LipSense Diamond Collection Review

{Press Sample???}

Let’s talk about the new LipSense Diamond collection. I have this post tagged as “press sample” but with some question marks….I’m not sure how to disclose products I gave to myself. LOL.

The LipSense Diamond collection was released on January 14th and distributors (like me!) are just getting them in our hot little hands now. Senegence took 5 of the most popular LipSense colors and reformulated them with diamond dust. The colors available in the Diamond series are Bombshell, Caramel Apple, Crimson Red, Praline Rose, and Sheer Berry. There is also Diamond Gloss which is the moisturizing gloss full of diamond dust. Let’s get our sparkle on!

I wanted to compare what the regular colors looked like compared to their Diamond versions. I also wanted to compare what the Diamond Colors looked like topped with Glossy Gloss versus Diamond Gloss.

Since I own both versions of Sheer Berry and Crimson Red, I picked those two as my demonstrators.

I think there are 8 different lip looks here. I would not say that the Diamond versions of the lipcolors are dupes of their namesake counterparts.

Here is what they look like with no gloss at all. The hues are definitely different. I wish they would have named them differently because they really look different to me! What do you think?


The other comparison I had to do was Silver Glitter Gloss versus the Diamond Gloss. They look pretty similar here. The differences I see here and IRL are that the Diamond Gloss has smaller particles and a much higher sparkle to base ratio. Additionally, after having let the glosses sit overnight, the Silver Glitter Gloss settles (so you have to mix it up before use) while the Diamond Gloss does not. The diamond gloss also seems to add a bit of a frosty hue to the color. I think this can be attributed to the much smaller particles. silver-glitter-gloss-vs-diamond-gloss


Here I am wearing LipSense Diamond Bombshell

Here’s the live-motion sparkle of Diamond Bombshell

What do you think of the LipSense Diamond Collection? Contact me to get yours!

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LipSense Review

A friend of mine recently invited me to an online LipSense Facebook Party. I’m obsessed with all things makeup so obviously, I agreed to join. The claims of LipSense is that it’s super-duper long-wearing, smudge-proof, transfer-proof, and water-proof. I was a bit skeptical of these claims, as I’m sure you can imagine. I’ve tried my fair share of long-wearing and/or stain style lip products. Most of them either don’t live up to the claims or dry my lips out so badly that I can’t stand wearing them.

Still looking for the perfect long-wearing lip color, I decided to dive in and try out LipSense. I read a number of reviews before purchasing and spoke with some fellow beauty bloggers who had tried LipSense before.

Spoiler Alert: LipSense lives up to its claims!

If you’re sick of this:


Or your significant other not kissing you when you have lip product on…

Or your lipstick being gone just a few hours after application…

Or whenever you kiss your dogs, lipstick ends up on their heads…

Or when you eat, you get that weird line of lipstick on your chin…

Then you need LipSense. Here I am wearing Sheer Berry with the Glossy Gloss. It looks like it’s going to go everywhere, right? Like if I make out with my husband, we’re going to both have lipgloss all over our faces, right? (Well…we’re not THAT messy of kissers….)lipsense_reviews

Here is a video I posted of me rubbing my lips after applying LipSense.

When I showed my husband, he cracked me up because his response was also, verbatim, “What is this sorcery?” I am so impressed with this product that I decided to become an independent distributor. You can check out all the shades available and ordering info here: LipSense

I’m not going to shove this down your throats on my blog and if you’re an IRL friend, I swear I won’t talk about it unless you ask. If anyone wants to get some free products, all you have to do is host an online party and that’s all I’m going to say on the matter. :) Email me at bettysbeautybombs at gmail dot com if you’re interested.