Tri-Polish Tuesday: Psychedelic

Happy Tuesday! This mani is part of the tri-polish challenge. This month’s theme is blue, pink, and yellow! For this week’s mani, I went with Mentality Gumdrop, Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power, and Julep Charlie along with Pueen Plate 62.

I started with two coats of Mentality Gumdrop. Here’s a swatch of Gumdrop all on its own.Mentality-Gumdrop Continue reading “Tri-Polish Tuesday: Psychedelic”

Essence Hey, Nude with a Sax

Hey, Nude, how about we add a little sax to the mani today? ;) ;) ;)

For this mani, I started with two coats of Essence Hey, Nude which is a sparkle sand nude polish. With two coats, it still showed a little visible nail line. I wasn’t too concerned about that since I knew I was going to stamp over it. I decided on Pueen Plate 67 because it had a cool music theme. I used Konad Special Black nail polish because I didn’t have time to play around and see what other polish might work better! LOL! Here’s what I ended up with:





Stamping Nail Art – Green With Envy

Today’s mani is for the Adventures in Stamping Challenge. This week’s theme is “stamping over green”. You can see my mani from last week here.

I started with two coats of Enchanted Polish March 2014. You can see plain swatches of this beauty in this post. It was tough to find a polish to go with this one that wouldn’t make it look like a sport’s team combo! LOL! That basically meant blue and orange were out! I picked out brown. Specifically, China Glaze Mahogany Magic. I selected Pueen Plate 65 because it had some lovely vine designs on it. This was the result.

Enchanted-Polish-March-2014-Nail-Art Continue reading “Stamping Nail Art – Green With Envy”

MoYou Artist Collection Plate 03

Today’s mani is part of the tri-polish challenge as presented by The Crumpet. Last week was the first time I participated. You can see that mani here. For this mani, I wanted to use my new MoYou Stamping Plate from the Artist Collection. I purchased plate three which has a lot of really pretty designs.

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MoYou Artist Collection Plate 03

MoYou Artist Collection Plate 03

For the challenge, I have to use pink, blue, and yellow. I picked Andrea’s Choice Circus Somesault for the yellow, Michael Marcus Barely There for the pink, and Zoya Yummy for the blue.

It’s amazing what the camera picks up that the eye does not…in other words, I now see that I could have cleaned up my edges a little better! I didn’t even see that in real life!

Zoya Yummy

Tri-Polish Challenge

MoYou Stamping Plates

Michael Marcus Barely There

Andrea's Choice Somersault

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MoYou Suki Collection Plate 07

Today’s mani is part of the Adventures in Stamping Sunday Challenge. The challenge this week was ‘pastels’. I selected Essence That’s What I Mint as my stamping polish and it actually stamps pretty well! For my base color, I picked Color Club Endless Summer which is a lovely pastel pink. I selected a MoYou Stamping Plate from the Suki Collection. This is plate 07. I am super duper impressed with the MoYou plates. The images are so crisp and clean! Also, each plate has a ton of different full nail designs you can use. In my mani below, you won’t get a specific Asian feel, but when you look at the plate as a whole, that’s what you see. This is why the MoYou stamping plates are so cool! They have so much versatility!!!

Just look at all the different designs from MoYou Suki Collection Plate 07!!!!!!!!!!

MoYou Stamping Plate Suki Collection 07

I picked four different designs from the plate for variety on each nail. I like how subtle the stamping is with the pastels.

Stamping Nail Art MoYou

MoYou Stamping Suki Collection

Color Club Endless Summer

Adventures in Stamping Challenge: Two Techniques

This week’s Adventures in Stamping Challenge is to combine another technique with stamping. I decided to do gradient nail art plus stamping nail art since I’ve only done a gradient once before. I picked Nailtini Blushing Lady as my light pink and FNUG Front Page as the hot pink. I started with two layers of Blushing Lady and then sponged on Front Page. After it dried, I used Konad Special Black along with Vivid Lacquer Plate VL004 to stamp a bow and dots design on top. The stamping is too smudgy and crooked for my preference. I actually wish the design of this stamp was inverted so it didn’t need as much polish or precision. :( Oh well!





In other news, I’m super excited: The Japanese Cherry Blossom tree my husband bought me as a gift last year has its first-ever blossom!! I’m so excited! I love the gorgeous pink blossoms these trees produce in the spring and I am beyond thrilled that mine is starting to bloom! Happy day!


Comic Book Murder!

I’ve been hearing so many great things about MoYou stamping plates so I just had to try some! They are based out of London so it takes a while to get here, but mine finally did! This is MoYou Comics Collection plate 03. The stamping is very crisp, despite how intricate the designs are. They are fabulous!

The base I used is Julep Annette, so let’s start with a quick pic of just the swatch.


Then I used Konad Black Special Polish and MoYou Comics Collection Plate 03






It’s Not Old, It’s Vintage

I’ve been seeing a lot of stamping with gold polish lately and I’ve been loving the vintage nail art look of it. I decided to finally do it myself! I started with two coats of Essie No Baggage Please. Then I used Pueen Plate 73 and Orly Luxe to stamp the design on. Finally, I added a little more pizazz with the pink rhinestones. In the end, I think I should have stopped before the rhinestones, but oh well!

Did you know? You can click the photos to enlarge!





What do you think? Leave me a note in the comments! :D

In other news, I’m reading “The Rent Collector” by Cameron Wright and it’s really good so far! My sister actually met the author and said he was nice, so that’s also a bonus!

Mystery Lady and White Roses

I know that I usually do a ‘same or similar’ comparison post on Saturdays, but I didn’t have time this week! Hopefully you’ll enjoy this post in its place.

I got this stamping design from Pueen Plate 70. I started off with three coats of China Glaze Thistle Do Nicely. I have found that three coats are usually necessary for neons. I could have done one coat of white and then two coats of Thistle, but meh That sounded like extra work. ;)

Then I used HK Girl Top coat and waited a few minutes. To pass the time, I talked on the phone with my mom about dogs. :P

Once the nails were dry, I used my stamping plate and black and white Konad polishes to stamp the images below. I used the black for the mystery lady with her hair blowing in the wind and white for the roses. Now the only question is…what is her name?!?!

First, for fun, let’s just look at a plain swatch of China Glaze Thistle Do Nicely.

China Glaze Thistle Do Nicely SwatchChina Glaze City Flourish Collection

Pueen Stamping Plate 70


Konad Special Polish White


Konad Special Polish Black


HK Girl Top Coat

Balloon Blowing in the Wind

For this mani, I started with two coats of Literary Lacquers Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster which is a gorgeous tealy blue holo. Then, I stamped the girl and the balloon using MoYou Rebel Collection – 02 Plate. Finally, I stamped the artsy design using Pueen Plate 59. All the white stamping was done using Konad Special White.

First, let’s start with a Literary Lacquers Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster swatch.

Literary Lacquers Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Swatch
Literary Lacquers Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Swatch
MoYou Rebel Collection Plate 02

St. Patrick’s Day Mani

This Sunday’s Adventures in Stamping challenge theme is St. Patrick’s Day of course!! For this mani, I used:
Dollish Polish Toss My Salad
Pistol Polish Knock ‘Em Dead
Konad Special White
Bundle Monster Plate BM03

I started with two coats of Toss My Salad then topped with HK Girl Top Coat. Then, I taped off the tips with scotch tape and painted Knock ‘Em Dead and then another layer of HK Girl. Finally, I stamped the shamrock images on as an accent and added one final coat of HK Girl.

Dollish Polish Toss My Salad

Pistol Polish Knock 'Em Dead

St. Patrick’s Day is extra special in my heart because it’s also my dog’s birthday. He is going to be 5 years old. This is Kirby when he was 8 weeks old. (Eat your heart out, internet!!)

Stamping Konad Bundle Monster BM03

St. Patrick's Day Mani

And this is my giant lovable puppy now, 5 years later.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

Leave a comment below! I love hearing what you think! And don’t forget to wish happy birthday to Kirby! I read him all your comments so he’ll know if you forget about him. ;)

Stamping with Vivid Lacquer!

I love Vivid Lacquer stamping plates! Her images are very crisp, large, and creative. If you haven’t tried her plates yet, I highly recommend them!!

This is plate 020 which is a Medieval Knights theme. I didn’t get the stamps quite as straight as I normally would have liked, but that’s a reflection on my patience and skills, not the plates of course. :)

The base is Polish Pets Fen and I used Konad Special Black for the stamping. Finally, I used some rhinestones to accent the edges.

Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate 020

Polish Pets Fen

Kaboom! Pow! Comic Book Nails!

I’m a huge nerd and I do read comic books so I really appreciate this stamping plate by Vivid Lacquer. This is VL011.

I started with two coats of OPI Miss Piggy’s Big Number, which is from the new Muppets Most Wanted 2014 Collection. I then used Konad Special Polish in black and white. Finally, on my middle nail, I dotted China Glaze Ruby Pumps to add a little more color.

First, let’s start with a swatch of OPI Miss Piggy’s Big Number. This is two coats. It went on smoothly and self-leveled well as everyone has come to expect from OPI. I love how they didn’t do pink for Miss Piggy. I think it’s creative and gorgeous.

OPI Miss Piggy's Big Number Swatch

Stamping Nail Art

Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate 011

Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate VL011

Adventures in Stamping Challenge: Under the Sea

This week’s Adventures in Stamping Challenge theme is Under the Sea. I had a trouble with this theme because I don’t have a single stamping plate with ocean images!!! Ok, that’s not exactly true. I have one with an anchor, but it didn’t look right. Therefore, I decided to do a little bit of an abstract interpretation of the theme.

I started with three coats of Emily de Molly Oceanic Forces (see what I did there?) and then stamped using Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish – Black  and plate Pueen 59. I picked the image that reminded me of waves and underwater plants…in an abstract way. The black didn’t show up that well on the teal, though. :( Hopefully you can see some of the stamping!

First, a plain swatch of Emily de Molly Oceanic Forces because it’s probably my favorite polish of all time and it’s amazing and gorgeous and wonderful.

And now the shots with the actual stamping…see how it’s super hard to see? :( Oh well! I can still admire Emily de Molly Oceanic Forces!!!

The Bird, the Flowers, and the Butterfly

I was going to call this post “The birds and the bees” but I don’t have any bee stamps or decals! LOL!

I started with two coats of Pistol Polish Knock ‘Em Dead from the March 2014 box. Then, I used Konad Special White and Vivid Lacquer Plate VL006 to stamp on the bird and the fluffy dandelions. Then I used a couple butterfly decals from Pueen. I’m just “meh” about this mani.
Pistol Polish Knock 'Em Dead

Stamping with Chevrons: Pink on Nude

I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of Enchanted Polish December 2013 so I decided to spruce it up with a little stamping. Of course I pinked the color pink since pink spruces up pretty much anything. :)

I used two coats of Enchanted Polish December 2013. I selected Vivid Lacquer Plate VL006 because it has a chevron pattern I’ve never used before. I decided my pink should be Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power because it can really pop. Of course HK Girl had to be in the mix seeing as nail art can’t happen without it! :D

I hope you like it!

Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power

Enchanted Polish December 2013

Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate

Abstract #GoHawks Mani

All right! Last Seahawks mani, I promise! It’s just…I live in Washington so it’s CRAZY up here! There is Hawks stuff everywhere! So, it has affected my nails. :)

Used for this mani:
Orly Nail Armor Base Coat
Konad Special White
L’Oreal New Money
Formula X For Sephora Omni
HK Girl Top Coat
Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate VL009

Click Pictures to Enlarge

Snowflake Nail Art

For this wintery mani, I started with two coats of Enchanted Presto Magic. Then I used Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate VL006 which has the snowflake design on it. I used Konad Special White for the stamping.

The thing I love about Vivid Laquer’s stamping plates is that they are big designs! That way, you can get your whole nail. Konad’s designs are just a tad small.