Feature Friday: Senegence LashExtend

Guys, we need to talk. If you follow me on social media or if you’re in my VIP Facebook group, you might have seen me post about Senegence LashExtend. But, that one social media post does not do this product justice.


My eyelashes have gotten ridiculous. They brush against my glasses! I basically have to curl them twice (in different places) because they’re so much longer than they used to be!


Here’s a photo from this week (April 2017)


I’ve been using Clear LashExtend morning and night since November 2016. I would go so far as to say my lashes have lengthened at least 50%. I barely need to put on any mascara anymore. Just one coat (compared to my previous three) does it for me now. So, basically, LashExtend makes you save money on mascara AND lash extensions.


I’ve thought about getting lash extensions before but haven’t because you can’t really use mascara with them. I love the mascara look. Not a spider-legs look but a really thick, voluminous, rich black look. I will never NOT be using Clear LashExtend. For as long as SeneGence makes it, I am going to be using it!

I have one clear and one black lash extend in stock as of this writing. (For the black one, you apply it as your eyeliner.)

Hit me up at bettysbeautybombs at gmail dot com if you want to give this bad-ass product a try.


How a Pin on Pinterest Changed My Life

Today, I’m going to share a little story with you. :) It’s about how a pin on Pinterest slowly changed my life!

Get more info HERE.

Or, dive right in HERE.


SeneGence Sunday Update

Hi there, beautiful! I am SO pumped about Senegence this week. I now have 9 people on my team (who wants to be #10???) and we are KILLING it. Last month, our group sales volume was over $10,000!!! That is so much lipstick! And we’ve barely tapped the market! My gracious, it’s incredible.

I have also gone a little wild with making YouTube Videos. If you’re not following me over there, you’re missing some pretty good stuff! (And by “good” I mean “me making a fool of myself.”) Here’s a link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/annemarielsmith

My two videos from this week are:

Before and after using the Senegence Tinted Moisturizer and Foundation. This one is quick and there is a side-by-side before and after at the end!

My other recent video is some FAQ’s about being a distributor. I’ve been talking to many of you about what it all entails. Most people are interested in the “what does it cost??” category of questions. I answer all those common, burning questions in this video.

Do you still have questions after watching the video? Please let me know! It’s so fun to talk about this stuff!!!

Don’t forget, I have multiple giveaways going on right now!!! There’s a nail polish one here and a cosmetics one here!

Click here to join my team and get this party STARTED!

Pepper Pot Polish Material Girl + Senegence Sunday Update

{Purchased by Me}{Referral Link}

Today’s mani is simple. I started with two coats of a Pretty Woman polish that I got from Ipsy. I don’t know the name of the color. I think it was on the box, but I threw the box away! Oops!! :\ Then, I topped it with Pepper Pot Polish Material Girl which has been sitting in my untried pile since November!! For shame! This is a gorgeous glitter topper with pink and black glitters.


The effect this gives reminds me of candy. :) Like those candy eggs that are in the grocery store during Easter time? The ones that are like Whoppers. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? I love those damn eggs. LOL.pepper-pot-polish-material-girl

Senegence Sunday Update

It’s Sunday which means you get to hear about how my Senegence journey is going!! :) Since my last writing, I have recruited one more person to me team. She’s actually been my best customer and I thought she was insane for paying me retail this whole time! :) With SeneGence, you get a wholesale discount regardless of the size of your order. (With Mary Kay, it had to be at least $200 or something like that to get a discount at all!!) With SeneGence, you could literally buy one gloss and still get a 20% discount.

The company has been going through a lot of growing pains recently. They weren’t ready for the literal explosion of popularity these last 6 months!!! I’m thrilled I jumped on this bandwagon!

It’s still all a little surreal that I’m basically getting paid to take selfies and hang out on social media all day. SO WEIRD. And SO FUN. If it seems like I’m always trying to recruit people to join me, it’s because I am! This is too fun to NOT share with people! It also means I get to spend MORE time with this cute-AF little troublemaker.

It’s a good thing he’s cute! #doctorpupper #dog #dogs #dogtraining #dogsofinstagram #goldenretriever #puppy #puppies

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Did you know that out of every 10 people who try LipSense, EIGHT of them will buy it?! That’s how cool this shit is. People tell me that they don’t want to sign up because they aren’t salespeople. Well, ladies, neither am I! I am genuinely excited about this stuff and showing it to people is no different than me showing them me new, cool phone or a telling them about a great deal on a pair of jeans.

So, if you read all the way to the bottom and you’re still reading, then maybe it’s time you joined my team. :) Head to senegence.com/bettysbeauty and click on “Career Opportunities.” Then, send me a message and I’ll add you to all the top-secret groups! :)

If you’re not ready to dive in, at least come hang out with us in my VIP Facebook group, found here. See you there! KISSES!


PS I’m having a giveaway for some IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact products. Head here to enter.

Troubleshooting LipSense


Is this happening to you? There are a few reasons this happens:

1.) The Exfoliation Process: LipSense does not *cause* your lips to exfoliate. They do that naturally, just like the rest of your skin over your entire body. Products full of wax that sit on top of your lips prevent the pass-through of moisture. This also means it prevents your lips from naturally exfoliating. When you stop using waxy products, your lips need to ‘catch up’ to the exfoliation they’d liked to have been doing this whole time. Exfoliation can last 1-4 weeks, depending on your body. (To help this process speed up, have the mantra of “Glossy Gloss is the new chapstick!”)

2.) Thick Layers: When I tell you to use thin layers, I mean the thinnest layers you can possibly imagine. SO thin. Like crepe paper thin. SO thin that you’re kinda wondering if you’re using any product at all.

3.) Not Enough Gloss: Glossy Gloss (and our other glosses) are your new BFFs. The glosses provide a ton of moisture to your lips. Additionally, it is the only gloss that can soak through the bonded layers of LipSense and actually add moisture to your lip skin. (This is why other glosses don’t work.)

4.) Licking/Biting Your Lips: This kind of abrasion will wear down the product more quickly. If you notice the taste of LipSense, then that’s a sure-fire sign you’re licking or biting your lips. Most people don’t realize they’re doing it. Be conscientious of it and your LipSense will last longer.

LipSense is totally worth working through these problems. I like to call it the Nokia of lipstick. :)


LipSense Diamond Collection Review

{Press Sample???}

Let’s talk about the new LipSense Diamond collection. I have this post tagged as “press sample” but with some question marks….I’m not sure how to disclose products I gave to myself. LOL.

The LipSense Diamond collection was released on January 14th and distributors (like me!) are just getting them in our hot little hands now. Senegence took 5 of the most popular LipSense colors and reformulated them with diamond dust. The colors available in the Diamond series are Bombshell, Caramel Apple, Crimson Red, Praline Rose, and Sheer Berry. There is also Diamond Gloss which is the moisturizing gloss full of diamond dust. Let’s get our sparkle on!

I wanted to compare what the regular colors looked like compared to their Diamond versions. I also wanted to compare what the Diamond Colors looked like topped with Glossy Gloss versus Diamond Gloss.

Since I own both versions of Sheer Berry and Crimson Red, I picked those two as my demonstrators.

I think there are 8 different lip looks here. I would not say that the Diamond versions of the lipcolors are dupes of their namesake counterparts.

Here is what they look like with no gloss at all. The hues are definitely different. I wish they would have named them differently because they really look different to me! What do you think?


The other comparison I had to do was Silver Glitter Gloss versus the Diamond Gloss. They look pretty similar here. The differences I see here and IRL are that the Diamond Gloss has smaller particles and a much higher sparkle to base ratio. Additionally, after having let the glosses sit overnight, the Silver Glitter Gloss settles (so you have to mix it up before use) while the Diamond Gloss does not. The diamond gloss also seems to add a bit of a frosty hue to the color. I think this can be attributed to the much smaller particles. silver-glitter-gloss-vs-diamond-gloss


Here I am wearing LipSense Diamond Bombshell

Here’s the live-motion sparkle of Diamond Bombshell

What do you think of the LipSense Diamond Collection? Contact me to get yours!

Pretty Serious Mad Skill of Cloverton

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

Hello, hello! Today’s mani starts with a gorgeous concoction from Pretty Serious. This pink duochrome is Pretty Serious Mad Skill of Cloverton and I freaking love it. I almost didn’t even put a design on top of it because the polish itself is a work of art.

But…I did put nail art on top. LOL. I used It Girl Plate 302 and Mundo de Unas Red Wine to create the below look.

pretty-serious-mad-skull-of-cloverton pretty-serious-mad-skull-of-cloverton-swatch red-stamped-nail-art it-girl-plate-302

At the request of one of my downlines, I made a video showing all the Senegence makeup products I use on a daily basis. I’m certainly no makeup artist, but here’s my usual routine.

Zoya Lipstick Collection and Giveaway!

Zoya sent me their newest collection of lipsticks to show you. Zoya lipsticks are very creamy and have good color payoff.Zoya-lipstick-review

Zoya is offering quite the selection of colors these days! I remember when they just had a small handful of lip colors to offer.zoya-lipstick-swatches

Since I already own 5 of the colors sent me, I am giving them away!! :D This giveaway includes Maxwell, Cameron, Paisley, Mellie, and Candie.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

It Cosmetics Foundation Brush Review

{Press Sample}

The wonderful It Cosmetics sent me their limited-edition Love is the Foundation Brush. This is a gorgeous brush with a metallic pink handle and the brush is shaped into a heart.


The bristles are super soft and feel really nice on my face. I decided to use this for my loose powder since I have another It Cosmetics brush that I use for liquid foundation and another one I use for contouring. However, you could use this one for any brush need you have. Well…probably not for eyeshadow. Unless you have gigantic eyelids.it-cosmetics-brush-reviews

Here’s a photo of me in my actual bathroom, doing my actual makeup, using the actual brush. I probably should have closed the cupboards behind me when I took the pictures…but this is real life. LOL. My cupboards are open when I’m preening!

it-cosmetics-ulta-brush-review it-cosmetics-heart-brush-review

As usual, I would highly recommend this brush, along with anything else from the It Cosmetics line! This brand is really great quality.

Today, I’m wearing on my face the following:
Naked 3 Eyeshadow
Tarte Brow Powder
Tarte Foundation and Loose Powder
Bella Highlighter
It Cosmetics Contouring Pallette
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
MakeUp Forever Black Eyeliner Pencil
Benefit Mascara They’re Real
LipSense Sheer Berry

Shout out to my friend Emily – See? This isn’t THAT many products!! :P

LipSense Review

A friend of mine recently invited me to an online LipSense Facebook Party. I’m obsessed with all things makeup so obviously, I agreed to join. The claims of LipSense is that it’s super-duper long-wearing, smudge-proof, transfer-proof, and water-proof. I was a bit skeptical of these claims, as I’m sure you can imagine. I’ve tried my fair share of long-wearing and/or stain style lip products. Most of them either don’t live up to the claims or dry my lips out so badly that I can’t stand wearing them.

Still looking for the perfect long-wearing lip color, I decided to dive in and try out LipSense. I read a number of reviews before purchasing and spoke with some fellow beauty bloggers who had tried LipSense before.

Spoiler Alert: LipSense lives up to its claims!

If you’re sick of this:


Or your significant other not kissing you when you have lip product on…

Or your lipstick being gone just a few hours after application…

Or whenever you kiss your dogs, lipstick ends up on their heads…

Or when you eat, you get that weird line of lipstick on your chin…

Then you need LipSense. Here I am wearing Sheer Berry with the Glossy Gloss. It looks like it’s going to go everywhere, right? Like if I make out with my husband, we’re going to both have lipgloss all over our faces, right? (Well…we’re not THAT messy of kissers….)lipsense_reviews

Here is a video I posted of me rubbing my lips after applying LipSense.

When I showed my husband, he cracked me up because his response was also, verbatim, “What is this sorcery?” I am so impressed with this product that I decided to become an independent distributor. You can check out all the shades available and ordering info here: LipSense

I’m not going to shove this down your throats on my blog and if you’re an IRL friend, I swear I won’t talk about it unless you ask. If anyone wants to get some free products, all you have to do is host an online party and that’s all I’m going to say on the matter. :) Email me at bettysbeautybombs at gmail dot com if you’re interested.


It Cosmetics Color Infused Skincare Review

{Press Sample}

It Cosmetics sent me their Color Infused Skincare to review for you. These products are now available at Sephora! This set contains their very popular “Bye Bye” collection, which is comprised of products such as Bye Bye Undereye and Bye Bye Lines.

it-cosmetics-color-infused-skincare it-cosmetics-skincare

On the left is Bye Bye Makeup. This is a cream you put on your face and then leave for about a minute. It dissolves the makeup off and comes away clean when you wash your face. I have been loving this stuff!!! Usually, I still look like a rabid raccoon after I wash my face, but this gets off a ton of makeup.

In the back is Bye Bye Lines. Right now, I’m lucky enough to not have wrinkles, but there is one important thing for you to know about this product. It is not drying. Most anti-wrinkle serums I’ve tried make my face feel like the Sahara Desert. This one actually moisturizes! It’s well worth a try.

In the from is Bye Bye Undereye. This is a very nice, cooling, and moisturizing under eye cream.

On the right is the Anti-Aging Armour. This is a face lotion with a bit of a tint to it. it-cosmetics-bye-bye

On the left, the Heavenly Skin brush is shown. This brush really is heavenly!! I’ve been using it to apply the It Cosmetics CC Cream and it gives a gorgeous application.

Next, is the Undereye Illuminator. I like this better for my dark circles than their regular concealor because this does brighten it up a lot more, rather than just hiding my dark circles.

Bye Bye Pores is a buttery smooth primer. A little of this goes a long way. I start with a dab on each cheek and just blend it out over my nose, face, and forehead. It gives a very smooth canvas for applying CC Cream and/or foundation.

The Je Ne Sais Quois lip balm is the only product in this collection that I’m not totally in love with. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great balm, but I don’t see/feel anything that makes it standout amongst other balms. it-cosmetics-bye-bye-review

it-cosmetics-bye-bye-reviews it-cosmetics-reviews

I included this silly picture of me at the hair salon because this is what my face looked like after hours and hours of teaching dog classes and sitting in a hot salon for an hour. These It Cosmetics products really hold up. I don’t feel like I need to touch up throughout the day – even on my most hectic, go-go-go days.

it-cosmetics-review-bye-bye bye-bye-collection-it-cosmetics it-cosmetics-new-collection

Revive Hair Care Review

{Press Sample}

Revive sent me their hair care collection to review for you. I’ve been using this collection for about a month now.¬† I wanted to give it a really solid amount of time to start working. From their website:

The Reviv3 Procare system provides an optimal scalp environment for hair growth that will improve the appearance of fine, thin looking and thinning hair. It works with both natural and color-treated hair.


The shampoo and conditioner have a lovely mint scent and they tingle a bit on my scalp. (In a good way.) The Revive system made my hair feel really smooth and strong.


The first couple times, I used too much of the TREAT Micro Activ3 Treatment Spray. I could tell because my hair felt a bit weighed down. I little of this spray goes a long way. revive-hair glossy-hair

After I got used to the amount of product I needed for my hair, things got really, really good! My hair held up to curling a lot better and held the curl a lot longer. I really liked that my hair didn’t feel like I had product in it. It just felt like my normal hair, but it behaved and looked a lot healthier and a lot stronger.


How to use the Revive three step system:

  • Apply Cleanser to wet hair. Lather for 1 minute, then rinse.
  • After cleansing, distribute Moisture+Conditioner onto scalp and throughout the hair. Leave on 1-3 minutes, then rinse well.
  • Use the Micro-Activ3 Treatment by spraying close to scalp skin and apply all over; use fingertips or comb to spread evenly and do not rinse (may cause temporary redness).


I think this is a fabulous hair trio! I’m quite happy with how my hair looks and feels. I would recommend checking out the Revive system next time you’re in the market for something to bring your hair back to life! Thanks again to Revive for sending this my way!

NYC Eyebrow Products Review

{Press Sample}

NYC sent me a couple brow products to review for you! I received the NYC Showtime Clear Brow Gel and the NYC Brow Pencil from the Demi collection. NYC can be found in drugstores nationwide.


I really liked both these products. The pencil is nice and thin so you can do light, quick strokes to give the illusion of more brow hair. The clear gel holds everything in place quite nicely. It has a medium-sized brush. As I’ve mentioned before, I really prefer a small brush for my brow gels, but this one is definitely workable.


Have you tried the NYC Eyebrow Products? If so, what did you think?

It Cosmetics Superhero Eyeshadow Palette

{Press Sample}

It Cosmetics sent me their new It Cosmetics Superhero Eyeshadow Palette. I am not even going to mince words here. This is the best freaking palette I have tried in a long time. Don’t even read the rest of this post. Go buy it now (available online and at Ulta). You will not regret it. I am adamant about my love for this palette and I have used it every day since I received it.


This palette has a huge variety of eye looks you can create. You can be natural, nude, smoky, bold, etc. The possibilities are endless.it-girl-eyeshadow

The palette has three large highlighter shades and nine shadow shades. I LOVE that the highlighter shades are big. We use these shades the most so they should absolutely be bigger than the other shades. There is nothing worse than having a palette with no more highlighter shade left!

it-cosmetics-superhero-nudes it-cosmetics-superhero-neutrals it-cosmetics-superhero-liners

This picture is from the first day I used this palette. I’m pretty sure the first ingredient in their formula is butter because these are the smoothest, creamiest shadows I’ve ever worked with in my life. For the following look, I used only products from the palette – including the eyeliner!

it-cosmetics-eyeshadow-review it-cosmetics-superhero

This next look is a bronzy look. I have repeated this look numerous times since I first did it.


This look is more of a nude look using shades all from the nude section of the palette.


This palette is must-have for beginners and professionals alike. I can’t say enough good things about it. I am going to use the hell out of this palette!!!

Rimmel Brow this Way Review

{Press Sample}{Affiliate Links}

Rimmel sent me their Brow This Way sculpting kit and the brow gel. I’m always trying to perfect my eyebrows so I jumped at the chance to review these. Rimmel can be found in drugstores nationwide.

rimmel-brow rimmel-brow-this-way

I found the Brow This Way sculpting kit incredibly easy to use. On the right, it has powder and on the left is a thicker wax for setting the brows. I am wearing the kit in the following picture. I like the look. Please ignore my bald spot. Literally, no hair grows there. It’s wildly hard to blend and hide. You’ve probably noticed it before….and if you haven’t, then I shouldn’t have even said anything!


Here I am wearing the brow gel. I used a brow powder first to fill in my very sparse brows. I don’t like the brush for the brow gel. It’s huge. I like my brow gels to have small spooly brushes for easy application. I won’t be using this brow gel again.

Trust Fund Beauty Lipgasm

If you’re looking for a new brow product, check out the sculpting kit! I’ve been wearing it nearly every day since I got it in the mail for review!