Sephora Formula X Holos

{Purchased by Me}

Today I’m going to show you three of the new Sephora Formula X polishes. I saw these in Sephora about a month ago and knew I had to get them. They were almost sold out and they only had these three left! So get ’em if you see ’em!

Sephora Formula X Athena is a light green holo.

sephora-formula-x-athena sephora-formula-x-athena-swatch


Sephora Formula X Demeter is a beautiful nude holo.

sephora-formula-x-demeter sephora-formula-x-demeter-swatch


Sephora Formula X Hera is a light pinkish color.

sephora-formula-x-hera sephora-formula-x-hera-swatch