Milani Fierce Foils Gradient

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My local drugstore finally got the Milani Fierce Foils collection. Today, I have a gradient using Milani Florence and Milani Milan. Florence is the green and Milan is the gold.


These were actually pretty dreamy to gradient with. They blended quite nicely and almost look like one, duochrome, polish.



Here’s a plain swatch of Milani Florence. I think this is a pretty gorgeous green!



I Love Dogs Nail Art!!

{Purchased By Me}

In case you didn’t already know this, I must confess that I’m a crazy dog lady. There is also a rogue dog hair in pretty much every pic I’ve ever posted. Therefore, it is high time I did some dog themed nail art! This dogs nail art starts with three coats of Milani Capri. Then, I used Mundo de Unas Black and Vivid Lacquer Plate VL027 to create the design.


I actually wore this mani to one of the dog training classes I teach because I’m super fun like that. Except nobody noticed!! //sad face


I love how this one turned out and the stamping design form Vivid Lacquer is just perfect! The plate also has cats and birds on it if you’re not a dog person so it’s still worth checking out! :)





Pink and Blue Flowers Nail Art

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I was at the grocery store and much to my delight, I saw they started carrying Milani!!! I knew Milani was coming out with a ‘fierce foils’ collection so when I saw the brand, I scoured the endcaps looking for the new collection displays. Like a spotlight shining down from the heavens, I found the fierce foils!!! I adopted all six! Today, my nail art starts with two coats of Milani Fierce Foils Venice. Venice is a cobalt blue with hint of pink shimmer. For the stamping design, I used Mundo de Unas Neon Pink and Pueen Plate 93.

I have on a matte topcoat because I thought the foil looked really pretty matted.



Here’s a plain swatch of Venice with a glossy topcoat.



I meant to show you a plan swatch picture after I put on a matte topcoat…but I totally forgot. So hopefully you can kinda see what it looks like in the nail art pictures, since those are matted! :)


Milani Rome Swatch

{Purchased By Me}

I was pretty excited when I saw the Milani Fierce Foils collection at my local grocery store. I grabbed the entire collection, but today I just have a swatch of Milani Rome for you. Rome is a purple with golden flecks hidden inside.


I wouldn’t call this ‘foil’ or ‘fierce’, but the color is quite fetching. I think there is a little misguided PR naming regarding this collection, but overall the colors are lovely.


Fail Friday: Barbie Decals

For today’s Fail Friday, I started with one coat of Milani Pink Rocks! then one coat of I Love Nail Polish Blow Pop…and repeated for a jelly-ish sandwich. Then, I used Barbie Pueen decals to jazz it up even more. And that’s where things went terribly wrong! I should have stopped before the decals. On my middle finger, it looks like Barbie is sitting on a toilet!! LOL! Sometimes with nail art…less is more!

Milani Pink Rocks!



What do you think? Post a comment! I love hearing your thoughts!

Same or Similar? Saturday: Hot Pink Nail Polish

It’s time for another edition of Same or Similar? Saturday! This week, I’m going to compare four different hot pink polishes.

The contenders are:
Milani Pink Rocks!
Revlon Bubble Gum Pink
Sally HansenĀ  Fuchsia Power
Formula X EurekaHot-Pink-Nail-Polish-Dupes

And now, I have rearranged the order and painted them on my nails! Can you tell which is which?

Same or Similar Hot Pink
With topcoat
Without topcoat
With topcoat

Answers after the page break! :D
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