Pink Flowers Nail Art

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Hello, hello! How about a little nail art today? I feel like I haven’t shown you any nail art in forever!!! I’ve been SO busy with everything going on in my life that I’ve barely had time to make any nail art! But, I found this little gem in my drafts folder and thought “why not? Let’s give the people what they want!” (I’m assuming you want nail art. Hopefully you want nail art because that is what you’re getting today.)

I started with Orly Forget Me Not which is from the La La Land collection. This collection has a bit of a tricky formula, but if you think of it like a crelly, you will be a lot happier. :)

The stamping polish and plate are both from It Girl Nail Art: It Girl Coral and It Girl Plate IG305

it-girl-coral-stamping-polish it-girl-plate-ig305 orly-forget-me-not-swatch orly-forget-me-not

Well? How’d you like it? Tell me in the comments!

Orly La La Land Selections

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I have a couple polishes from the Orly La La Land collection. I have shown the rest of the collection in various nail art posts this past month. Today, I’m going to show you Orly Cool in California which is a pinky coral color.

orly-cool-in-california-swatch orly-cool-in-california

Orly Anything Goes is a glitter topper. It has fine microshimmer and then circle and star glitters. I had to fish a bit to get the big glitters out. You can even see on my pinkie, I only managed to get two glitters. Oh well! It’s a good thing I adore star glitters!orly-anything-goes orly-anything-goes-swatch

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Sweet Kisses Nail Art

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This evening’s mani is one of my favorites that I’ve done in a long time. Let’s just say that I’m pretty pleased with myself for choosing to matte this look.


Here’s the look with a glossy topcoat. It’s pretty, but I definitely love it better matte. Which do you prefer?it-girl-kisses-plate

This mani starts with two coats of Orly Head in the Clouds from the La La Land collection. I used Konad Red to stamp this design from a wonderful plate designed by It Girl Nail Art.kisses-nail-art

Here is a swatch of Orly Head in the Clouds. Many people have reported issues with the La La Land collection. However, I did not experience those problems. Some have said they’re streaky and need 3-4 coats. This is 2 coats in these photos. I found that if I thought of it like a crelly instead of a thick cream that it helped me apply it well. orly-head-in-the-clouds-swatch orly-head-in-the-clouds

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Orly Breathable – A New Line of Polish!

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Orly is releasing TODAY a brand-new formula of polish. It is their Orly Breathable collection. This is an all-in-one formula so you don’t need to use a base or a topcoat. The formula contains vitamin B5, Argan Oil, and Vitamin C to help strengthen and grow nails.

The new Orly Breathable collection is available in 18 shades.

orly-breathable-reviews orly-breathable-collection

I was sent two shades from the collection so I can let you know how these worked for me!

The first shade is Orly Barely There. This is a super-duper light pink. As instructed, I did not use a basecoat. The first coat of polish was patchy and kind of had these weird bubbles where polish was missing. To be honest, I was pretty darn concerned about the formula at this point.

On the second coat, everything evened out. Phew! orly-barely-there orly-breathable

It took longer to dry than when I use an ultra-fast drying topcoat. But once it dried, it looked and felt like normal polish. It also lasted about as long as regular polish. I typically change my polish every day and this one was changed after one day as well. There was a tiny amount of tip wear – nothing that you’d really notice unless you were looking.

Orly Take a Break is a nice creamy purple.

orly-take-a-break orly-take-a-break-swatch

I know that I’m going to be on the lookout for this new formula wherever Orly polishes are sold. It’s kinda nice not having to worry about a base and topcoat. I like the efficiency and quickness of this – especially since I have less and less time to do my nails these days!

Purple and Blue Skittle

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Today’s nail art starts with two coats of Pretty Serious Lacy Underthings. I used some vinyls from Polished Vino and applied Orly Fathoms below on top. I love how this looks. I already want to pair these two together again.

purple-and-blue-nail-art blue-and-purple-nail-art

80s Skittle Nail Art

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I was in the mood for some pretty loud nail art, so I grabbed Orly Neon Heat which is a hot, hot, hot pink. Orly Dazzle is a lovely silver that I used for the accents for this skittlette nail art.

skittle-nail-art 80s-nail-art

40 Great Nail Art Ideas…Things That Fly

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Today’s post is for the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts Challenge. This week’s prompt is “Things that Fly”. I was racking my brain to think of what I should do. I really want to break out of my go-to method of stamping something. I can’t freehand at all and I didn’t even know what I’d draw if I could. I was at a total loss. Then, I realized that the TARDIS flies! Duh! I suddenly got very excited to do this prompt. I did a galaxy mani first (thusly breaking out of my stamping rut). To make the TARDIS, I made a decal using the Bliss Kiss Simply Neat Miracle Mat. (I did a full review on this awesome mat earlier this week.) The TARDIS can be found on My Online Shop Stamping plate Plate XII.



A lot of polishes went into the making of this mani.

Mango Bunny Polish Snow Cold

Pretty Serious Type 40

Bundle Monster Black

Seven Heartless

Morgan Taylor All White Now

Orly Hot Tropics

OPI My Voice is a Little Norse

China Glaze Daisy Know My Name

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Blingy Nails

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The perfect mani for your holiday season must certainly have some bling, right? These are my holiday blingy nails! I started with one coat of Pretty Serious Presence (which is my new favorite black creme, by the way. It’s a one-coater. For real.) Then, I used Orly Gossip Girl and sponged it on the tips. Gossip Girl is a gorgeous gold glitter with small golden holo microglitters and larger hex gold glitters. It sponged on really well and was very easy to use as a gradient.



Orly Fathoms Below

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Born Pretty Store sent me this stamping plate to review for you! It has a variety of floral designs on it! This is Plate BPL-029. You can see all their available image plates here: BornPrettyStore Stamping Image Plates. I used Orly Fathoms Below from the new Disney collection. Mundo de Unas Black was used as the stamping polish.



Here is a plain swatch of Orly Fathoms Below



Thanks again to BPS for sending me these to review! You can find these supplies and more in the nail art section of the Born Pretty Store. Use code FYL91 to receive 10% off all your supplies at


Orly Villains Collection – Maleficent

{Purchased By Me}

Orly has a new collection featuring Disney villains available at Walgreen’s. I purchased the Maleficent duo.

This is Orly Touch the Spindle. It is a metallic purple.



I used Pueen celebration collection -fireworks festival plate to stamp this design on top.


Orly In Ageless Sleep dries to a natural matte finish. I love this one!


Here,  I have added a coat of glossy topcoat.orly-in-ageless-sleep-glossy

I taped off the tips and painted Touch the Spindle to create this vampy french mani.


Born Pretty Store Plate BP-62

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The Born Pretty Store sent me Born Pretty Store Plate BP-62 to show off for you. This plate has a wide variety of bow patterns which is super girly and perfect for me!


I started with two coats of Orly Epix Silver Screen and used Mundo de Unas Black for the stamping. Some of the full-coverage bows didn’t get filled in all the way. For some reason, I’ve been having trouble with my MDUs lately. Anyone else experience this?


I really think this plate has a lot of potential. I’m going to do another mani with the designs and I think I’ll do some leadlighting with them! Colorful bows! yay!


This second mani was done using Sally Hansen Bubblegum Pink as the base polish and then Sally Hansen Navy Fleet was used for stamping. At the end, I topped with Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond.




Thanks again to BPS for sending me these to review! You can find these supplies and more in the nail art section of the Born Pretty Store. Use code FYL91 to receive 10% off all your supplies at


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Born Pretty Store Tip Guides

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The Born Pretty Store sent me a few sets of french tip guides to show you. For today’s mani, I used the zig-zag chevron design. This is shown in the bottom row, one from the right.

16 Sheets French Nail Tip Guides Stickers Set Strip Nail Art Decoration (Pack of 16)


I started with two coats of Orly Green Screen. Once it was completely dry, I placed the tip guides on the nail and used Orly Melodrama to paint in the tip.



I got a lot of interesting comments on this mani. My husband said it reminded him of Mega-Man. My friend said it reminded her of Charlie Brown. There were other funny comments, but those are the ones I remember!

These tip guides were nice and sticky, just the way I like them. The pack comes with a lot more designs so look forward to more stencil manis!


Thanks again to BPS for sending me these to review! You can find these supplies and more in the nail art section of the Born Pretty Store. Use code FYL91 to receive 10% off all your supplies at


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Orly Epix Review

{Purchased By Me}

Orly has released a new formula called Orly Epix. I took advantage of Sally Beauty Supply’s June promo of buy 2 get 1 free to get a nice little sampling of this new line. The claim is that the formula will self repair dents and smudges until the polish is dry.


My first impression on the first coat was love. I was very impressed with the formula! It was buttery smooth and just the right consistency. Even if the “self repairs dents” claims didn’t hold true, I would still buy more of this line just because the formula is so great. I did do a dent test by pressing my fingerprint into a slightly damp nail. It did, indeed, self repair! Amazing! Not only that, but it dried really fast.

This is Orly Box Office Smash and is a lovely pink. Two easy coats and one coat of the special topcoat.



The special top coat does have a strange smell. I’m not sure how to describe it, exactly. It is almost a rubbery smell.


Orly Silver Screen is a metallic silver with an almost olive green tint to it.



Orly Green Screen is a light duochrome aqua color. I’m not sure why it’s called Green Screen. It’s an aqua chrome kind of color. It also doesn’t match the bottle color at all. However, it’s freakin’ gorgeous and I love it!



Orly Melodrama is a dark cobalt blue with tiny shimmer flecks. Another gorgeous winner from this line.



I will certainly be picking up more from this line. The formula is a dream and the colors are gorgeous! What do you think? Have you tried this new formula yet?

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Orly Bling

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I’ve been enjoying Orly’s holiday collection so much this year that I just had to get my hands on Orly Bling as well. Bling is the sister polish to Orly Mirrorball. Mirrorball is a silver blingy holo while Bling is a gold blingy holo. This is two coats of Bling. I seriously love this. It’s so sparkly and fun!!



Orly Steal the Spotlight Checkerboard Nail Art

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Today’s nail art features Orly Steal the Spotlight which is from their new holiday collection for 2014. Steal the Spotlight is a greenish teal glitterbomb with lavender glitters sprinkled throughout. I did three coats to get full coverage.



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Orly Explosion of Fun Nail Art

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On a whim, I grabbed Orly Explosion of Fun at Sally Beauty last weekend. This is part of their sparkle holiday collection. Explosion of Fun is a clear base jam-packed with pink and purple glitters. I wasn’t too impressed with it in the bottle. In fact, I’ve been staring at it all week wondering why I bought it. Finally, I decided to give it a try. I figured that pink/purple always looks good on black, so I layered it on top of black. This is ONE coat on top of two coats of black!! Er. Mer. Gerd. I frickin’ love it!

Are you seeing this? Do you love this as much as I do? And you should see it in direct light!!! It’s like a pink and purple disco ball. It is blowing my mind.



  I decided to do a little stamping on top. I picked a design that would still let the awesomeness of Explosion of Fun shine through. This is from the white set if Cici&Sisi plates. I used my trust Konad Black to stamp.



This mani is super simple, but I love it so much!

Orly Breast Cancer Awarenes Mani

When I was at Sally Beauty a few weeks ago, Orly had a Breast Cancer Awareness display up. One of the polishes really caught my eye. It’s Orly Oh Cabana Boy. Now this polish is a repromote from another collection, but I couldn’t help but get it. It’s a gorgeous hot pink with a blue duochrome feel. In fact, it looks like a pretty good dupe to Julep Laree which I recently destashed, otherwise I would do a side-by-side for you. I’m so glad I picked this one up!

To me, this pink says, “Hey! I’m a girly girl and I love to party!” It’s very fun and goes beyond just a normal hot pink polish. You can find Orly Oh Cabana Boy on Amazon starting at $6.25.



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Orly Darkest Shadow Swatch

Orly Darkest Shadow is from the Smoked Collection which is full of gorgeous colors for the fall. Darkest Shadow is a black jelly-ish polish with purple shimmers. The application is a little tricky since the polish is a tad gloopy. It was hard to get thin coats. Other than that, I love this polish and it’s a gorgeous vampy color which is perfect for the fall season!!




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Orly Aqua Pixel

Orly Aqua Pixel has been sitting in my Ikea Alex for a really long time. I hardly remember buying it! So I thought it was finally time to show you this little gem!!!! It reminds me of OPI Tiffany Case, but a little darker. It’s a gorgeous glitter, texture polish. This is two easy coats. And good news! It didn’t stain my nails in the few minutes I had it on! (You know it’s a bad stainer when it stains instantly!!!)


For some reason, this style of polish just really appeals to me. I like the glittery textures. I know they’re very polarizing to polish lovers. People seem to either love them or hate them, and I’m a lover!


Orly Smoked Out

Orly Smoked Out is from the new Smoky Collection. This is a black polish with tons of green shimmers. It dries to a natural matte finish which is amazing, but I also swached it glossy for you. It’s so amazing both ways!



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Orly Retro Red Glitter Tips

TJ Maxx is very, very dangerous…

I picked up Orly Retro Red and OPI Which is Witch? recently at the Teej. I was expecting Retro Red to be a matte finish since the bottle is all frosty. Well shows what I know! It was a weird finish. LOL Not creamy, but not matte. I did end up doing a glossy topcoat over it and liked it much better. The formula wasn’t that great on this one, though. It didn’t level well and was on the thick side. After two coats of Retro Red, I added OPI Which is Witch? to the tips. Of course the formula was perfect, which is what I’ve come to expect from OPI.


First, let’s look at Orly Retro Red on its own.Orly-Retro-Red

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FingerFood Neon Nail Art!

This is my second time participating in FingerFood’s Theme Buffet! You can see what I did last time here. This week’s theme is neons! I love the Orly Baked Collection so I grabbed Orly Ablaze and Orly Neon Pink. I have never done a leopard print mani (I know, I know) so I grabbed my trusty Vivid Lacquer plate VL010 which has a great leopard print on it. I started with two coats of Orly Ablaze, waited for it to dry, used Konad Special Black to stamp and….waited for it to dry. :P Then, I taped off angles and painted Orly Neon Heat on top. Finally, I put some black striping tape on the edge.  Phew! That was a lot of steps! Good thing I just started Series 4 of Doctor Who so I was thoroughly entertained.


I have a plain swatch of Orly Ablaze here if you’re interested. Here is what it looked like before I started to get fancy.


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Galaxy Nail Art

I have been crazy for the Sally Hansen Big Smoky Top Coat which I first swatched here. Ever since that post, I couldn’t stop thinking about what Smoky would look like over blue. I also imagined that it would be a great base for a galaxy mani, so I decided to give it a shot. I like how this turned out and I think I was totally right about Smoky looking awesome over blue.

Polishes used:

Orly Royal Navy

Sally Hansen Big Smoky Top Coat

China Glaze When Stars Collide

China Glaze Cosmic Dust

China Glaze Winter Holly

Mentality Anne

China Glaze Fairy Dust**

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in White

First, let’s take a look at what Orly Royal Navy Looks like on its own. Then, we’ll view the magic of Sally Hansen Big Smoky Top Coat.


And here’s Royal Navy with  Smoky on top. I think it adds a gorgeous amount of dimension to the polish without even hiding the natural green shimmers in Royal Navy. And, I think it’s a great base for a galaxy mani!



And here are all the shots of my galaxy mani. I used a sponge to dab on the different colors. I used the same spot on the sponge each time to try and blend the colors together. I like how this turned out, but it’s not quite as great as some of the other galaxy manis I’ve seen online.


















**If you haven’t seen it already, the Mercurial Magpie wrote a HILARIOUS post about China Glaze Fairy Dust. It cracks me up and you should go read it. You can find it HERE.


Ulta Haul Swatches!

Here are even more swatches from my shopping spree a few weeks ago. Have I ever told you that I love shopping sprees??? Is there anything better than a ton of new polish? Well, probably lots of things, but polish is up there!


Essie Beach Bum Blu is a light metallic blue. It’s a little streaky, but most metallics are. I think the color is gorgeous and perfect for summer!







Orly Neon Heat is from the Baked collection. You can see two of my other swatches from that collection here. I think the collection is gorgeous and I’m glad I picked this up at Sally’s.









Orly Tropical Pop is the other one I picked up from Sally’s from the Baked collection. They were buy one get one free, so how could I not? I wouldn’t normally get this color, but it was free and is unique to my collection so I grabbed it.







Finger Paints Surf’s Up! is a crazy beautiful blue. I think it looks like a gorgeous body of water with the sun shining on it. I can’t wait to do nail art with this.












Finger Paints Be My Baby is an amazing red shimmer. These two are actually my first Finger Paints and I’m quite impressed. I think the blue and the red look gorgeous together so I’ll be doing some nail art with both of them soon.






Tri-Polish Tuesday – Lead Light Nail Art

It’s the last Tuesday in May! That means it’s the last Purple/Red/Green tri-polish Tuesday. This week, I decided to try the lead light nail art technique that has been wildly popular lately. Basically, you use jelly polishes to paint on top of other colors, usually over stamping. The jellies will show the stamping through them so you don’t have to be precise with how you fill it in. In fact, the artsy ones don’t stay in the lines at all and they look gorgeous!!!



I started this manicure with two coats of Sally Hansen White On and then applied HK Girl Top Coat. After waiting a few minutes, I stamped using Vivid Lacquer Plate VL008 and Konad Special Black. Then, I did another coat of HK Girl Top Coat. I did that extra top coat so I wouldn’t smudge the stamping when I started to fill in the flowers. Then, I used Sally Hansen Sea Through, Sally Hansen Grape Jelly, and Orly Sweet Tart. All three are jelly finish. The Sally Hansen ones are extremely sheer so I actually did two layers of each of those while Orly Sweet Tart only needed one layer to appear.


First, here’s the stamping before I filled in with color.











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