Black and Purple Nail Art

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I just found this post hanging around in my drafts! I never published it! Oopsies! It’s not very spring-like. That’s probably because I did this art about two months ago! This is the first time I’ve ever “lost” a post. Hopefully this isn’t the new trend for 2016!

This mani starts with two coats of Mango Bunny Polish Fig Newton. Konad Black was the stamping polish at I used a design from It Girl Stamping Plate IG107




Mango Bunny Polish Tiny Elephant

{Press Sample}

Mango Bunny Polish Tiny Elephant is from the February duo. I have it here over two coats of black so the white glitters will really show. This glitter reminds me of speckled eggs or a scattered polka dot kind of mix. I really like the look and I think it might be one of my favorite MBP glitter mixes yet!

mango-bunny-polish-tiny-elephant-swatch mango-bunny-polish-tiny-elephant

Teal and White Nail Art

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Today’s nail art starts with Mango Bunny Polish Dumb Bunny which was sent to me as a press sample. Then, I used nail stencils and my dotting tools to create a different design on each nail. I used LA Colors Teal Dimension for the teal.

teal-mermaid-nail-art mermaid-nail-art

Here is a plain swatch of Mango Bunny Polish Dumb Bunny. It’s mostly white. There is some glitter in it, but only a small amount. mango-bunny-polish-dumb-bunny mango-bunny-polish-dumb-bunny-swatch

Green Green it is Spring!

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How about some green nail art to try and trick Spring into coming? This mani starts with two coats of Mango Bunny Polish Aut-ohm Green is a deep emerald polish. I used this lovely flowery design from It Girl Nail Art Plate IG 108 and Konad Light Green.

flowers-nail-art green-flowers-nail-art

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Black and Pink Stamped Nail Art

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Today’s nail art starts with two coats of Mango Bunny Polish La Volt-a which is a deep purple, almost black, polish. Then, I used a design from It Girl Fashion Plates IG108 and Mundo de Unas Neon Pink to stamp the design.

black-and-pink-nail-art pink-and-black-nail-art

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Mango Bunny Polish Gem Collection

{Purchased by Me}

Today I have the Mango Bunny Polish gem collection to show you! I bought this collection at a recent gathering where my darling friend Ed (co-owner of Mango Bunny Polish) was present. I saw these beauties on the ‘for sale’ table and knew I had to have them right away! All swatches shown are two coats.

Mango Bunny Polish Fig Newton is a gorgeous shimmery purple.




Mango Bunny Polish Aut-ohm Green is the perfect emerald color.

mango-bunny-polish-aut-ohm-green mango-bunny-polish-aut-ohm-swatch mango-bunny-polish-aut-ohm-green-macro

Mango Bunny Polish La Volt-a is a deep, deep purple. It almost looks black. Maybe it even is black!

mango-bunny-polish-la-volt-a-swatch mango-bunny-polish-la-volt-a mango-bunny-polish-la-volt-a-macro

Mango Bunny Polish Mega Watt is my favorite of the collection. I love the little splash of chunky gold glitters.

mango-bunny-polish-mega-watt mango-bunny-polish-mega-watt-swatch mango-bunny-polish-mega-watt-macro

Mango Bunny Polish Ampere-ial Blue is actually quite purple. It’s a royal purple so if that’s what you see then your monitor is not playing tricks on you! (Despite “blue” being in the name!)

mango-bunny-polish-ampere-ial-blue mangp-bunny-polish-ampere-ial-blue mango-bunny-polish-ampere-ial-blue-macro

What do you think of this gem collection from Mango Bunny Polish?

A Polish 4-Way with Mango Bunny Polish Nope Still Winter


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Today I’m going to have a polish 4-way. Get your mind out of the gutter. I obviously mean that I’m going to take one polish and show you four different ways to use it! Today, the chosen polish is Mango Bunny Polish Nope, Still Winter which is from the Limited Edition January 2016 duo. (The other half of the duo is a crelly with the same glitter mix called Spring, Is that You?) Nope, Still Winter was given to me as a press sample from the lovely Ed, co-owner of Mango Bunny Polish.

The first look that popped into my mind when I saw the purple microglitter was that it would look just spiffing over hot pink. I selected Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power which is my go-to hot pink. I’ve used half the bottle already so I think it’s time I got a backup!! This is two coats of Fuchsia Power topped with one coat of Nope, Still Winter.



At Ed’s suggestion, I’m going to try and do more macros. The only reason I haven’t done them consistently before is because I’m lazy. How’s that for some real talk? LOL.


The next design that popped into my head was glitter tips. I love glitter tips and they are a perfect step into nail art because they’re super easy to do, but look really fun. I put a blob of Nope, Still Winter on a clean makeup sponge and then dabbed it on the tips. The base polish is Dermelect Lazy Daze (which was originally sent to me as a press sample).



Woah! Two macros in one post! It’s almost like I tried or something. ;)glitter-tips-macro

The third idea that came to mind was to layer Nope, Still Winter over black. I love putting microglitters on black. Just take a look and you’ll see why. I used Zoya Willa (which was originally sent to me as a press sample). This time, I did two coats of Nope, Still Winter because I really wanted this to be super glittery.



Ok, so now I kinda see Ed’s point about Macros. I’m super in love with this picture if I don’t say so myself.


The last design I had to do with this polish was to put some stamping on top of the layering from the previous look. I love layering microglitters on black, but I even more love stamping on top of them!! I used Konad Black, a design from Cici & Sisi Plate 29, and my Born Pretty Store Clear Jelly Stamper to create this final look.




What did you think of this polish 4-way? Was this a useful post for you? I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I am experimenting with not posting new stuff on the weekends. I’ll still be on social media, there just won’t be a new post on the blog. I hope that by reducing the number of posts I do, I can increase the quality of the posts that get published. Please give me your feedback about what you think of this new strategy and this new post type. You know I always love to hear from you!

Mango Bunny Polish November and December 2015 Box

{Press Sample}

Mango Bunny Polish gave me their November 2015 and the December 2015 Bunny of the Month box to show you! December marked the last subscription box for Mango Bunny Polish. They are changing the way they do their monthlies and they will just be available on their website rather than as a recurring subscription.

The November polish was Mango Bunny Polish Berry Delicious. This is a gorgeous purple holo with gold shimmers. It’s very multi-dimensional.



The December box consisted of three jelly polishes packed full of glitter. I only needed two coats of each of these to get full opacity.

Mango Bunny Polish Ring Ting-a-ling is a gray jelly.



Mango Bunny Polish Mistletoe-ing is a forest green jelly that is perfect for Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day!



Mango Bunny Polish Naughty or Nice is a red jelly with red shimmers.



I will miss these lovely polishes in my mailbox every month but I will certainly bookmark their store and check on what they’re doing each month! I love their polish!!

Icy Blue Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

Good morning! How about a little icy blue nail art today? It was super duper cold and frozen the day I did this art plus, I had put together my Frozen Lego set complete with an Elsa and an Anna so I was in a wintery mood! I started with three coats of Mango Bunny Polish Frostlite which was given to me as a press sample. Then, I used Mundo de Unas Pastel Blue to stamp this lovely and intricate design from It Girl Nail Art Plate IG106. (This plate was also given to me as a press sample.)



40 Great Nail Art Ideas…Things That Fly

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Today’s post is for the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts Challenge. This week’s prompt is “Things that Fly”. I was racking my brain to think of what I should do. I really want to break out of my go-to method of stamping something. I can’t freehand at all and I didn’t even know what I’d draw if I could. I was at a total loss. Then, I realized that the TARDIS flies! Duh! I suddenly got very excited to do this prompt. I did a galaxy mani first (thusly breaking out of my stamping rut). To make the TARDIS, I made a decal using the Bliss Kiss Simply Neat Miracle Mat. (I did a full review on this awesome mat earlier this week.) The TARDIS can be found on My Online Shop Stamping plate Plate XII.



A lot of polishes went into the making of this mani.

Mango Bunny Polish Snow Cold

Pretty Serious Type 40

Bundle Monster Black

Seven Heartless

Morgan Taylor All White Now

Orly Hot Tropics

OPI My Voice is a Little Norse

China Glaze Daisy Know My Name

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas…Pale Blue Base

{Press Sample}

This week for the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts challenge, our prompt is “pale blue base”. I selected Mango Bunny Polish Brrr Bunny from their winter collection. This is very close to a Tiffany blue shade.  Brrr Bunny was given to me as a gift/press sample. Then, I used silver striping tape and silver rhinestones to create the design. It ended up looking more like a Tiffany box than I had envisioned in my mind, but I’m totally ok with that!



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Mango Bunny Polish Winter Collection

{Press Sample}

Mango Bunny Polish was kind enough to gift me their winter collection! This is a set of four polishes that are all quite delightful in their own different ways.

Brrr Bunny is a frosty light blue. It has tiny little shimmers in it that you can see in the sun, but not in pictures. The shimmer helps give the polish depth.



Mint-er Weather is a lovely mint green that also has tiny bits of shimmer in it. The shimmer in this one appears golden in the sun and it’s quite striking.



Frostlite was one that I thought I wouldn’t like, but is a top contender as my favorite of the collection! I did three coats to build up this white crelly, but it’s sooo worth it. It’s absolutely gorgeous. The white crelly with the light blue glitters definitely screams winter and cold but also gives the mani a clean and polished look.



Snow Cold is a navy blue jelly with various sized glitters in it. It’s on the thick side, but that meant I only needed two coats of this jelly for full opacity.



I’ve been a huge fan of Mango Bunny Polish since their inception and I still am. I think their polishes have gone from good to great and I can’t wait to see what they come out with for 2016!

Two-Tone Blue Swirls Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

Today’s nail art starts with two coats of Mango Bunny Polish Blue Moon (which was originally sent to me as a press sample). Then, I used Mundo de Unas Iris and a design from Vivid Lacquer plate VL 041 to create this look.



Mango Bunny Polish Sept and Oct

{Press Sample}

I have both the September and the October Mango Bunny Polish subscription box polishes to show you!

The September Bunny of the month was Mango Bunny Polish Mums the Word. This is a nude crelly with multi-colored glitters. I used three thin coats for this one. I love wearing it and I think it’s quite beautiful!




Mango Bunny Polish Blue Moon is the October Bunny of the Month. This is a holo periwinkle. I did two coats for this swatch.




Here is Blue Moon with flash from my camera. Now you can really see the gorgeous holo.


What do you think of these two beautiful indie polishes?

Storms Ahead Stamping Mani

{Purchased By Me}{Press Sample}

This mani starts with two coats of Mango Bunny Polish Storms Ahead which was from the July 2015 Bunny of the Month subscription box. I used Mundo de Unas black to stamp this very cool design from It Girl Fashion Plate 102.



Fairytale Finish and Mango Bunny Polish Collab!

{Purchased By Me}

This month, Mango Bunny Polish and Fairytale Finish got together and collaborated on a duo! I ordered these and I’m so glad I did! They are gorgeous and super fun! The theme is underwater and just wait until you see these beauties!

First up is Fairytale Finish Love Your Anemones which is a lavender crelly with beautiful glitters!



Mango Bunny Polish Life Aquatic is a teal jelly with colorful glitters! This is three coats for full opacity.



This is a great little duo! I think they are all sold out, but you’re going to want to keep your eye on these two indie brands! They are producing some pretty amazing polishes!!

Mango Bunny Polish July 2015

{Purchased By Me}

This month’s Mango Bunny Polish subscription box brings us two polishes and one pack of lightening bolt decals from Polished Vino.

The first polish is Mango Bunny Polish Storms Ahead which is a gorgeous light gray holo.


Here is a shot with flash so you can see the beautiful holo-ness!


This next one is Mango Bunny Polish Bright Lightening which I swatched over black. This has gorgeous shimmers with neon glitters. Oh lalala!!



I love these polishes! I love the colors and the owners. XOXOXO!!

Stamping with It Girl Fashion Plates

{Press Sample}

This is the third manicure I’ve done using It Girl Fashion Plates and I’m still amazed at how wonderful they are. This design is from It Girl Fashion Plate 101. For this nail art, I used Mango Bunny Polish Surprise Bunny and Mundo de Unas Black.



You’re going to get pretty sick of me telling you how great these plates are, but then again, I can’t say it enough!! If you like stamping or if you want to get into the world of stamping, these plates would be a great place to start.

Pre-Order here:

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New Indie: It Girl Fashion Plates

{Press Sample}

A new indie has emerged on the scene and she is making some pretty amazing stamping plates! I had the honor of receiving the three inaugural It Girl Fashion Plates! For today’s mani, I used Fashion Plate IG101, Mango Bunny Polish Surprise Bunny, and Mundo de Unas Fantasy.



Nicole did an amazing job designing these plates and I’m so happy I got to try them! The lines are so crisp and the designs are very well thought out. I would highly recommend these plates for novice and seasoned stampers alike!

Pre-Order here:

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New Stamping Plate Alert!

{Press Sample}

There is a new indie emerging on the scene and this one makes stamping plates!!! It Girl Fashion Plates is launching this month with three carefully designed and tested stamping plates. Nicole, the owner of It Girl Fashion Plates, gave me all three plates to share with you. My first impression is that I’m blown away! These are so well thought out and so well tested they might just be my favorite plates yet!

Each plate has designs big enough for super long and super wide nails. I know some of you have nails that are even longer than these designs, but the size of these images will certainly be fabulous for the vast majority of stamping addicts. The designs transfer extremely well and the lines are super crisp.

I’m going to have a ton of It Girl Fashion Plates manicures to show you so you better get excited!!!! Here’s the inaugural It Girl Fashion Plates nail art I did! I started with two coats of Mango Bunny Polish Surprise Bunny and I used Mundo de Unas Tutti as my stamping polish.



Look at the awesome crisp lines!! I am so excited about these plates and I can’t wait for them to become a huge sensation in the nail art world!!

Here’s a photo of the plate with a quarter on top so you can get an idea of the size of the images.


Pre-Order here:

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Mango Bunny Polish In-Crelly-Ble White Sale Swatches!!

{Press Sample}

Mango Bunny Polish is having an In-Crelly-Ble White Sale! If you purchase a Surprise Bunny Duo, you will get two mystery crelly polishes! Some of the Surprise Bunnies are prototypes and others are just fun combinations they’re testing. Ed gave me four of their wonderful crellies to swatch and show you! None of these have names since they’re prototypes and experiments, so I’m just going to make up fake names for them. :)

This first Surprise Bunny has yellow, pink, and lavender glitters. The great thing about Mango Bunny Polish is that their formula is amazing. I usually have a little pulling with glitter crellies but these babies are smooth as butter. Hence, I will be naming this one Baby Bunny.



The second Surprise Bunny has coral and aqua glitters. It’s a gorgeous color combination!! Since I love this color combination, I’m going to call this one Love Bunny.



The third Surprise Bunny has gold and purple glitters. I had to be careful wearing this one around my husband because gold and purple are the colors of University of Washington and my husband went to Washington State University; they are sworn rivals!!! So I’m going to have to name this one A Husky ate Your Bunny.



The fourth Surprise Bunny has blue and pink small bar glitters. I like how Mango Bunny Polish put in small bars so that they will lie flat on the nail. Hooray! It reminds me of confetti so I’m going to call this Bunny’s Confetti Party.



Thanks again to Mango Bunny Polish for sending these my way! I really enjoyed playing with this! I have some nail art looks with them coming up so make sure to stay tuned!!!

Mango Bunny Polish Reef Romper

{Purchased By Me}

The June 2015 Bunny of the Month Club brought me Mango Bunny Polish Reef Romper! I’m pretty thrilled with this polish! It’s a gorgeous coral color with golden glitters. I only needed two coats. For some reason, I thought I would need more, but I didn’t!


I am consistently impressed with Mango Bunny Polish. There colors are beautiful and the formula is really great – especially for a new indie.


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Stop reading right now if you don’t want to read sad things.

Ok, you’re still here! Yesterday, I posted on IG and Facebook that my dog, Lena, is having medical problems. Luckily, the prognosis is much better than what we originally thought, so that is a huge relief.

A few weeks ago, my husband found a lump in Len’s armpit. We were able to take her to the vet last Friday and on Monday we got word that it is an aggressive, malignant cancer. We took Lena to an oncologist on Tuesday who said she was “not impressed” with the size of the tumor – which was great news! They did chest x-rays to see if it had metastasized and it hasn’t, which is more great news! Can’t have too much good news, though! They also discovered that she has a heart murmur. This makes surgery a lot riskier – and she has to have surgery to get the cancerous tumor removed. So even though it’s a better situation than we thought on Monday, I’m still pretty on edge.

We should know more by Friday – like which vet is going to do the surgery and when it will be. If she makes it through the surgery and the subsequent recovery, she should be back to normal! And so should my emotions!! :P


We rescued Lena in October of 2009. She was two years old at the time. For the first two years of her life, she had been tied up in the backyard of her ‘owner’s’ house. (I use ‘owner’ loosely because….WHAT THE FUCK.) Her ‘owner’ died (is it bad to feel glad about that?) and we adopted her from our local shelter. Needless to say, she’s extremely shy of new people seeing as she got NO socialization during the key periods of development in puppyhood.

I became obsessed with learning about canine behavior and she inspired me to become a dog trainer! (Didja know I am a dog trainer??) I started training professionally in 2010 and I still train to this day! Lena has gotten a lot braver since we got her and when she’s comfortable, she’s one of the silliest dogs I know!

This was probably the most personal stuff I’ve ever written on this blog! Hopefully it didn’t scare you away! Especially since it had nothing to do with nail polish or makeup!!

Yellow Skittle Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased By Me}

A lot of different supplies went into making today’s yellow skittle nail art! I don’t usually wear yellow, but there is something about Dermelect Lazy Daze that I just love! In addition to Lazy Daze, I used Dermelect Fant-a-Sea, Mango Bunny Polish Yay, Mundo de Unas Mint, Polished Vino nail vinyls, and a Pueen Stamp. The MBP and Dermelect polishes were press samples and the other supplies were purchased by me.

Yellow Skittle Nail Art




Born Pretty Store Plate Qgirl-017

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Today I have a lace design from a stamping plate that was sent to me by the Born Pretty Store. The plate is Qgirl-017.

Wavy Lines Lace Pattern Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate Pattern #Qgirl-017

To show off this plate’s designs, I started with three coats of Mango Bunny Polish Easter Bunny (from their April Bunny of the Month Club). For the stamping polish, I used Mundo de Unas Pastel Blue. I chose the lacy design from this plate because I thought it would be a nice accent to the light polish beneath. The images transferred well in most spots once I got the hang of it’s idiosyncrasies. (My right hand is a mess! :P)



Here is a swatch of Mango Bunny Polish Easter Bunny. It’s a lovely off-white milky polish with colorful glitters.


Thanks again to BPS for sending me these to review! You can find these supplies and more in the nail art section of the Born Pretty Store. Use code FYL91 to receive 10% off all your supplies at


Mango Bunny Polish Sunkissed Neons

{Purchased By Me}

I was at a polish-lovers lunch and Ed, one of the owners of Mango Bunny Polish, was there with her new Mango Bunny Polish Sunkissed Neons collection. It would have been a slap in the face of a dear friend if I didn’t buy the whole collection…right? Right??? (Just play along…I’m trying to justify my purchases! :P)

Hand L’Ocean is not only an awesome name, but it’s also an awesome color.



Mango Bunny Polish #LushLyfe is a neon lime that will be perfect Seahawks nail art come football season.



Mango Bunny Polish Come to Papaya is a neon tangerine. It was actually named by the owner’s fiance, Andrew!



Mango Bunny Polish Pinking of Summer is a super gorgeous pink with golden flecks. I gasped when I put it on, it was so stunning!



Mango Bunny Polish Iris You Were Here has so much gold in it, it’s like finding buried treasure in your polish collection!



Mango Bunny Polish Christmas in July is a dark blue with subtle shimmer. I can’t tell if the shimmer is gold like the others because it really looks silver to me. Almost like a summer night sky.



I hope you enjoyed my swatches of the Mango Bunny Polish Sunkissed Neons collection!! Will you be ordering any of these?