Stitch Fix: 41 Hawthorn Toullouse Collared Wrap Dress

In my February 2014 Stitch Fix box, I got this 41 Hawthorn Toullouse Collared Wrap Dress in navy. This dress is fabulous! Since it’s a wrap dress, I can make it fit perfectly. It has adorable pockets on the front and is the perfect length. It hits right at the top of my knee.

Outfit of the Day: Stitch Fix 41 Hawthorn Moni Stud Blouse

Here’s my Friday casual outfit for today! I got this top from Stitch Fix in my February 2014 box. Since this blouse has studded detailing on the sleeves and front, I decided that minimal jewelry should be worn. The studs are an antique bronze color so I simply wore a bracelet with a similar metal. Then, I paired it with khaki pants for a casual look.

Stitch Fix calls this top the 41 Hawthorn Moni Stud Detailed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse.
I call it “My new red shirt”.

Stitch Fix 41 Hawthorn Moni Stud Blouse
Stitch Fix 41 Hawthorn Moni Stud Blouse

Stitch Fix February 2014

My February 2014 Stitch Fix box is here! Despite last month’s disappointment, I really am very happy with Stitch Fix. I videotaped me trying the clothes on! So if you want to see it in real life, click play!
If videos aren’t your thing…here’s what I got!
This is a 41 Hawthorn Toullouse Collared Wrap Dress. This is very flattering because I can tighten it just the right amount. I also like the navy color.
Verdict: Keep.

41 Hawthorn Moni Stud Detailed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse in red. This is a little too flowey for me, but I like that it’s different than any other item I own.
Verdict: Keep

41 Hawthorn Toshi Contrast Detail Longsleeve Blazer. I asked specifically for a blazer so I’m glad they tried. I just wished it wasn’t black as my entire wardrobe is black! I need some color!
Verdict: Return due to color.

Collective Concepts Cathleen Dot Print Lace Detailed Blouse. I really liked this color and pattern as I was pulling it out of the box. Unfortunately, it is too flowy and makes me look like a tent.
Verdict: Return due to cut.

Loveappella Montgomery Striped Cross-Front Tank. This did nothing for my figure.
Verdict: Return due to style and cut.

Even though I only kept two of the items from this box, I am pleased with it. I am very excited about the dress and I look forward to styling the shirt.
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Double Stitch Fix Outfit

I’m calling this my double Stitch Fix outfit because both the top and the bottom are from Stitch Fix.

The skirt is a black and white chevron pattern. This skirt is fantastic because it goes with pretty much everything!

The shirt has a lot of rouching going on in the front. I will be totally honest: I thought this shirt was more flattering than it is. Isn’t it funny how pictures can show you what’s really going on? I feel like it adds a lot of bulk right at my belly—The last place I need  to add bulk!! At least the color is great!

The necklace is a Betsy Johnson.

Stitch Fix Outfit of the Day: Johnny Cash

I call this my Johnny Cash outfit because it’s all black. :)

The shirt if a cowel neck from
The skirt I picked up at a local thrift shop (hey, I’m not picky!) but I believe it was originally from the Limited.
The brooch I got for a wicked steal at Feugo in our local mall. It was a vendor sample so I only payed a few dollars. Woo!

Stitch Fix Disappointment

As you probably know by now, I really like Stitch Fix. However, this fix is a huge disappointment.
Words that come to mind when I look at this collection of clothes: Blah. Gray. Shapeless. Frumpy.

These are not my style at all. I was SO excited for this fix and this box of sadness came to my door. :( *tear*

41 Hawthorn Cherise Cotton Tab Sleeve Henley Shirt. Totally shapeless! This made me look like a blue blob.

41 Hawthorn Ivy Solid Tab Sleeve V-Neck Blouse. Again–Shapeless. But this time, I looked like a GRAY blob!

Renee C Partridge Fold-Over Cowl Neck Knit Top. Gray. Again? Do they think I’m obsessed with gray? And this, to me, is just boring. A gray cowel neck t-shirt. How is that stylish?

41 Hawthorn Toulouse Collared Wrap Dress. I actually really loved this dress. So why didn’t I keep it? Keep reading…

The snap threads were all unraveling! I’m not going to pay a lot of money for a dress that’s falling apart. This was a huge disappointment because it was the only item I liked in the fix.

Sweet Rain Cellar Open Front Drape Cardigan. Sigh. I’m keeping this one so I don’t lose my styling fee. This is ok. I’ll probably throw it on to go to the grocery store. But I really don’t want to spend this much money on grocery store clothes! 

So there you have it. I’m sure these pieces look great on some people, but I was VERY specific that I need tailored pieces. None of these fit that. Plus, why are they mostly gray???

Hopefully next time will be better!!!

Outfit of the Day

This outfit speaks to my style exactly. I love a little 50’s flare in my fashion and polka dots is just the  ticket!

The navy blouse is from
The grey a-line skirt is from my local Ross
The flower necklace is from my local Romy
The red heels are from Macy’s and are Sofft brand

I hope you like it!

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Kirby likes to help me pose!

Stitch Fix Presents…The Little Black Dress

In my December 2013 Stitch Fix box, I received this draped black dress. It’s fantastic because I can dress it up or down! Also, it’s made of a jersey material so it’s extremely comfortable.

Pro Tip: If you own a black dress and a white dog, you better also own a lot of lint rollers!!

The yellow cardigan and thin black belt were items I already owned. You can’t see in the pics (thanks to a photobomb of a giant white dog!), but I also wore some calf-high black boots.

If you’re interested in joining Stitch Fix, please use my referral code by clicking here.

You can read a more detailed review of Stitch Fix here.

If you’re interested in joining Stitch Fix, please use my referral code by clicking here.

Stitch Fix Outfit of the day!

I am thrilled with Stitch Fix! You can read a more detailed review here.

If you’re interested in joining Stitch Fix, please use my referral code by clicking here.

The maroon sweater and dark skinny jeans are both from Stitch Fix.

The necklace and the cuff are from

I get a ton of compliments every time I wear this outfit. It’s flattering and modern but also has a classic flair that is exactly my style. This is the best outfit Stitch Fix has ever put together for me!

Stitch Fix

This picture was after my husband started teasing me… This one is just for fun!

Stitch Fix

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Stitch Fix Review

I wanted to take a post to talk about Stitch Fix.  This is a clothing subscription service.

If by the end of this post, you have decided to sign up for Stitch Fix, I hope you’ll use my referral link by clicking here.

I signed up for Stitch Fix a few months ago. I posted my first fix here. I haven’t posted any of my other fixes because, quite honestly, I hate selfies. My husband is away on travel frequently and I haven’t trained my dogs how to use a camera yet. :)

Basically, the initial cost of $20 per month. This is called your “styling fee”. If you do not purchase any items from the box, then Stitch Fix keeps the $20. If you decide you to keep something, then the $20 is taken off the price of your total. If you keep the entire box, then you get a 25% discount off the total (after your $20 reduction from the styling fee).

When you first sign up, you take an extensive personal style quiz. I really took my time with this because I wanted to make sure I was clear about what I liked and what I didn’t like.

I only kept one item out of my first box. It was actually an item that I thought I’d hate when I first opened the box. Therefore, here comes my first piece of advice: Try everything on. Things can look weird or ugly folded up in a box, but once they’re on, they can look amazing.

You have three days to decide on what to keep. Whatever you don’t keep must be mailed bag in the postage-paid envelope provided to you. Once you decide what you’re keeping, you log on to your account and tell Stitch Fix what you liked and didn’t’ like about each item. Here’s my second piece of advice: Give them feedback! They really do read it and they really do take it in to account when putting together your next box.

My second fix box was a bit closer to my personal style, but the items didn’t fit quite right. When I gave feedback on my second box, I let them know that the tailored items were hitting me too high.

I got my third fix about two weeks ago. I kept everything! The stylists read all my feedback from my first two boxes and this box hit the nail on the head. Not only do I have five awesome new pieces to wear, but every time I wear one, I get tons of compliments!!

Stitch Fix can be a little pricey. I chose the option of “The cheaper, the better” and each item I’ve received has been priced $35-$88. That’s a bit more than I’m used to paying, but considering the convenience, cuteness, and great style, I think it’s worth paying a little bit more.

I promise I’ll try and be better about posting pictures of what I get. I think I need to get over my aversion to selfies. ;)

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Stitch Fix – My First Fix!

I’ve been seeing lots of posts and hearing lots of things about Stitch Fix lately, so I thought I would give it a try. It’s a very interesting idea and sounded like fun. If you’re going to sign up for Stitch Fix, please use my referral link by clicking here.

Ok, so I do apologize for all the awkward mirror selfies. It’s the only way I could show you the clothes on me!! And now I realize that I neglected to take pics of the clothes off me as well. They are already packed up! Oh well. I’ll make a note for next time. ;)

Without further ado…

The top: Larsen Heart and Stripe Print Sweater. I actually thought I would hate this because of the hears. They are around the neckline and are hard to see in this pic. But, the sweater was actually super flattering so I decided to keep this one, much to my surprise!!

Top: Wynn Polka Dot Print Front Pocket Blouse. I totally appreciate that Stitch Fix followed my request for a polka dot item. Unfortunately, this flowy fabric and long blouse is not flattering on me AT ALL. I feel like I look 10lbs heaver than in the other pics.

Flora Striped Fit and Flare Skirt. This was just ok. I feel like it made my hips look big. I like my skirts with a little more structure and this was too flowy for me.

Capitola Fit and Flare Tank Dress. This dress is actually amazingly cute. It’s just about 2-3 inches too short for me. :( I like my dresses and skirts to hit at the knee, not above the knee.

Benson 3/4 Ruched Sleeve Blazer. This one was just weird. It was like a sweatshirt material! Who wears a sweatshirt blazer?? I just don’t get it. I would have no idea how to wear this.

So in the end, I’m just keeping the one item I thought I’d hate. LOL. But I do love it and will probably get a lot of wear out of it! I look forward to my next fix.