Beauty Quartet Box October 2015

{Purchased by Me}

Today I have the October 2015 Beauty Quartet box to show you! This is an anniversary for them (I can’t remember which. I think two years) so they decided to double the amount of polish in the box! Eight indie polishes!! I have a few favorites and a few a could live without. Let’s take a look1

This is Dollish Polish Welcome Foolish Mortals. I did three coats of this one since the black jelly was so sheer. However, that made the glitter way too overpowering and lumpy. I normally love Dollish Polish but I doubt I’ll reach for this one again. It’s not for me.



Girly Bits Abracapocus is a gorgeous polish and I really like this one. However, it reminds me more of Christmas  than it does of Halloween.



Smokey Mountain Lacquer Reborn. I like the color of this one but I love how she didn’t do a glitter. This is a great purple jelly and could be worn all year round.



Gothic Gala Lacquer Sanguine Nocte is a lovely color. However, I can’t stand this new bottle. The handle is awkward when holding and makes it too tall to fit in my drawers. The brush is short and stubby, making it very hard to get a nice cuticle line. I hope she goes back to her old bottle.



Love, Angeline Boo! is a shimmery dark green. I have two Love, Angeline polishes and they are both green and both from a beauty quartet box. :)



My Indie Polish Blue Moon is my least  favorite of the box. I did three coats and you can still see prominent visible nail line. Also, the label on the bottle is hand-written and like one of those circle stickers you’d use for a garage sale. If the polish was amazing, I’d let that slide, but unfortunately, it’s not.



Rica Vampire Sangria is a gorgeous red wine shimmer. This is one of my favorites of the box.



Philly Loves Lacquer Burning Rain of Death is a black polish with multi-colored glitters. I really enjoyed this one but this one reminds me of Christmas, too!



What do you think of my likes and dislikes? Do you agree?

June 2015 Beauty Quartet Box

{Purchased By Me}

My June 2015 Beauty Quartet Box arrived! This is the third or fourth one I’ve received and it’s the best one so far! The theme is Grease as in the super awesome musical movie!



Dollish Polish Beauty School Dropout is a white crelly with pink glitters. I did three coats for this swatch. This one really reminds me of that scene where Frenchy sings “Beauty School Dropout”. Dollish Polish did a great job capturing the essence of that song!



Gothic Gala Lacquers Wop Bam Boom is a full coverage microglitter. This is two coats. It’s so sparkly! This is my first experience with Gothic Gala Lacquers and I have to admit that I’m impressed!



Philly Loves Lacquer Summer Lovin’ is a light pink holo. I really love this one! It might be my favorite from the box. This is two coats shown with flash so you can see the holo-ness.



Philly Loves Lacquer also contributed Had Me a Blast which is a super fun glitter topper. It has pink, black, white, and more! There is also a variety of shapes to keep the eye intrigued! If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen a video of this combo in the sun! Shining away! And there’s even a cameo of my dog, Bandit. :)



Smokey Mountain Lacquers Better Shap Up is a frosty red. This shade is a tad Christmas-y for a summer box but I don’t really mind since I love red polish so much!



Smokey Mountain Lacquers also contributed their holo top coat. It transforms any polish into a linear holo! I show it here over Better Shape Up.



Green and Purple Nail Art

{Purchased By Me}{Affiliate Link}

Today’s mani starts with two coats of Philly Loves Lacquer The Best Day of the Year which is from the February 2015 Beauty Quartet box. The stamping polish is Mundo de Unas High Green and the design is from Pueen Plate 86.

I’m starting to read Doug Schoon’s book Nail Structure and Product Chemistry. It’s meant for nail technicians, which I am not, but I do have a thirst for knowledge! It will also help me answer more nail-related questions which I’m excited for. Did you know that your nails grow at different rates? As a general rule of thumb (hahahaha), the longer the finger, the faster the nail grows! This isn’t true 100% of the time because there are other factors, but I certainly thought it was an interesting tidbit!


I love how crisp this green is! I must admit, I’m pretty impressed…Almost worth the smell that MDU polishes are known for!


The Beauty Quartet Box February 2015

{Purchased By Me}

I couldn’t help myself and purchased another Beauty Quartet Box! I was especially sold when I found out that the box was Parks and Rec themed! That’s one of my favorite sitcoms ever!

Here’s the box in all its beautiful glory. This is exactly what I saw when I opened it up. Isn’t the packaging lovely? It’s practically like it’s gift wrapped! What a treat!


Smokey Mountain Lacquer Pleasure in your Base is a shimmery cobalt blue.


I have a lot of blues like this one….most of them are named after Doctor Who… :) The formula on this was lovely. I’m wearing two coats.


Southern Fancies Rose Body Whip smells delectable and is so creamy!


Love, Angeline Emeralds Are a Girl’s Best Friend is aptly named as it does look a lot like emeralds!


This is my first-ever Love, Angeline polish. It is very pretty but the formula seemed a little gritty–if that makes sense. You can’t tell in the pictures or in real life though so I will likely try Love, Angeline again.


We also received a sheet of heart stencils. I’m not entirely sure which maker these are from. This is just a portion of the sheet – there are actually 12 boxes this size. (A little larger than a quarter)


Philly Loves Lacquer The Best Day of the Year is a jelly pink with various glitters in it. PLL also included a lip scrub!


I did three coats of this one because at two coats, my nail stains were still showing I wasn’t able to get any of the bigger glitters out but I still really like this polish. It’s a lovely purpley-pink jelly!


Digital Nails Chocolate Waterfall is a brown holo. I didn’t think I was going to like this one, but it actually might be my favorite!



Chocolate Waterfall needs two pictures so you can see the glorious rainbow holo that happens in direct light. Isn’t it gorgeous?! Who would have thought that brown could be this pretty?


Finally, the box comes with Digital Nails Remover Improver. You put this in a bottle of acetone and it helps nourish your skin and nails while the acetone removes your polish! This is one of the reasons I got the box this time. I’m very eager to try this out!


I’m pretty happy with this month’s box! These are available every other month. I recommend following Philly Loves Lacquer on Facebook to find out details on when the next one is released.

Philly Loves Lacquer Midwinter’s Midnight

{Purchased By Me}

I got Midwinter’s Midnight in the December 2014 Beauty Quartet box. I’m a bad blogger and didn’t get pictures of the whole box. I was too excited to open everything!!! But I will be showing swatches as I use  the four polishes! This is Philly Loves Lacquer Midwinter’s Midnight which is a dark, gray blue with holo in it. It applied super easy, which I was quite happy about. This is my first PhLL so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect regarding the formula.