Savvy Naturalista Mochi Scrub Review

{Press Sample}

Savvy Naturalist sent me a few of her Mochi Scrubs to review for you! First things first…the entire package smelled delightful. Like, I wanted to eat them. It didn’t help that they looked like cookies. (Maybe I shouldn’t do reviews on scented things when I’m hungry…)


The mani mochi scrubs are basically a sugar scrub in solid form. I’d never used anything like it before and it’s actually quite addicting. And who says it’s just for hands? This little delicious cookie…er…I mean scrubber was fabulous on my legs and arms in the shower! It left me feeling moisturized and exfoliated.


I’m really glad I was chosen to write a Savvy Naturalista Mochi Scrub review because I haven’t seen a product like this on the market before, especially not in the indie market. I would definitely recommend trying these, especially if you’re a sugar scrub junkie like me.

The ingredients include salt, sugar, butters and gentle cleansers. (So I wasn’t too far off on the cookie craving, now was I?)  For the bigger mani mochis, you can cut them in to smaller pieces. As you use the pieces, they turn into a sugar scrub paste that’s more like the classic scrubs you’re probably used to using.

What do you think of Savvy Naturalista’s mani mochi scrubs? Are you going to try them?