Square Hue July 2014 Barcelona!!

I decided a few weeks ago to un-suspend my SquareHue membership. I had originally suspended it because it was mostly cremes. But I kept seeing more and more interesting finishes on their social media so I decided to start my subscription again…and boy am I glad I did! The Square Hue July 2014 box is gorgeous! The theme is Barcelona. There are three unique shade in this box and I am very happy with it! If you’re interested, you can sign up at squarehue.com.


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Nautical Nail Art

Today I decided to do a little nautical nail art! This, of course, involves blue and white stripes. :) I grabbed Sally Hanson White On, Square Hue Patriot (blue), Square Hue Honor (gold), and some striping tape from Amazon. I painted White On on my pointer and pinkie, Patriot on my ring finger, and Honor on my middle finger. Once dried with HK Girl Top Coat, I used the striping tape on my pointer and pinkie and used Patriot to create blue and white stripes.







Square Hue July 2013 – The Salute Collection

Square Hue has done it again! Another great trio for July.

This one is called the salute collection. From left to right: Valor, Patriot, Honor.

Valor looks like a creamy dark olive green. Patriot looks like a bright cobalt blue. Honor looks like a gold metallic with tiny shimmers.
I like that Square Hue tries to mix finishes in each month’s box to ensure variety. 

SquareHue June 2013 SoBe Collection

SquareHue is the newest polish subscription that I’m aware of. This is my second month as a member. So far, I’m very happy!! This month’s collection is called the SoBe Collection.

Gray: Lincoln Road, Salmon: Collins Avenue, Mint: Ocean Drive

I wasn’t feeling the whole doing swatches routine so I thought I would create a look using all three colors so you could see what they look like and I get to do nail art. Win Win!

First, I did two coats of each, rotating the colors. They are all a creme polish. Collins Avenue (salmon) had a nice little surprise…teeny tiny golden shimmers! You can’t see them in the bottle and you can’t see them in the pictures…but they are there! Tiny, subtle shimmers. It’s beautiful!

 After my nails were dry, I taped them off and then changed the color rotation. I like it! I have a mint shirt that will match this mani perfectly tomorrow!

Square Hue May 2013 – The Madonna Collection

This is my first Square Hue box and I am very pleased. First of all, I love pink! :) There are three different shades of pink and each has a different finish.

Happy Creme is a bubblegum pink. This needed three coats to reach my desired opaqueness. The formula was ok, but not the best.

Mother’s Pearl is a metallic finish that is a great medium toned pink. This needed two coats. There is some streaking but I’ve found that to be true of all the metallics I’ve tried.

Day Glow is the darkest of the pinks and has more of a jelly or neon type of finish. It dried very quickly! This is my favorite of the bunch. This needed two coats.