GOT: Coral Striping Tape Nail Art

It’s time for another edition of Golden Oldies Thursday! The premise is that you have to use a polish that you’ve owned for over a year. This week’s theme is “Coral”. You can see last week’s mani by clicking here.

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As soon as I started planning this mani, Julep Sarah popped into my head. I’ve owned it for years but haven’t used it in ages–even though it’s one of my favorite corals ever! It’s a lovely jelly with lots of small shimmers in it. I then decided that I haven’t been doing enough striping tape nail art lately, so I taped off some stripes and applied some Nailtini Admiral Perry. I love navy and coral together! What do you think? Do you have a favorite coral polish?






I was thinking about adding text at the bottom of my posts that would contain fun facts about me. I don’t know if anyone will actually read down here or not! I guess there is only one way to find out! When I’m doing my nails, I like to stream TV shows to keep my brain entertained. Right now, I’m rewatching “How I Met Your Mother”. I watched the series finale last week and I was…slightly disappointed. *Spoilers ahead* If you haven’t watched the finale yet, don’t keep reading! You’ve been warned! Ok…so I feel like I was lied to. 1.) The entire series, we kept getting told that Ted was going to end up with the love of his life and we were lead to believe that was the mother. Well…she died. 2.) They spend so much time in season 8 convincing us that Ted and Robin were great together…and that was clearly a lie! Plus, I don’t like how the writers broke them up. 3.) Robin rejected Ted multiple times across all seasons. Why should we suddenly believe that she wants to be with him? Maybe he’s crazy in love with her, but I never got the sense that the feeling was mutual. And for those three reasons, I was disappointed in the finale. :( Did you watch it? What did you think?

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