Sexy Lace Nail Art

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Hello and happy Friday! I have the day off work today so I took my dog, Bandit, on a little walk. I didn’t realize how much I missed walking him since I fell off the wagon so long ago! He’s a great little walking buddy. :) Maybe I’ll take Kirby for a walk later, too!

Today’s mani starts with the red Louboutin Polish. I stamped using Konad Black and the lace design is from an It Girl Plate.


I used the GlitterDaze matte topcoat. I’ve been loving matte mani’s lately!sexy-nail-art

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Red and Black Nail Art

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Good morning and happy Friday!! I started this mani with Sally Hansen Red-ience which was sent to me as a press sample. I used Konad Black to stamp this design from It Girl Plate IG116

it-girl-plate-ig116 it-girl-stamping-plate

In other news…If you’re local to the Seattle-Tacoma area, I’m looking for people to try LipSense for the first time. No pressure, I’m not going to ask you to buy it. I’m just looking for people who are willing to let me film their reactions. I’ll even buy the coffee! Hit me up if you’re interested.

Sweet Kisses Nail Art

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This evening’s mani is one of my favorites that I’ve done in a long time. Let’s just say that I’m pretty pleased with myself for choosing to matte this look.


Here’s the look with a glossy topcoat. It’s pretty, but I definitely love it better matte. Which do you prefer?it-girl-kisses-plate

This mani starts with two coats of Orly Head in the Clouds from the La La Land collection. I used Konad Red to stamp this design from a wonderful plate designed by It Girl Nail Art.kisses-nail-art

Here is a swatch of Orly Head in the Clouds. Many people have reported issues with the La La Land collection. However, I did not experience those problems. Some have said they’re streaky and need 3-4 coats. This is 2 coats in these photos. I found that if I thought of it like a crelly instead of a thick cream that it helped me apply it well. orly-head-in-the-clouds-swatch orly-head-in-the-clouds

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Green Stamping

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Today’s mani starts with Glam Polish Nobody Gets Left Behind or Forgotten. I really love the look of a two-tone mani so I decided to do a little green on green stamping. The stamping polish is Konad Green and the design is from a Cici&Sisi Stamping Plate.

green-nail-art green-nail-art-stamping

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Dark Blue Jelly – Pretty Serious Chiroptera

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You might think that Pretty Serious Chiroptera (press sample) is black, but you’d be wrong. It’s really a dark, dark, dark blue/teal color. It’s also a jelly finish. :) Don’t believe me? Well, then you’ll just have to buy it and try it out for yourself. I used Konad White to stamp this swirly design from CiCi&SiSi Plate 02.

black-and-white-stamping white-stamping-nail-art

Here’s a plain swatch of Pretty Serious Chiroptera. If you look with a keen eye, you can see that this polish is not, in fact, black.pretty-serious-chiroptera pretty-serious-chiroptera-swatch

Checkerboard Nail Art

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Good morning and happy Monday! I hope you are all doing well today. On Mondays, I usually wear black. You know…to mourn the weekend. So here’s a mani that fits with that motif.Glisten and Glow Mae from the December 2016 Holo Hookup box

I started with two coats of Glisten and Glow Mae from the December 2016 Holo Hookup box. I used Konad Black to stamp this checkboard-style design from an It Girl Nail Art Plate.

checkerboard-nail-stamp checkerboard-nail-art

Here is a plain swatch of Glisten and Glow Mae. Her holos are super vibrant and strong. glisten-and-glow-mae glisten-and-glow-mae-swatch

Blue and Purple Stamping

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I did this mani a while ago…before my poor little nails broke. The base color is Color Club Belly Flop. I used Konad Light Blue to stamp this image from It Girl Nail Art IG103.

blue-and-purple-nail-art purple-and-blue-nail-art

Red and Blue Nail Art

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Good morning! Is it cold enough out there for you?? Brrr!! Today, I have nail art using OPI Got the Mean Reds which is from the Breakfast at Tiffany’s collection. I used Konad Blue and a design from It Girl Stamping Plate to create this look.

blue-and-red-nail-art blue-star-nail-art

Black and Holo Nail Art

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I just got my January Holo Hookup box in the mail today, so I guess I better finally post this nail art from the December box. LOL. #slacker Darling Diva Polish Vivien

The base color for this mani Darling Diva Polish Vivien and it is THE reason why I ordered the December Holo Hookup. I’m happy to report that my expectations met reality and I lovelovelove this polish.

I used Konad Black as my stamping polish and a design from an It Girl Stamping Plate (which was given to me by the wonderful Nicole as a press sample.)

holo-and-black-nail-art holo-and-black

Here’s the holo goodness that is Darling Diva Polish Vivien.darling-diva-polish-vivien-swatch darling-diva-polish-vivien

Christmas Present Nail Art

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Since I spent a good amount of time wrapping presents this past weekend, I thought this many was fitting for today. :) I start with two coats of Pretty Serious Chariots of the Red Sea which is a beautiful crelly red with sparkly shimmers.

For the nail art, I used Konad Black and It Girl Plate IG 113.

pretty-serious-chariots-of-the-red-sea-swatch pretty-serious-chariots-of-the-red-sea

christmas-stamping-plate christmas-presents-nail-art

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Light Pink Nail Art

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Today’s mani starts with two coats of Pretty Serious Fairy Lights which is from the Ghosts of Christmas Past collection and was sent to me as a press sample. I used Konad Princess Pink as my stamping polish with a design from It Girl Fashion Plates IG301.

light-pink-nail-art light-pink-nail-art-stamping

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I am now looking to start building my team. You will have one-on-one coaching with me and you will be part of a team where the leader made $20k in October. (WHAT?!) That is, of course, a major stretch goal. To put things in real perspective, I’ve been doing SeneGence sales for a little over a month and have made $2,500 in sales. That’s not too shabby. Considering that I get to keep 50% of that as profit, I think I can say I’m pleased I signed up.

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Other than the $55 start up fee, there aren’t any monthly minimums. If you don’t order in a while, you will go inactive, but you can reactivate again. The inactive level is less than $200 in a 6 month period. I know a girl who does Mary Kay and just puts in one order at the beginning of each year to stay active. You could do something similar if you don’t want to go balls-to-the-wall with selling it. (But, honestly, it sells itself. I used to do Mary Kay and hated it. Since LipSense has such a strangely unique quality about it, it is a lot easier to talk to people about.)

If you decide to sign up, follow the link below and it will walk you through becoming a distributor! My sponsor number is #223849 🙂 sure to only sign up as a distributor (the $55), don’t add any startup kits! Once you have done that let me know and please send me a pic I can use to add you to our amazing FB group!

White Winter Nail Art

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It is a cold day in the Pacific Northwest! Here is a cold mani to go along with it. :) I used Celestial Unicorn on the Rocks, Konad White, and a design from It Girl Nail Art IG201.

You can see that my ring finger has a sad nail break. I’m going to pretend like this is an ‘accent shape.’ We’ve all had accent nails, so why not an accent shape? This is going to be a new trend; I can feel it. Just don’t forget you heard it here first, folks!

winter-nail-art lace-nail-art

Here is a plain swatch of Unicorn on the Rocks. I wish it had a stronger holo effect.


For Cyber Monday today, I’m offering free shipping on all LipSense orders. LipSense starter kits make a wonderful gift or stocking stuffer. If you know anyone who likes cosmetics, get them one of these kits. Most people haven’t heard of LipSense yet so it will be something unique to add to their makeup arsenal.


It Girl Plate112

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Today I have yet another nail art look using the new plates from It Girl Nail Art. Why? Because they are freaking awesome, that’s why. Plus, she’s having a promo right now (through the 7th) so I want to make sure I hold up my responsibility as an enabler and tell you about it as often as possible! :P

This mani starts with Pretty Serious No-Buy, which was sent to me as a press sample. It’s a beautiful shimmery red and despite the name, you should still buy it. For the stamping, I used Konad Blue. The design is from It Girl Plate IG112 which was also sent to me as a press sample.

it-girl-ig111 it-girl-stamping-plate-ig111

Plaid Nail Art

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Today’s nail art is something I haven’t done in a long time – plaid nail art! I started with two coats of Sinful Colors Resilient which was sent to me as a press sample and is from the Pride collection. The stamping plate is from the Born Pretty Store. You can check out the stamping plate here. The stamping polish is Konad Yellow.

plaid-nail-art plaid-nail-art-stamping

Thanks again to BPS for sending me these to review! You can find these supplies and more in the nail art section of the Born Pretty Store. Use code FYL91 to receive 10% off all your supplies at


“Summer” Nail Art

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Haaappy Friday! It’s time for another episode of the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts challenge. This week’s prompt is “summer.” You know what? I freaking hate summer. I hate sunshine and long days. I’m not even being sarcastic. I’m a fall and winter girl. Fall is my jam. You know how most people feel like they’re in a better mood when it’s sunny? That’s how I feel when it’s raining. I like to curl up with a blanket, a cup of coffee, and read. Lately, all I’ve been reading is Outlander.

Lucky for me, I live in the Pacific Northwest. That means it rains here quite a bit! It’s even been raining a whole bunch this week. Hooray! Rain! My favorite!!!

Before you start scrolling, I need to give you a warning…. I cut my nails down. :( I terribly regret it. It seemed like a good idea at the time. As soon as I was done, I realized I’d made a horrible mistake. I will be growing them out again!

This “summer” mani starts with two coats of Sally Hansen Grease Lightening. The designs are from Vivid Lacquer plates and the stamping polish is Konad Black

rainy-nail-art gloomy-nail-art

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