He Picks My Polish April 2014

It’s time for one of my favorite challenges! This is the He Picks My Polish challenge. The concept is you have a male in your life pick 2-3 polishes and you have to use them in nail art. My “he” is my darling and wonderful husband. This month, he picked all Julep! Julep Sunny, Julep Tatum, and Julep Ginger. To be honest, I had no idea what to do with these! So I decided to try my hand at some water marbling. Turns out, these polishes are horrid for marbling. They just fizzle out in the water. When I saw that happening, I put on two coats of Sally Hansen White Beaches to help the colors show. It helped a little, but this mani is still a total disaster! Shhh…Don’t tell my husband! ;)

Since I have it available, here’s a swatch of Sally Hansen White Beaches first:


And now  for the mani fail! Avert your eyes if scary things scare you!




Tri-Polish Tuesday: Psychedelic

Happy Tuesday! This mani is part of the tri-polish challenge. This month’s theme is blue, pink, and yellow! For this week’s mani, I went with Mentality Gumdrop, Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power, and Julep Charlie along with Pueen Plate 62.

I started with two coats of Mentality Gumdrop. Here’s a swatch of Gumdrop all on its own.Mentality-Gumdrop Continue reading “Tri-Polish Tuesday: Psychedelic”

Fail Friday: Stamping Color Choice Disaster

Here’s another post in my “Fail Friday” series! These are all mani’s that turned into horrible disasters! This series is exclusive to my blog so if you are the kind of person who drives by car wrecks slowly in hopes of seeing something scary or gross, then this series is for you. I originally did this mani for a tri-polish challenge, but it was so hideous I couldn’t bring myself to post it! I think my problem was a poor choice of base color and then trying to blend the two colors in one of the roses. It just doesn’t work!

I used Sally Hansen Blue Me Away!, Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power, and Pistol Polish Fight for Your Right. The stamping is Pueen Plate 64




Fail Friday: Doodles!

How about a whole new series? Fail Friday! On Fridays, I can post failed manis! The ugliest manis I’ve done and never wanted to post ‘fore real’! You will only find my fails here! Never on any social media!

I used ManGlaze #matteismurder as the base for this mani. And then I just doodles all over my nails with Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens!! Good polish gone wrong! LOL! I absolutely hate this. #failfriday

Speckled Eggs Mani

For this mani, I wanted to try out my two new Sally Hansen jelly nail polish from the Palm Beach Jellies collection. I picked up Sally Hansen Grape Jelly and Sally Hansen Sea Through at the store today. I saw swatches online and knew that these were SUPER sheer, so I started with two coats of Sally Hansen White On for a nice base coat. Then, I did two coats of Sea Through on each finger, except the ring finger where I did two coats of Grape Jelly. Then, I did two coats of Vivid Lacquer Sketchbook which is a fun black and white glitter. I then did another coat of the Sally Hansen jelly on the corresponding nails and topped it off with HK Girl Top Coat.

It reminds me of speckled robin’s egg candy that is always out for Easter! The only thing that would have made it look exactly like that candy is if I would have purchased the blue jelly!:D

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Vivid-Lacquer Sketchbook

Sally Hansen White On


Sally Hansen Jelly Polish

Sally Hansen Grape Jelly

Same or Similar? Saturday: Hot Pink Nail Polish

It’s time for another edition of Same or Similar? Saturday! This week, I’m going to compare four different hot pink polishes.

The contenders are:
Milani Pink Rocks!
Revlon Bubble Gum Pink
Sally Hansen  Fuchsia Power
Formula X EurekaHot-Pink-Nail-Polish-Dupes

And now, I have rearranged the order and painted them on my nails! Can you tell which is which?

Same or Similar Hot Pink
With topcoat
Without topcoat
With topcoat

Answers after the page break! :D
Continue reading “Same or Similar? Saturday: Hot Pink Nail Polish”

#HePicksMyPolish Challenge: Beach Art

Today’s mani is a super fun one! The challenge is to have you man in your life pick 2-3 polishes. My “he” is my husband. I had to leave the room while he was picking them so that I wouldn’t accidentally influence him. :D


Here are the polishes he picked:

They are: Zoya Yummy, Sally Hansen White On, and China Glaze Metro-Pollen-Tin. He said that he even had a design idea which was to do a beach mani. That was super challenging for me because I’m not good at freehand and he didn’t pick a good stamping polish! LOL!
So here’s my attempt at a freehand beach scene using the polishes my darling husband selected from my collection.




China-Glaze -Metro-Pollen-Tin


Skyline Nails – Adventures in Stamping Sunday Challenge

For this week’s  Adventures in Stamping Sunday Challenge, the theme is skyline nails. I’ve always loved skyline nails but when I see them, it’s always a sunset. So for my mani, I wanted to do something a little different and do a daytime skyline!! I knew that Zoya Yummy would be the perfect daytime blue for this so I started with two coats of that. Then, I used Konad Special Black polish to stamp a design from Vivid Lacquer plate VL004. Then I used a dotting tool and Sally Hansen White On to hand draw the clouds. Lastly, I used a black nail art pen I purchased from BornPretty.com to draw the little birds. I hope you like it!







Same or Similar? Saturday. The reds!

It’s time for another showdown on….

Same or Similar? Saturday!

Today’s contenders are, in alphabetical order by name:
LA CC 1945
Sally Hansen Heart to Heart
Julep January
Formula X for Sephora Pyrotechnic
As you can see, these look quite similar in the bottles…but are they the same?!?!
Red Nail Polish Swatches
From left to right: LA CC, Julep, Sally Hansen, Formula X
I mixed up the order of the polishes and swatched them! Here they are without a top coat:
Can you tell which is which? Answer after the page break!

Ok, time to reveal the answers!
Here they are again, labeled, and without a top coat. Two coats of each polish were used.
Julep January

Here are the same polishes, in the same order, with a top coat.

LA CC 1945

My take: These are amazingly similar. There is no reason to own all four unless you’re a collector like me. :) Pyrotechnic is slightly darker than the rest and Heart to Heart is slightly lighter. But really, these are like…so similar, any normal person would call them the same.

Let’s talk formulas. All of the formulas are good. If I had to pick a least favorite, it would be Julep. It was just a little thick, which is something Julep polishes are notorious for.

Let’s take a look at the brushes.

This is Formula X. This brush is decent. It’s really hard to say how the whole line would be because I have a mini set and sometimes the brushes from the minis are different than real-size brushes.

Formula X for Sephora Pyrotechnic

 LA CC Brush: This brush is great! I love a flat, square brush as I find I have the most control.

LA CC 1945

Julep: This is my least favorite of the brushes. It’s round which makes it harder for me to get good, even application at my cuticles. You can see in the swatch pics above that my pointer finger is the least well-done…and that was a Julep brush!

Julep January Swatch

And finally, the Sally Hansen Brush. This one is good because it’s flat and square, but I liked the LA CC one slightly better.

Sally Hansen Heart to Heart Swatch
So who’s the winner??
If you could only buy one and you’re on a budget, go with the Sally Hansen. It’s easy to find, totally affordable, and looks just like the others. :)

If you want to spend a little more, go with the LA CC because it had the smoothest application.

Wonder Woman Inspired Mani

I fell asleep watching TV last weekend. While I was asleep, my husband changed the show to a Wonder Woman cartoon. As I was drifting back to consciousness, I was thinking, “Now this seems interesting…” I’d never seen or read anything Wonder Woman at all today! So tonight I put on the cartoon and got inspired to do this mani. It looked a little better in my head… This is messier than I would have liked, but I still hope you enjoy it!

For this mani, I used
Sally HansenHeart to Heart.
Nailtini Admiral Perry
Konad Special White
Striping Tape
Bundle Monster Plate BM14 (for the stars)

Wonder Woman Mani

Nailtini Admiral Perry

Sally Hansen Heart to Heart
HK Girl Top Coat

Butterfly Wing Mani

For this mani, I was inspired by a stamping plate created by Vivid Lacquer. It’s plate VL004 and it has a butterfly wing design on it.
From pinkie to pointer, I used:
I Love Nail Polish My Little Glacier
I Love Nail Polish Cygnus Loop
I Love Nail Polish Birefringence
I Love Nail Polish Mutagen

For the black stamping, I used Konad Black and for the dots, I used Sally Hansen White On.

I Love Nail Polish

I Love Nail Polish

I Love Nail Polish

I Love Nail Polish

#LLAdoration Mani

For today’s mani, I’m doing one inspired by a prompt from The Lacquer Legion. For the month of February, the theme is “Adoration”. The great thing about The Lacquer Legion prompts is they are really open up to your interpretation.

I decided to do a mani inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Simply put, I adore her. I know she had her share of drug, alcohol, and mental problems, but her life is fascinating to me. I’ve read four biographies of hers and watched almost every movie she’s appeared in–even if she only had one line! I just find her fascinating.

This mani is inspired by the dress she wore in The Misfits, which is the last film she ever finished shooting. I hope you like it!

I used Sally Hansen Red My Lips and Sally Hansen White On.

Marilyn Monroe Cherry Dress


Marilyn Monroe Manicure


Sally Hansen Red My Lips


Sally Hansen Red My Lips


SSP Vinyl Review

SSP Vinyl was generous to send me a handful of nail art stickers to make some designs with. These are the style of stickers where you peel them off to reveal a design rather than ones that are the designs themselves.

The quality of these stickers is fantastic. They stuck well to the nail…but not so sticky that they pulled off the base coat of nail color. They laid nice and flat so the design would look good on my nail. I am quite pleased with these stickers and I can’t wait to see what other designs they can create!

Where to buy:

For this, I used Orly Lavish Bash, Sally Hansen Chic Pink, and the circle design from SSP Vinyl.

For this design, I used piCture pOlish shocking and piCture pOlish aphrodisiac along with the lighting bolt SSP Vinyl stickers design.

For this design, I used Orly Fowl Play, L’Oreal I Like it Chunky, and the SSP Vinyl Chevron Designs.

Stamping with Chevrons: Pink on Nude

I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of Enchanted Polish December 2013 so I decided to spruce it up with a little stamping. Of course I pinked the color pink since pink spruces up pretty much anything. :)

I used two coats of Enchanted Polish December 2013. I selected Vivid Lacquer Plate VL006 because it has a chevron pattern I’ve never used before. I decided my pink should be Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power because it can really pop. Of course HK Girl had to be in the mix seeing as nail art can’t happen without it! :D

I hope you like it!

Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power

Enchanted Polish December 2013

Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate

Betty’s First Water Marble

I decided to try my hand (pun not intended) at water marbling. I’d tried it on one finger before but this is the first time I tried to do a whole mani. I definitely learned a few things and I think my next one will be way better. I would also not choose a color combo that looks so 70’s! LOL!

For this, I used Sally Hansen White On, Sally Hansen Blue Me Away!, and Sally Hansen Fuschia Power. Topped at the end with HK Girl of course!

Freehand Valentine’s Day Mani

For this mani, I wanted to try out the new Sally Hansen I love Nail Art Pens. I got it in Magenta and Rouge. I decided to use Vivid Lacquer It Must Be Bunnies as my base because it’s an off-white subtle holo.

The SH Nail art pens are really great. You do want to make sure you let the base coat dry all the way. I didn’t, and I got a little dragging. The flow of the polish is just right and it’s a nice fine point tip for accurate placement. I need to pick up more colors!

I’m Super Girly! And French! And Glitter! Sparkles!

This is probably one of the girliest manicures I’ve ever done….But I frickin’ Love it!

For this mani, I did two coats of Julep Simone, taped off with silver striping tape, and then painted the tips with Sally Hansen Strobe Light. At first, I was going to remove the tape, but as soon as I saw this, I knew that would be a mistake!

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The I Love Nail Polish Valentine’s Day Skittle Mani

This is my I Love Nail Polish Valentine’s Day Skittle Mani. I should probably call it my Sall-Entine’s Mani since I only used Sally Hansen! LOL!
From left to right:
Sally Hansen White On
Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power
Sally Hansen Red My Lips (received free of charge from Influenster)
Sally Hansen Pat on the Black  (received free of charge from Influenster)
Sally Hansen Black Platinum

ADD Mani

Here’s my advice: When you can’t  decide what kind of nail art to do for the day, do a different one on each nail!!!

Used for this mani:
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Black Platinum
Sally Hansen XTreme Wear Pink Boa
Glitz’d 32 Black Jack

Methods: Painter’s tape for the pointer finger
Glitter topper for the bird
Dots for the ring finger
Sponge for the pinkie

Special Finishes Patchwork Mani

Ok…so this mani was pretty tough for me. The three polishes I wanted to use were all special finishes–the ones where you’re not supposed to use a top coat. Therefore…I had to wait FOREVER in between steps! Oh, HK Girl, how I missed you! So a few spots got smudged from the tape. :( But I love the color combo! I just wish I loved being patient! LOL

The three polishes are:
Sally Hansen Chic Pink – Satin Finish
Sally Hansen Teal Tulle – Satin Finish
L’Oreal Hidden Gems – Texture Finish

Step One: Two Coats of Sally Hansen Chic Pink

Step Two: Tape off different corners of the nails and do one coat of Sally Hansen Teal Tulle

Step Three: Tape off opposing corners and do one coat of L’Oreal Hidden Gems

I hope you like it, despite a few smudges here and there! 
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