Mango Bunny Polish Baby Cakes

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Mango Bunny Polish Baby Cakes is from the May Bunny of the Month Club. It’s quite similar to Easter Bunny from the April box. They are both milky polishes with a mix of colored glitters. The glitters in each are different colors, but the two polishes are still pretty close. The milky white bases are also a touch different compared side-by-side. Well, enough blibber-blabbering, why don’t I just show you Baby Cakes?


I used three thin coats for this swatch. You could layer it over white or a color of your choosing to make it practically a whole new polish!


Mango Bunny Polish Pink and Purple Mani

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Mango Bunny Polish sent me their debut collection last December to swatch for you. Today, I’m going to use Mango Bunny Polish Pinkie Sense for some nail art! I did three thin coats of Pinkie and then used Mundo de Unas Velvet to stamp a design from Pueen Plate 88.

I think this pink and purple nail art is great for spring and summer manis! I wore this mani when I had a lunch date with one of the owners of MBP, Ed! I couldn’t go to a lunch date with an indie maker and not wear their polish! That would have been a total faux pax! :P Luckily, Ed approved of this mani. :)





Mango Bunny Polish Tide Me Over

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Mango Bunny Polish offers a monthly subscription where you get a polish and other goodies each month! This month’s polish is Tide Me Over which is a lovely almost-Tiffany blue with shimmer. The box also came with a sample of nail oil and nail vinyls!


I did three coats of Tide me Over because the stains on my nails are so bad, I have to make sure you’re seeing the true color of the polish!! If your nails aren’t stained as badly as mine, then you’ll only need two coats.


Most importantly, the box also came with some candy which I am enjoying as I write this! :)

Mango Bunny Polish Swatches – New Additions!

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Mango Bunny Polish‘s holiday collection (swatched here) was such a hit that the owners, Ed and Malissa, have decided to expand the Bunny Goes on a Holiday collection! They sent me two of those to show you today and an additional one that will be a stand-alone release.

This is Mango Bunny Polish Carrot Cake. This is two coats of a cheerful orange jelly that has a splattering of white and holo glitter. I really love the MBP formula. It’s very smooth and easy to apply. The orange masks the holo glitters a little bit, but you can catch flashes of them as you move around.



Mango Bunny Polish Don’t Be Jelly is a magenta jelly with white and holo glitters. I did three coats of this one because my yellow-stained nails were showing through. (I guess the yellow stains blended with the orange above. LOL).



Mango Bunny Polish Space Cadet is a deep blurple with white and holo glitters. This formula was a bit thicker than the other MBP colors. I think that Ed and Malissa should put Space Cadet in the holiday collection because I don’t see why Bunny can’t go on holiday in space!!! :P This one is probably my favorite of the three featured today. It has a ton of depth and confuses my brain about whether it’s blue or purple.



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Geometric Nail Art

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Today’s nail art is for this week’s “geometric” prompt from the Crumpet’s 52 week pick and mix challenge. I started with three thin coats of Mango Bunny Polish Ninja Bunny. The stamping polish is Mundo de Unas Mexican Pink and the design is from Vivid Lacquer Plate VL034. The pink covered up more of the Ninja Bunny than I would have liked but at least I adore pink!



Here is a plain swatch of Ninja Bunny. It’s a black jelly with small white glitters and white triangles. You can see the white triangle best stuck to the lid. LOL! I guess I can be a little messy! I think I’m going to leave it there. Just for fun.



I’m trying to figure out what sets my blog apart from others – if there is anything at all. I’m always working on trying to improve my photography and hand position. I worry that it gets boring when I do 99% stamping manicures. But that’s also what I enjoy the most and what I’m best at. So, if you have any suggestions or feedback, please let me know! I want you to keep coming here! I enjoy your company. :)

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Mango Bunny Polish The Twelves

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I just got Mango Bunny Polish The Twelves in the mail! Go Hawks!!!!! This is a white milky polish with neon green, blue, and white glitters. I did three coats. As usual, the formula is awesome!


mango-bunny-polish-the-twelves mango-bunny-polish

In the last 18 months, I’ve gotten Seahawks fever and I got it bad!!! I’m all about the Hawks these days; I just can’t get enough. So obviously when I saw MBP post about this limited edition polish, I jumped on that ASAP!


Crosshatch Nail Art

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I was sent this beautiful Mango Bunny Polish Faithful Student to swatch for you and I just couldn’t help but do a pattern on top! The design is from this Cici&Sisi stamping plate. I used Konad white as my stamping polish.



Raindrops Nail Art

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This mani starts with two coats of Mango Bunny Polish  Midnight Bunny, which I originally received as a press sample. Then, I used Konad White to stamp this raindrops design from Vivid Lacquer Plate VL006. I love the rain, which is one of the many reasons why I love living in the Pacific North West.


I like how I can see the star glitters from Midnight Bunny poking through!!! It’s like it’s raining on a starry night. Have you ever seen a rainstorm happen when it’s still sunny? (Yes, that happens!) Well, this must be the night version of it!


Black and Pink Stamping

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For this mani, I started with two coats of Mango Bunny Polish Bunny Wamts a Pony, which I originally received as a press sample. Then, I used Konad black and this Cici&Sisi stamping set to stamp the design on top. It reminds me of a stained glass window. I love the simplicity of how this one turned out.



Mango Bunny Polish Holiday Trio Swatches


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Mango Bunny Polish sent me mini’s of their holiday trio so I could show them to you! I swatched their debut collections a few weeks ago and totally fell in love. Let’s take a look at this unique holiday trio!

Mango Bunny Polish Bunny Wants a Pony

When I first tried MBP jellies, I totally fell in love. Their formula is awesome. So when I saw they did a pink jelly, my heart stopped!!! Bunny Wants a Pony is a hot pink jelly with white and silver glitters.



Mango Bunny Polish Midnight Bunny

Midnight Bunny is the adorable brother of Bunny Wants a Pony. It’s a dark blue jelly with white and silver glitters. There are even some white stars in there, which is my favorite glitter shape. The stars are shy, so I did have to coax them out a bit. However, I think that just a few are perfect for a mani. You don’t want to look like you have the American flag on your nails (at least not until July).



Mango Bunny Polish Snow Bunny

What a cute name!! Snow Bunny is a clear polish with white glitters and holo shimmer. I topped this over a  cobalt blue polish. (Sally Hansen Batbano Blue)



Thanks again to Mango Bunny Polish for sending me these beauties! I seriously love them and can’t pick a favorite. Each one is so different and has its own fabulous qualities. I love the formula and the colors they put in this collection.

Christmas Tree Nail Art

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Happy December 1st!! I was originally sent this gorgeous green polish by Mango Bunny Polish as a press sample. This is Fern Bunny which is part of their Bunny Collection. Due to its evergreen color, I just had to stamp some Christmas trees on top. I promise I won’t bombard you with only holiday nail art, I promise! But I want to kick off December with this look. Also, this week from the 52-Week Crumpet’s Nail Tarts Challenge, the prompt is dark green!


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Black and Yellow Nail Art

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Today’s mani starts with two coats of Mango Bunny Polish Honey Bunny which I originally received as a press sample. I can’t help but pair yellow polishes with black. I just think those two colors look so great together! So I found this grid design on my Cici&Sisi plates collection and used Konad Black to stamp it on my nails.



Blue and Pink Nail Art

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Hello! Thanks for coming by today. I hope your weekend is going super great! Today’s blue and pink nail art starts with two coats of Mango Bunny Polish Pinkie Sense (which I originally received as a press sample) which is from their My Little Pony collection. I spotted this scalloped design on this Cici&Sisi stamping plate collection and used Bundle Monster Blue to stamp with.


I love the girliness of how this turned out. Obviously, I love pink but I also really love how it looks with this darker blue.


Red Roses Nail Art

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Today’s mani starts with a base of Mango Bunny Polish Yay which is from their My Little Pony inspired collection. I was sent Yay as a press sample. I saw this roses design on my Cici&Sisi plates and really wanted to pair it with this yellow. I used Konad Red as my stamping polish. I love this rose design and I’m already planning another mani with it. That’s right! I have hundreds of designs to pick from and I’m picking this one again! When you like something you can just enjoy it as much as you want, right?



Thanks for stopping by today! I really love visitors. Leave me a comment to let me know you were here! Happy Friday!!!!!!!!

Mango Bunny Polish Debut Collections

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Today’s collection of swatches are the debut collections of Mango Bunny Polish.  I was given these polishes by one of the creators, Ed, to swatch and share with you! I am very impressed with the formula on all of these polishes. Sometimes with a new indie, there are a few formula issues as they are still working things out. It is clear that the creators, Ed and Malissa, spent a ton of time testing their formula. I had no issues with application. Some of the glitters do sink so I turned the bottles upside down before swatching. They were upside down for about an hour before application. I did not fish for any glitters so what you see in the pictures is the effortless application.


First, let’s look at the collection inspired by My Little Pony. I don’t watch MLP so I can’t make parallels to the show, but I trust that Ed and Malissa named these well! :) The My Little Pony nail polish collection consists of 6 milky cremes with various glitter combinations.

Mango Bunny Polish Yay

Yay is a light yellow with a mix of blue and pink glitters. This picture is three coats.


Mango Bunny Polish Sonic Rainboom

Pinkie Sense is a baby blue creme with a rainbow of glitters. It also has a very subtle shimmer to it! This is two coats. I think this one is my favorite from the My Little Pony collection.


Mango Bunny Polish Pinkie Sense

Pinkie Sense is a light pink creme with blue, yellow, and red glitters This is two coats.


Mango Bunny Polish Faithful Student

Pinkie Sense is a light purple creme with pink, purple, and silver glitters. This is two coats.


Mango Bunny Polish Fabulosity

Fabulosity is the only one in a clear-ish base. This is three coats and you can still see how sheer it is. This would be a good polish for a nude look. At first I didn’t really like it, but then I stamped snowflakes on top and it really spoke to me. I was going to do the snowflakes art as a separate post, but I really wanted to show you so you can really see how gorgeous Fabulosity can be.


This snowflake design is from this Cici&Sisi stamping plate collection.



I was also curious to see what Fabulosity would look like over black. This is one coat over one coat of black creme polish. I think it gives it a cool galaxy nails effect!!


Mango Bunny Polish Sugar Cube

Sugar Cube is an orange creme with red and green glitters. I’m impressed that they put red and green together and it doesn’t look like Christmas! This is two coats.


Now we’re going to look at the Bunny Collection which is a collection of three jelly polishes packed with different white glitters!

Mango Bunny Polish Honey Bunny

Honey Bunny is a mustard yellow jelly with white glitters. The formula on this is extremely impressive even if it’s not the most flattering color on me. :) This is three coats.


Mango Bunny Polish Plum Bunny

Plum Berry is a royal purple jelly. The truest color of this polish is what you see near my cuticle line. It  gets off colored a touch as you go down my nail due to the staining I have. I was going to swatch it over white, but in speaking with Ed, neither of us liked how it looked over white. So focus on the color by the cuticle. This is two coats.


Mango Bunny Polish Fern Bunny

Fern Bunny is an evergreen jelly with white glitters, including some really fun triangle glitters. This one is not only my favorite of the Bunny Collection, it’s my favorite of them all!! In my experience, not a lot of indies produce jellies. These jellies are just awesome and I seriously hope Ed and Malissa make a lot a lot a lot more of them.


I would love to know your thoughts on this collection! It’s their first release so I know feedback is going to be important to them. Do you have any favorites? Are there any you’re going to try?
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