Starlooks Looksbook November 2015

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Starlooks sent me their November Looksbook to show you! Looksbooks contain purse size versions of 3 currently trending products. They come in an adorable box with a little booklet with suggestions on looks using the products. The theme this month is Shimmering Future. Keep reading to see what came this month!


This month, the products are an eyeshadow duo in Fortune 500, eyeliner in Golden Ticket, and lip crayon in Opulence.







On the first day I used these products, I just tested out the lip crayon in Opulence. This is a deep plum color. I added a touch of nude gloss on top since dries matte.



The next day, I wore every product in the Starlooks Looksbook! Everything from the shadow, to the eyeliner, to the lipstick.



This isn’t a look that is in my normal repertoire but I think it’s kinda fun! And that gold eyeliner will be great for holiday parties!!  You can still sign up in time to receive next month’s box by visiting You can sign up for the monthly membership or you can buy past Looksbooks! Whatever suits your fancy!

Starlooks Looksbook November 2015

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Starlooks sent me the Starlooks Looksbook November 2015 box to show you. This box comes with three mini products specially selected for the Looksbook.


This month, we received a lipgloss, a cream blush, and a shadow base.






There was also $15 worth of coupons in the box this month.


The Looksbook comes with a little book that gives an idea for using each of the products.




Here I am wearing all three products. I think the blush and the lipgloss provide for a very nice, natural look. I used the eye product as a base for my eyeshadow and it did help the shadow stick a bit better.



What do you think of this month’s Starlooks looksbook?

Starlooks Starbox September 2015

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Starlooks sent me the September 2015 Looksbook to show you. This is a custom box each month with a collection of three products that will create a unique look.


This month, the Looksbook contained a lipstick, an eyeshadow duo, and a blue mascara. I was pretty excited when I saw the color of the lipstick. What a gorgeous pink! Unfortunately, it has a very dry application. Some of my favorite lipsticks are Starlooks brand so I was surprised this one didn’t live up to what I expect of their lip colors.

The eye colors applied much better than the lipstick! They were creamy and smooth which is much more like what I expect from this brand.


Here I am sporting the eyeshadow duo and the lippie. I felt like wearing blue  mascara would just be too much.


This month’s box was on the disappointing side. I’ve come to expect a lot more from Starbox. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for next month!

Starlooks Looksbook August 2015

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Starlooks sent me their August 2015 Looksbook to share with you! If you like what you see, you can sign up for $12/month using this referral link! Each month, you get three brand new, limited edition “Perfect Size” items. (That’s code for mini’s.) Each month, it comes in a lovely box with a fold out brochure to give you a ‘look’ idea.

You also get three coupon codes to various sites. Unfortunately, this month, none of them were ones I was compelled to use.

The Looksbook comes in a literal book. The packaging is super cute and it felt more like a present than other sub boxes.



In the book/box, they provide a foldout brochure with suggestions on how to wear the products provided.



This month, we got three products: A lipstick, an eyeshadow duo, and an eyeshadow stick.



The packaging of these items looks fancier than normal Starlooks products. It must be something about the gold accents! :)




Upon swatching these, I could tell these are not really ‘my’ colors. I don’t look that great in orange and both the eyeshadow and the lipstick have quite a bit of orange in them. Being the trooper that I am, I decided to create a look using them nonetheless.



The green shadow stick does not have a very good color payoff. I would get some on my lid, but when I tried to blend it so it didn’t look clumpy, the color just left. Believe it or not, I did put it on for these pictures!



The powder eyeshadow looked a lot better than I was expecting. I was worried it would look super orange on my lids but it actually looks ok. The lipstick is too light for me. I like a rosier lip.


If this was my first experience with a Starbox, I would be a tad disappointed. However, I know that they have a track record of some pretty great boxes, so I would recommend sticking around. This makeup combo would probably look pretty fantastic on someone less pale than me and perhaps with a different personality. :)

August 2015 Starlooks Starbox

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Starlooks sent me their August 2015 August 2015 Starbox to share with you! If you like what you see, you can sign up for $12/month using this referral link! Each month, you get three brand new, limited edition “Perfect Size” items. (That’s code for mini’s.) What’s that? $12 for MINI’s? You must be joking. BUT WAIT! There’s more! I also got SIXTY DOLLARS in discount codes. Stop the presses. That’s pretty awesome. So now I can try out items and if I love them, I can go get a full-sized version. Or if I hate them, I can buy something completely different!

What’s that? You want my referral link again? Here you go:

For the discount codes, I did have to make three separate purchases because you can only use one code at a time. Since shipping is free…well…that’s fine with me! I ended up ordering some brush cleaner, a brown eyeliner, and a black eyeliner.

Now, for what I actually have in my hot little hands!



I received a full-sized (But Anne, at the beginning of the post, you said it was all small sizes! I know lovely, reader. Aren’t surprises wonderful?) eyeliner brush, a small eyeliner in Brun, and an eyeshadow in Gold Coast.


Let’s take a look at how these things look on my face. I used all three of the products for this look.



Starlooks Starbox July 2015

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Starlooks sent me the July 2015 Customizable Starlooks Starbox! I was able to pick which cosmetic items I received as well as which gift cards. The products I chose this month are:

Lipliner in Noir

Lipgloss in Mad Crush

Blush in Rose Gold




I wore all three products in this look! I’m very happy with all of them! The eyeliner has a very smooth application and you can use a light touch and still get a dark line. The lipgloss is a gorgeous neutral color that helps add to a finished look without making you look overdone. The Rose Gold blush is a real gem! I used a light hand with it as a highlighting shade on my cheekbones and I am very happy with the end result!


The eyeliner held up well all day on the top lid but did fade out on the bottom lid (as bottom liner is apt to do).


In case you’re wondering…yes I’m still using the Schwarzkopf Ultime collection I was sent for a previous review and I still love it. My hair has never been so cooperative!! The eyeshadow I wore in this look is a mishmash of random things I’ve received in my Ipsy bags.

Starlooks Starbox June 2015

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Starlooks sent me their June 2015 customizable Starbox. I went online prior to shipping and picked out what I wanted. I got to choose three items. Their boxes used to be a mystery (and I believe they still have that option) but being able to choose your own products ensures you have the confidence that you’ll like what you get! I picked two lipglosses and a lipliner for this month. I am super obsessed with lip products. All three products are mini-size which is great for your purse or pocket.




In this photo, I am wearing Peony and Guilty Pleasure. This is a great combo for summer as it’s light and fresh, but your lips still look like they have some healthy color.



I have been a fan of Starlooks makeup for a while so I, of course, would recommend checking out their subscription options.

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Starlooks Starbox August 2014

I got my Starlooks Starbox August 2014 box in the mail this weekend. I’ve really enjoyed this subscription! The only downside is I have so much makeup, I’ll never use it ever! LOL! This month, we got two full-sized products, one of which, is technically three.



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Starlooks Starbox July 2014

It’s time for the Starlooks Starbox July 2014 reveal!! I got this box a few days ago, but I waited to post because I wanted to play around with the products first. I have some terrible pics of me at the end, so make sure to scroll down to see that train wreck!

This month’s box was curated by Nylon Pink. I’ve actually never heard of them…I think they’re a band??


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Starlooks Starbox June 2014

My Starlooks Starbox June 2014 box is here! Hooray! This is one of my favorite subs. This month, we got three full-sized items and I’m quite excited about two of them. Let’s take a look…




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Starlooks Starbox May 2014

The lovely postman brought me my Starlooks Starbox May 2014 in the mail yesterday. Wasn’t that nice of him?? :) This month’s box was bigger than the usual one, so I was super curious what could be inside! I immediately ripped it open to find out!


See how big this box is? Normally, they are much smaller!




Here’s the lot of goodies all together.Starlooks-may-2014

First up, we have some eye makeup remover. This is actually perfect because I was just about to run out of remover! I really like the Starlooks brand so I’m excited to try their remover.Starbox-May-2014

Spa Towells sample packet. Apparently, this is a moisturizing towelette. The back explains how it’s handy to travel with so that you don’t have to carry a bottle. It seems a little strange to me, but I’ll give it a try to see what I think.


Pencil eyeliner in Exit to Eden. I have about 100 eyeliners right now, so I’m not as excited about this. Especially since I’m fairly certain that I’ve received this color before. The name just sounds super familiar. I’ll just throw this in my overstock bag of makeup for use at a later time.


Lastly, we got an iridescent loose powder. When I first opened the box, I was thrilled to see this because I’m actually out of loose powder! However, I immediately noticed all the shimmer on the container. This powder is super shimmery and not one that you would use as a normal setting powder, which is disappointing. I feel like I’m a little old to be wearing shimmer and I’m only 29! I might use it as a highlighter powder for contouring, but that’s about it.



This wasn’t my favorite Starbox I’ve ever received, but I think it’s worth the money. They run about $17 per month and you always get makeup products. They also include coupon and promos in their boxes. In fact, I ended up being able to get a foundation for free using a promo from them and it’s my favorite foundation!


Starlooks Starbox April 2014

I got my Starlooks Starbox April 2014 in the mail yesterday! This is a fabulous subscription service. It’s always 100% makeup which I love! Also, the vast majority of items received are full size and this month is no exception. I got a full sized eyeshadow pallet and a full sized lip gloss. Let’s take a look!



Starlooks always includes a little extra in the Starbox and this month, we got a packet of seeds and the usual crystal.



And here’s the full sized eyeshadow pallet. Each pan is about the size of a quarter. I didn’t swatch them because I have SO much eyeshadow so I might give this away in a giveaway or to a friend.

Starlooks-Eyeshadow-Box Starlooks-Eyeshadow Starbox-April-2014-Review


We also received a full sized lip gloss. Again, I didn’t swatch this because I have more gloss than I know what to do with, but the color looks  gorgeous!Starlooks-Lipgloss

Starlooks Starbox March 2014

My March 2014 Starlooks Starbox is here! It’s another great one!

This month’s box was curated by Ashley Hackman.Starlooks-Starbox-Review


First up, we received a lip liner in Cherry Cedar. It went on very smoothly when I swatched it and the color is beautiful!


Eyeliner pot in Black Hole. I won’t swatch this one because I have a ton of black eyeliners so I don’t want to make this one used.Starlooks-Eyeliner

Lipstick in Kinky. According to a recent email I received from Starlooks, only a handful of subscribers received Kinky and everyone else received Boss which is a similar shade. They said if I emailed them with a photo of Kinky that I would receive a prize. We’ll see! I’ll let you know if I do!


Three full-sized, high-quality cosmetic items is a great deal for $17/month. If you haven’t looked into Starlooks yet, I highly recommend it!

Starlooks Starbox February 2014

I finally got my February 2014 Starlooks Starbox. It was worth the wait, though, because there are a number of items I’m very excited about!!

Starlooks Starbox February 2014

Starlooks Starbox February 2014

First up, we have a headband. This will actually come in quite handy for me when I wash my face at night!

Starlooks Starbox February 2014

Pigment in Wall Street. I’m not a huge fan of loose eyeshadows like this, so this is going into my giveaway pile.

Starlooks Starbox February 2014

Lipstick in Drew. I’m super excited for this one! Purple/Rose tones look great on me! I love this color. In fact, my Starlooks lipsticks are some of my regular go-to lipsticks!

Starlooks Lipstick

Starlooks Lipstick

Cream Eye Shadow in Warp. I’m also thrilled about this one. A girl can never have too many highlighting eyeshadow shades. After all, that’s the color group we use the most of, right??

Starlooks Cream Eyeshadow

Starlooks Cream Eyeshadow

I’m very happy with the products I got in the month’s Starbox! What do you think?

Starlooks Starbox January 2014

My January 2014 Starlooks Starbox arrived today! It was quite a surprise because I didn’t get a tracking number email. This month’s box was  good…but not their best. In my opinion, there isn’t anything unique in this month’s box. Take a look…

Blush: I don’t see a name on this one. It’s a coral pink color. I have an extremely similar color from another Starbox so I will be saving this one for a swap or upcoming giveaway.

Lipstick in Tory. This is actually a great line of lipstick. It’s moisturizing and packs a decent color punch. However, (yet again) I have an extremely similar color from a past Starbox.

Eyeliner in Obsidian and eyelash brush. I’m a little underwhelmed about receiving a black eyeliner pencil. Isn’t that a touch boring? I have black eyeliners coming out my ears! I wish they had sent a fun color to play with.

Lipgloss in Guilty Pleasure. Again–very similar color to a past product. 
In conclusion, I think the box value is decent compared to the price paid ($17-ish after shipping) but I’m saturated on these colors! I will be saving this entire box for a swap or a giveaway.
Do you subscribe to Starbox? What did you get in your box this month?

Starlooks Starbox November 2013

I received my November 2013 Starlooks Starbox in the mail yesterday. It’s another good one! If you recall, I wasn’t that impressed last month or the month before. But, I really like this one and think it is worth the money.

We received four items this month: A whole eyeshadow palette (!), pot eyeliner, an eyeliner brush, and a pencil sharpener.

The eye palette is Monaco and has 5 different shads. The white, blue, and, red shades are all matte while the silver and gold shades have some shimmer. I was not very impressed with the color payout in my swatches. But then, I thought about it and realized that I like it that way! I have so many palettes where the colors are so vibrant, which is great, but makes it hard to wear to work. This one, with the more subtle colors, can actually be more appropriate!

Pot eyeliner in Orion. Love love love this color. This went on smoothly and easily. Great color payout! This teal is gorgeous and I don’t have anything like it in my collection right now.

And then the angled eyeliner brush and pencil sharpener, which I forgot to take individual pictures of! Oh well! You probably know what a brush and a sharpener look like, anyway! :)

Starlooks Starbox October 2013

I received my Starlooks Starbox for October 2013 in the mail yesterday. This is another box that was well worth the money!

This month, we received a blush palette with three full-sized blushes, a full-sized eyeliner, and a full-sized lipstick! That’s a lot of goodies!

The blushes don’t have a name on the back of the palette. The palette is #3B1 if that helps anyone know what colors these are.

On top, we have the Diamonline Eye Pencil in Mirage. It’s a silver color. On the bottom is a tender gloss lipstick in Puzzy. It’s a light, sheer pink. The lipstick isn’t my color but I do appreciate the quality of Starlooks makeup and the fact that they always send great full-sized products!

Starlooks Starbox Birthday Box!

Every year in you birthday month, Starlooks sends you an extra Starbox! This was perfect for me because I wasn’t too thrilled with the September box from them but the birthday box I got these weekend was great!! I got three full-sized products that are all things I’m going to use on a regular basis.

Lipstick in Eva. I really like Starlooks lipstick and this rose-colored one is a perfect shade for me!

Eyeshadow. I don’t know what the name of this color is because it looks like the label fell off the bottom. It’s a light purple with what looks like tiny little shimmers.

Pencil Eyeliner in Indigo Frost. I’m also a fan of the liners Starlooks makes. They go on smoothly and have pretty good staying power.

I am quite impressed by this birthday box! I think this is a great extra that they do for their customers!

Starlooks Starbox September 2013

Starlooks Starbox September 2013 is just ‘meh’ for me this month. I usually am thrilled with the contents but this box is a little weird.

FL13 Lashes. I like false lashes but these are quite long for an everyday look, so I’m just not sure when I’d ever use them.

Milky Way Infinity Eyeliner Pot. This is white eyeliner. It says you can use it as eyeliner, as a shadow base, or mixed in with a loose powder shadow. I’m just not sure I’m going to get much use out of this. I tried it this morning and it was weird to use as an eyeshadow base. It wasn’t as smooth as a real shadow base.

Pearl Necklace Lip Gloss. I love their lipglosses but I really need pinks and reds. This is an off-white. It could be good to add some shine to another lip color but I don’t like having to use more than one product. I’m all about simplicity.

This is the first box I haven’t been excited about and I’ve been a member for at least a year. So I’m obviously going to stay a member! Let’s hope October is much better.

Starlooks Starbox August 2013

For me, the Starlooks Starbox August 2013 is a bit strange. It’s a special edition, curated by Natalie Corona. It contains two full sized lipsticks and a multi-versatile glitter. The reason why I thought this box was strange was in the fact that we received two lipsticks. Normally, the box has more variety. Don’t get me wrong, I think the lipstick colors are gorgeous, but it’s weird to get two. :P

Eons (Matte) Looks like a dusty rose

Endless (satin) Looks like a bronzey shimmer

Starlooks Starbox July 2013

This month’s Starlooks Starbox is wonderful, as always. The theme is clearly “Bronze”!

St. Tropez Eye Shadow Palette. This is a gorgeous 5 shade palette that has a combo of matte and shimmer shadows.

Penny Wise Loose Eyeshadow. This baby is hiiiighly pigmented. It really packs a punch!

Brush #906 Sculpt and Blush

Quince Body Butter sample packet. The idea is that you combine some of the Penny Wise Eyeshadow with this body butter to create a bronzed effect. I don’t think I’ll try it that way because I’m soooo pale that any “bronze” looks super weird on me. But I think it’s a clever idea!

As always, I am very happy with my Starbox and will remain a loyal subscriber!

Starlooks Starbox June 2013

Starbox is one of my favorite subscriptions. I have been happy with every single box and June 2013 is no exception! I didn’t know it was their anniversary until I opened the box!

Precision Eye Definer Pen in black. This is one of my favorite styles of eyeliners so I’m very excited to try this one!

Eyeliner in white. I have tried and tried to find a reliable white eyeliner to use on my waterline. Fingers crossed that this will be the one!

Bronzer in Montego Bay. At first, I thought this would be way too dark for me bu after I swatched it, I think it will be perfect!!

And…A peace pin.

I’m happy with the Starbox June 2013 box! Hooray!

Starlooks Starbox May 2013

Just as I was getting bored today, the mailman brought my my May 2013 Starlooks Starbox! Hooray!! I always love the goodies in this box!!

This month, we received three items plus two freebies.

First, I thought, “What an adorable box!” I love this zebra print!

The two freebies are the usual crystal and a mini zebra nail file. So cute!

Cream blush in “emphasize”. My first impression is that this was going to be way too dark for me. In the package, it’s a dark burgundy, wine color. Once I read the insert, however, I thought I’d give it a try. In the insert, they admit it looks dark but that it goes on much lighter. To see a swatch in live-action, please go check out my You Tube Video:

Pigment luster in “Cinnamon Toss”. This is a loose eyeshadow. It’s a gorgeous shimmery golden, green color. I also swatch this in my video:

Eyebrow Palette. This is meant to be useful for all air colors! In the packaging, they also state that it can be used as an eyeshadow palette! That’s wonderful because what would I do with black eyebrow powder? :)

I freaking love Starbox. If you’re on the fence, I think you should go ahead and subscribe! I’ve been a member for at least 6 months now and I’ve never been unhappy with a box! That’s unheard of!!!

Starlooks Starbox April 2013

Today I came home to the April 2013 Starlooks Starbox! Yay! For those of you that don’t know, Starlooks is a makeup brand and Starbox is what they call their monthly subscription box. The only brand in the box is Starlooks. This box is different than the others because it’s all makeup. And that’s what makes it a tie (with Ipsy) for my favorite subscription!

This month, we received four products.

First, a tender gloss lipstick in Basic. This is a sheer, neutral color.

A chapstick.

Translucent mineral powder with a poof.

Lash Boost. It looks like this is meant to go on just before applying mascara.

As always, I’m thrilled with this box! All the products look great!