Morgan Taylor Holo Collection

{Press Sample}

Morgan Taylor sent me their holo collection to review for you. Of course on the very day I got these polishes in the mail, my pointer nail broke. #tragedy So, I hope you will forgive the ugly step-sister nail in these swatches!

Morgan Taylor Holo Lover

morgan-taylor-holo-lover morgan-taylor-holo-lover-swatch morgan-taylor-holo-lover-with-flash

Morgan Taylor Liquid Bling

morgan-taylor-liquid-bling morgan-taylor-liquid-bling-swatch morgan-taylor-liquid-bling-holo

Morgan Taylor It’s Lit

morgan-taylor-it's-lit morgan-taylor-it's-lit-swatch morgan-taylor-holo-it's-lit

Morgan Taylor Diamonds in the Sky

This one is my favorite of the collection. The blue is just simply gorgeous!

morgan-taylor-diamonds-in-the-sky morgan-taylor-diamonds-in-the-sky-swatch morgan-taylor-holo-diamonds-in-the-sky

Morgan Taylor Glow All Out

morgan-taylor-glow-all-out morgan-taylor-glow-all-out-swatch morgan-taylor-holo-glow-all-out

Morgan Taylor Disco Days

morgan-taylor-disco-days morgan-taylor-disco-days-swatch morgan-taylor-holo-disco-days

These polishes are gorgeous, but did have a distinct smell. Disco Days was probably the least smelly. I’m not sure what was causing the smell but I would guess the pigments used since I don’t remember other Morgan Taylor polishes having a smell. The smell is like nail polish, but much stronger. Although, it’s not nearly as mad as Kleancolor which I can’t even use!

Neon Brushstroke Nail Art

{Purchased by Me}

Today’s mani is for the weekly Crumpet’s Nail Tarts challenge. This week, everyone will be doing different kinds of neon nail art! My assigned technique is brushstroke. I’ve never done brushstroke nail art before so I was excited to give it a try.

To help the neon pop, I used a base coat of Morgan Taylor All White Now. Some of my favorite neons are the Pipe Dream Polish A Night in Vegas collection, which, I’m sorry to say, is no longer being made. The yellow is Light of Day, the pink is On the List, and the teal is Happy Hour.

I put a drop of polish on an old credit card and lightly brushed a fan brush through it. I swiped on the card back and forth until there was very little polish on the fan brush, and then I put it on the tips of my nails.

I actually really like how this turned out!

drybrush-nail-art neon-brushstroke-nail-art neon-nail-art

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas…Spring Nail Art

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Today’s post is for the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts 52-week challenge. This week’s prompt is Spring! I used two colors from the China Glaze Lite Brite collection which I borrowed from smackerlacquer. China Glaze I’ll Pink to That is the hot pink polish and China Glaze Lime After Lime is the….lime polish! (I totally bet you didn’t see that coming.) The white on the tips is Morgan Taylor All White Now.

I started with two coats of China Glaze I’ll Pink to That. After it was dry, I used scotch tape at varying angles on my nails and painted Morgan Taylor All White Now and then removed the tape. I let that air dry for a few minutes.

I used my dotting tools (one large and one small) to make the flowers and their little dot trails using China Glaze Lime After Lime. While the flower dots were still wet, I plopped Preciosa Nail Crystals into the center. (These were sent to me as a press sample.)

spring-flower-nail-art spring-nail-art-ideas spring-nail-art

I’m really quite partial to this look, if I don’t say so myself. I haven’t done anything ‘fancy’ in a long time so it was nice to get some creative juices flowing.

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Teal and White Skittle Nails

{Purchased by Me}

I have some teal and white skittle nails to show you today! I only used two polishes for this skittles look – FairyTale Finish To the Beat of the Hum and Morgan Taylor All White Now. I also used some chevron nail stencils to create the look.



40 Great Nail Art Ideas…Comics!

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Today’s nail art is part of the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts challenge. This week’s prompt is comics/cartoons. I went with a little abstract interpretation using Vivid Lacquer Plate VL011. I used Morgan Taylor All White Now as the base for my comics nail art. Then, I used three different Konad colors – black, blue, and red!




What do you think of my abstract interpretation of this week’s prompt?

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Morgan Taylor Honky Tonk Honeys

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Morgan Taylor Honky Tonk Honeys four pack made its way into my hands via my mother in law. It’s a subset of the Morgan Taylor full collection.


Morgan Taylor A Touch of Sass



Morgan Taylor Plum Tuckered Out



Morgan Taylor Tex’as Me Later



Morgan Taylor Pumps or Cowboy Boots?



Yin Yang Nail Art

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This yin yang nail art starts with two coats of Morgan Taylor All White Now. The stamping polish is Mundo de Unas Black and the design is from the newest Cici&Sisi set.


I love the simplicity of this design. I was originally going to stamp all my nails, but this design seemed to need simplicity!


Morgan Taylor Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection

{Purchased By Me}

Morgan Taylor has released a Rocky Horror Picture Show nail polish collection. This collection contains some of their most popular shades (at least according to the box…)


This set contains four mini bottles – All White Now, Pretty Woman, Little Black Dress, and Glow in the Dark top coat.

Morgan Taylor All White Now is a lovely creme white.



Morgan Taylor Pretty Woman is a red crelly.



Morgan Taylor Little Black Dress is a black creme and this is only one coat!



The Morgan Taylor glow in the dark top coat is a jerk. I did this super cool design and it would NOT glow! I held my hand under a daylight bulb for at least a minute and then hid in my closet and nothin’!!! The polish IN the bottle would glow, but once on my nails, it was a bastard and wouldn’t glow. So can you just like pretend this is a cool glow in the dark shot???


Morgan Taylor Cinderella Collection Pick

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I couldn’t help myself. When I saw Morgan Taylor The Best Ball Gown Ever at CosmoProf, I had to get it. It just looked so pretty! I’m boycotting most Cinderella collections because the movie looks so boring. Don’t get me wrong – it looks well done and the dresses and makeup are beautiful, but there doesn’t appear to be any sort of new ideas involved. Based on the previews, it looks just like the Disney cartoon, but live action. I love the Disney cartoon, but do I need to see it IRL with hardly a script change? No. I do not. I hope I’m wrong and that it’s the best movie ever…so if you see it, let me know!

Morgan Taylor The Best Ball Gown Ever is a light blue duochrome that shifts to a greenish gold.


This is two coats. Based on the color in the bottle, I expected this to lean more blue. Once it is on the nail, it leans a lot more greenish gold no matter what angle I hold my nails!


For a little nail art, I used Konad Princess Pink and a design from Pueen plate 97.



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