OGX Coconut Collection

{Press Sample}

OGX sent me more hair care products to share with you! I’ve been loving these products and I’m excited to show you more of them!

They sent me their biotin & collagen shampoo and conditioner, moroccan sea salt spray, and a compact mirror from Knock Knock. (Which is a fabulous site/brand and you should check it out.)


They also sent me argan oil of morocco hair spray, coconut curls cream, and coconut water spray.

ogx-coconut-collection knock-knock-compact

The shampoo and conditioner made my hair nice and shiny. So much so that people actually commented on it at work. The coconut curls were not the right product for me because I obviously don’t have curly hair. It was a little heavy for my thin hair. I gave it to a dear friend of mine who has super curly hair.

The coconut water spray is freaking delightful. It smells so wonderful. I don’t even know if it’s doing anything for my hair or not, but I love spraying it on every day. (Maybe twice a day. Or three times a day. Whatever. I do what I want.)


The Moroccan hair spray helped smooth my hair and helped my hair retain its volume and curls.

ogx-hair-collection-review ogx-coconut-collection-review

Here’s proof that these products help hold a curl! Look at those curls! Those don’t just stay with any product I try. Only really good ones can keep my fine, straight hair in a curl!