Pretty Serious Consider Outer Space

{Press Sample}

Pretty Serious nail polish sent me their recent collection to swatch for you! There is one additional polish not shown here….it was an orange that did not survive the mail. :( RIP Dorado!

This collection is the Pretty Serious Consider Outer Space collection. Each one is a holo glitter that is extremely rich in color.

Pretty Serious My Immortal is actually my favorite of the collection. This blue has a teal shift. It’s freaking gorgeous AF.

pretty-serious-my-immortal-swatch pretty-serious-my-immortal

Pretty Serious Lyra

pretty-serious-lyra-swatch pretty-serious-lyra


Pretty Serious Ara

pretty-serious-ara-swatch Pretty-Serious-Ara


Pretty Serious Serpens

pretty-serious-serpens pretty-serious-serpens-swatch


Pretty Serious Hydra

pretty-serious-hydra-swatch pretty-serious-hydra

Pretty Serious Pyxis

pretty-serious-pyxis-swatch pretty-serious-pyxis

Pretty Serious Carina

pretty-serious-carina-swatch pretty-serious-carina

The colors in this collection are very rich and vibrant. I think it’s gorgeous and each one is unique. I’m so sick of polish companies putting out collections where half of the polishes are a similar color. This collection has diversity in shades, but it’s also cohesive! That is exactly how a collection should be!

Kaleidoscope Stamping

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

It Girl has released a new plate that looks like a Kaleidoscope Stamping Plate. It is plate IG202. For the base color, I used Pretty Serious Corvus Corax (press sample) which is a deep, deep blue jelly. For the stamping, I used Mundo de Unas Mexican Pink.

it-girl-plate-202 it-girl-stamping-plates

Here is Pretty Serious Corvus Corax all by its glorious self.

pretty-serious-corvus-corax pretty-serious-corvus-corax-swatch

I know on Sundays I normally have an update on how my SeneGence adventure is going. However, I posted a fairly decent update about it yesterday! Admittedly, not a whole lost has changed in the last 24 hours…so I’m not going to have a full update about it today. :)

However, if you have any questions about what it’s like behind the scenes, ask them here!  Don’t forget to come hang out with me in my Facebook group!

Black and White Lace Nail Art

{Purchased by Me}{Press Sample}

I have some lacy nail art for you today! I started with two coats of Pretty Serious Araenae (Press Sample) which is a deep, deep dark purple jelly. I used It Girl White Stamping Polish and It Girl Plate IG306 to stamp the design on top.


I am extremely impressed with the It Girl stamping polishes. They are as pigmented as Mundo de Unas, but without the smell. I need Nicole to make some in every single color in the entire color spectrum and in every finish!it-girl-stamping-polish

Here is a swatch of Pretty Serious Araenae without art on top. You can really see how dark and gorgeous it is!pretty-serious-araenae pretty-serious-araenae-swatch

Dark Blue Jelly – Pretty Serious Chiroptera

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}{Affiliate Links}

You might think that Pretty Serious Chiroptera (press sample) is black, but you’d be wrong. It’s really a dark, dark, dark blue/teal color. It’s also a jelly finish. :) Don’t believe me? Well, then you’ll just have to buy it and try it out for yourself. I used Konad White to stamp this swirly design from CiCi&SiSi Plate 02.

black-and-white-stamping white-stamping-nail-art

Here’s a plain swatch of Pretty Serious Chiroptera. If you look with a keen eye, you can see that this polish is not, in fact, black.pretty-serious-chiroptera pretty-serious-chiroptera-swatch

Pretty Serious Mad Skill of Cloverton

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

Hello, hello! Today’s mani starts with a gorgeous concoction from Pretty Serious. This pink duochrome is Pretty Serious Mad Skill of Cloverton and I freaking love it. I almost didn’t even put a design on top of it because the polish itself is a work of art.

But…I did put nail art on top. LOL. I used It Girl Plate 302 and Mundo de Unas Red Wine to create the below look.

pretty-serious-mad-skull-of-cloverton pretty-serious-mad-skull-of-cloverton-swatch red-stamped-nail-art it-girl-plate-302

At the request of one of my downlines, I made a video showing all the Senegence makeup products I use on a daily basis. I’m certainly no makeup artist, but here’s my usual routine.

Plaid Nail Art Stamping

{Press Sample}

Good morning! Today’s mani starts with two coats of Pretty Serious Love Bite which is a super dark oxblood jelly polish. I used an It Girl Stamping Plate and It Girl Stamping Polish to create this plaid nail art design.

plaid-nail-art plaid-nail-art-stamping

Pretty Serious Love Bite did not look this patchy in real life. In fact, when I went to edit the photos a few days later, I was shocked at these close ups! The bright light shining right on the polish is really exaggerating the patchiness and I promise you, it looks even in real life.pretty-serious-love-bite pretty-serious-love-bite-swatch

Penguin Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

Happy first day of winter! To celebrate, I have a penguin nail art look for you. I used Pretty Serious Disc of the Heavens which was originally sent to me as a press sample. The stamping polish is MoYou Stamping Polish in Blue. I can’t remember when or where I got this polish! My memory is failing me in my old age. The adorable penguins are from It Girl Plate IG 113.

pretty-serious-disc-of-the-heavens-swatch pretty-serious-disc-of-the-heavens penguin-nail-art it-girl-plate-113

Christmas Present Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}{Affiliate Links}

Since I spent a good amount of time wrapping presents this past weekend, I thought this many was fitting for today. :) I start with two coats of Pretty Serious Chariots of the Red Sea which is a beautiful crelly red with sparkly shimmers.

For the nail art, I used Konad Black and It Girl Plate IG 113.

pretty-serious-chariots-of-the-red-sea-swatch pretty-serious-chariots-of-the-red-sea

christmas-stamping-plate christmas-presents-nail-art

Thanks for stopping by today! I know this time of year is super, super busy!!

Christmas Tree Nail Art

{Purchased By Me}{Press Sample}

Today’s mani starts with lots and lots of green polishes. :) I started with two coats of Pretty Serious Enchanting Evergreen which is from the Ghosts of Christmas Past collection and was sent to me as a press sample. Then, to make it more duo-chrome-like I layered Pretty Serious Mojito on top. Finally, I used Mundo de Unas Lime to stamp the Christmas Trees design from It Girl Fashion Plate IG113.

christmas-nail-art christmas-tree-nail-art christmas-tree-stamp-nail-art

Light Pink Nail Art

{Purchased By Me}{Press Sample}{Affiliate Links}

Today’s mani starts with two coats of Pretty Serious Fairy Lights which is from the Ghosts of Christmas Past collection and was sent to me as a press sample. I used Konad Princess Pink as my stamping polish with a design from It Girl Fashion Plates IG301.

light-pink-nail-art light-pink-nail-art-stamping

As I’m sure you know by now, I’ve started selling SeneGence cosmetics which is the company that makes the freaking amazing LipSense colors. (They seriously do not budge off your face. Husbands and SO’s everywhere are rejoicing!)

I am now looking to start building my team. You will have one-on-one coaching with me and you will be part of a team where the leader made $20k in October. (WHAT?!) That is, of course, a major stretch goal. To put things in real perspective, I’ve been doing SeneGence sales for a little over a month and have made $2,500 in sales. That’s not too shabby. Considering that I get to keep 50% of that as profit, I think I can say I’m pleased I signed up.

To join SeneGence as a distributor, it’s only $55. (That’s the price of just one starter kit.)

Other than the $55 start up fee, there aren’t any monthly minimums. If you don’t order in a while, you will go inactive, but you can reactivate again. The inactive level is less than $200 in a 6 month period. I know a girl who does Mary Kay and just puts in one order at the beginning of each year to stay active. You could do something similar if you don’t want to go balls-to-the-wall with selling it. (But, honestly, it sells itself. I used to do Mary Kay and hated it. Since LipSense has such a strangely unique quality about it, it is a lot easier to talk to people about.)

If you decide to sign up, follow the link below and it will walk you through becoming a distributor! My sponsor number is #223849 🙂 sure to only sign up as a distributor (the $55), don’t add any startup kits! Once you have done that let me know and please send me a pic I can use to add you to our amazing FB group!

Pretty Serious Ghosts of Christmas Past

{Press Sample}

Today, I’m going to show you the Pretty Serious Ghosts of Christmas Past collection. This is a very diverse collection and I’m pleased to have it in my polish stash.

Pretty Serious Enchanting Evergreen is a deep green with tiny little shimmers.

pretty-serious-enchanting-evergreen pretty-serious-enchanting-evergreen-swatch

Pretty Serious Mojito is a topper that turns any polish into a shimmery green duochrome. I have it layered here on top of Enchanting Evergreen.

pretty-serious-mojito-swatch pretty-serious-mojito

Pretty Serious Fairy Lights is a super light purpley duochrome. This one might be my favorite in the collection!

pretty-serious-fairy-lights-swatch pretty-serious-fairy-lights

Pretty Serious Tarnished Tinsel is a golden glitter bomb with little bits of red glitter hidden throughout. pretty-serious-tarnished-tinsel pretty-serious-tarnished-tinsel-swatch

Pretty Serious Very Merry Berry is a deep maroon creme.

pretty-serious-verry-merry-berry-swatch pretty-serious-very-merry-berry

Pretty Serious Jack Frost is another topper. This one makes any polish a frosty blue flakey finish. I love this topper and can’t wait to try it on a bunch of different colors.pretty-serious-jack-frost-swatch pretty-serious-jack-frost

Pretty Serious Peace on Earth is a light mint green duochrome. This is a very lovely color. I had a couple issues with the formula being a bit patchy, but it’s a lot more noticeable in these photos than it was in real life.

pretty-serious-peace-on-earth-swatch pretty-serious-peace-on-earth

Pretty Serious Velvet Bow is a gorgeous metallic red one-coater.pretty-serious-velvet-bow pretty-serious-velvet-bow-swatch

This collection is very diverse. I’m a huge fan of Pretty Serious polish and I would encourage you to check some out!


This nail art has been sitting in my “need to edit” electronic pile for quite some time. It’s been SO long, in fact, that I can barely recall what I used. Hopefully, you’ll just appreciate the nail art and not worry too much about what I used!

This is a standard galaxy mani. I made stamping decals to have the TARDIS and the Cyberman in the nail art. The one thing I can tell you is that the TARDIS was made using Pretty Serious Type 40. (If you know why that’s an important reference, you’re my new best friend.)

doctor-who-nail-art tardis-nail-art

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Where Has Betty Been?

{Press Sample}

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve posted! Life has been crazy busy. I started my own local dog training business and adopted a puppy. Puppies are not conducive to painting nails! I also had a really bad break on ALL of my nails. It was a freak accident when I was turning my steering wheel…but it was really kind of depressing! It pushed me into a funk of not wanting to paint my nails.

I dug this mani out of the vault so that you know I’m still alive. LOL. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Twitter, you’ve still been getting updates at least!

This mani starts with two coats of Pretty Serious Free Sample. I used It Girl Emerald stamping polish and It Girl Plate IG111 to create the design.

leaf-manicure leaf-nail-art

Geeky Girls Do it Better

{Press Sample}

Today, I have a pretty geeky mani for you! I’m a geek and proud of it. I am also a dork and a nerd. Can I have a shoutout for all my geeks, nerds, and dorks?!

This mani starts with two coats of Pretty Serious Destash which is from their new Serious Business collection and was sent to me as a press sample.

Both the stamping plate and the stamping polish are from It Girl Nail Art. They were also both given to me as press samples. The stamping polish is It Girl Nail Art Sapphire and the plate is It Girl Plate IG 110.

geeky-manicure geeky-nail-art

Diamond Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

Today I have more nail art featuring stamping!!! The base polish for this mani Pretty Serious HTF which is from their Serious Business collection and was sent to me as a press sample. I used Mundo de Unas White to stamp this beautiful diamonds design on top. The stamping plate is It Girl Nail Art Plate IG112 which is one of her newest four plates and was also given to me as a sample.

diamond-nail-art diamond-manicure

Pretty Serious Swatches

{Press Sample}

Pretty Serious sent me a whole haul of polishes to swatch and do nail art with for you! You have already seen a few of these as I’ve been showing off the new It Girl Stamping plates. But here are all the swatches in their pure beauty! Many of these are from older collections but the whole Serious Business collection is in this post. The Serious Business collection is beautiful and the names are awesome (as usual)!

Pretty Serious Undercover Mermaid was a polish created for a special purpose. One of the women in the fan group got a new job that only allowed neutral tones. This is really upsetting news to any polish addict! So Pretty Serious created this neutral toned polish that appears to be a regular mauve creme…but if you look at it in certain lights…there are gorgeous green shimmers there! This is a perfect way to go incognito with a shimmery polish. :)

pretty-serious-undercover-mermaid-swatch pretty-serious-undercover-mermaid

Undercover Mermaid Can’t Take the Sky is a fabulous blue creme. Absolutely fabulous.

pretty-serious-can't-take-the-sky pretty-serious-can't-take-the-sky-swatch

Pretty Serious Use the Quartz, Lonestar! is a very, very light pink. It’s almost white. This one is a fabulous base for nail art!!

pretty-serious-use-the-quartz-lonestar pretty-serious-use-the-quartz-lonestar-swatch

 Pretty Serious Purple Monkey Dishwasher is a purple jelly polish packed with purple microglitters. I love microglitter polish because it always has so much depth and this one is no exception.

pretty-serious-purple-monkey-dishwasher pretty-serious-purple-monkey-dishwasher-swatch

Pretty Serious Dupe is a black jelly with multi-colored and shaped glitters in it.

pretty-serious-dupe-swatch pretty-serious-dupe

Pretty Serious No-Buy is obviously part of the Serious Business collection. :) Despite the name, you should buy this polish. It’s a lovely rusty red shimmer and will be perfect for the fall and winter!

pretty-serious-no-buy-swatch pretty-serious-no-buy

Pretty Serious Destash is another from the new collection. This is a vibrant pink with a blue flame effect. If I had to pick some favorites from this post, Destash would definitely be in the top.

pretty-serious-destash pretty-serious-destash-swatch

Pretty Serious Free Sample is a light baby pink with a hint of pearlescent shimmer. pretty-serious-free-sample-swatch pretty-serious-free-sample

Pretty Serious HTF is a brown-toned jelly with flaky glitters in it. This is another one that has a ton of depth!

pretty-serious-htf-swatch pretty-serious-htf

Pretty Serious Epic Haul is a cheerful green with pink shimmers. I actually wore this one to my brother-in-law’s military retirement ceremony. As many of you already know, I have bright pink and purple hair. Let’s just say that I felt like a neon sign amongst all the men and women in their BDU’s!pretty-serious-epic-haul-swatch pretty-serious-epic-haul

As usual, the formula for these polishes was great. Pretty Serious runs a bit thick as a general rule because of how much pigment she packs into each polish.

It Girl Plate112

{Press Sample}{Affiliate Links}{Purchased by Me}

Today I have yet another nail art look using the new plates from It Girl Nail Art. Why? Because they are freaking awesome, that’s why. Plus, she’s having a promo right now (through the 7th) so I want to make sure I hold up my responsibility as an enabler and tell you about it as often as possible! :P

This mani starts with Pretty Serious No-Buy, which was sent to me as a press sample. It’s a beautiful shimmery red and despite the name, you should still buy it. For the stamping, I used Konad Blue. The design is from It Girl Plate IG112 which was also sent to me as a press sample.

it-girl-ig111 it-girl-stamping-plate-ig111

Put a Bow on It

{Press Samples}{Purchased by Me}

Bows! And Ribbons! Let’s celebrate!  This mani starts with two coats of Pretty Serious Dupe. Then, I used It Girl Plate IG112 to stamp the celebratory design on top. Both this polish and the plate were sent to me as press samples. The stamping polish is Mundo de Unas Mint.

Plate IG112 is one of four new offerings by It Girl Nail Art. Until the 7th, she is having a promo where you can get three plates for $33. That’s a pretty great deal. So head on over there and check it out!

celebration-nail-art ribbon-and-bow-nail-art

Stereotypical Girl

{Press Samples}{Purchased by Me}

Today’s super girly nail art starts with two coats of Pretty Serious Purple Monkey Dishwasher. I used It Girl Plate IG 112. Both of these items were sent to me as press samples. I used Mundo de Unas Lilac as my stamping polish.


I love this plate’s designs. High heels? Yes, please! Nail polish? Um..hells yes! Wine! More, please! And then a little leopard print just to round it all out. girly-nail-art

New It Girl Plate – IG201

{Press Sample}

I love the way today’s mani turned out! I actually ended up wearing it for a few days because I loved it so much. Most of the items used in this mani were sent to me as press samples.

I started with two coats of Pretty Serious Use the Quartz, Lonestar! which is a super light creme. Then I used a stamping plate and a stamping polish, both of which are new from It Girl Nail Art! She’s having a promo the first week of August so you’ll probably want to head on over to her site. :)

The stamping plate used is IG201 and the stamping polish is Amethyst.


Rain, Rain Come Back!

{Press Sample}

Today’s mani features my favorite weather – the rain! I wish it would come back. I’ve had enough of this sunshine and heat crap. I want stormy and gloomy!! Pretty much every product used in this mani is a press sample.

This mani starts with two coats of Pretty Serious Can’t Take the Sky. I used two images from It Girl Plate IG111 which releases on Monday the 1st! Mark your calendars!!! On August 1-7 there will be a bundle deal “any 3 for $33.” You’re not going to want to miss that. Nicole’s plates are freaking amazing and her newest four are especially fun.


And what’s this? A gorgeous shimmer blue stamping polish called Sapphire. Who makes it, you ask? IT GIRL NAIL ART DOES. Whaaaa???? Nicole is making stamping polish now, too!


Nicole, the owner and queen mastermind of It Girl, has spent a lot of time testing these stamping polishes and that was time well-spent. They stamp beautifully, crisply, and they smell like normal polish! (Unlike those super stinky polishes that stamp well….but make all other people and animals clear out of the room!)

Pretty Serious Pastel Pet Names Collection

{Press Sample}

I am so pleased to be able to show you the Pretty Serious Pastel Pet Names collection today. This is a collection of 6 beautiful pastel polishes. They all have a wonderful formula and could easily be opaque in one coat.

Pretty Serious Fluffykins is a beautiful pastel pink. I wanted to show how well these marbled so I kept the accent nail throughout all the swatches. I used my watermarble decal method to create the accent nail. I noticed a very interesting thing about the decal as I was taking these pictures. The Fluffykins swatch was the last one I did and the decal looks pretty great. But as you scroll down, you’ll see that it looks messier and messier. It’s almost as if it calmed the F down as it dried. Very interesting discovery…

pretty-serious-fluffykins pretty-serious-fluffykins-swatch

Pretty Serious Bunny Foo Foo

pretty-serious-bunny-foo-foo pretty-serious-bunny-foo-foo-swatch

Pretty Serious Little Duckling

pretty-serious-little-duckling pretty-serious-little-duckling-swatch

Pretty Serious Peachie Poo

pretty-serious-peachie-poo pretty-serious-peachie-poo-swatch

Pretty Serious Cutie Patootie

pretty-serious-cutie-patootie pretty-serious-cutie-patootie-swatch

Pretty Serious Doodle Bug

pretty-serious-doodle-bug pretty-serious-doodle-bug-swatch

So I’m really not happy with how the decal looks on the last pictures. So now I know that I have to make sure it’s dry!

This collection is beautiful with a fabulous formula.

Darkling Squishy Pink Mani

{Purchased by Me}{Press Sample}{Affiliate Link}

Today’s mani starts with two coats of Pretty Serious Darkling Squishy which was originally sent to me as a press sample. Then, I used Mundo de Unas Neon Pink to stamp this design from Cici&Sisi Plate 30.

pink-and-green-stamping stamping-nail-art

Pretty Serious Halloween 2015 Collection

{Press Sample}

It’s a tad past Halloween but since Halloween is my favorite holiday so when I was offered the collection to swatch I said yes, of course! This is a collection of 5 cremes and glitters – all of which are great for fall. I know, I know, it’s like spring or something right now. But who cares? I’m loving these colors!

Pretty Serious Gloomy Kitty is a deep cranberry creme.



Pretty Serious Pumpkin Head is an orange creme that has just a hint of jelly-ness to it.

pretty-serious-pumpkin-head-swatch pretty-serious-pumpkin-head

Pretty Serious The Singing Seed is a green and gold microglitter that I’ve layered on top of Pumpkin Head.

pretty-serious-the-singing-seed-swatch pretty-serious-the-singing-seed

Pretty Serious Baron Von Bootiful is a greenish gray creme.

pretty-serious-baron-von-bootiful-swatch pretty-serious-baron-von-bootiful

Pretty Serious Fossil of the Death Worm Is a reddish brown microglitter polish that I sponged on to the tips.

pretty-serious-fossil-of-the-death-worm pretty-serious-fossil-of-the-death-worm-swatch

Pretty Serious Darkling Squishy is a crelly evergreen polish.

pretty-serious-darkling-squishy-swatch pretty-serious-darkling-squishy

Pretty Serious Baphomet’s Berserker is a black jelly with multi-colored small, circle glitters.



This is a great little collection. I think Darkling Squishy is my favorite. It’s so vibrant!!! Pretty Serious really knows how to get a creme polish right!

Lacy Goth Stamping

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

This mani starts with two coats of Pretty Serious Gloomy Kitty which was sent to me as a press sample. I used a design from the Pueen Celebration Collection Lace Blossom and Mundo de Unas White to stamp the design.