Hot Pink Hearts Stamping

Are you ever just super in the mood for a hot pink mani? Yeah, me too! Like all the time! :P This mani features Salon Perfect Fired Up Fuchsia which I preciously received as a press sample for this post. I did do two coats of Salon Perfect Sugar Cube first, and then two coats of Fired Up Fuchsia. I used Konad Special Black Polish to stamp a design from Vivid Lacquer plate VL009.

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Salon Perfect Gradient for Tri-Polish Tuesday

It’s Tuesday, but I don’t care because I have the week off. Woo hoo!!!! I grabbed three Salon Perfect polishes that I received in this press sample. I’ve been hankering for a gradient and it’s tri-polish Tuesday, so I picked Loopy Lime, Tickled Pink, and Plum Sorbet! This is my first time doing a gradient with more than two colors. It’s much harder to blend than a two color mani! The final look for this mani kinda reminds me of strawberries!


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Watermarble Nail Art – Neon Green!

For this month’s He Picks My Polish challenge, my husband so lovingly picked Salon Perfect Loopy Lime (which I received as a press sample here) and China Glaze Grass is Lime Greener, from the City Flourish Collection. It’s been a while since I did a watermarble and I thought a two-tone marble could look interesting. I like how this turned out, I just wish my camera was better friends with neon polishes!


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Black and White Mani for FingerFood Theme Buffet

Today’s mani is for this week’s FingerFood Theme Buffet Prompt! The prompt this time is inspired by fabric or a piece of clothing. I wanted to do a mani that matched this outfit that I got from Stitch Fix.  I posted this outfit on my blog forever ago!

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Neon Pop Flower Decals!

The Salon Perfect Neon Pop collection was sent to me as a press sample to play around with – and boy is it fun! You can see all my swatches here. I decided to try my hand (pun not intended) at decals again since my first attempt (here) wasn’t that wonderful. Unfortunately, this one isn’t wonderful either! I keep smearing it. This time, the smears happened when I put on my final top coat. I used KB Shimmer Clearly On Top and I did float the brush, so I don’t know what happened! //shrug

In other news, I recently found out that the vast majority of the original Doctor Who was lost in a fire at BBC. This is heartbreaking! I didn’t know this and know I feel extremely saddened by it! I should probably buy myself some polish to make me feel better, right?

I used a number of the Salon Perfect Neon Pop Collection for this mani: Yowza Yellow, Traffic Cone, Tickled Pink, and Haute Pink. I also used Plum Sorbet with is part of their regular line. The stamping plate was Vivid Lacquer VL 008. This flower design is one of my favorite designs ever. I use it all the time. I don’t usually use the same design over and over again because I don’t want to bore you, dear reader. But in this case, who can ever get bored with flowers! :P




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Salon Perfect Neon Pop Collection!

{{Press Sample}}
The Salon Perfect Neon Pop Collection was sent to me to review and I’m so happy it was! This collection is bright bright bright! You can see the press release, along with a complete list of colors, here. I got 7 from the Neon Pop collection and 2 from their regular line.



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Press Release: Salon Perfect Neon POP Collection!



Make Nails Stand Out with Salon Perfect® Neon POP Collection


Neon nails are the it manicure look for summer with eye-dazzling digits ruling from the catwalk to the boardwalk. Let your fingertips feel the energy of a high-voltage shade with Neon POP, a new collection of vibrant, neon lacquers from Salon Perfect®. Whether you’re just dabbling in a highlighter bright hue or living the full-on Technicolor dream, these 12 bright and bold neon shades will POP out from the rest.

Available this July exclusively at Walmart, the Salon Perfect® Neon POP collection features:
• Flamingo Flair – Neon flamingo pink
• Electric Grape – Glitter-charged electric purple
• Perky Pink – Bubbly bright pink
• Tickled Pink – Neon bubblegum pink
• Traffic Cone – Neon orange
• Yowza Yellow – Highlighter yellow
• Summer Escape – Blazing sunny orange
• Oceanic – Bright blue with a jolt of glitter
• Haute Pink – Scorching hot pink
• Gone Sailing – Energizing sea green shimmer
• Loopy Lime – Luminous lime green
• Fired Up Fuchsia – Flashy fuchsia shimmer
• Sugar Cube – bright white crème (Insider Tip: Use as a base color to make neon shades really POP.)
• Crystal Clear – Clear top coat for a glossy finish


The Salon Perfect® Neon POP collection will launch in July as part of a limited edition promotional display at select Walmart stores nationwide. Individual shades will retail for $3.98.

From lashes and brow products, to nail color and beauty tools, Salon Perfect® has the products needed to look effortlessly beautiful at an affordable price. View the complete Salon Perfect® collection at Follow Salon Perfect on Facebook (@SalonPerfectLashes), Instagram (@SalonPerfect), Twitter (@Salon_Perfect), Pinterest ( or YouTube (


4th of July Nail Art!

It’s not quite time for the 4th of July…but I wanted to give you plenty of time to plan your patriotic manis! I received the Salon Perfect Paint the Town Red, White, and Blue collection. You can see swatches of what I got here. This collection is perfect for the 4th of July. It’s packed with very cool glitter toppers. My favorite is Salon Perfect Star Spangled so of course I wanted to do some nail art featuring this beauty. To do this mani, start with two coats of a white polish. I picked Sally Hansen White On. I then topped it with Seche Vite. After it was dry, I used scotch tape to create a square where I then used Salon Perfect Wild Blue Yonder to paint blue. Another coat of SV. Then, I used my Bundle Monster Plate BM14 to stamp a couple stars on the blue. Finally, I used striping tape (Salon Perfect has some in this new line!) to create the red and white stripes. I used the gorgeous Salon Perfect Paint the Town Red polish for this part. Then, on the remaining three nails, I used Salon Perfect Star Spangled – two coats. I did a little fishing for the stars so I could have at least one of each color on each nail. I hope you like it! :) {The Salon Perfect polishes used in this mani were a press sample}


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Salon Perfect Paint the Town Red, White, and Blue Swatches and Review

{Press Sample}

I received these polishes, decals, and striping tape from Salon Perfect. This is their new collection, “Salon Perfect Paint the Town Red, White, and Blue”. You can see a full listing of colors and availability here. I was sent two packs of decals, two packs of striping tape, a clear top coat, and these seven polishes:

  • Salon Perfect Wild Blue Yonder
  • Salon Perfect Silver Sparkler
  • Salon Perfect Fool’s Gold
  • Salon Perfect Paint the Town Red
  • Salon Perfect Grand Finale
  • Salon Perfect Save Me a Spot
  • Salon Perfect Star Spangled






As you can see, this collection with have you squared away for the Fourth of July. You will not need any other polishes! LOL! This line is perfect!


Salon Perfect Wild Blue Yonder is a gorgeous light blue creme. The brush was a little tough to use but I managed to make it work. It self-leveled ok, but it did kind of drip to the corner. I wasn’t doing super thick coats or anything, it just sank a little. I really love this color, though. It’s very rich. I also like how it’s not the classic cobalt you see for 4th of July. It will be very versatile.



  Salon Perfect Fool’s Gold is a glitter topper with small circle glitters and medium hexagon glitters. The application on this was great. I didn’t need to fish or anything.


Salon Perfect Paint the Town Red is one of the stars of this collection. It’s a gorgeous red crelly. I can’t get enough of this. It’s already one of my favorite reds and I’ve only owned it for a day or two! It’s just a great formula. It went on smoothly and looks gorgeous.


Salon Perfect Grand Finale is a glitter topper with silver, blue, and red bar glitters. I didn’t have to fish for glitters, but I did have to adjust them a little at the tips so I didn’t have bars hanging off the edge. But that is typical of any bar glitter. I think this one could be really  fun layered many times over itself. Just a giant patriotic firework on your nail.


Salon Perfect Save Me a Spot by far has the best name. Get it? It’s spotted glitters? And the name is Save Me a SPOT? LOL. I literally laughed when I read the name. I love it. I did have to fish quite a bit to get the circles out. If I just pulled the brush out like usual, there was only one or two circles on it. Luckily, they were easy to fish  out.


Salon Perfect Silver Sparkler  is another glitter topper with tiny holo silver glitters and medium hex glitters. This one didn’t need any effort to get a nice level of coverage. I think this one would be perfect over almost any color! It’s simple and pretty!


Salon Perfect Star Spangled is the STAR of this collection (See? They’re not the only ones that can make puns!!) I looooove this glitter topper, and I’m not a huge fan of glitter as many of you know. I love the holo specs and the star glitters are just so fun and cute. I will be wearing this for 4th of July hands down. (Oh daaaang. There she goes again!)


I also wanted to try out the decals. I really liked them at first because they seemed like they were sticky enough to last a while. Unfortunately, when I applied my top coat, things went haywire. The decals started peeling up and bubbling. It is really weird. I’m going to try them again with a different top coat to see if that makes a difference. I used HK Girl this time and it clearly did not get along with these decals.


Do you have a favorite in this collection? What do you think? Will you be picking any of them up at your local drugstore?

Top Coat Showdown – Dry Time

I’m a member of a few different Facebook groups for polish lovers. Frequently, people will ask what the favorite top coats are. There are a few names that always come up: Seche Vite, Out the Door, and HK Girl. Each of these top coats has a cult following. I used to use Seche Vite (pronounced “Sesh Veet”) and switched to HK Girl. I have never tried Out the Door. While I was shopping at Costco this morning, I realized I had never seen a side-by-side comparison of these top coats. I’m sure it exists lots of places, but I decided that readers of Betty’s Beauty Bombs should have this comparison right at their fingertips. So, after Costco, I hurried over to Sally Beauty Supply to get Seche Vite and Out the Door. I already have many, many bottles of HK Girl. I added into the showdown Sally Hansen’s Big Shiny Top Coat because I already owned it and who knows…maybe it’ll beat out the others! :)

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Press Release: Salon Perfect Paint the Town Red!

Paint the Town Red, White & Blue with Salon Perfect®


Celebrate your creative independence with Salon Perfect®. Whether you were Born in the U.S.A., or here to Party in the U.S.A., this Fourth of July everyone from sea to shining sea will Paint the Town Red White & Blue with Salon Perfect®. Available this June at select Walmart stores nationwide, this collection of nail lacquers, liners, pens, decals, tapes and tools allows you to express your patriotism in style.

Show your stars and stripes with glittery polish toppers bursting with patriotic flare. Go nautical in red, white and blue crème lacquers paired with star nail decals and matte glitters. Make your own Grand Finale using a holographic fiber top coat. Whatever your look, the Salon Perfect® Paint the Town Red, White & Blue collection has everything you’ll need for the most festive Fourth of July nails.

The Salon Perfect® Paint the Town Red, White & Blue collection features 15 shades including classic red, white and blue crèmes and shimmers, plus gold and silver metallics, and six limited edition glitter top coats:
Sugar Cube – Bright white crème
He’s With Me! – Deep red glitter
Blue Ribbon – Deep blue glossy shimmer
Wild Blue Yonder – Light blue crème
Paint the Town Red – Classic red crème
Gold Leaf – Rich metallic gold shimmer
Twinkle Twinkle – Silver metallic glitter
Silver Sparkler – Multi-dimensional silver glitter
Fool’s Gold – Multi-dimensional gold glitter
Grand Finale – Red, white and blue glitter fiber top coat
Save Me a Spot – Red, white and blue large matte glitter top coat
Speck-Tacular – Red, white and blue matte glitter top coat
Boom Boom Boom – Red, white and blue collision matte glitter top coat
Star Spangled – Silver glitter top coat with red, white and blue stars
Starred & Striped – Top coat with blue stars and red and white glitter fibers



Accessorize your manicure with festive decals, dots, doodles and more with Salon Perfect® nail art liners, pens, decals, tapes and tools including:
Firecracker Nail Decal Kit – Red and silver metallic nail decals
Star Struck Nail Decal Kit – White and silver multi-sized star decals
Red, White & Blue Forever – Silver, gold, red and blue striping tape
Seeing Stars & Stripes – Red, white, blue and black striping tape
Nail Art Pens in black, white, silver and gold
Nail Art Duo dotting tools
Nail Art Liners in red, white, blue, gold, silver and black

The Salon Perfect® Paint the Town Red, White & Blue collection will launch in June as part of a limited edition promotional display at select Walmart stores nationwide. Polish, pens and tools will retail for $3.98 each and the Nail Art Liners, Decals and Striping Tape will retail for $1.98 each.

From lashes and brow products, to nail color and beauty tools, Salon Perfect® has the products needed to look effortlessly beautiful at an affordable price. View the complete Salon Perfect® collection at

Salon Perfect Kaboom over Andrea’s Choice Somersault

My husband was nice enough to buy me Salon Perfect Kaboom–on his birthday no less! This is a glitter that has both yellow and blue tiny dots. It looks green, but there actually isn’t a green glitter in sight! I put two layers of Kaboom over two layers of Andrea’s Choice Somersault which is a neon yellow.