Seche Vite from Live Love Polish Review

{Press Sample}

I was contacted by Live.Love.Polish to do a review of the Seche Vite Topcoat and one of the Seche nail polishes. I’ve used Seche Vite topcoat for years, but stopped using it more recently. One of the reasons I stopped was that it always seemed to shrink my polish. (That means the polish pulls away from the edges of the nail, especially the tip, so you have this weird exposed nail line.) I jumped at the chance to try SV topcoat with their own polish so I could see if shrinkage was still a problem!

Live.Love.Polish was kind enough to let me pick my own color so I chose Seche Precious which looked like a lovely pink. As it turned out, it was even lovelier than I expected. On their website, it looks like a bubblegum pink creme. But in real life, it actually has a blue flame element to it. Not quite a duochrome but certainly not a boring ol’ creme! This just proves that blogger swatches and reviews are super important, right??? :)

Just to keep things brand-focused, I selected Seche Base from my personal stash. I purchased Base with my own money, but the polish and topcoat were sent to me by Live.Love.Polish.


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Top Coat Showdown Part 2 – Durability

People seemed to like and appreciate my first edition of Top Coat Showdown – Dry Time. So I decided to do round 2 – Durability! In other words, how easily and quickly do these bad boys chip? Since in the first edition, the Sally Hansen took so long to dry, I have taken that out. It has been replaced by KB Shimmer Top Coat which I received as a press sample.

Now it’s not fair to throw KB Shimmer into the mix without assessing the dry time in some way. I didn’t do it as scientifically as I did the first round, but I did touch check it in comparison to the others multiple times.  I can tell you the KB Shimmer Clearly On Top is definitely in league with the others. It passed the touch test just as quickly as the others. So, if you’re in the market for a new quick drying top coat, you should consider KB Shimmer among your selections.

Another warning about this post…since I’m testing durability, I have to wear this mani for more than one day. But I love doing nail art every day! Therefore, I decided that my right hand would do the testing. That way, I can continue to do art on my left hand. :) The only problem is…my right hand isn’t nearly as pretty as my left! LOL Also, it’s much harder to cleanup and photograph since I have to do all the work with my non-dominant hand. So I hope you can forgive a little polish that’s out of place and weird hand poses. :)

From Pinkie (Right) to Pointer (left) here are the top coats I’m reviewing:

  1. HK Girl
  2. KB Shimmer
  3. Out the Door
  4. Seche Vite

Here are pics from day one – just about an hour after I applied the polish. I put Seche Vite on my pointer AND my thumb because it wouldn’t be fair to just have it on my pointer. That is the finger that always chips first since I use it the most. Therefore, I’ll average out the chips between the pointer and the thumb as the real test of SV. :)



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Go-To Nail Products

I’ve never done a post on my go-to nail products. Not even on my original blog!
Since I use these items at least once a day, I thought they deserved a little shout-out.

The four things I use daily are:
1. Julep Essential Cuticle Oil. This stuff is amazing! It smells great and softens up cuticles very, very, fast. Then they are soft enough to push back. This is my favorite cuticle oil (I’ve tried a lot of different grocery store brands) because of how quickly it softens my nails.

2.) Julep Reveal. This is meant to strengthen your nails and promote growth. I notice t hat I have significantly less peeling when I’m using this daily so I really think it works.

3.) Julep Nail Therapy. I use this as my base coat most of the time. If I don’t use this, my next go-to ones are Seche Clear or Orly Bonder. The only thing about the nail therapy is that it won’t bond to your nail if there is oil there. (Say…leftover from your cuticle oil.) So you’ll want to make sure that your nails or dry or else your polish will literally peel right off!

4.) Seche Vite, of course! This is a super popular top coat because it dries so incredibly fast. It’s almost unreal how fast it dries. When I run out of SV, I hate using other top coats because it takes foreveeeeer for my nails to dry and then I get impatient and they get smudged. So it’s SV or bust for me!

Top Row: Nail Therapy, SV, Cuticle Oil
Bottom: Julep Reveal

And if you’re wondering…Yes, Julep is one of my favorite brands!!