Orly Baked Swatches

This month’s Sally Beauty is having a promo where you get a free Argan Oil cuticle drops if you buy two polishes. This is a great deal so I picked up two polishes from the new Baked collection. I went with Ablaze and Hot Tropics because they had some shimmer to them. It looked like the rest of the collection was cremes and I wanted something more unique. So, here’s a post for you with Orly Baked swatches!


Orly Hot Tropics is a dark purple with golden shimmers in it. It almost looks like a textured polish, but it’s not.





Orly Ablaze is a bright, cheerful orange with golden shimmers. This one also looks almost like a texture, but it’s as smooth as can be.



What do you think? Have you picked up any from the new Orly Baked Collection?

Orange Creamsicle

It’s almost summertime and it’s getting warmer and warmer! You want to know what one of my favorite summer treats is? Orange creamsicles! That can only mean one thing: Summer nail art time! This many was inspired by the ever delightful Popsicle. I started with one coat of Sally Hansen White On and then I used the sponge technique and used Orly Melt Your Popsicle to great the neon orange gradient effect.


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Lacquer Legion Glam

This month’s theme for the Lacquer Legion challenge is “glam”. Last month’s was “Lucky” and I totally forgot to do it! Oops! The nice thing about the Lacquer Legion prompts is that you can interpret them any way you want.

When I think of glam, I think of red and sparkles. So, for this mani, I started with two coats of Orly Sweet Tart which is an apple red jelly polish. Then, I did one coat of Vivid Lacquer Step Away From the Tinsel, another coat of Sweet Tart, and another coat of Tinsel. Finally, I added a row of silver rhinestones down the center of each nail.




Look for #llglam on social media to see other mani’s from this challenge!

Tri-Polish Tuesday: Moving Day

This mani is for the April tri-polish challenge. This month’s color choices are pink, blue, and yellow. This has been tough for me because it’s hard to get blue and yellow together without making it look like a sports’ team mani! :P

For this mani, I used Andrea’s Choice Circus Somersault (yellow) and Andrea’s Choice Circus Ringmaster (pink) for a sponged gradient. The pink ended up looking a little orange over the yellow I’m still counting it for this challenge because technically it is a pink polish! LOL! Then, I used some striping tape and Orly Sweet Peacock over it. I Love, Love, Love Orly Sweet Peacock. It’s a gorgeous and deep metallic blue. So pretty! And this mani is the end result.





Then, on a whim, I applied a matte top coat over the mani and I just love what happened!!!

Matte-Nail-Art\ Matte-Nail-Polish

Why did I call this post “Moving Day”? Well…because that’s the episode of “How I Met Your Mother” I was watching while I was working on this post! LOL! I can’t think of creative names for my posts and “Gradient Mani” seemed a little too boring. :P

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It’s Not Old, It’s Vintage

I’ve been seeing a lot of stamping with gold polish lately and I’ve been loving the vintage nail art look of it. I decided to finally do it myself! I started with two coats of Essie No Baggage Please. Then I used Pueen Plate 73 and Orly Luxe to stamp the design on. Finally, I added a little more pizazz with the pink rhinestones. In the end, I think I should have stopped before the rhinestones, but oh well!

Did you know? You can click the photos to enlarge!





What do you think? Leave me a note in the comments! :D

In other news, I’m reading “The Rent Collector” by Cameron Wright and it’s really good so far! My sister actually met the author and said he was nice, so that’s also a bonus!

Sunday Swatch-a-pa-looza!

There are a handful of swatch pictures I’ve just been sitting on, so I decided to post them all for a Sunday Swatch-a-pa-looza!

Orly What’s the Password? is from the Secret Society Collection. It is a gorgeous burnt orange gold. This will be perfect for fall manicures next year! This is two coats.

Orly What's the Password?

Orly What's the Password

L’Oreal Too Dimensional? is from the gold dust collection. It is a dark purple with a huge load of glitter shimmer. The gold and the purple tend to also reflect some green as the polish moves through the light. This is two coats.

L'Oreal Too Dimensional?

L'Oreal Too Dimensional

Orly Lavis Bash is from the Secret Society Collection. This is a multi-shaped glitter polish with mostly bar glitters. This is three coats. This would look better layered over another polish.

Orly Lavis Bash

Orly Fowl Play is a deep purple with different colored shimmers. This is two coats. It is very multi-dimensional in real life.

Orly Fowl Play

China Glaze Don’t Honk Your Thorn from the City Flourish Collection. This is two coats. It has a very subtle shimmer to it that I couldn’t pick up on camera. It’s not the best color on me as it’s nearly the same as my skin tone. :)

China Glaze Don't Honk Your Thorn

And these are the swatches that have been figuratively collecting dust! I hope you enjoyed them because I think they enjoyed coming out to play.

SSP Vinyl Review

SSP Vinyl was generous to send me a handful of nail art stickers to make some designs with. These are the style of stickers where you peel them off to reveal a design rather than ones that are the designs themselves.

The quality of these stickers is fantastic. They stuck well to the nail…but not so sticky that they pulled off the base coat of nail color. They laid nice and flat so the design would look good on my nail. I am quite pleased with these stickers and I can’t wait to see what other designs they can create!

Where to buy:

For this, I used Orly Lavish Bash, Sally Hansen Chic Pink, and the circle design from SSP Vinyl.

For this design, I used piCture pOlish shocking and piCture pOlish aphrodisiac along with the lighting bolt SSP Vinyl stickers design.

For this design, I used Orly Fowl Play, L’Oreal I Like it Chunky, and the SSP Vinyl Chevron Designs.

Abstract #GoHawks Mani

All right! Last Seahawks mani, I promise! It’s just…I live in Washington so it’s CRAZY up here! There is Hawks stuff everywhere! So, it has affected my nails. :)

Used for this mani:
Orly Nail Armor Base Coat
Konad Special White
L’Oreal New Money
Formula X For Sephora Omni
HK Girl Top Coat
Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate VL009

Click Pictures to Enlarge

#GoHawks vs. #GoBroncos


In honor of each team, I did a mani.

Used: Sephora by OPI-Paisely Attention to Me (Orange), Revlon Totally Toffee (Brown), and Orly Royal Navy (Blue)

Used: OPI Green-Wich Village (Green), Sephora Forumla X Omni (Blue), Sephora Formula X White Matter (White), and Revlon Totally Toffee.

Half Moon Shiny Mani

This half moon mani features Orly Dazzle and ManGlaze Mink Mitten. I used two coats of Orly Dazzle and then applied one coat of HK Girl Top Coat. Then, I watched an episode of Buffy. :P

After my nails were good and dry, I used french tip guides to pain the half moons with ManGlaze Mink Mitten. This is a lovely lilac that dries matte. I did not put a top coat on over this last step so I could keep Mink Mitten matte.

Orly Macabre Masquerade from the Secret Society Collection

Orly Macabre Masquerade is from from the Secret Society Collection. It is a cobalt blue with multi-colored small glitters. It was a little tough to get it very even. It’s a touch thicker than the other Orly polishes I’m used to. This is two coats. It is very pretty and catches the light beautifully!

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Click on the pictures to enlarge for greater detail.

Orly Macabre Masquerade Swatch

Orly Macabre Masquerade Swatch

Orly Macabre Masquerade Swatch

Cult Cosmetics Blackbox September 2013

The Cult Cosmetics Blackbox for September 2013 is waaaaay better than the last one. I am super happy. Even though I got a dupe, I think it was well worth the money.

Mash Rhinestones Wheel. This has 12 different colored rhinestones.

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps in Grey/Black Rattlesnake

From left to right: Essie No Baggage Please, Color Club Eternal Beauty (dupe for me), and Orly Black Pixel.

And here’s the mani I used using all supplies from Blackbox! (Except for tape and topcoat. :) )

Stars on the Hellmouth

I put on Daily Lacquer Welcome to the Hellmouth from the Slayer Collection today and I couldn’t help but be reminded of a stormy night sky! So, I decided to stamp stars on it! I used BM14 for the stars design. I used Orly Dazzle to stamp.

Here is a plain swatch of Welcome to the Hellmouth:

Hellmouth has a lot more purple in it than my camera was willing to pickup!

Here are more pics with the stamped stars. The irony is that my camera couldn’t see the stars in direct sunlight! LOL. So that’s why the pics are in shadows. :)

Sally Hansen the Real Teal and Sally Crackle!

This manicure is one from my archives. I did it forever ago! Time has been getting away from me (that nasty little bugger!) and my nails have been neglected.

This mani is Sally Hansen The Real Teal and the Silver Sally Hansen Crackle. I also used Orly Dazzle to do the silver tips.

  I can’t remember the name of the crackle because I gave it away to a little girl that came through one of my dog training classes. Every week, she complimented me on my nails so at the end, I gave her about 10 bottles from my stash!


Fantasea Checkerboard

I got this idea from one of the many beautiful manicures from Chloe’s Nails. I used Orly Fantasea which is a gorgeous holo that goes from pink to purple to gold. Then, I taped it off and used ManGlaze #Matte is Murder. It got smudged a little bit since I couldn’t use a top coat, else ruin the matte effect. But I still like it! Hope you do too. Enjoy!

I Daglaze With Wine

The last day of 2012! I’m actually glad this year is over. It wasn’t the best year and I’m excited to see what wonderful things 2013 will bring my way!

We have another Vivid Lacquer glitter to look at today. :) I put two coats of I Daglaze with Wine (because isn’t that what we’ll all be doing tonight?) over Orly Dazzle. Dazzle is a silver polish that goes on very well. Daglaze is fuchsia glitters of different sizes in a clear base.