Lace Nail Art

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Hello! I hope you’re doing awesome today! For this mani, I started with three coats of Superchic Lacquer Witches Agenda for Uberness. Then, I used Vivid Lacquer Plate VL 032 which has gorgeous lace and flower designs on it. I used Konad White as my stamping polish. I’m really happy with how this one turned out. The lines are nice and crisp. Even the fully colored in flower looks nice. There is a tiny bit of smudging near my tip on the accent nail, but I’m hoping you won’t notice…


I’m really looking forward to this next week. I only have to work one day which means I’ll have lots and lots of time to get ahead on manicures! I might even try to do another watermarble…we’ll see where the wind takes me!


Superchic Lacquer Swatches

{Purchased By Me}

I got these two Superchic Lacquers from Gloss48. I had always wanted to try this brand because I think the packaging is super adorable.

This is Superchic Laquer Fumbling Fairytales. This is a light lilac that shifts to a light green. I did need three coats in order for this to have the opacity shown. I’m a little underwhelmed by this polish. You can see it’s not totally smooth. I think the color is pretty, but it’s not super remarkable in any way.



Secondly, I have Superchic Lacquer Witches Agenda for Uberness which is a deep blue with lots of pretty shimmers.  I did need three coats from this one also, which was surprising for such a dark polish. But, I like the color so much it’s kinda worth it.



Have you tried Superchic Lacquers yet? Did you find that they are all three-coaters, or were these unusual?