Cry-Baby Manicure

I was feeling uninspired tonight to do nail art. I put on the movie Cry-Baby starring an amazingly hot, young Johnny Depp. I can’t believe how young he is in it! And hot! Did I mention how hot he is in this movie? Anyway…I love the 50’s style so I decided to do some nail art inspired by the movie. :P I picked a light pink polish, Michael Marcus Barely There and a white polish, Sally Hansen White On, to do a lovely polka dot print. Then, I grabbed OPI 4 in the Morning for the accent nail to represent Cry-Baby. That finger needed a little extra bling, so I added some silver rhinestones.





MoYou Artist Collection Plate 03

Today’s mani is part of the tri-polish challenge as presented by The Crumpet. Last week was the first time I participated. You can see that mani here. For this mani, I wanted to use my new MoYou Stamping Plate from the Artist Collection. I purchased plate three which has a lot of really pretty designs.

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MoYou Artist Collection Plate 03

MoYou Artist Collection Plate 03

For the challenge, I have to use pink, blue, and yellow. I picked Andrea’s Choice Circus Somesault for the yellow, Michael Marcus Barely There for the pink, and Zoya Yummy for the blue.

It’s amazing what the camera picks up that the eye does not…in other words, I now see that I could have cleaned up my edges a little better! I didn’t even see that in real life!

Zoya Yummy

Tri-Polish Challenge

MoYou Stamping Plates

Michael Marcus Barely There

Andrea's Choice Somersault

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Michael Marcus Relaxing by the Pool with a splash of Color Club Snowflakes

I received Michael Marcus Relaxing by the Pool in my July 2013 Wantable Makeup Box.  I did three coats of that and then did my accent nail in Color Club Snowflakes which is a small flakie white/holo glitter.

Relaxing by the Pool is an awesome jelly polish. I don’t usually like jelly polishes because I prefer more opaque looks but I am totally in love with this polish! I think it’s my favorite blue that I own!