L’Oreal Masked Affair and Totally D’accord

{Purchased By Me}

I know, I know, I know. I’m super behind the times. I stumbled into Bartell’s and right in front of me was L’Oreal Masked Affair. I couldn’t not buy it, right?? I mean, it’s like a staple in everyone’s polish collection these days!



I couldn’t bring Masked Affair home without one of her sisters, so I also got L’Oreal Totally D’Accord. I can’t tell if this one wants to be a texture polish, or if the glitter is just super gritty. I did end up doing a top coat because if this is meant to be a texture polish, it’s a very, very fine texture. The silver glitters sit in a black jelly base. I did three coats for full coverage.



Pink and Purple Stamping

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Who wants to see more stamping??? Well I hope it’s you because you’re on my blog and I publish a crapload of stamping manicures. This week’s prompt for the Crumpet’s 52 week Pick and Mix Challenge is Purple.  This art starts with three coats of L’Oreal Butterfly Kisses. This is a very sheer pink with tiny shimmers in it. I forgot to take a plain swatch photo of this one, but you can still see the color under the stamping. The stamping design is from Pueen plate 79 and the polish is Mundo de Unas Fantasy. I will never stop warning you about the smell of MDU polishes. It smells like acrylic paint. It fades away after the mani is dry and top coated, but while you’re working, it will be very pungent. I’m willing to overcome the smell since the polishes really do stamp like heaven.



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Tri-Polish Tuesday June Week 2 – Turquoise, Coral, and Nude

I decided to do a simple design for this week’s Tri-Polish Tuesday Challenge. This month really is a challenge for me! I started with two coats of L’Oreal Sweet Nothings which really is a natural nail color. It would be perfect to wear somewhere if you don’t want the polish look but you want a polished look….if you know what I mean. :P Once dry, I taped it off with two pieces of tape on each nail. Then, I used Pistol Polish Vivacious and Tenacious on the top and the bottom and then Nail Polish Indie Brand Willow in the middle. Nail Polish Indie Brand is available here and readers of Betty’s Beauty Bombs can receive a 10% discount on your entire order by using code bettysbeautybombs. Enjoy!






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Sunday Swatch-a-pa-looza!

There are a handful of swatch pictures I’ve just been sitting on, so I decided to post them all for a Sunday Swatch-a-pa-looza!

Orly What’s the Password? is from the Secret Society Collection. It is a gorgeous burnt orange gold. This will be perfect for fall manicures next year! This is two coats.

Orly What's the Password?

Orly What's the Password

L’Oreal Too Dimensional? is from the gold dust collection. It is a dark purple with a huge load of glitter shimmer. The gold and the purple tend to also reflect some green as the polish moves through the light. This is two coats.

L'Oreal Too Dimensional?

L'Oreal Too Dimensional

Orly Lavis Bash is from the Secret Society Collection. This is a multi-shaped glitter polish with mostly bar glitters. This is three coats. This would look better layered over another polish.

Orly Lavis Bash

Orly Fowl Play is a deep purple with different colored shimmers. This is two coats. It is very multi-dimensional in real life.

Orly Fowl Play

China Glaze Don’t Honk Your Thorn from the City Flourish Collection. This is two coats. It has a very subtle shimmer to it that I couldn’t pick up on camera. It’s not the best color on me as it’s nearly the same as my skin tone. :)

China Glaze Don't Honk Your Thorn

And these are the swatches that have been figuratively collecting dust! I hope you enjoyed them because I think they enjoyed coming out to play.

SSP Vinyl Review

SSP Vinyl was generous to send me a handful of nail art stickers to make some designs with. These are the style of stickers where you peel them off to reveal a design rather than ones that are the designs themselves.

The quality of these stickers is fantastic. They stuck well to the nail…but not so sticky that they pulled off the base coat of nail color. They laid nice and flat so the design would look good on my nail. I am quite pleased with these stickers and I can’t wait to see what other designs they can create!

Where to buy:

For this, I used Orly Lavish Bash, Sally Hansen Chic Pink, and the circle design from SSP Vinyl.

For this design, I used piCture pOlish shocking and piCture pOlish aphrodisiac along with the lighting bolt SSP Vinyl stickers design.

For this design, I used Orly Fowl Play, L’Oreal I Like it Chunky, and the SSP Vinyl Chevron Designs.

Special Finishes Patchwork Mani

Ok…so this mani was pretty tough for me. The three polishes I wanted to use were all special finishes–the ones where you’re not supposed to use a top coat. Therefore…I had to wait FOREVER in between steps! Oh, HK Girl, how I missed you! So a few spots got smudged from the tape. :( But I love the color combo! I just wish I loved being patient! LOL

The three polishes are:
Sally Hansen Chic Pink – Satin Finish
Sally Hansen Teal Tulle – Satin Finish
L’Oreal Hidden Gems – Texture Finish

Step One: Two Coats of Sally Hansen Chic Pink

Step Two: Tape off different corners of the nails and do one coat of Sally Hansen Teal Tulle

Step Three: Tape off opposing corners and do one coat of L’Oreal Hidden Gems

I hope you like it, despite a few smudges here and there! 
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Abstract #GoHawks Mani

All right! Last Seahawks mani, I promise! It’s just…I live in Washington so it’s CRAZY up here! There is Hawks stuff everywhere! So, it has affected my nails. :)

Used for this mani:
Orly Nail Armor Base Coat
Konad Special White
L’Oreal New Money
Formula X For Sephora Omni
HK Girl Top Coat
Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate VL009

Click Pictures to Enlarge

L’Oreal Pop the Bubbles!

L’Oreal Pop the Bubbles is from their new Gold Dust collection. This is one of many in the viral-like trend of texture polishes. Now, I know texture polishes are quite controversial–people either love them or hate them! Well…I am totally in love with them! I think they look SO COOL. This is two coats of L’Oreal Pop the Bubbles. I did not use a top coat.

L’Oreal New Money and L’Oreal Sweet Nothings Mani

My husband picked these two colors out for me at the grocery store. The green one is L’Oreal New Money which is a bright green that’s perfect for spring. Sweet nothings is a very light pink creme. I decided to do a little dotting with it on top of New Money. It doesn’t show very well but I actually like the subtlety.

Drugstore Nail Haul! aka…Best Day Ever!

If you have great attention to detail, you will have noticed that this is my second post today that is FULL of polish!!! After I got this haul at the grocery store, I came home to discover that the mailman had delivered my May 2013 Julep Maven Upgrade box! To see pics of that, click here.

Back row: Essence Nail Stickers, Essence Dotting Tool, Essence French Tip Guides.
Front row: Revlon Whimsical, Maybelline Blue Blowout, Maybelline Styled Out, L’Oreal Sweet Nothings, Essence Peel Off Base Coat, L’Real New Money, Wet n Wild Bijou Blue, Wet n Wild Night Prowl, Wet n Wild Caribbean Frost, Essence That’s What I Mint!, Essence Off to Miami!

I am very intrigued by this base coat. The idea is that you will be able to peel the polish off later, I guess without needed polish remover. For $3, I thought it was worth the experiment!

It’s raining nail polish in my house today!!! :) :) :)