Funky French Dotticure

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Today’s mani starts with two  coats of OPI Purple with a Purpose. I used stencils from Vinyl Boutique that are a large chevron to tape off my tips. Then, I used OPI Vampsterdam on the tips. Finally, I used OPI Push and Shove to dot chrome accent dots down the middle and along the ‘v’. You can get dotting tools wicked cheap on Amazon. They take a while to arrive because they ship from China, but it’s way cheaper than buying the tools in a retail store.


OPI Vampsterdam is a dark purple. I’m going to have to use this guy as a base color for some nail art because it’s so darn pretty that I want to see it on a full mani!


OPI Push and Shove has been one of my favorite chrome polishes since I first got it at Sally Beauty. It’s the most mirror-like chrome polish I’ve ever seen! I even have a back up bottle of it…..just in case something terrible happens.


I picked up OPI Purple with a Purpose at CosmoProf when my mother-in-law got me in with her top-secret handshake. We were just walking down the OPI aisle when she points to this one and said, “that’s one of my favorites.” Since she’d been a nail tech for 20+++ years, I grabbed it without even a second thought! I’m glad I did! This purple is gorgeous! It’s a metallicy shimmery purple with blue undertones.



Triangle Nail Art using OPI Go with the Lava Flow and Who Are You Calling Bossy?

{Purchased By me}

Let’s mix it up today! Here’s a nail art style I haven’t done in a while!!! I started with two coats of OPI Go with the Lava Flow which is from their new Hawaii collection. I used triangle vinyls from Vinyl Boutique and OPI Who Are You Calling Bossy??? Finally, I used these tiny little circle rhinestones which I got in my January GlitterDaze Daze of the Month Subscription.

Who are you Calling Bossy??? is a pretty standard black cream. I picked it up because I was at CosmoProf with my mother-in-law, I love OPI, and I don’t have a plain black creme from them.  That sounds like three pretty darn good reasons to buy a nail polish, am I right?



OPI Go with the Lava Flow is not only hilariously named, but it is also a gorgeous color. It’s a dark corally reddish pink (I should describe colors for a living,  shouldn’t I?) with tiny shimmers. I’m really glad I picked this one up since it’s totally different from anything else I have in my ever-growing collection. (I broke 1,000 in December. Oops. Let’s see how many of my friends and co-workers read that and call me in shock…)



Silver and Mint Stars!

{Purchased By Me}

I recently did a comparison post for some mint polishes (here). Since I was short on time that night, I decided to do artwork right on top of the comparison mani, even though the mint colors didn’t exactly match! In the end, I actually really liked the effect of different mint shades!!! I used Enchanted Polish Sweet Mint, China Glaze For Audrey, and China Glaze At Vase Value. (For a rundown on which is which, see the comparison post.) Then, I used some triangle decals I purchased from Vinyl Boutique. I had to use multiple triangle vinyls on each nail to get this star nail art effect. The silver polish is OPI It’s Frosty Outside which is a gorgeous silver texture polish.



I’m pretty excited for this weekend. I have NO plans. My calendar is completely blank! Wahoo!! I’m going to stop by Sally Beauty tomorrow and take advantage of their BOGO sale on FingerPaints and I also have a 30% off coupon. I already warned my husband that I’ll be coming home with loooooooots of polish from Sally’s….but that it won’t cost a lot of money! I’m pretty excited. I’ve been looking forward to it all week!

Then, I’ll probably spend a good chunk of Saturday and Sunday swatching those polishes and getting a nice backup of posts. I like to be a few weeks ahead on my posts just in case life happens. I want to make sure you have something to read, right?!


Thanks for stopping by today. Leave me a note in the comments to to tell me what you thought! Have an awesome day!! :)