Cover Girl Bombshell Mascara Review

By now, if you ever go to the grocery store, you know that Cover Girl has released a new mascara that they are calling “Bombshell”. I wanted to try it out, especially after watching Kandee Johnson’s review of it on YouTube.

There are two steps to this mascara. Step one is the brush in the top middle. It coats your lashes with a black primer. Step two is the brush in the top right. This really adds a lot of length and volume!

The big middle picture is after applying both steps. The bottom left and middle are me without any mascara on. The bottom right is my eye closed with mascara for comparison purposes.

Cover Girl Bombshell Mascara Review

I really like the volume this mascara adds. I had been using Benefit They’re Real, which I loved! I think this one is a good drugstore replacement for that. I do think that Cover Girl Bombshell clumps a little bit more than They’re Real, but paying 1/3 of the cost for it is a good tradeoff.

The only really negative about this mascara is it’s really hard to get off! The good news about that means it lasts all day. The bad news is that you’re scrubbing your eyes trying to get it off! Even a good eye makeup remover has a hard time with it. I find myself using a different mascara on the weekends so I can give my eyes a rest from this hard-core mascara.

The bottom line: I like this mascara a lot and I will likely repurchase it.
Have you tried it? What do you think?

Naked3 Light Look

For today, I did a look using the lighter colors from the Naked 3 Palette. I do think I was too heavy-handed on my eyeliner. I should have kept that a lot lighter for a pinky, innocent look. Oh well! Live and learn.

I used Strange (far left) on my brown bone, as usual. :D

Dust was used for all over the lid and Limit was used in my crease. Then, I used Burnout to blend the two together.

After applying pencil liner, I used Blackheart (far right) to set the liner and to try and take the sheer blackness of the liner down a notch. Blackheart is black but has flecks of purple so I was hoping it would lighten the liner a little. It did, but not as much as I was hoping.

Urban Decay Naked3 Look using Nooner and Mugshot

For today’s makeup look, I mostly focused on using Nooner and Mugshot from the Urban Decay Naked3 Palette.

I used Strange and Dust for the highlighting of my brow bone and inner corners.
Strange is on the far left and Dust is right next to it.

Nooner is the matte on on the far left and Mugshot is third from the right.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Look. Squeee!!!

I almost had a heart attack when I heard Urban Decay was releasing Naked 3. I am totally in love with Naked and Naked 2 so of course I scooped this puppy up on release day!

For this look, I used three of the darker shades.

I used strange for my brow bone (far left) and Dust (second from the left) for my inner crease and blended into my inner lid.

I swept Liar (5th from the right) all over the lid and used Factory (4th from the right) in the outer creases of my eye.

While not perfect (I’m no professional!), I’m pretty happy with the finished look. The staying power of these shadows is awesome. I did my makeup about 12 hours ago (when I took the pictures) but it hasn’t moved a touch! Yay Urban Decay! I love you!