can say that about a subscription box. Wantable is on the pricey side of sub boxes, but I really feel like it’s hand picked off the extensive list of questions they ask you. I love it!

Wantable Makeup Box July 2013

Another smash hit from Wantable.com! I can not get over how much I’m loving their boxes. It is unbelievable. If you’re interested in joining, please use my referral link by clicking here.

In my July Box, I received 6 full sized items and one sample size.

Cala Travel Retractable Lip Brush (normally retails for $8). It took me a minute to figure out how to get the brush out! LOL. I have actually been wanting a lip brush so this is perfect!

Brazen Cosmetics Loose Brow Powder in Marilyn ((normally retails for $18). The best thing about Wantable.com is that you get to tell them what sorts of color you want. This brown powder is perfect for me because I have blonde hair! Woo hoo! Oh, and the name is awesome, too! Who doesn’t want a little more Marilyn in their day??

Mia Bellezzza Long Last Eyeliner Pencil in Indigo (normally retails for $16.50) I am excited about this color because the swatch is great! It’s a dark enough blue where someone wouldn’t wonder what the heck you’re doing with your makeup. It almost looks black but is blue enough to bring out your eyes. Awesome!

Manna Kadar Bronze Beauty Self Tanning Lotion (No retail price. This is a sample size.) I’m glad this is the product that is sample size this month. Tanning lotions really can be hit and miss so if this one’s a miss, I don’t have to feel wasteful!

FACE Stockholm Cream Lipstick in Gladje (normally retails for $22). Oh so smooth! And what a great color! This is a great color for the summer because it still is in the red family, but isn’t that “Oh wow, look at her red lipstick” kind of read that you can really only get away with in the winter.

Two Michael Marcus Nail Polishes (normally retails for $15 each). The blue one is called Relaxing by the Pool and the pink on is called Barely There. Again, another reason to love Wantable.com. I love nail polish….so they send me nail polish! Score!!!

Overall, I would have paid $166.50 if I’d bought these items retail. OMG. Wantable is sooo worth it. Part of me thinks I can probably cancel 1-2 of my other subscriptions…hmmmm….

I love it! If you’re going to give it a try, please use my referral link above.

Wantable Jewelry Box June 2013

I liked my May 2013 Wantable Makeup Box so much that I decided to take the risk and try the jewelry version. I am pleased as punch! I got four items and would wear each one.
I received: Reba Necklace, Sabina Ring, Rosalie Necklace, and Madison Ring. I just don’t know which is which! The packaging doesn’t tell me names!

If you’re interested in Wantable (jewelry or makeup version), please use my referral link by clicking here.

Chain necklace silver bling rings. The bling is a touch larger than a fifty cent piece. I actually really like this!

Tassel necklace. This is my least favorite piece in the box but I will still wear it! It’s golden/coppery metal rods hanging down. It’s not ling. It will probably hit me midway between my collar bone and cleavage.

I’m already totally in love with this ring! I love that it’s chunky and has sparkly stones inside. It fits perfectly as well because you can tell Wantable your ring size! Hooray!

 Also totally in love with this ring! Again, it’s chunky which I do like. It’s also got a nice, pretty stacked look to it. The stones are black with I also really like.

 I am very happy with this jewelry box and I will remain a subscriber going forward!

Wantable May 2013

I am soooooo glad I subscribed to Wantable! OMG! I am so excited about this box!!! If you have been on the fence about this one like I was, stop waiting! Do it! Join!

Manna trans-fix eyeshadow to eyeliner. This is a cool product. You can use it to transform any eyeshadow into a liquid liner! Amaazing!

Face Stockhold matte eyeshadow in Russian Caviar. This is a dark brownish green shadow.

Face Stockholm blush in Worship. This is a peachy shimmery color and will be great for summer!

Cailyn Lip Stain in Red. This is a great color and the swatch is *still* on my hand! It won’t rub off! Hooray!

Calla Tools Retractable Brush

Rainbow Honey in Pinkie Promise. I nearly wet my pants when I saw this one! I have been wanting to try this brand for a long, long time!

Apothederm Firming Serum.

So now that you’ve seen my box, do you agree? Do you think it’s amazing also?

To find out how Wantable.com selects such perfect products for their subscribers, please visit my You Tube channel by clicking here.