got2be Styling Products Review

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 got2be sent me three of their styling products to review for you. I’ve reviewed got2be products before and I still consider them one of my favorite drugstore hair care brands.

Since I dyed my hair purple, I have to be really  careful about what products I put in my hair. Vivid hair dye can get stripped out really easily and I wanted to prevent that from happening!


I’ve always enjoyed the got2be mind blowing collection. It does a great job of holding my style. This is the first time I’ve tried the got2be mess-merizing hair spray. This just might be my favorite hair spray ever. It smells really nice and gives the perfect amount of texture. I can’t have too much texture in my hair because it weighs it down and then I look like a homeless puppy. (Which is a cute look for a puppy but not so much for a human)


The products held my straight style well and my curly style well. Sometimes, styling products are only good at one or the other.

got2be-mousse got2be-styline-products-review got2be-mousse

ColorProof Styling Products Review

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 ColorProof sent me these styling and hair care products to review for you. I’ve reviewed some of these products before and I really enjoyed them. My vivid hair colorist comments each time I visit that she’s impressed with how little fading I have. I use ColorProof most days so I can only assume that it has something to do with my results!


The ColorProof leave-in conditioner (green bottle) smells delightful. It has shea butter in it so it smells really great! It makes my hair really smooth and easy to style. The ColorProof Split End Mender works ok. I wasn’t super blown away. My ends are pretty fried so it would take nothing short of a miracle to make them look good. This guy isn’t quite up to the task, but it certainly didn’t hurt.


I also received the Color Proof Super Plump conditioner, the Lift Foam Mousse, and the Moisture Treatment.


The red Super Plump conditioner and the red bottled lift mousse are absolutely my favorite ColorProof items so far! They smell really great and I love what they do to my hair! The mousse adds a lot of nice volume and really helps my hair hold any curls I put in.


I would really recommend the red bottle line of ColorProof. I am very impressed with the nourishment and hold these products gave me.


NudeStix Matte Pencil Review

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NudeStix sent me two of their matte lip colors and their blurring pencil to review for you. These are sold at Sephora but you can get 4-5% cashback if you click through the shopathome coupon first. :) (You’re welcome.)

nudestix-review nudestix

Nudestix come in a really nice tin that holds both the stick and a sharpener-with room to spare! The lid of the tin even has a mirror so it’s rather a perfect traveling companion.nudestix-reviewsreview-of-nudestix

The colors are nice and vibrant. They swatched smoothly on the back of my hand without any tugging or added pressure. The two colors they sent me are Belle (taupe) and Royal (red).


Here I am sporting Royal. I used the blurring pencil underneath which helped fill in the creases in my lips. (Damn you calendar! Always making me older!)


Here is my look using Belle. This one is a much more casual tone and almost matches the natural color of my lips. This is a great nude color for that finished look. nudestix-matte-belle

Both of these colors went on very smoothly. Even though they’re a touch matte, I did not feel like my lips were doing to dry up and fall off. Yay!

It Cosmetics Review

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It Cosmetics sent me quite a few products to review for you!


I was pretty surprised at how much came in this box.


It Cosmetics sent me five shades of their CC+ Creme. I will use the lightest, of course! I used this as a warm-up to my full-coverage foundation. My normal routine is cleanse, moisturize, BB cream, foundation, concealor. I used the It Cosmetics CC+ cream in place of my usual BB cream.

This is a very light coverage cream. It is nicely moisturizing. However, it has a bit of a strange scent that I can’t quite place.


It Cosmetics sent me four shades of their Bye Bye Undereye concealer. Once again, I’ll be using the lightest one!

This conceler does a great job of covering up my blemishes and under eye circles. This does not have the strange smell that the CC cream has so that is a relief.


This is their Bye-Bye Pores Powder. It’s translucent so it can be used over any skin tone.

This is a great setting powder – especially if you don’t like the over powdered look. (Who does?!)


This is a fluffy powder brush. I fell in love with this brush at first use! It dusts the perfect amount of powder on and the small brush on the dual end allows for more detailed work.


Next is the It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara. I’m crazy in love with this mascara. It makes my lashes va-va-va-voom! This might be my new go-to mascara. That really means something since I’ve been with my other mascara for years and years!


Finally, the Brow Power pencil. This is an It Cosmetics product that has never worked for me. It doesn’t seem to apply any product on my brows. This is the third time I’ve tried it and it still just isn’t working for me. I think this is a love it or leave it kind of product. I’m sure it works great for some people!it-cosmetics-brow-power

Here I am sporting all the products except the brow powder.

it-cosmetics-cc-creme-review it-cosmetics-reviews

My favorites are the brush and the mascara. Those certainly are must-tries! Have you tried these or any of the other items in this set I got?

As for what I’m doing with the products that don’t match my skin tone…I’m waiting for the blessing from It Cosmetics and then I’ll decide if I’m going to give them to friends…or make them some giveaway prizes! :)

Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Skincare Review

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 Osmotics Cosmeceuticals sent me three products from their Normal/Dry skin collection. You can find osmotics at or in select Nordstrom and Dillard’s stores.

I picked selections from the normal/dry line because I do have quite dry skin. It’s a thirsty, thirsty beast.


Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Eye Surgery Under Eye Rejuvenator claims to target stubborn circles, reduce puffy eye bags, and firms crepey lids. To use, gently pat the cream around a clean eye area using your ring finger. Let it absorb before applying makeup on top.

The eye surgery cream does a good job of hydrating but I did not notice a marked decrease in my under eye circles.


Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Creme Extreme intensive repair is a rich face cream that repairs dry and damaged skin.

This stuff is nice and thick – exactly what my dry skin needs. This goes on smoothly, soaks in quickly, and moisturizes really well.


Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Blue Copper 5 Anti-Aging Cleansing Gelee is a sulfate-free, natural lathering cleanser and makeup remover.

This gelee is the real winner in this collection. It does a fabulous job of cleaning my skin and removing makeup. In fact, it’s the best makeup-removing cleanser I have ever tried. My skin is very happy with this cleanser!


 osmotice-review osmotice-cosmeceuticals-reviews

NYC Lovatics Collection

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NYC sent me their new Lovatics collection to play with! This collection is by Demi Lovato. My husband loves Demi so how could I not review her makeup?? I was sent two of the lip and cheek stains as well as the natural palette.  The two stains are Cheeky Pink and Cheeky Berry.


The NYC Lovatics Collection palette is gorgeous. It has a lot of shades in common with a popular high-end nude palette. This NYC Natural palette has a great mix of matte and shimmer. This allows for a lot of different looks! You can go very light and nude with this palette or you can do something deeper and smokey.


The shadows aren’t quite as smooth and blendable as its famous counterpart, but this is definitely an affordable option to look in to. The palette also doesn’t have shades that are a dark as the leading competitor’s. I actually prefer this as I rarely wear black or dark gray shadows.



This lip and cheek tints were a huge win for me. Normally, I can only wear a stain one day because two days in a row causes my lips to dry out too painfully. This stain did not do that! I was very amazed and thrilled. It lasted most of the day, too! I found myself reapplying at lunch after I’d eaten. When I reapplied, it blended well into the parts of my lip that were still stained from the morning. Sometimes, stain residue doesn’t blend and you end up looking like some sort of weird clown.




I liked the shadows a lot, but it’s really those stains that are the winners. Those are a must-try!


Have you seen this collection in your local drugstore yet? I know that I want to pick up the other two shades of the stains. :D

Liposomes Beauty Gelle Review

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NeoCell Beauty sent me their Lipsomes Collagen replenishing beauty gelle to review for you! I’ve been using this every night for two weeks. This gelle leaves my skin silky smooth. The first night I tried it, I couldn’t stop touching my skin. It felt like a baby’s bottom.


It does have a gel-like texture. I use about two pea-sized blobs to cover my whole face. I have very dry skin so someone with normal to oily skin could use a lot less. This greaseless formula firms and supports instantly, not heavy, and lets skin breath.


I’m very happy with this beauty gelle and I might just need to purchase more when I’ve used up this sample! Have you ever heard of or used Liposomes Beauty Gelle? It was new to me but I’m really glad I know about it now!



Earth Theraputics Cosmetic Blending Sponge

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Earth Theraputics sent me their cosmetic blending sponge to review for you. The sponge has charcoal infused during the manufacturing process with helps to neutralize toxins and impurities. It is very soft so it will shape to the contour of your face while you’re applying your foundation.  Earth Theraputics skin  care products do not test on animals and contain no parabens, no lauren/laureth sulfates, and no artificial colors.


The Earth Theraputics Cosmetic Blending Sponge retails for $12.99.


I love the shape of the sponge. The indents in its hourglass figure help me hold on to the sponge without need to dig my fingernails into the sponge itself.


I’ve been using the sponge wet to apply my foundation which is how I use its pink competitor. I was impressed how little of my foundation got sucked into the sponge. Even when I use other sponges wet, I still lose a lot of product to the sponge’s thirsty cravings. With the Earth Theraputics sponge, barely any foundation was sucked in. So at the very least, it’s going to save me some money by wasting less product!


The sponge provides a very smooth application that helps blend the makeup into my skin. I use the dabbing method to apply and it worked really well.


This is the second product I’ve received to review from Earth Theraputics and I’ve really liked both products. This is a brand I’m going to keep my eye on!


Have you tried this brand or this sponge? What did you think?

Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream Review

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I was sent this Himalayan Sea Buckthorn facial cream to review. The packaging touts a high concentration of sea buckthorn for healthier, beautiful skin. You can read more about sea buckthorn here on WebMD.


I’ve been using this facial cream every morning for a few weeks (at the time of this writing.) It is a very lightweight moisturizer which works perfectly under my daily BB cream routine. (Look for an upcoming post on my entire face routine!!) This cream is a little too lightweight for me to use at night. I have quite dry skin so I need something heavier at night. This would be perfect morning and night for someone who has oily to medium skin.


I frequently get complimented on my skin both in real life and online. So as you can imagine, I’m very careful about how I take care of it! This Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream has become part of my standard daily routine. As with any product, you’ll want to do a spot test to ensure you don’t have allergies. I always do this when I’m reviewing something new. Nothing is more uncomfortable than a rash all over your face! And that has certainly happened to me before!


I would recommend trying this facial cream if you’re in the market for a good, lightweight moisturizer. You can see the whole line of products at


I hope you enjoyed my Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream review! I know I enjoyed testing this out for you!

Bliss Kiss Simply Neat Miracle Mat Review

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Bliss Kiss has sent me their new miracle mat to review for you. (Also available on Amazon!) This is a silicone mat that is highly useful for all sorts of nail art. The main reason people buy silicone nail art mats is for making nail art decals. This mat is available today (1/12/2016) in the US and will be available internationally on the 14th.


This is my favorite part of the Bliss Kiss Miracle Mat – the stamp testing zone. You can stamp directly on to the black and/or white areas to see how a polish might stamp over a light or a dark polish. This comes in so handy when you’re trying to plan out nail art but you’re using polish combinations you haven’t tried before.


Another fantastic use of the Bliss Kiss Miracle Mat is making decals. You can make stamped decals by following the easy directions here. And don’t worry! You don’t have to memorize them. They are printed right on the mat for you. Later in this post you’ll see that you can actually use the mat to make more than just stamp decals. I tried my hand at needle drag nail art for the very first time using this mat!



Here’s a shot of my mat while I’m making needle drag nail art decals. My husband was wildly intrigued by this process and kept coming over to see what I was doing in between rounds of Call of Duty. I swear to God that anything that takes him away from CoD is definitely something to write home about!!!



Here’s what the decals look like when you peel them off that mat and stick them to your nail. (Your basecoat should still be wet. I did one nail at a time to ensure my base coat didn’t dry too quickly.)


I use cuticle clippers to trim off most of the excess decal and used a brush dipped in acetone for detailed clean up work. You can see on my pinky nail that I didn’t put the decal close enough to my cuticle. Flaws aside, for my first-ever needle drag nail art, I have to admit this isn’t half bad. I used Sally Hansen Orchid Me Not and Sally Hansen Blue My Mind.



I accidentally found out that the mat is super handy for rhinestomes as well. The black squares make it a ton easier to see the rhinestones. Also, the mat has a bit of give so it’s much easier to pick them up! This was a nice little surprise. Plus, you’re not in too much danger of knocking the rhinestones off the mat because it has a lip around the edge. You can see the lip in the far left of the below photo.


Thanks again to Bliss Kiss for sending me their Miracle Mat! This is a huge help to all sorts of nail art! I highly recommend picking it up. And while you’re shopping on their site, you simply must get their liquid latex and their cuticle oil!

Ikea Alex vs Helmer vs Melmer

{Purchased by Me}

One of the most frequent questions I see asked in nail polish groups is “What’s the difference between the Ikea Alex, Ikea Helmer, and Michael’s ‘Melmer’?” Since I own at least one of each, I want to take some time to thoroughly answer that question with pics, pros and cons, and my personal opinion.

Here is a labeled picture showing the relative size of the Ikea Alex (tall), Ikea Alex, Ikea Helmer, and Michael’s Melmer. The “Melmer” is sold at Michael’s and is a 12″ square, three drawer box. It is called the Melmer because many women who don’t have an Ikea nearby use this instead of the Helmer.

The Ikea Alex is actually a whole line of different units. I have two versions of this – the standard size (5 drawers) and the tall size (9 drawers). There is also a wider version of the Alex available. It’s as tall as the standard size one, but about twice as wide. This is the least common one that people buy. There is some thought that the weight of the polish would bend the longer drawers. I can’t attest to this because I don’t own that item.

All of these units must be built once you get it home. The Melmer was, for me, the most difficult to assemble. The Helmer was the easiest. The Alex units and the Melmer are both made of particleboard but the Alex does look and feel like much better quality. The Helmer is made of a light metal which does make it look like a filing cabinet. There are some women who purchase decals (holo ones exist!) that cover the Helmer to make it look less industrial.


Here is a close-up shot of the Melmer.


I don’t actually store polish in it right now, but I grabbed a nearby Orly so you can see that the shelves are plenty tall enough to handle polish bottles. The drawers come all the way out which is actually pretty important…you’ll see why when I talk about the Alex further on. The Melmer is also the least expensive option which is another reason for its popularity. (Especially if you have a coupon!)


The Ikea Helmer has six drawers, all of which come all the way out of the unit. This is the second-most inexpensive.


I store various brands in this unit and so far I haven’t found one that’s too tall. (Ok, my Louboutin are too tall, but they are too tall for any storage drawer!)


Here are drawere shots of the Ikea Alex. This is one of my China Glaze drawers. These drawers do not pull all the way out and there are at least three inches in the back that you can’t see. This is a problem when the drawer is full! This China Glaze drawer is nearly full and is pulled all the way out. You can see there are polishes hiding in the back and it’s impossible to tell what colors they are. So, you either need to know your collection like the back of your hand, or you should not completely fill up the drawers.


The Alex units have both short drawers and tall drawers. Right now, the tallest polishes I own are Julep. They fit comfortable in the short drawers. So, if you have anything taller than a Julep, it should fit just fine in the tall drawers.

The Alex units are the most expensive option. Obviously the taller one is even more expensive than the shorter one.


The added bonus of the Ikea furniture is that you can piece it together to make a desk. If something breaks or gets ruined with one piece (like the desktop board) then you just need to replace that one piece rather than the whole unit. Both my husband and I have Ikea desks and we love them. Here is my desk. I’m using two standard Ikea Alex drawer units as the legs and then I got the plain white desktop piece. The desktop pieces come in varying lengths so I could even make my desk bigger if I wanted to

I have seen people also make a desk using the Ikea Helmer. However, that just doesn’t look and feel as sturdy to me. But, it has been done and I haven’t heard any horror stories of it crashing down!

Extra points if you can tell what I was watching on Netflix while I was taking pictures!


I hope you found this information about the Ikea Alex vs Helmer vs Melmer helpful! My personal vote is for the Ikea Alex pieces. Even though there is the issue with the drawers, they look the most adult and are the sturdiest.

ColorProof Glam Squad

{Press Sample}

ColorProof sent me their frizz control collection to review for you. The glam squad set comes with a shampoo, conditioner, and shine spray. I used each of these products every day for 10 days to write this review.


The shampoo and conditioner work quite well. They did a great job keeping my frizz under control – which was no easy task this week. The weather has been schizophrenic which is a recipe for frizz! Sun, dry, dark, rain. Roll the dice at any given moment…you never know what you’ll get when you look outside! The only thing I don’t like about the shampoo and conditioner is the smell. It has a very sweet mango-like smell that I just don’t care for. I’m sure a lot of people love the smell, but it’s a tad too sweet and fruity for me.



The shine spray was my favorite of the trio. It smells fantastic! And when they say it’s light weight, they really mean it. This did not weigh down my hair at all. It added some nice shine and that’s it. Which is fabulous because that’s all I wanted it to do!





I was also sent this super cute cosmetic bag with the hair products. It’s a blue, red, and black plaid batter. It’s about the size of a large paperback book.


This little cosmetic bag has a ton of nooks and crannies to put stuff!




The two inner bags snap on to the outer bag so you can take just a small bag or the whole thing with you. It’s really quite brilliant.


The back of the bag has these slots which are the perfect size for traveling with your makeup brushes. It’s not quite big enough to put things like eye makeup remover in, but it’s perfect for brushes.


Thanks again to ColorProof for sending these products my way!

CoverGirl Plumpify Mascara Review

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Influenster sent me the new CoverGirl Plumpify Mascara to review. (It’s pretty fun to be a member of Influenster. It’s free to sign up! You can sign up here.) While the mascara was provided to me free of charge, all opinions are genuine and are my own. CoverGirl also had Influenster send me their new Oh Sugar lip product in caramel.


The brush for this mascara is gigantic. I have found that I actually really dislike huge brushes. I find that a huge brush does not mean huge lashes. Quite the opposite, in fact. The bigger the brush, the harder it is to expertly coat the lashes.


The Oh Sugar lipstick in caramel is a lovely, light nude color. I found it to be quite moisturizing. It nearly matches my natural lip color so mentally, I consider this a tinted chapstick. The quality is good and I would look for more colors from this line to add to my collection.



Here are my before and after shots of the Covergirl Plumpify Mascara. It does a good job of making my lashes look bigger, but I do have issues with the brush as described above. I think for a drugstore mascara, this one’s not half bad. (I really loved the Covergirl Bombshell mascara from a year or two ago. That was my all time favorite drugstore mascara.)


Here’s the full-face look including the Caramel Oh Sugar lip product.



I like the Covergirl Plumpify Mascara, but it’s unlikely that I’ll purchase it. It can’t compete with my favorite high end mascara. (And the Covergirl Bombshell mascara could!) This is a good choice for a drugstore brand mascara and it should be easy to find in many stores around. I like the Oh Sugar lip product line especially since it’s so moisturizing. Thanks again to Influenster and Covergirl for sending these my way!

Earth Theraputics Eyebrow Grooming Set Review

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Earth Theraputics send me their eyebrow grooming set to review. I am obsessed with getting my eyebrows to look right and it’s a never ending battle! So I jumped at the chance to review a high-quality eyebrow grooming kit to see if I could tame these angry caterpillars.


The grooming kit comes in a perfect little storage and travel pouch that holds all the tools. The tools included are a shaver, tweezers, scissors, and a dual use brow/lash comb.



Have you ever tried taking selfies whilst also grooming your face? It’s actually quite difficult! So I apologize for the weird facial expressions. These are basically the expressions that I make when I’m working on my face. LOL.

I have found that the brow routine that works best for me is to get them waxed professionally every month or so and then do a little upkeep myself inbetween appointments. Lately, I’ve been using the Benefit Brow Bar for my waxings.

The tools included in the Earth Theraputics grooming kit can be used to completely do your own browns (if you’re more talented than me) or they can be used for upkeep after seeking professional help.


The brow and lash brush has nice, stiff bristles. They are very good at bossing around my rebellious eyebrow hairs. My brows are extra hard to manage because I have numerous bald spots, the hair is thin, and the hair is LONG. It’s like the trifecta of bad brow genes.


The eyebrow scissors are quite wonderful. The best part is that there is a little comb attached so it’s easy to use. I used to use a little comb in one hand and scissors in another. But this makes it one-stop trimming without needed extra tools. Plus, the scissors are quite sharp so they cut easily and have clean lines.


The eyebrow shaver is great for large areas where you don’t want hair. For example, the space in between the brows. When you use a shaver, you avoid the irritation of tweezing or waxing.


The tweezers have a really nice sharp angle. Nobody likes dull tweezer edges. The sharper the tweezer edge, the easier to is to grab those stubborn hairs that continuously try to evade being plucked.


Overall, I think this is a great little eyebrow grooming set. It’s portable and the tools are well made. Now I just have to keep practicing getting my brows filled in just right!

Chopsaver Review

{Press Sample}

Chopsaver sent me their lip balm to review for you. Chopsaver was invented by a trumpet player who needed his lips to be moisturized in so that dry lips didn’t adversely affect his craft. I totally get this. I played the oboe for a number of years and it was a delicate balance between moisturizing and not having too much goop that gets in the way of playing. (My oboe teacher used to lecture me on how I wear too much lipstick. LOL. All my reeds were tinted pink and red.)

This lip blam couldn’t have come at a better time for me. It’s been pretty cold around here lately and my lips are definitely feeling it. I started carrying Chopsaver around everywhere I went and I can now tell you this is a great lip balm!


This one doesn’t have much of a smell, which is really nice. Sometimes the scented lip balms don’t work as well as a product that is just focusing on being good at what it’s supposed to do. Chopsaver is a lip balm work horse and does a great job treating my chronic dry lips.



Thanks for reading my Chopsaver review! What do you think of this balm? Had you heard of it before?



Derma e Skin Care Review

{Press Sample}

Derma e sent me two of their skin care products to review for you. Derma e products are vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and packaged for recyclability. They also use a wind-powered facility for production! Talk about responsible!

Derma e sent me their Purifying Daily Detox Scrub and their Evenly Radiant Dark Circle Eye Creme. I used the scrub every other day or so and the eye creme twice a day.


The Purifying Daily Detox Scrub is safe for daily use. It leaves my skin feeling clean, refreshed, and minty! Yep! It has a bit of a minty feeling after use. It goes away a few minutes later. It’s kind of a neat sensation!


The Evenly Radiant Dark Circle Eye Creme is absolutely a fantastic product. I have genetic dark circles that are impossible to get rid of. I’ve tried my whole life so I’d actually given up on trying to treat my dark circles. This eye creme does not help with genetic dark circles but holy cow…I did not realize how much of my dark circles were not genetic. Within a few days of use, I started noticing a significant decrease in my dark circles. This has resulted in needed to use less concealer. It’s actually pretty great and Derma e has turned me from their blogger in to a customer!


I use the eye cream twice a day, every day.


Thanks for reading my Derma e skin care review! Have you tried or heard of this brand? They sell a wide spectrum of skin care products. As I continue to purchase the eye cream, I’m going to start trying each of their other products. I have my sights set on the Evenly Radiant Brightening Cleanser next!




Smooth ‘N Shine Hair Care Review

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Today, I have a Smooth ‘N Shine hair care review for you! Smooth ‘N Shine sent me two hair styling products to review for you! You can find Smooth ‘N Shine at Walmart, Family Dollar, Target, CVS & Walgreens. (Use the links provided to earn cash back from Shop at Home! Yes, they really do pay you to shop.)

I was sent the Smooth ‘N Shine Hair Polisher ($4.99) and the Smooth ‘N Shine Edge Smoothing Pomade ($2.99). Both of them smell really good! The pomade even has a bit of a minty smell to it.







I think my hair looks much shinier and frizz-free than when I don’t use any product at all! I’m super impressed with the lack of frizz! In this humid climate, I typically have fly-aways and frizz all over the place – even after I’ve just finished styling my hair. My hair couldn’t be smoother now!


The pomade had a medium to low hold for me. Most products do – if they hold a style at all. My hair is so fine and limp that it really refuses to stay in any style! What I love about the pomade is that it’s hiding the fact that I’m long, long overdue for a haircut. My ends look smooth and shiny even though in reality they’re full of split ends! (Don’t worry Lindsay! I’m coming to see you really soon!!) Neither of these products weighed down my fine hair, either, which was really nice. A lot of products will leave me looking like a dog that’s been left out in the rain.


Even Bandit was shocked at how smooth my hair looked. Either that, or he saw a squirrel.


I would recommend checking out the Smooth ‘N Shine products. The prices are completely affordable and the claims on the packaging appear to be true!

Soufeel Charm Bracelet Review – The Holiday Collection

{Press Sample}

Soufeel sent me another charm bracelet to review for you! The charms I picked this time are all from their holiday collection and are simply gorgeous! (You can see my previous review of Soufeel Charm Bracelets here.) They always have great prices, but they are even better right now! The bracelets do ship from China so if you’re interested in giving or getting one as a holiday present this year, don’t wait to order! Shipping takes about two weeks so there is still time to get the gift here before the holidays! The best news is that they already come in a lovely gift box!


I got six gorgeous and highly detailed charms – a stocking, a ring of stars, a snowy log cabin, a snowman, Santa, and a reindeer!


The detailing on these charms is quite lovely. Each charm is beautiful on its own and when combined together, it’s a stunning bracelet! These charms also fit other name brand charm bracelets so if your loved one already has a bracelet, you can simply add these charms! Very smart on Soufeel‘s part!


Here I am, spotted out in the wild wearing the bracelet! I felt so festive wearing these charms.


Thanks again to Soufeel for sending this lovely bracelet my way! It was a pleasure reviewing it and I love wearing it!

Savvy Naturalista Mochi Scrub Review

{Press Sample}

Savvy Naturalist sent me a few of her Mochi Scrubs to review for you! First things first…the entire package smelled delightful. Like, I wanted to eat them. It didn’t help that they looked like cookies. (Maybe I shouldn’t do reviews on scented things when I’m hungry…)


The mani mochi scrubs are basically a sugar scrub in solid form. I’d never used anything like it before and it’s actually quite addicting. And who says it’s just for hands? This little delicious cookie…er…I mean scrubber was fabulous on my legs and arms in the shower! It left me feeling moisturized and exfoliated.


I’m really glad I was chosen to write a Savvy Naturalista Mochi Scrub review because I haven’t seen a product like this on the market before, especially not in the indie market. I would definitely recommend trying these, especially if you’re a sugar scrub junkie like me.

The ingredients include salt, sugar, butters and gentle cleansers. (So I wasn’t too far off on the cookie craving, now was I?)  For the bigger mani mochis, you can cut them in to smaller pieces. As you use the pieces, they turn into a sugar scrub paste that’s more like the classic scrubs you’re probably used to using.

What do you think of Savvy Naturalista’s mani mochi scrubs? Are you going to try them?

Lovely Skin Epionce Nourishing Cream

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Lovely Skin sent me their Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream to review for you! Also of note: They are having an awesome giveaway and you could win this very cream! Check out their giveaway here:



This cream is absolutely lovely. (No pun on their name intended!) The cream is thick and luxurious. It also smells fantastic.



I’ve been using this cream every night and my skin feels super soft. It’s a tad thick for daytime use but is perfect as an evening moisturizer.



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Lanza Healing Oil Combing Cream Review

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Lanze sent me their Healing Oil Combing Cream to review for you! The combing cream reduces frizz, reduced flyaways, shortens drying time, detangles, and prevents damage. Visit for more information, such as where to buy.





The cream smells delightful! It goes in smoothly into my hair. I use every day after my shower and before drying and styling my hair.


I have my hair extensions in for this picture and that was totally on purpose. :) The hair in the extensions is extremely silky smooth. In order for them to look natural, my hair needs to also be smooth and silky so it blends in! Lanza healing haircare was the solution!


What do you think of the Lanza Healing Haircare? Do you think it’s something that would work for you?


Good Earth Beauty Artisanal Fragrance Oil Review + Giveaway

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Good Earth Beauty sent me their artisanal fragrance oil to review for you! They are also giving one away to one of you! How exciting! See below for how to enter.


GEB perfume is oil based which is really nice. I like that better than alcohol-based perfumes. The oil helps the scent stay longer. I can definitely attest this scent stayed for a long time! They are also highly concentrated which means you only need a tiny amount. Like seriously – a molecule!


I was scent the Spice Pumpkin Brulee scent. This is not a scent that I normally equate with perfume. It smells exactly like a pumpkin spice latte. My husband also thought it was a little strange for a perfume. However, I have to admit that it does smell pretty good! It’s like fall in a bottle. Fall is 100% my favorite season so I enjoy smelling this scent!


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got2b Frizz Control

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Got2B sent me two more products to review for you! I loved the first review I did for them, so I jumped at the chance to do another. This time, I received two products from their frizz control collection. On the left is the got2b smooth operator lustre lotion. On the right is the got2b glossy shime serum.



I’ve been using these every day for over a week and I think they are fabulous! In fact, they are so fabulous that they make my hair TOO smooth! LOL. What is ‘too smooth’ you ask? Well, I noticed my hair had a harder time keep a curl because it was so smooth! What a silly problem to have, right? My favorite of the two products is the shine serum. I used it on wet hair but I also used it on dry hair to tame flyaways. (Quick tangent: My little sister used to call fly aways ‘stray ponies’. Her logic was that if you’re putting your hair into a PONYtail, then the escaped ones must be stray ponies.)

Here are some selfies I took for some other reviews. In each of these photos, I am also using these two got2b frizz control products. I think my hair looks a lot shinier and smoother than before I used these. It is certainly softer to the touch. I noticed that difference right away!



I would certainly recommend these products, even if you have fine hair. As noted above, it might make it a little tougher to keep a curl, but used sparingly, they are quite awesome.




What do you think of these products? Are you going to try them?

Starlooks Starbox September 2015

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Starlooks sent me the September 2015 Looksbook to show you. This is a custom box each month with a collection of three products that will create a unique look.


This month, the Looksbook contained a lipstick, an eyeshadow duo, and a blue mascara. I was pretty excited when I saw the color of the lipstick. What a gorgeous pink! Unfortunately, it has a very dry application. Some of my favorite lipsticks are Starlooks brand so I was surprised this one didn’t live up to what I expect of their lip colors.

The eye colors applied much better than the lipstick! They were creamy and smooth which is much more like what I expect from this brand.


Here I am sporting the eyeshadow duo and the lippie. I felt like wearing blue  mascara would just be too much.


This month’s box was on the disappointing side. I’ve come to expect a lot more from Starbox. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for next month!

NYC New York Color Expert Last Lip Lacquer

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NYC New York Color sent me a sampling of their Expert Last Lip Lacquer. You can find these in drugstores and on Amazon. They are a highly pigmented lacquer, like a lipstick, but have the shine of a gloss. They are hydrating so they keep lips soft. I love how it’s also not sticky! (I really can’t  stand sticky lip products). These will retail for $3.99 wherever NYC is sold. Available shades are: Bare Brooklyn, Riverside Romance, Chelsea Cherry Blossoms, Lincoln Square Love Affair, Coney Island Candy, Fidi Fuchsia, Central Park Passion, Madison Square Mauve, Big City Berry, Rockaway Ruby, Turtle Bay Toffee, and Tribeca Mocha.

I was sent the following shades, pictured from left to right: Madison Square Mauve, Chelsea Cherry Blossoms, Rockaway Ruby, Coney Island Candy, and Lincoln Square Love Affair.



Madison Square Mauve – This is a lovely pinky brown color. It went on very smoothly and had pretty good staying power. Here I am heading out to teach some dog training classes!



Lincoln Square Love Affair – This one is a light pink. Not quite a Barbie pink, but in that general family. Here I am getting ready to go watch the Seahawks game with some friends!



Chelsea Cherry Blossoms – This is a very nude color. It’s my least favorite of the bunch because I don’t like the way nude lips look on me. Here I am on my lunch break at work!




Coney Island Candy is a very light pink. Here I am getting ready to start my work day. Computer is turning on!



Rockaway Ruby is a classic red lip.



These went on well and had fairly good staying power. My favorites were Rockaway Ruby and Madison Square Mauve. Those were the most flattering colors and will be the ones I’ll rewear the most often. Get your favorite color in drugstores or Amazon.