Superheroes Nail Art!

I’m in a group called Challenge Your Nail Art. Today’s prompt is superheroes! I have done a couple superhero inspired manis before. You can see them here and here. I decided for this one to take an artsy look to it and use Vivid Lacquer Plate VL011. (In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a huge VL fan.) I started with two coats of Marbles for Polish Emily. Then, I used Sally Hansen Color Foils Liquid Gold to stamp the comic words on. Then, I used striping tape and Enchanted Polish August 2013 to create the blue contrast. I picked these colors because the vast majority of superheros where red and/or blue. So I thought the color scheme was fitting. I wish I was good at freehand because then I would have drawn you Superman or something. But alas, you’ll have to settle for my artsy take on the whole thing. :P


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Marbles for Polish Review and Interview!

I had the pleasure to interview Shannon, the creator of Marbles for Polish. She also sent me three mini polishes as a sample so I could try them for myself! After Shannon and I talked about the interview, I started perusing her site and got more and more excited to receive the samples. Our tastes are quite similar and I was drooling over a lot of her swatches!  Shannon sent me Kiki which is from the Kiki’s Delivery Service Collection, Psylocke, which is named after a Marvel character, and Emily! Psylocke is available now, Emily will be released later this month and Kiki will be available August 1, 2014!

Marbles for Polish Kiki is a light pink crelly packed with red and black glitters. They are all small, but are still varying in size. This was super easy to use. Sometimes with polish this style, you need a lot of coats. You really only need two with this one. I did do three but only because I have some horrendous blue stains from OPI Tiffany Case and I didn’t want that to tint the gorgeous light pink that is Kiki!


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