It Cosmetics Color Infused Skincare Review

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It Cosmetics sent me their Color Infused Skincare to review for you. These products are now available at Sephora! This set contains their very popular “Bye Bye” collection, which is comprised of products such as Bye Bye Undereye and Bye Bye Lines.

it-cosmetics-color-infused-skincare it-cosmetics-skincare

On the left is Bye Bye Makeup. This is a cream you put on your face and then leave for about a minute. It dissolves the makeup off and comes away clean when you wash your face. I have been loving this stuff!!! Usually, I still look like a rabid raccoon after I wash my face, but this gets off a ton of makeup.

In the back is Bye Bye Lines. Right now, I’m lucky enough to not have wrinkles, but there is one important thing for you to know about this product. It is not drying. Most anti-wrinkle serums I’ve tried make my face feel like the Sahara Desert. This one actually moisturizes! It’s well worth a try.

In the from is Bye Bye Undereye. This is a very nice, cooling, and moisturizing under eye cream.

On the right is the Anti-Aging Armour. This is a face lotion with a bit of a tint to it. it-cosmetics-bye-bye

On the left, the Heavenly Skin brush is shown. This brush really is heavenly!! I’ve been using it to apply the It Cosmetics CC Cream and it gives a gorgeous application.

Next, is the Undereye Illuminator. I like this better for my dark circles than their regular concealor because this does brighten it up a lot more, rather than just hiding my dark circles.

Bye Bye Pores is a buttery smooth primer. A little of this goes a long way. I start with a dab on each cheek and just blend it out over my nose, face, and forehead. It gives a very smooth canvas for applying CC Cream and/or foundation.

The Je Ne Sais Quois lip balm is the only product in this collection that I’m not totally in love with. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great balm, but I don’t see/feel anything that makes it standout amongst other balms. it-cosmetics-bye-bye-review

it-cosmetics-bye-bye-reviews it-cosmetics-reviews

I included this silly picture of me at the hair salon because this is what my face looked like after hours and hours of teaching dog classes and sitting in a hot salon for an hour. These It Cosmetics products really hold up. I don’t feel like I need to touch up throughout the day – even on my most hectic, go-go-go days.

it-cosmetics-review-bye-bye bye-bye-collection-it-cosmetics it-cosmetics-new-collection

Revive Hair Care Review

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Revive sent me their hair care collection to review for you. I’ve been using this collection for about a month now.  I wanted to give it a really solid amount of time to start working. From their website:

The Reviv3 Procare system provides an optimal scalp environment for hair growth that will improve the appearance of fine, thin looking and thinning hair. It works with both natural and color-treated hair.


The shampoo and conditioner have a lovely mint scent and they tingle a bit on my scalp. (In a good way.) The Revive system made my hair feel really smooth and strong.


The first couple times, I used too much of the TREAT Micro Activ3 Treatment Spray. I could tell because my hair felt a bit weighed down. I little of this spray goes a long way. revive-hair glossy-hair

After I got used to the amount of product I needed for my hair, things got really, really good! My hair held up to curling a lot better and held the curl a lot longer. I really liked that my hair didn’t feel like I had product in it. It just felt like my normal hair, but it behaved and looked a lot healthier and a lot stronger.


How to use the Revive three step system:

  • Apply Cleanser to wet hair. Lather for 1 minute, then rinse.
  • After cleansing, distribute Moisture+Conditioner onto scalp and throughout the hair. Leave on 1-3 minutes, then rinse well.
  • Use the Micro-Activ3 Treatment by spraying close to scalp skin and apply all over; use fingertips or comb to spread evenly and do not rinse (may cause temporary redness).


I think this is a fabulous hair trio! I’m quite happy with how my hair looks and feels. I would recommend checking out the Revive system next time you’re in the market for something to bring your hair back to life! Thanks again to Revive for sending this my way!

NYC Eyebrow Products Review

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NYC sent me a couple brow products to review for you! I received the NYC Showtime Clear Brow Gel and the NYC Brow Pencil from the Demi collection. NYC can be found in drugstores nationwide.


I really liked both these products. The pencil is nice and thin so you can do light, quick strokes to give the illusion of more brow hair. The clear gel holds everything in place quite nicely. It has a medium-sized brush. As I’ve mentioned before, I really prefer a small brush for my brow gels, but this one is definitely workable.


Have you tried the NYC Eyebrow Products? If so, what did you think?

It Cosmetics Superhero Eyeshadow Palette

{Press Sample}

It Cosmetics sent me their new It Cosmetics Superhero Eyeshadow Palette. I am not even going to mince words here. This is the best freaking palette I have tried in a long time. Don’t even read the rest of this post. Go buy it now (available online and at Ulta). You will not regret it. I am adamant about my love for this palette and I have used it every day since I received it.


This palette has a huge variety of eye looks you can create. You can be natural, nude, smoky, bold, etc. The possibilities are

The palette has three large highlighter shades and nine shadow shades. I LOVE that the highlighter shades are big. We use these shades the most so they should absolutely be bigger than the other shades. There is nothing worse than having a palette with no more highlighter shade left!

it-cosmetics-superhero-nudes it-cosmetics-superhero-neutrals it-cosmetics-superhero-liners

This picture is from the first day I used this palette. I’m pretty sure the first ingredient in their formula is butter because these are the smoothest, creamiest shadows I’ve ever worked with in my life. For the following look, I used only products from the palette – including the eyeliner!

it-cosmetics-eyeshadow-review it-cosmetics-superhero

This next look is a bronzy look. I have repeated this look numerous times since I first did it.


This look is more of a nude look using shades all from the nude section of the palette.


This palette is must-have for beginners and professionals alike. I can’t say enough good things about it. I am going to use the hell out of this palette!!!

Rimmel Brow this Way Review

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Rimmel sent me their Brow This Way sculpting kit and the brow gel. I’m always trying to perfect my eyebrows so I jumped at the chance to review these. Rimmel can be found in drugstores nationwide.

rimmel-brow rimmel-brow-this-way

I found the Brow This Way sculpting kit incredibly easy to use. On the right, it has powder and on the left is a thicker wax for setting the brows. I am wearing the kit in the following picture. I like the look. Please ignore my bald spot. Literally, no hair grows there. It’s wildly hard to blend and hide. You’ve probably noticed it before….and if you haven’t, then I shouldn’t have even said anything!


Here I am wearing the brow gel. I used a brow powder first to fill in my very sparse brows. I don’t like the brush for the brow gel. It’s huge. I like my brow gels to have small spooly brushes for easy application. I won’t be using this brow gel again.

Trust Fund Beauty Lipgasm

If you’re looking for a new brow product, check out the sculpting kit! I’ve been wearing it nearly every day since I got it in the mail for review!

Trust Fund Beauty Lipgasm

{Press Sample}

Trust Fund Beauty sent me their Lipgasm lipgloss to try out and review for you.


The Lipgasm line is vegan and cruelty free. They sent me the lipcolor in

It has a nice, juicy

 When worn, it’s not nearly as red as it is the tube so you can confidently wear it to work and not worry about being unprofessional. (Although I wear red lipstick to work all the time!)

I think this is a flattering color. The lipgloss was not sticky and went on smoothly. I hope I get the chance to try more of their colors going forward!

trust-fund-beauty-lip-glossYou can find more lipglosses from Trust Fund Beauty here!

Nudestix Skin Glossing Pencil

{Press Sample}

Nudestix sent me their skin glossing pencil to review for you. This is a super smooth highlighter pencil. All NudeStix products come in their own tin case which has a mirror in the lid. They also come with their own pencil sharpener so you’ll never be at a loss for one of those!

nudestix nudestix-sking-glossing-pencil

This is a very nice color. I really like how it almost matches my skin tone. Sometimes highlighters are too white, too shimmery, or just too much in general for me. This is a really nice one that will give me a subtle look.


I used the skin glossing pencil underneath my eyebrows to give them more of a lifted look. It went on smoothly and blended well into my foundation.


I’ve always been impressed with NudeStix and this glossing pencil is no exception. If you’re in the market for a highlighter, definitely give this one a chance.

Ipsy July 2016

{Purchased by Me}

I got my July 2016 Ipsy bag in the mail last week and I finally got around to trying out all the products!


The five products I received are:

theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) shadow in Matt Moskowitz which is a creamy plum color

Befine Food Skin Care face lotion

ML Cosmetics Felt Tip Eyeliner in Emerald Isle

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

Vasanti Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush


This is a pretty great bag for me. I literally used everything in it. Sometimes I put stuff away to try later or I give it to a friend. Everything in this month’s bag is mine mine mine!


Here are swatches of the eyeshadow and eyeliner.


Here’s a picture of me wearing or having used everything in this month’s Ipsy bag. I guess I should have taken out my headphones for the picture. LOL. I had to finish my book for book club! Sometimes audiobooks are the only way I can do that! :P


Veil Cosmetic Complexion Fix

{Press Sample}

Veil Cosmetics sent me their Complexion Fix brush to test and review for you. This can be used as a corrector, concealer, or highlighter! Veil Cosmetics was started by a makeup artist named Sebastien Tardif who has a passion for a fresh take on weightless, superior makeup.


Veil’s mission is to reveal gorgeous skin, not mask it and does this through multi-tasking skin care cosmetics.

veil-highlighter veil-concealer veil-complexion-correcter-review


I used the brush to tab on the Complexion Fix where I usually apply concealer. I do this step after I have applied a BB creme and my liquid foundation (using a Beauty Blender).


The Veil Complexion Fix has a very thin, almost runny but not quite, formula. I am used to heavier concealers to mask my dark circles. I was actually a bit skeptical this formula would work for me at all.


I was rather surprised that the Veil product could do a decent job of covering up my dark circles. I also used it on top of a few acne scars that I have.


Overall, this is a great lightweight product. It works a lot harder than most lightweight products I’ve tried. It’s definitely worth a try if you like a lightweight makeup even though you might have harder-to-cover blemishes.

This comes in 12 different colors and is oil-free and hypoallergenic. It’s water based and paraben free.

Arbonne Brow Products Review

{Press Sample}

Arbonne sent me two of their brow products to review for you! I received the Shape It Up Brow Pencil in medium brown and the Shape It Up Tinted Brow Cream in Medium Brown.

arbonne-brow-review arbonne-reviews

The lightweight, flexible cream brushes onto brows easily. You will want to ensure you have a great brow shape already. You can’t really create a shape with this product; it really just enhances the color of what’s already there. I’ve been going regularly to the Benefit Brow Bar so luckily I don’t look like a total mountain man with my brows. arbonne-tinted-brow-cream

The brow pencil glides on easily and smoothly. You can create strong or soft brown lines with this pencil. One end is a brow brush so you can blend it and pull the pencil through your brow hairs. arbonne-brow-pencil arbonne-brow-pencil-review

I’ve always had trouble with my brows. The hairs are very thin and sparse so it’s easy for my brows to look drawn-on or balding or just plain bad.

This is the first day I used the Arbonne brow products. I used the pencil and the cream together. I think my brows look ok. I’d like a little more definition and eveness.


Here’s another day of using the Arbonne pencil. This time, I skipped the cream. I think my brows look better here, although I can always work on my technique. arbonne-brow-pencil-reviews

Even though both products are called medium brown, the gel is much darker than the pencil. If you want the colors to match, keep that in mind when you’re purchasing.

Arbonne started in Switzerland in 1975 and came to the US in 1980. They have numerous personal care products in addition to their new brow products. Visit for more info.

Sephora Play Review June 2016

{Purchased by Me}

This month’s Sephora play featured a few of my favorite products!


Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It hair creme is meant to be put into wet hair and then you just leave it be! No drying necessary.

Bare Minerals bareSkin Bronzer is a lightweight bronzer. This one is a bit too dark for me, as most bronzersBenefit

Benefit They’re Real! Mascara is one of my all-time favorite beauty products ever.

Becca Backlight Priming Filter is a shimmering makeup primer that acts as a soft-focus filter.

Tarte Sunscreen lotion will come in handy in July when I have to spend a whole day outside at an event. If you don’t know me, just know that I am 100% an “inside girl!”

Tocca Beauty perfume smells light and flowery.sephora-play-review-june-2016

Here are some swatches of the Bare Minerals bronzer and the Becca primer.


In this photo, I used the Becca Primer and a teeny tiny bit of the Bare Minerals Bronzer. I also used the Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow it Creme (but I did use a curling iron to help my hair out.)


Ipsy June 2016

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It’s that time of the month! Ipsy time! This month’s theme is “Rebel” and it has a super cute bag to go with it.

ipsy-june-2016 ipsy-june-2016-review

It’s quite a good little haul this month. It’s months like this that keep me subscribed to Ipsy even though I could use the $10/month elsewhere.


First up, I got Delectable lip balm.delectable-lip-balm

This has a vaseline-like consistency and doesn’t seem to have a smell.


Urban Decay Fireball eyeshadow. Urban Decay is absolutely my favorite company for eye shadows. I own all the Naked palettes and I love each and every one of them. I probably only venture away from UD about once a month so it’s pretty awesome to get a little UD shadow in this month’s bag.urban-decay-fireball

This will be a nice mid-tone shade for me. It’s a little too pink to be a highlighter for my pale face, but I could work up some pretty cool eye looks using this as a base.


Brushes! Yay! You know how I love brushes. They’re the gift that keeps on giving. For each brush I acquire, that’s one more day where I don’t have to wash brushes. Huzzah!royal-and-langnickel-crease-brush

Seraphine Botanicals Happy Hibiscus Blush. This is the one item I could have done without. I’m swimming in blushes and I barely use blush. I use it each day, it’s just that I use such a small amount, I’ve never used up a blush in my entire life.


It’s a lovely bronzey-rose color. If any of my IRL friends are reading this and want this blush, just let me know and it’s yours.


Sephora Formula X nail polish in WingWoman. Hooray! Polish! I feel like I rarely get polish from Ipsy so whenever I see “ORDM” on my package, I get super excited. :D


Sephora’s store line of polishes is actually quite fantastic. The formulas are smooth and go on easily. It was a little hard to apply this one because it’s a mini bottle and that means a puny little brush. Luckily, the polish was smooth enough to compensate for a wussy brush.

sephora-formula-x-wingwoman sephora-formula-x-wingwoman-swatch

And that’s all, folks!

NudeStix Gel Balm Review

{Press Sample}

NudeStix sent me three of their new gel balms to review for you! These are available at I was sent three colors: Haven, Rebel, and Pulse.


Each gel balm can be used as a cheek or a lip color. They come in these little storage tins that have a pencil sharpener and a mirror! Perfect!

(PS It’s super hard to take a picture of a mirror without showing something in the reflection. LOL)

nudestix-gel-balm-review nudestix-review

Here are three swatches from left to right: Haven, Rebel, and Pulse. For the first time ever, I didn’t crop out my tattoo. :) So here is my wrist tattoo for your viewing pleasure. My sister has a matching one.


Nudestix Pulse is a nice berry color. I used all three of these on my lips and not as cheek colors because I have blushes up the wazoo and I don’t like mixing lip and cheek products.


Here I am wearing Nudestic Rebel. It’s a light pink.


Finally, here I am sporting NudeStix Haven. This is a very nude color. I don’t think I look really great with nude lipsticks so I probably won’t get a lot of wear out of this one.


All three of these were very soft and creamy to apply. The colors on my lips don’t really match the colors on the labels of the products. They run on the light side. So if you’re just looking at the packaging, you’ll want to pick a shade that seems like it might be darker than what you usually get.

It Cosmetics Travel Sized Cosmetics

{Press Sample}

It Cosmetics sent me their travel sized cosmetics to review for you. The first I thing I saw was this large, glittery cosmetics bag. Uh, yes please!!!



The bag was packed to the brim with travel-sized awesomeness. it-cosmetics-travel-sizes

Here are some highlights of my favorites from the bag:

Confidence in a Cream is a super great moisturizer. I’ve already used up the little jar they sent me! It made my skin feel smooth, relaxed, and moisturized.


I also got the It Cosmetics Brow Power. If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you may know that I’ve never gotten this to work for me before. I was determined this time. It has too many good reviews and I couldn’t help but think the issue was me. Well…turns out it was me. This stuff is awesome.


Here I am wearing pretty much everything from the bag. Yes, even Brow Power. And it works freaking great. I am an idiot. I just needed to rub it some more on my hand to kinda get it started.



I am also a supe, big, giant fangirl of the Superhero Mascara and the Waterproof gel liner.

The eyeliner is amazing for lining my lower lash waterline. It’s the only one that doesn’t make me look like a dumb raccoon by the end of the day.


The Superhero mascara makes my lashes look soooo long and dark.



Here’s another picture of me, wearing al the products again. I am also wearing the CC crean and the concealor, like I do everyday. ;)


Until next time…


Zoya Sunsets and Seashells Collection

{Press Sample}

The Zoya Sunsets and Seashells collection is the newest release from Zoya. The collection contains 12 polishes – 6 cremes and 6 pixie dusts.


Also this time, Zoya sent along two of their lipsticks! I hadn’t ever tried any Zoya lipsticks before so I was pretty excited to check these out.zoya-lipsticks-review

Zoya Mellie is a pink-red lipstick. I was very impressed with how creamy these are.


Zoya Candy is hot pink. It went on smoothly and stayed for quite a while!


On the left is Mellie and on the right is Candy.zoya-lipstick-review

Zoya Cam is a cheerful orange coral.

zoya-cam zoya-cam-swatch

Zoya Ness is a nice green creme.

zoya-ness zoya-ness-swatch

Zoya Brynn is my favorite of the cremes, it being a bright pink of course!

zoya-brynn zoya-brynn-swatch

Zoya Dixie is a lovely red toned creme.

zoya-dixie zoya-dixie-swatch

Zoya Dory is a sky blue creme.

zoya-dory zoya-dory-swatch

And I couldn’t help but think of this meme the whole time I was wearing Zoya Dory!dory-nail-polish-meme

Zoya Liv is a beautiful purple.

zoya-Liv zoya-liv-swatch

Zoya Tilly is a silver pixie dust with blue sparkles.

zoya-tilly zoya-tilly-swatch

Zoya Linds is a cherry red texture. This one reminds me a bit of the holidays.

zoya-linds zoya-linds-swatch

Zoya Zooey is my favorite of the pixie dusts. It has a lovely golden shimmer to it.

zoya-zooey zoya-zooey-swatch

Zoya Cece is a smashing and cheerful bright green.

zoya-cece zoya-cece-swatch

Zoya Levi is a nice nude texture.

zoya-levi zoya-levi-swatch

Zoya Bay is a beautiful light blue texture.

zoya-bay zoya-bay-swatch

I like the textures in this collection better than the cremes. I think they are more interesting to look at and wear.

Sephora Play May 2016

{Purchased by me}

I finally got the Sephora Play subscription! There was a wait list for a while and I finally got off it! This is Sephora’s answer to all the makeup subscription boxes like Ipsy and Birchbox. I’m especially excited for the Sephora version because they carry so many of my favorite brands.

sephora-play sephora-play-may-2016

This month, the box contained (back row, from left to right): Origins new Maskimizer Skim-optimizing mask primer, Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial, Bite Beauty Lipstick in Kinchi, Briogeo Deep Conditioning Hair Mask, (front row, L to R), Atelier Cologne in Orange Sanguine, and Tarte lip crayon in Latergram.


The Bite Beauty Lipstick in Kimchi is a gorgeous hot pink.


The Atelier Cologne smells just like oranges. That’s pretty much all you need to know.



The Briogeo Hair Mask was a bit of a disappointment. I was very poised to like it, but it made no difference in my hair.


The Tarte Lip Pencil was fine, it’s just not for me. It is almost the exact same color as my natural lip so it made no difference in my look. I like a bold lip so this just isn’t for me. Doesn’t mean it’s bad, though.

The Korres Wild  Rose Face Cream is nice and I’m really glad I got to try it. However, I would never pay that much for face cream. (Sorry, Korres!)


Lastly, there was the Origins Maskimizer. As I’ve discussed in previous posts, I do not do masks so that item was given to a friend.


Drugstore Makeup Review – Spotlight on NYC and Rimmel

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I received some press samples from NYC and Rimmel London to show you. These items are from some new-ish collections available for a super reasonable price in drugstores nationwide.


These two lipsticks are from the NYC Get it All collection. On the left is MochAmazing and the right is TerrifiCoral. nyc-get-it-all-lip-color

Both lipsticks are creamy, moisturizing, and have a great color payout. nyc-get-it-all-lip-color-swatch

These dual-ended sticks are from the Rimmel MagnifEyes collection. The one on top is Dark Side of the Blue which has a dark shimmery gray smudgy shadow on one end and a blue kohl liner on the other. On the bottom is Back to Blacks which is a black smudgy shadow with a black kohl rimmel-london-magnifeyes

These are the NYC SHowtime Kohl eyeliners. One is True Black and the other is Purple Glam. I’m going to let you guess which is which. ;)nyc-showtime-kohl-liner nyc-showtime-eyeliner

Here I am sporting Dark Side of the Blue. I did use the black smudgy shadow, but I also put some powder shadow on top from the Urban Decay Naked Smokey Palette. I am wearing the NYC lipcolor in MochAmazing.

magnifeyes-review drugstore-makeup-reviews

Next, I wore the Back to Blacks dual-ended stick with a little Tartette palette powder on top. I used the NYC Purple Glam Kohl on my bottom lash line. I am wearing NYC TerrifiCoral on my lips.



The kohl eyeliners are super smooth. They did not drag on my lids at all, which is really what you want. The lipsticks also applied smoothly with a great color payout. The more I try from NYC and Rimmel, the more I like the brands. They are reliable and rarely have any major “misses” in their offerings.

Pro Beauty Tools Flat Iron Review

{Press Sample}

Pro Beauty Tools sent me their flat iron to review for you! The flat iron is 1″ wide. It straightens, adds shine, and reduces frizz. I especially like the audible been indicator that lets me know when the desired heat temp is met (up to 450F).


Pro Beauty Tools has centered their brand on providing salon results in a retail setting. They offer top quality styling tools at wallet-friendly prices. This particular flat iron retails for $39.99 at Target.

pro-beauty-tools-flat-iron pro-beauty-tools-flat-iron-review

I think the Pro Beauty Tools flat iron did a really decent job at reducing frizz. My hair can get pretty frizzy because of all the abuse I put it through, but this flat iron tamed it right now.


For 40 bucks, I would say this is a flat iron to consider. If you’re in the market for a new one, this might be the one for you.

I know lots of people get super cute curls with their flat irons. I’m just not that talented. I wish I was!! My sister is great at it. Too bad she doesn’t live near me or else I’d make her review the flat iron too. ;)


Thanks for reading my Pro Beauty Tools Flat Iron Review and thanks again to Pro Beauty for sending the flat iron my way!

Ipsy May 2016 Review

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Today I have the May 2016 Ipsy bag to show you. This is probably one of the cuter bags we’ve received. Plus, it’s just in time for my trip to visit my family! My cell phone charger and backup battery will have a lovely little pouch to live in. :)

may-2016-ipsy-bag ipsy-may-2016-review may-ipsy-bag

Clark’s Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream. I haven’t tried this yet because I’m reviewing three (!) other skincare lines at the moment. I don’t want my face to explode so this one will just have to wait until I’ve used up the other stuff. :)


A fluffy brush! Yay for brushes! I love getting brushes in my Ipsy bags. Other than nail polish, it’s probably my favorite thing to get. Why? Because the more brushes I have, the less frequently I have to wash them! #shoutouttolazypeople #aintnobodygottimeforthatinspur-eyeshadow-brush

Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow Trio. I was more excited for this trio before I tried it. The lower left shade has too much red in it. I was expecting it to be pinker but once I applied it, it leaned more red/orange.pacifica-coconut-eye-shadow-trio

Smashbox X-Rated Mascara. Maybe actually G-rated in real life? It definitely made my lashes long and black, but it didn’t give me the va-va-va-voom lashes that I like. In my opinion, this is a good mascara for an everyday, casual look. I’ll still be on the lookout for something actually x-rated.smashbox-x-rated-mascara

Soo AE Facemasks. These are up for grabs for any of my IRL friends that want them. I just don’t use facemasks. Ever. I don’t like having to wash my face, put something on it, wait 30 minutes, then wash it AGAIN. #shoutouttolazypeople #aintnobodygottimeforthatsoo-ae-facial-masks

Here is a selfie of me after I used the fluffy brush, shadow trio, and mascara.


If you’re interested in signing up for Ipsy, please use my referral link by clicking here!

It Cosmetics Contouring Kit and Bronzer

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Today I have the It Cosmetics Contouring Kit and Bronzer to show you! It Cosmetics was kind enough to send these my way. I’ve never been a contouring kind of person so I was excited to try out this kit. Especially since the palette includes a face diagram to help muggles like me out!





See? Look! There is a little contour map right in the palette, next to the mirror! I love, love, love this feature. The powders apply smoothly and blend really well.


Normally, bronzers and contouring kits make me look like a homicidal clown. Luckily, this kit comes with a variety of colors so I can make sure that the shades are only 1-2 shades darker than my face instead of 5-10 shades darker.





I didn’t go crazy with the contouring because that’s not my style, but I love the changes it makes to my face, especially the cheeks. This is the best contouring palette I’ve tried. It blends well and the directions make it super easy to remember how to apply!

Emily Liebert and Gerard Cosmetics Collection


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Emily Liebert is at it again! With her last book release, she partnered with It Cosmetics. This time, she is partnering with Gerard Cosmetics for the release of her new book Some Women.


Some Women is described as an engrossing novel that examiner the intricacies of marriage, friendship, and the power of unexpected connections.




The Some Women Collection by Gerard Cosmetics and Emily Liebert’s novel Some Women will launch on the same day: April 5, 2016 (the book’s official publication date) and the collection will be available for purchase at Gerard Cosmetics will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the lip gloss bundle to the Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clara Valley, whose mission it is to provide safety and support to victims of domestic violence while working to break the cycle of abuse.

Here I am sporting the Wild Orchid lip color. It rather strikingly matches my hair!


Here’s what Salmon looks like on me. This is a more neutral corally color once it’s on.


And finally, Candy Apple. Gotta love a good red lip!


Here’s proof that the light in the lid is super helpful. It is still pretty dark in the morning here so when I apply my gloss in the car (parked, of course!), this light comes in really handy!


Thanks again to Gerard Cosmetics for sending this collection my way!

Learn more about Emily Liebert and Some Women:

Learn more about Gerard Cosmetics:

Learn more about the Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clara Valley:

NudeStix Matte Pencil Review

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NudeStix sent me two of their matte lip colors and their blurring pencil to review for you. These are sold at Sephora but you can get 4-5% cashback if you click through the shopathome coupon first. :) (You’re welcome.)

nudestix-review nudestix

Nudestix come in a really nice tin that holds both the stick and a sharpener-with room to spare! The lid of the tin even has a mirror so it’s rather a perfect traveling companion.nudestix-reviewsreview-of-nudestix

The colors are nice and vibrant. They swatched smoothly on the back of my hand without any tugging or added pressure. The two colors they sent me are Belle (taupe) and Royal (red).


Here I am sporting Royal. I used the blurring pencil underneath which helped fill in the creases in my lips. (Damn you calendar! Always making me older!)


Here is my look using Belle. This one is a much more casual tone and almost matches the natural color of my lips. This is a great nude color for that finished look. nudestix-matte-belle

Both of these colors went on very smoothly. Even though they’re a touch matte, I did not feel like my lips were doing to dry up and fall off. Yay!

It Cosmetics Review

{Press Sample}

It Cosmetics sent me quite a few products to review for you!


I was pretty surprised at how much came in this box.


It Cosmetics sent me five shades of their CC+ Creme. I will use the lightest, of course! I used this as a warm-up to my full-coverage foundation. My normal routine is cleanse, moisturize, BB cream, foundation, concealor. I used the It Cosmetics CC+ cream in place of my usual BB cream.

This is a very light coverage cream. It is nicely moisturizing. However, it has a bit of a strange scent that I can’t quite place.


It Cosmetics sent me four shades of their Bye Bye Undereye concealer. Once again, I’ll be using the lightest one!

This conceler does a great job of covering up my blemishes and under eye circles. This does not have the strange smell that the CC cream has so that is a relief.


This is their Bye-Bye Pores Powder. It’s translucent so it can be used over any skin tone.

This is a great setting powder – especially if you don’t like the over powdered look. (Who does?!)


This is a fluffy powder brush. I fell in love with this brush at first use! It dusts the perfect amount of powder on and the small brush on the dual end allows for more detailed work.


Next is the It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara. I’m crazy in love with this mascara. It makes my lashes va-va-va-voom! This might be my new go-to mascara. That really means something since I’ve been with my other mascara for years and years!


Finally, the Brow Power pencil. This is an It Cosmetics product that has never worked for me. It doesn’t seem to apply any product on my brows. This is the third time I’ve tried it and it still just isn’t working for me. I think this is a love it or leave it kind of product. I’m sure it works great for some people!it-cosmetics-brow-power

Here I am sporting all the products except the brow powder.

it-cosmetics-cc-creme-review it-cosmetics-reviews

My favorites are the brush and the mascara. Those certainly are must-tries! Have you tried these or any of the other items in this set I got?

As for what I’m doing with the products that don’t match my skin tone…I’m waiting for the blessing from It Cosmetics and then I’ll decide if I’m going to give them to friends…or make them some giveaway prizes! :)

Ipsy March 2016

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Today I’m going to show you the Ipsy March 2016 bag! First of all, this bag is freakin’ adorable and would make a super cute mani. I must file this away in my mental archives to create this mani!

ipsy-march-2016 march-2016-ipsy

Margaret Dabb nail file. This is going in my give-away pile. I only use glass nail files so I don’t have any use for this one.


Nourish Organic Rosehip and Rosewater oil. This is an interesting product. It’s oil and it says ‘body oil mist’ on the label, but it’s in a lotion tube. It seems kinda strange to put a spray in a lotion bottle.


Vera Mona Eyeshadow in Clover. This looks like a beautiful color and I can’t wait to try it!


Pixi by Petra blush in Rose Gold. I’m excited to try this because I’m always looking for a good highlighter shade!


NYX Liquid Suede in Kitten Heels. This is a beautiful matte red. The staying power is also pretty great. It didn’t last through a meal but it did last through coffee and tea breaks!nyx-liquid-suede

 Here I am sporting the NYX Suede lip red-matte-lipstickAnother great Ipsy bag! Have you signed up yet?

Ipsy February 2016

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Today I have the Ipsy February 2016 bag to review for you! This isn’t my favorite bag I’ve received from them. The last few bags have really been great, but I feel like this one is a little ‘meh’. However, for a mere $10 per month, I’m going to stay subscribed. They usually make me pretty happy! At least I got polish this month so that makes it worth it alone. :)


This month, I received Trust Fund Beauty Polish, Promise Organic Moisturizing Lotion, treStiQue blush stick, Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion, and Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil. I’m obviously most excited about the nail polish. Next, I’m very curious about this primer oil. Seems like a strange, but intriguing idea!


The blush stick is on Bora Bora Coral. It’s a pretty color, but I’m swimming in blushes and I don’t want anymore. :(



I looooove this color. This is Trust Fund Beauty I’m Kind of a Big Deal. This is two coats. I love this pink! Eek!



In completely unrelated news… I’ve recruited a few volunteers to help me plan the most epic of all polish get togethers!

We are in the early planning stages and would love your feedback. Please take a moment to fill out our quick survey, here!