Easy Christmas Nail Art

I have some super easy Christmas nail art to share with you today. It doesn’t have to be for  Christmas, it can be for any holiday gatherings you’re attending this month! I started with two coats of Pistol Polish Red-y, Aim, Fire which I purchased myself. Then, I used a makeup sponge to dab on Zoya Bar which I originally received as a press sample. I was expecting more of the gold from Bar to come through, but my sponge soaked up all the jelly and just left me with beautiful silver glitters! Even though it’s not what I planned nor what I was expecting, I still like it!





Pistol Polish November 2014

{Purchased By Me}

I got my Pistol Polish November 2014 box in the mail earlier this week. Pistol Polish is a monthly nail polish subscription for $17.99 per month and you get two bottles of polish. This month, we got Pistol Polish Tuff and in the Buff which is a very sheer light pink and Pistol Polish No Guts, No Gloria which is an olive green with gold shimmers.



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Blue and White Nail Art

For today’s nail art, I started with two coats of Pistol Polish Dynamo Dreams from their September 2014 box. This is a lovely blurple color! Then, I used Konad Special White to stamp the design from Cici&Sisi Plate 07. The ring finger smudged quite a bit, so if you could please just focus on my pointer and middle finger, that would be great. ;)





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Guest Post at The Musing of the Wife of a Jedi!

I’m guest posting today!!! This post can be found on The Musings of the Wife of a Jedi! I have been following and admiring Jen’s work for a while now, so I was honored when she asked me to do a guest post! I hope that you’ll click on the picture to go visit her site, see my art, and see all the gorgeousness that she posts as well!!


Guest post preview

Pistol Polish October 2014

I got my Pistol Polish box in the mail yesterday! I love getting nail mail! Pistol Polish doesn’t seem that well known yet…have you tried them?

This month, we got one obviously perfect for fall color – Pistol Polish Fire Away which is a brownish orange crelly. We also received a not-as-traditional color, a purink (that’s purple-pink) creme called Pistol Polish Dig Your Claws In.






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Pistol Polish September 2014

Yesterday, my mailman brought me the Pistol Polish September 2014 box! I discovered Pistol Polish a while ago almost on accident. I have really loved their polishes and they are very interactive on their social media and not shy about sharing photos (which of course bloggers love!! LOL). When I opened this month’s box, I saw yellow and purple. I had to RUN to my office to hide them from my husband. You see….it’s not that I have to hide my addiction…it was these colors specifically. My husband is a WSU Cougar and his sworn enemy is the UW Huskies. So here I am, innocently opening a box in the kitchen and I pull out Husky colors!!! Dear God!!!




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Pistol Polish August 2014

On Saturday, my monthly Pistol Polish box came! This subscription service is about $17 per month and you get two polishes. It’s definitely on the pricier side, but for some reason, I just really like it! I think the names are funny and I like the little inspirational descriptions of the polish names. This month, we got a classic red shade and a metallic silver.




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Pistol Polish July 2014

I subscribed to Pistol Polish a few months ago and I have to say this is totally my favorite box so far. Could it be because it’s purple and pink?? LOL! Am I that obvious? This month has to gorgeous colors. Pistol Polish Moving and Shaking is a rich fuschia with tiny blue duochrome. Hardly noticeable, but it gives it a ton of dimension. Then, we also got Pistol Polish Pinch Hitter in Glitter which is a glitter polish suspended in a sheer purple base.  This glitter applied quite well and was easy to sponge on to my tips.




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Tri-Polish Tuesday June Week 2 – Turquoise, Coral, and Nude

I decided to do a simple design for this week’s Tri-Polish Tuesday Challenge. This month really is a challenge for me! I started with two coats of L’Oreal Sweet Nothings which really is a natural nail color. It would be perfect to wear somewhere if you don’t want the polish look but you want a polished look….if you know what I mean. :P Once dry, I taped it off with two pieces of tape on each nail. Then, I used Pistol Polish Vivacious and Tenacious on the top and the bottom and then Nail Polish Indie Brand Willow in the middle. Nail Polish Indie Brand is available here and readers of Betty’s Beauty Bombs can receive a 10% discount on your entire order by using code bettysbeautybombs. Enjoy!






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Nails Magazine 31 Day Challenge: Ice Cream Nails

I have recently discovered the Nails Magazine 31 Day Challenge. Obviously, I can’t do all the days this month because I didn’t find out about it until now! But I’m certainly going to do all that I can!  Here’s the schedule for the month:


{Shhhh…I’m giving away an Enchanted Polish. Check it out here.}

Today, we have Ice Cream nails! This is my first time doing anything like this so I wasn’t sure exactly how to do it. :P I started with two coats of Sally Hansen White Beaches. Then, I taped off triangles and used Pistol Polish True Grit, I’ve Got It as the cone. Then, I used a dotting tool with Sally Hansen Fuchsia Flare to create strawberry ice cream! I sprinkled a little glitter on to look like sprinkles. Hope you like it!







Pistol Polish June 2014

I got my June 2014 Pistol Polish in the mail yesterday! This service is polish only and is two bottles per month. It’s on the pricey end at $17/month but so far I’ve liked what I’ve seen. This month, we got two colors that are unique to my collection so I think they will get a lot of use.






Pistol Polish Vivacious and Tenacious is a gorgeous crelly light green. It’s perfect that I got this because this month’s tri-polish Tuesday theme includes turquoise and this color is perfect for that!




Pistol Polish True Grit, I’ve Got It is a medium brown texture polish. This one is interesting; I haven’t really seen anything like it before. It kinda has sparkle but not like I’m used to with textured polishes.



Fail Friday: Stamping Color Choice Disaster

Here’s another post in my “Fail Friday” series! These are all mani’s that turned into horrible disasters! This series is exclusive to my blog so if you are the kind of person who drives by car wrecks slowly in hopes of seeing something scary or gross, then this series is for you. I originally did this mani for a tri-polish challenge, but it was so hideous I couldn’t bring myself to post it! I think my problem was a poor choice of base color and then trying to blend the two colors in one of the roses. It just doesn’t work!

I used Sally Hansen Blue Me Away!, Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power, and Pistol Polish Fight for Your Right. The stamping is Pueen Plate 64




Pistol Polish April 2014 Box

I got the April 2014 Pistol Polish box yesterday! Hooray! I really enjoyed this polish last month so I was looking forward to this month’s box.

This month, we got Fight For Your Right which is a shimmery yellow and Lock and Load which is a grey creme.

Pistol Polish April 2014

I wanted to show you a close up of Fight For Your Right because it has these gorgeous orange shimmers in it. It’s very pretty!

Pistol Polish Fight For Your Right Bottle

I tried to do thick coats with this one because it’s quite sheer and I have staining on my nails from a blue polish used earlier this week. :( So if it looks like the polish didn’t self level well, I think it’s user error. So try and focus on the color which is a very pretty and perfect color for the season!

Pistol Polish Fight For Your Right

Pistol Polish Lock and Load is a solid medium gray creme polish. This went on very smoothly and is just a classic creme. I think it pairs well with the yellow for the month.

Pistol Polish Lock and Load Swatch

Pistol Polish Lock and Load

St. Patrick’s Day Mani

This Sunday’s Adventures in Stamping challenge theme is St. Patrick’s Day of course!! For this mani, I used:
Dollish Polish Toss My Salad
Pistol Polish Knock ‘Em Dead
Konad Special White
Bundle Monster Plate BM03

I started with two coats of Toss My Salad then topped with HK Girl Top Coat. Then, I taped off the tips with scotch tape and painted Knock ‘Em Dead and then another layer of HK Girl. Finally, I stamped the shamrock images on as an accent and added one final coat of HK Girl.

Dollish Polish Toss My Salad

Pistol Polish Knock 'Em Dead

St. Patrick’s Day is extra special in my heart because it’s also my dog’s birthday. He is going to be 5 years old. This is Kirby when he was 8 weeks old. (Eat your heart out, internet!!)

Stamping Konad Bundle Monster BM03

St. Patrick's Day Mani

And this is my giant lovable puppy now, 5 years later.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

Leave a comment below! I love hearing what you think! And don’t forget to wish happy birthday to Kirby! I read him all your comments so he’ll know if you forget about him. ;)

The Bird, the Flowers, and the Butterfly

I was going to call this post “The birds and the bees” but I don’t have any bee stamps or decals! LOL!

I started with two coats of Pistol Polish Knock ‘Em Dead from the March 2014 box. Then, I used Konad Special White and Vivid Lacquer Plate VL006 to stamp on the bird and the fluffy dandelions. Then I used a couple butterfly decals from Pueen. I’m just “meh” about this mani.
Pistol Polish Knock 'Em Dead

Pistol Polish March 2014 Swatches and Review

I decided to sign up for Pistol Polish after seeing it on another blogger’s page. I can’t remember whose blog I originally saw it on! So if you know who I’m talking about, leave it in the comments!

Don’t forget to enter my March giveaway by visiting here.

Pistol Polish is one of many monthly polish subscription services. It is $17.99 per month and you get two polishes every month. That is a little pricey but I wanted to try them to see if the quality and colors made up for it.

For March 2014, Pistol Polish sent us a darkish green (perfect for St Patty’s Day!) and a white shimmer topper.

Pistol Polish March 2014

Part of their shtick is that each polish comes with a handgun charm. They have gotten a little criticism for this. Their motto and business philosophy is to empower women.

This is Pistol Polish Knock ‘Em Dead. This is two coats. This went on very smoothly and self-leveled well. The brush was a little too small and stiff for my preferences.

Pistol Polish March 2014

Here is a rarely seen photo of my right hand. Please forgive the messiness…my right hand is always a little messy!!! This is one coat of Pistol Polish Top of the Class over Knock ‘Em Dead. This is actually quite opaque for one coat! It was a little thick, which explains the opaqueness. Obviously I have the same criticism of this brush like I did for the green one.

Pistol Polish March 2014

My current take on this subscription service: I’m going to stay subscribed for at least one more month. I’m not super thrilled about the colors this month, but the quality of the polishes is quite good. I admit, that I do think that the gun charms are fun. I will see how this wears for 24 hours. (I can’t stand to have the same mani on for more than a day. Hahaha). If it’s chip-central, then I will update this post and let you know. If it wears for my usual 24-hours, then I will stay subscribed for at least another month.

What do you think? Have you tried Pistol Polish yet?