Holo Stamping Nail Art for Golden Oldies Thursday

Happy Thursday, dear readers!! Today’s prompt for Golden Oldies Thursday is “Black Base”. It was hard to find one that I haven’t used in a year! I use black all the time! I finally settled on Nicole by OPI A-Nise Treat from last year’s Gumdrops collection. I can actually still find these in stores, so if you like textures, be sure to check out your local drugstore or here on Amazon. As a two-fer I’m also using this mani for the stamping plate challenge I’m participating in. I used Color Club Harp On It for stamping with My Online Shop Plate MJXII. I started with two coats of A-Nise Treat, let it dry, and then stamped. I wish the design had thinner lines so you could see more of the base coat.



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This Mani is a Zoo

I wrote last week about the stamping plate challenge that I’m participating in. The idea is to pick a stamping plate and to use all the images from it by the end of the month. My plate for August is My Online Shop MJ XII which has a TON of images on it. Most mani’s, I’m going to double-up on the images but none of the other ones looked quite right for this one. This one is full of adorable zoo animals! I started with two coats of Essence Girls Just Want to Have Sun! which is from their Beach Cruisers collection. Then, I used Konad special white to stamp the design on top.


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Stamping where I Don’t Know What It Is

I joined a new Facebook challenge group where the concept is that you pick one plate from your stamping plates and you have to use each design by the end of the month. Most people picked theirs at random, but I thought it would be fun to have my husband pick! After much deliberation (and comments about how I had millions of plates), he settles on My Online Shop MJ XII. Funnily enough, this was the first one he looked at…. This is the plate that has a few Doctor Who images on it, so you just might see some more Doctor Who in the near future! This plate also has a lot of images that I don’t know what it’s referring to. I’m sure it’s based off some TV show or fandom thing, but I’m not in the loop. Today’s mani is one of those. I picked the faced and the airplanes images. I have no clue if it’s “from” something, but it’s cute so here we go!



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Domestic Life

It’s Tuesday AND it’s a new month which means it’s time for new colors for tri-polish Tuesday!!!! This month’s prompt is blue. yellow, and red. I started out with two coats of Julep India which is from the new August Wanderlust collection. I think Julep might have tweaked their formula, because this month the polishes aren’t as goopy as they normally are. I’m in a stamping plate challenge as well. The idea there is to pick one stamping plate and then by the end of the month, you have to use all the images from the plate! My plate is MJ XII from My Online Shop.  The yellow I used is a prototype from a hopefully soon-to-be indie maker of stamping polishes. The red is Konad Red.

I picked two images for today’s mani. One is a conglomeration of domestic kitchen supplies and the other is lanterns.  Because what good housewife doesn’t have good lanterns???


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Doctor Who Nail Art Second Regeneration

I just can’t get enough Doctor Who nail art! When I did my first mani, found here, Fixin to Faff told me there were MORE Doctor Who Stamping Plates! Um….I obviously had to buy them. My original first generation Doctor Who nail art used one from My Online Shop (it’s not mine, that’s the name of the shop :P) She actually sells two with Doctor Who images on it so I bought that and the one made by Vivid Lacquer.

I started with two coats of Emerald & Ash Cherenkov Radiation which I bough with a gift card I won from Polished Pathology. (BTW, second only to Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil, I LOVE Emerald & Ash Cuticle Oils. Especially the one called Monkey Farts.) Then, I used Sally Hansen Liquid Gold to stamp the Cyberman and Sally Hansen Sterling Silver to stamp the rest. I hope you like it! :)


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